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Click to ExpandIC2. Ice, Willard (1915-1980)

Interview and memoir
6 tapes, 540 mins., 2 vols., 119 pp.

Willard Ice, blind since age four, discusses his years as an attorney and public servant with the Department of Revenue. He recalls his family background, the accident that led to his blindness, education at the Jacksonville School for the Blind and Illinois College, attending law school at the University of Illinois, college activities, employment with the Illinois Department of Finance, WWII homefront and social life in Springfield, state legislation, private law practice, and teaching at Lincoln College of Law. He recalls political figures and Illinois Governors. He also shares his experiences as a blind person, and discusses obstacles, mobility, and how he perceives the outside world.

Interview by Cullom Davis, 1977
See collateral file: interviewer's notes, brochure on the Willard Ice Building, photographs of Ice, articles written by Ice, and newspaper articles on Ice.

See full text of memoir at Illinois Digital Archives

Click to ExpandID2. Ide, Elizabeth (1873-1978)

Interview and memoir
4 tapes, 255 mins., 76 pp.

Ide, lifelong resident of Springfield, recalls turn of the century Springfield: social life of its wealthy citizens, downtown businesses, Springfield families and citizens, including the Lanphiers, Vachel Lindsay, and Ide's distant relative Mary Todd Lincoln. She also recalls her service on the board of the Home for the Friendless, survey work for the Russell Sage Foundation, and work with the Children's Service League. Also mentions Jane Addams, Abraham Lincoln, Dr. Josephine Baker, and the 1918 influenza epidemic.

Interviews by Bobbie Herndon, 1972; Jane Breiseth, 1974; Melinda Kwedar, 1975; and Ruth Knack, 1976
See collateral file

See full text of memoir at Illinois Digital Archives

Click to ExpandIL62. Illinois Constitutional Convention Memoir, 1969-70

Interviews and memoirs
17 hrs., 25 mins., 4 vols., 465 pp.

Alexander, John b. 1942, 21 mins., 8pp.
Armstrong, William b. 1930, 12 mins. 6 pp.
Borek, Ted b. 1912, 10 mins, 5 pp.
Brannen, James S. b. 1938, 21 mins, 8 pp.
Canfield, Robert b. 1909, 8 mins., 5 pp.
Dove, Franklin E. b. 1936, 21 mins., 7 pp.
Dunn, Ralph b. 1914, 15 mins., 7 pp.
Durr, Judge Wendell b. 1937, 21 mins., 6 pp.
Evans, Anne H., 23 mins., 8 pp.
Fay, William L. b. 1914, 26 mins., 9 pp. (RESTRICTED: no legal release)
Friedrich, Dwight P., 17 mins., 7 pp.
Garrison, Ray H., 21 mins., 7 pp.
Gertz, Elmer b. 1906, 26 mins., 9 pp.
Gierach, James E. b. 1944, 20 mins., 8 pp.
Green, Henry I., 15 mins., 6 pp.
Hendren, Henry Carter, Jr. b. 1925, 23 mins., 8 pp.
Hutmacher, Matthew A., 11 mins., 5 pp.
Johnsen, Ray V., 7 mins., 4 pp.
Kamin, Malcolm S. b. 1939, 32 mins., 8 pp.
Karns, John M., Jr. b. 1928, 13 mins., 5 pp.
Kelleghan, Thomas C. b. 1928, 25 mins., 9 pp.
Kenney, David b. 1922, 26 mins., 9 pp.
Kinney, Helen C., 7 mins., 4 pp.
Klaus, Stanley L. b. 1916, 15 mins., 6 pp.
Leahy, Mary Lee, 8 pp.
Lennon, William F. b. 1921, 10 pp.
Lewis, George J. b. 1930, 24 mins., 7 pp.
Lousin, Ann M., 43 mins., 14 pp.
Lyons, Thomas G. b. 1931, 18 mins., 6 pp.
MacDonald, Virginia B., 24 mins., 8 pp.
Mullen, Jeanette, 25 mins., 9 pp.
Netsch, Dawn Clark b. 1926, 9 pp.
Pappas, Mary A. b. 1925, 8 pp.
Patch, Samuel A. b. 1933, 16 mins., 7 pp.
Peccarelli, Anthony M. b. 1928, 7 pp.
Pechous, Roy b. 1936, 20 mins., 7 pp.
Perona, Louis J. b. 1928, 18 mins., 8 pp.
Rachunas, Joseph V. b. 1932, 13 mins., 5 pp.
Rosewell, Edward J. b. 1926, 8 pp.
Scott, Maurice W. b. 1914, 8 pp. (RESTRICTED: no legal release)
Shuman, Charles W. b. 1935, 13 mins., 6 pp.
Smith, Ronald C. b. 1933, 30 mins., 12 pp.
Stahl, David E. b. 1934, 23 mins., 8 pp.
Tecson, Joseph A. b. 1928, 9 pp.
Thompson, James S. b. 1926, 11 mins., 5 pp.
Wenum, John D. b. 1928, 17 mins., 7 pp.
Whalen, Wayne W. b. 1939, 6 pp.
Willer, Anne, 7 pp.
Woods, John b. 1921, 26 mins., 7 pp.

