Sangamon County Town Lots Record

These tables were generated from a database compiled by Ellen Marr, graduate assistant at the University of Illinois at Springfield Archives, 2005. The database includes nearly 4,000 deed records indexed in the Sangamon County Town Lots Record (IRAD Accession #4/275/02), a record book created ca. 1876 by the Sangamon County recorder's office. The record includes lots sold in towns in Sangamon County (excepting Springfield) between the years 1825 and 1876. The unfamiliar town names come from towns that are extinct (like Sangamo Town), have changed names (Benton, which is now Williamsville, or Jamestown, which is now Riverton) or ones that failed to develop after being founded (such as Bridgeport).

Each entry in the index contains the following categories of information: town; addition or street; date of sale; type of instrument; grantors’ and grantees’ names; lots and blocks sold; volume and page of the Sangamon County Deed Record where the original record appears; and notes. Every attempt was made to obtain accurate spellings of names. However, it was sometimes difficult to decipher handwriting in some entries. Therefore, when searching this index, we suggest that researchers check alternative spellings of names if they do not find an entry for the name for which they are searching.

The grantor is the seller of the land. The grantee is the buyer.

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The following abbreviations were used throughout the index:

Atty. Attorney
Adm. Administrator
Cert.- Rel. Certificate of Release
D Deed
DT Trust Deed
DTS Trust Deed
Ex. Execution
Exec. Executor
M Mortgage
MS Mortgage
No. Number
QC Quit Claim
QCD Quit Claim Deed
Rel. Release
Sang. Co. Sangamon County
TB Tax Bond
TD Trust Deed
W Warranty
WC Covenant of Warranty
WD Warranty Deed

Table of Contents

Auburn (Original Plat) Auburn (New Plat)
Bates Benton (now Williamsville)
Berlin Bridgeport (extinct)
Buffalo Chatham
Curran Dawson
Illiopolis Jamestown
Loami Mechanicsburg
New Berlin Pleasant Plains
Rochester Salisbury
Sangamon Town (extinct) Sherman
Wineman (now part of Auburn)
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