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SSU Weekly, October 25, 1993
Dedication ceremony for new sculpture

A sculptor whose work appears in private and public collections throughout the world is the creator of a 48-ton sculpture located on the SSU campus. The piece, specially designed for a university setting, will be dedicated at 4:30 p.m. Saturday, Oct 30, in a special ceremony featuring the sculptor, Thomas Skomski of Chicago.

The sculpture, called "Impermanent Column," is made up of four limestone gray concrete columns each weighing 12 tons and standing nine feet by seven feet by seven feet.

From the Dedication Program, Saturday, Oct. 30, 1993:


The center is not fixed, it cannot be confined, it can only be understood in terms of process, a state of motion without finality.

The column in motion is a reminder of change, with or without acceptance of it.

The university is an ideal setting for the column. Inherent in an institution of learning is the knowledge of change. The vitality of an institution is proportionate to its ability to work with change.

--Tom Skomski

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