Narrators discuss the 1969-70 Illinois Constitutional Convention, changes made in relation to the 1870 state constitution, issues addressed, the adoption of the new constitution in 1970, and its successful and unsuccessful measures.

Interviews by Cullom Davis, Kim Hoffmann, Marilyn Huff and Timothy J. Jones, 1987
OPEN; Fay and Scott sections RESTRICTED

See collateral file: participants list of the 1969 Illinois Constitutional Convention

See full text of memoir at Illinois Digital Archives

Click to ExpandIL64. Illinois Higher Education Finance

Interview and memoir
15 hrs., 4 vols., 290 pp.

Carlson, Richard, 60 mins.
Clements, George, 60 mins., 9 pp.
Cotton, Dr. John, 60 mins., 19 pp.
Day, John, 18 pp.
Elsass, James, 60 mins., 12 pp
Goins, Dr. Thomas L., 10 pp
Goldberg, William, 60 mins., 5 pp.
Groves, Rod, 14 pp.
Hoffman, Eugene (Representative), 30 mins., 4 pp
Holderman, Dr. James, 16 pp.
Hovey, Dr. Harold, 9 pp.
Hynes, Thomas (Senator), 6 pp.
Kane, Doug, 3 pp.
Kesselbaum, Walter, 60 mins.
Kouba, George, see Gerald Porter interview
Lundgren, Dr. Ralph E., 13 pp.
Ogilvie, Richard B. (Governor), 60 mins., 9 pp.
Passmore, Gary, 60 mins., 14 pp.
Porter, Gerald, 60 mins., 8 pp.
Prince, Dr. Donald M., 60 mins., 15 pp
Sample, Dr. Steven B., 8 pp.
Schimmel, Dr. Richard J., 10 pp.
Stone, Paul (Representative), 9 pp.
Vlahoplus, Christopher, 60 mins., 14 pp
Wagner, Dr. Richard, 60 mins., 19 pp.
Washburn, James R. (Representative), 6 pp.
Weaver, Stanley (Senator), 120 mins., 8 pp.
West, Dr. Cameron, 8 pp.
Williams, Dr. Harry, 60 mins., 15 pp.

The narrators, including state senators, representatives, Governor Ogilvie, and officials from the Bureau of the Budget, the Board of Higher Education and other Illinois state agencies, discuss the practical politics of financing public higher education in Illinois.

Interviews by Paul E. Lingenfeller, 1973
RESTRICTED: May be read but not quoted, cited, or reproduced
See collateral file

Click to ExpandIL67. Illinois School for the Deaf, Jacksonville, Illinois

Interviews and memoir
4 vols., 286 pp.

