Illinois Capital Illustrated Homes

Click to ExpandPage 12: Frank W. Tracy, 1131 S. Sixth

NW Corner of Sixth and Allen

Home of Frank W. Tracy

Click to ExpandPage 14: David T. Littler, 707 N. Klein

Bed Chamber of a Bachelor Republican Furnished by Democrats who Wagered their Money on the Wrong Side in 1896. Bedstead of Onyx and Brass. Rosewood furniture.

Home of David T Littler

Click to ExpandPage 16: T. C. Roseberry, 527 S. Seventh, E. L. Merritt, 1227 S. Seventh, Alfred Booth, Residence and Tenant Houses, 728 E. Capitol

NW corner of Edwards and Seventh, NW corner of Vine and Seventh, and Eighth and Capitol, respectively

Homes of T. C. Roseberry, E. L. Merritt, and Alfred Booth

Click to ExpandPage 18: Judge Robert L. McGuire, 517 S. Fourth, Judge McGuire Tenant Houses, East Jackson
Homes of Judge Robert L. McGuire and Judge McGuire

Click to ExpandPage 20: General Alfred Orendorff, 725 S. Second

NW corner of Second and Lawrence

Home of General Alfred Orendorff

Click to ExpandPage 22: E.S. Jones, 701 S. Walnut, Henry Dirksen, 210 S. Walnut, Frank A. Wood, 823 N. Eighth, C. P. Johnson, 519 West Grand Avenue, Joseph O. Irwin, Second and South Grand Avenue, Otto T. Neel, Spring and Adams
Homes of E.S. Jones, Henry Dirksen, Frank A. Wood, C. P. Johnson, Joseph O. Irwin, and Otto T. Neel

Click to ExpandPage 24: Mrs. Frank Reisch, 819 Rutledge, George Reisch, 321 Herndon
Homes of Mrs. Frank Reisch and George Reisch

Click to ExpandPage 26: N. S. Ohlson, 821 N. Fourth, John Lutz, Eighth and Edwards, Mrs. George Smith, 1213 S. Fifth, Judge Charles P. Kane, Second and Scarritt
Homes of N. S. Ohlson, John Lutz, Mrs. George Smith, and Judge Charles P. Kane

Click to ExpandPage 28: Edwin A. Wilson, 520 S. Second, M.L. Newell, 424 S. Second
Homes of Edwin A. Wilson and M.L. Newell

Click to ExpandPage 32: William G. Langerman, 1215 S. Fourth, Colonel Charles F. Mills, Fourth and South Grand Avenue, Mrs. H. Fayart, 1201 S. Fourth, J. L. Pickering, 1105 S. Fourth
Homes of William G. Langerman, Colonel Charles F. Mills, Mrs. H. Fayart, and J. L. Pickering

Click to ExpandPage 34: Charles C. Carroll, Williams and West Grand Avenue
Home of Charles C. Carroll

Click to ExpandPage 36: E. S. Card, S. Sixth and Spruce, Edgar S. Scott -- Flats -- 407-411 E. Capitol Ave., George W. Harnett, State and Monroe, E. S. Smith, 710 S. Sixth
Homes of E. S. Card, Edgar S. Scott, George W. Harnett, and E. S. Smith

Click to ExpandPage 38: R.D. Lawrence, Fourth and Lawrence Avenue, Silas W. Currier, Fifteenth and Monroe
Homes of R.D. Lawrence and Silas W. Currier

Click to ExpandPage 42: G. A. Hulett, 509 S. Walnut, W.C. Garrard, Washington and Douglas Avenue, Edward D. Keys, Seventh and Edwards
Homes of G. A. Hulett, W.C. Garrard, and Edward D. Keys

Click to ExpandPage 44: J. Henry Schuck, Fifth and Allen, John Schoeneman, Fifth and Allen
Homes of J. Henry Schuck and John Schoeneman

Click to ExpandPage 46: James R. B. Van Cleve, South Seventh and Clay
Home of James R. B. Van Cleve

Click to ExpandPage 48: W.F. Herndon, 513 W. Monroe, D.A. DeVares, 709 N. Ninth, Harris Hickox, 529 S. Fourth
Homes of W.F. Herndonm D.A. DeVares, and Harris Hickox

Click to ExpandPage 50: Frank E. Dooling, Fifth and Cook, William F. Workman, 628 S. Fifth
Homes of Frank E. Dooling and William F. Workman

Click to ExpandPage 52: Edwin Watts, 725 S. Sixth, D. W. Smith, Second and Cook

SW corner of Sixth and Cook and NW corner of Second and Cook, respectively

Homes of Edwin Watts and D. W. Smith

Click to ExpandPage 54: Mrs. Margaret Oliver, 937 S. Fourth, Charles F. Herman, 818 E. Monroe
Homes of Mrs. Margaret Oliver and Charles F. Herman

Click to ExpandPage 56: Henry W. Clendenin, 1009 S. Second, Charles E. Hay, 821 S. Second, Ben H. Brainerd, 414 S. Second
Homes of Henry W. Clendenin, Charles E. Hay, and Ben H. Brainerd

