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I-Share Member Libraries

As a UIS student, you may check out books at over 70 different libraries in Illinois. With your I-Card student identification, you may check out materials from any I-Share library, a consortium of over 70 academic and research libraries in Illinois, or request from within the I-Share catalog that a particular book be sent to any of the libraries. All the public universities are members, as well as many community colleges, private colleges and universities.

If you do not reside in Illinois, virtually all public universities and some private universities will allow the general public to use their materials on site. Public libraries are also available to you, but smaller public libraries and branch libraries may not have academically-oriented materials you need to do research. If you need advice on finding a library near you, contact a librarian.

I-Share Member Libraries
Map of I-Share Member Libraries

Lincoln Library
Brookens Library partners with the City of Springfield's Lincoln Library for local borrowing privileges for community members who are neither students, staff, or faculty at UIS, nor at any of the other I-share libraries in Illinois. To borrow from the Brookens Library collection, a community patron must present ciruclation staff with (1) a valid Lincoln Library card, and (2) a letter of "good standing" issued from the Lincoln Library.

This is a reciprocal borrowing agreement. UIS patrons who would otherwise not be eligible to borrow items from Lincoln Library can borrow from the collection by presenting to the circulation staff (1) a valid UIS I-Card, and (2) a letter of "good standing" issued by the Brookens Library User Services staff.