Alred, Hazel b. 1912, 56 mins., 26 pp.
Bolen, Dora b. 1903, 51 mins., 21 pp
Bossarte, Alfred b. 1907, 85 mins., 26 pp.
Campbell, Frances b. 1935, 58 mins., 20 pp.
Clements, Edward b. 1918, 58 mins., 17 pp.
Corrington, Lucille b. 1906, 74 mins., 28 pp.
Foreman, Helen b. 1904, 83 mins., 25 pp.
Kline, Lorraine b. 1919, 51 mins., 17 pp.
Long, Charles b. 1918, 62 mins., 23 pp.
Mudgett, David b. 1909, 49 mins., 20 pp.
Mudgett, Grace b. 1909, 56 mins., 21 pp.
Ross, Helen Virginia b. 1915, 54 mins., 23 pp.
Shouse, William R. b. 1927, 48 mins., 19 pp.

The narrators, employees, students, teachers, and children of deaf parents, discuss their work and learning experiences at the Illinois School for the Deaf, and provide some insight into the world of the deaf.

Interviews by Kathleen Stanfield Cook, 1983-1984
RESTRICTED: no legal releases for several narrators
See collateral file: interviewer's notes, newspaper clippings, photocopied photographs of narrators, classes, and the school, and a map of the grounds.
See individual names for tapes

Click to ExpandIM6. Immel, Joseph (1913-1987); Kanady, Johnson (1914-1989); Selcke, Frederic B. b. 1914

Interview and memoir
3 tapes, 198 mins., 78 pp., plus index

Immel, Kanady and Selcke discuss their relationship with Illinois Governor William G. Stratton (1953-1961). Immel, member of the Republican party, discusses his role as Governor Stratton's campaign manager in the Chicago area, Stratton's bid for governor, campaign style, press relations, and the campaign staff; he also discusses the Stratton administration, relationship with the legislature, and the creation of Illinois tollroads, hospitals, and the state personnel code. Johnson Kanady, a reporter for the Chicago Tribune and later Governor Stratton's press secretary, recalls his work with the Stratton administration and members of the press corps. Frederic Selcke, Superintendent of Registration and Education under Governor Stratton, recalls Stratton's administration, the Orville Hodge scandal, and other administrators and legislators during Stratton's two terms as governor of Illinois.

Interviews by Marilyn Huff Immel, 1981
See collateral file under individual names: interviewer's notes and photographs.
See individual names for tapes

See full text of memoir at Illinois Digital Archives

Click to ExpandIR9. Irwin, Geneva (1893-1994)

Interview and memoir
3 tapes, 195 mins., 72 pp.

Irwin, daughter of businessman Eugene Hemmick and Frances Thayer Hemmick, recalls her family and social life at the turn-of-the-century in Springfield. She discusses the family store and the merchandise sold there, domestic chores and hired help, entertainment and social functions, home life, the family garden, downtown businesses, transportation, a 1908 trip to Arizona, her school days, and the WWI and WWII homefront. She also mentions the activities of the Daughters of the American Revolution, the Bettie Stuart Institute, childhood illnesses, conditions for African Americans in Springfield, early city utilities, the Gleaner's Society, Vachel Lindsay, and her father's use of the shingles from the Lincoln home to create images of the president for keepsakes.

Interview by Kay MacLean, 1976
See collateral file

See full text of memoir at Illinois Digital Archives

Click to ExpandIS2. Isenberger, Harry A. (1887-1975)

Interview and memoir
1 tape, 63 mins., 29 pp.

Isenberger, WWI veteran, recalls his service during the war in France: passage overseas, fighting at Argonne, exposure to chlorine gas, contact with German prisoners of war, and being stationed in Germany. Also recalls his post-war jobs, Depression, his grocery business, and Nauvoo, Illinois. He also recalls his childhood near Niota, Illinois.

Interview by William Ortman, 1972
See collateral file

See full text of memoir at Illinois Digital Archives

Click to ExpandJ122. Jack, Homer A. (1916-1993)

Interview and memoir
2 tapes, 180 mins., 38 pp.

Jack, a Unitarian Minister, discusses the use of non-violent means to bring about social change. He recalls WWII conscientious objectors from Union Seminary and discusses pacifism, the peace movement, non-violent demonstrations, race relations in Chicago following WWII, racial equality, his work in Africa, the World Conference on Religion and World Peace, socialism and the Vietnam War.