Click to ExpandPage 58: B. H. Ferguson, 815 N. Fifth
Homes of B. H. Ferguson

Click to ExpandPage 60: M. J. Bartel, 810 S. Fourth, C.D. Sultzaberger, 802 N. Seventh, A. Nebinger, 822 N. Sixth, Thomas M. Kilbride, 105 E. South Grand Avenue, Dr. George L. Crocker, 1423 N. Fifth, C.D. Sultzaberger's Tenant House, 800 N. Seventh, H. J. Hamilton, 700 S. Seventh
Homes of M. J. Bartel, C.D. Sultzaberger, A. Nebinger, Thomas M. Kilbride, Dr. George L. Crocker, C.D. Sultzaberger, and H. J. Hamilton

Click to ExpandPage 64: George W. Chatterton, 820 S. Sixth, G. A. VanDuyn, 1417 S. Sixth
Homes of George W. Chatterton and G. A. VanDuyn

Click to ExpandPage 66: J. Otis Humphrey, Seventh and Lawrence, E. A. Hall, Sixth and Cook
Homes of J. Otis Humphrey and E. A. Hall

Click to ExpandPage 70: B.A. Lange, 721 S. Seventh, G. J. Little, 523 S. Sixth
Homes of B.A. Lange and G. J. Little

Click to ExpandPage 72: G. N. Black, Second and Cook, W. E. Shutt, Second and Edwards, C. L. Conkling, Second and Lawrence
Homes of G. N. Black, W. E. Shutt, and C. L. Conkling

Click to ExpandPage 74: J.F. Bretz, 1113 N. Fifth, L.M. Hess, 215 S. Walnut, M.A. Jones, 520 W. Monroe
Homes of J.F. Bretz, L.M. Hess, and M.A. Jones

Click to ExpandPage 78: John T. Capps, 837 S. Fifth, George A. Sanders, 508 S. Seventh, Joseph Eielson, 826 S. Seventh, Fred Buck, 408 S. Seventh, W.W. Tracy, 1101 S. Sixth, James H. Paddock, 709 S. Seventh, L.R. Nelson, 822 S. Seventh
Homes of John T. Capps, George A. Sanders, Joseph Eielson, Fred Buck, W.W. Tracy, James H. Paddock, and L.R. Nelson

Click to ExpandPage 80: Ed L. Conner, 117 N. Walnut, George Judd, Monroe and Spring, H. E. Mueller, Monroe and Douglas Avenue
Homes of Ed L. Conner, George Judd, and H. E. Mueller

Click to ExpandPage 84: J.H. Feltham, 224 W. Adams, George P. Kessberger, 110 N. First, John B. Conant, 226 W. Adams, Robert Smillie, 101 S. Walnut, A. R. Cobbs, 125 E. Washington, Robert S. Hill, 203 W. Adams, E. A. Sell, 228 W. Adams
Homes of J.H. Feltham, George P. Kessberger, John B. Conant, Robert Smillie, A. R. Cobbs, Robert S. Hill, and E. A. Sell

Click to ExpandPage 94: Dr. C.M. Bowcock, Sixth and Bergen, Dr. G.N. Kreider, Fifth and Jackson
Homes of Dr. C.M. Bowcock and Dr. G.N. Kreider

Click to ExpandPage 96: Mrs. J.E. Bradbury, 207 W. Adams, A. Dirksen, 1010 E. Cook, J.J. Donelan, 222 E. Lawrence, Dr. E. Lambert, 507 S. Walnut, A. C. Brown Tenant House, 527 S. Walnut, H.B. Chicken, 1127 S. Second

Top: Not completed. F.W. Jones, Architect

Homes of Mrs. J.E. Bradbury, A. Dirksen, J.J. Donelan, Dr. E. Lambert, A. C. Brown, and H.B. Chicken

Click to ExpandPage 98: H.E. Gardner, Sixth and Cook
Home of H.E. Gardner

Click to ExpandPage 102: Burke Vancil Residence and Tenant House, 225-227 E. Jackson, General J.N. Reese, 816 S. Seventh, Charles Bressmer, 827 S. Seventh
Homes of Burke Vancil, General J.N. Reese, and Charles Bressmer

Click to ExpandPage 104: Right Reverand George F. Seymour, Bishop of Springfield, Second and Edwards, S.H. Jones, Eighth and Capitol Avenue
Homes of Right Reverand George F. Seymour, Bishop of Springfield and S.H. Jones

Click to ExpandPage 108: Dr. J.L. Million Tenant House, 512 S. Sixth, Dr. J.L. Million, 516 S. Sixth, R.M. Ridgely, Sixth and Allen
Homes of Dr. J.L. Million, Dr. J.L. Million, and R.M. Ridgely

Click to ExpandPage 114: William Eaton Moore, Southwest of City Limits
Home of William Eaton Moore

Click to ExpandPage 116: Joseph Reisch, Sixth and Miller, W.T. Talbott, Near Farmingdale
Homes of Joseph Reisch and W.T. Talbott

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