Philanthropic Periodicals

Philanthropy News Digest

Part of the Foundation Center's web site, this is a free weekly online journal via your e-mail. A "must read" to stay current with philanthropy information and news.
The Nonprofit Times

Another practical journal about philanthropy and nonprofit management. This is the free, online, abbreviated version.
Chronicle of Philanthropy off-campus access/netid

Featuring articles about issues and trends in philanthropy as well as grant-related conferences, seminars, workshops, jobs, and funding announcements. A "must read" in the field of philanthropy. This is the free, online, abbreviated version.
Blue Avocado

Bimonthly newsletter of American Nonprofits, a membership organization that provides practical financial information and support to U.S. 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, staff, stakeholders and volunteers. It is created by and for community-based nonprofits.
Grassroots Fundraising Journal - archives

Archive of this longstanding journal which was a publication of the Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training. Although the journal is no longer being published, the still thriving institute is making the archive freely accessible via the web.