Interview by C. Arthur Bradley, 1988
See collateral file

See full text of memoir at Illinois Digital Archives

Click to ExpandJackman, Jane Lloyd

Click to ExpandJ139. Jackson, Walter b. 1916

Interview and memoir
2 tapes, 135 mins., 30 pp.

Jackson, former Union Seminary student and Congregational minister, discusses pacifism, classmates who were conscientious objectors during WWII, his participation in alternative service during the war, educational experiences and the development of his beliefs, segregation and race relations, participation in protests for racial equality and peace, labor unions, and the United Auto Workers in Detroit, Michigan.

Interview by C. Arthur Bradley, 1988
See collateral file

See full text of memoir at Illinois Digital Archives

Click to ExpandJ156. Jacobs, Reverend William

Interview and memoir
1 tape, 67 mins., 17 pp.

Jacobs, former rector of Springfield's Christ Church, discusses his years with the church, congregation members and church staff, renovations to the building, women's auxiliary, and the church's bulletin, "The Militant."

Interview by Sandra Britz Armbruster, 1982
See collateral file: interviewer's notes and a copy of "The Militant."

See full text of memoir at Illinois Digital Archives

Click to ExpandJett, Linda

Click to ExpandJohnsen, Ray V.

Click to ExpandJ716. Jones, Gerald b. 1949

Interview and memoir
2 tapes, 120 mins., 27 pp.

Jones, Springfield businessman, discusses his various occupations: musician in a jazz quartet, owner of an Asian-import store in Washington D.C., and owner of Modern Mailing Systems. He also discusses the local business community and many of his own business ventures. He also mentions his friend, a Vietnamese citizen, who managed to flee the country just hours before Saigon fell to the Viet Cong army.

Interview by Donald Talmant, 1975
See collateral file

See full text of memoir at Illinois Digital Archives

Click to ExpandJ718. Jones, J. David (1913-1980)

Interview and memoir
2 tapes, 80 mins., 23 pp.

J. David Jones, a state representative from Springfield, discusses his political career, local politics, and the WWII homefront. He recalls Pearl Harbor, death of President Roosevelt, bombing of Hiroshima, and the Springfield war effort. Also discusses Springfield's Capitol Airport and the Convention Center, and local legislation against gambling and corruption during the 1940's.

Interview by Joanne Wheeler, 1972
See collateral file: interviewer's notes, campaign fliers, photocopied article on the WWII homefront, and photocopies of a ration book and stamps.

See full text of memoir at Illinois Digital Archives

Click to ExpandJ764. Jordan, Jim (1896-1988)

Interview and memoir
1 tape, 60 mins., 18 pp.

Jordan, native of Peoria, discusses his career in radio. He recalls the town of Peoria around the turn of the century, the development of his character "Fibber McGee" on the radio show "Fibber McGee and Molly," network radio, and radio personalities.

Interview by Wally Gair, 1984

See full text of memoir at Illinois Digital Archives

Click to ExpandJordan, William J.

Click to ExpandJorgensen, Clarissa Hagler

Click to ExpandJ976. Jurgens, Bertha R. (1896-1994)

Interview and memoir
1 tape, 45 mins., 24 pp.

Jurgens, a German-American, discusses her family background and customs. She recalls her father's bakery, the German traditions in her domestic life, music and homemade food, and the family's experiences during WWI.

Interview by Marjorie Taylor, 1974
See collateral file
Tape also contains Verna Rexroat interview

See full text of memoir at Illinois Digital Archives

Click to ExpandJ980. Jusell, Judson G. (1908-1991)

31 pp.

Jusell, former scout executive of the Abraham Lincoln Council, discusses the Boy Scouts: volunteers and staff, funding, Camp Illinek, Camp Sangamo, the integration of minorities into scouting, the impact of WWII on scouting, contributions to the WWII homefront effort, Cub Scouts and Eagle Scouts.

Interview by Jay Heim, 1978
See collateral file

See full text of memoir at Illinois Digital Archives

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