Historical Manuscript Collections (S)

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Papers, 1972-1995.
2.7 cu. ft.

Member of the SSU/UIS Public Administration and Studies in Social Change faculties since 1972.

Minutes, correspondence, membership list, reports, pamphlets, manuscripts, planning material, memoranda, clippings, and press releases documenting the activities of the People's Institute, a non-profit corporation founded by Sakolsky that conducted research, consulting and related activities for "powerless individuals and groups" in Springfield. A CBS News interview tape with Sakolsky, letters and memoranda to and from SSU administrators and faculty, Sangamon County doctors, pharmacists and the general public document the controversy over the publication of the A Consumer Guide to Doctors for Sangamon County (1974) . Also includes research for final copies of the Institute's Springfield's Permanent Government: A People's Guide (1974), A Consumer Guide to Springfield Pharmacies (1975), The Power Game: Who Rules Springfield (1976), and Doing Your Own Divorce in Springfield (1977).

Also contains news clippings, planning materials, press packets and correspondence of the DES Action Group; essays by Sakolsky on the Springfield housing market and how to choose a physician; his class materials from Utica College; and records of the SSU Correspondence Art Club (1984) and Haymarket Mail Art Exhibit (1986), including mail art submissions.

Also includes print-outs of e-mail concerning the arrest of Drs. Sakolsky and Dennis Fox for leafletting at at a Springfield mayoral candidates' debate held at SSU on March 15, 1995.

Gift of Ron Sakolsky, 1982, 1985, 1986, 1991, 1997.
Finding aid available. P/Sakolsky

SEE ALSO: MC 25 DES Action Group


Documents, 1913, ca. 1966
4 items

Includes photocopied typescript of a history of the Illinois Watch Factory, written by Robert Carr Lanphier in 1913; a Sangamo Electric Company brochure describing the two companies' interlocking histories with an accompanying brochure of exemplary
watch and meter products, n.d.; and a photocopy of a 1966 Springfield Sun clipping regarding Sangamo's history.

Gift of George A. Dauphinais, Sangamo Electric Company. LHC 82


Records, 1985-1986.
.16 cu. ft.

Local anti-apartheid organization founded by Rich Miller and Brian Monahan as a project for the SSU class "Organizing for Peace," 1985.

Constitution, leaflets, flyers, agendas, journal articles, receipts, and notes documenting SAFE's fund raising, educational and protest activities. Of note are materials concerning a demonstration to protest the appearance of Kurt von Schirding, South African Ambassador to the United Nations, at Lincoln Land Community College in 1986.

Gift of SAFE, 1986.

Finding aid available MC 69


Records, 1972-1974
.5 cubic feet

Formed in 1972 to campaign for a referendum that would establish a conservation district in Sangamon County, Illinois by levying taxes to purchase undeveloped lands for the purpose of conservation and recreation. Major campaign strategists of the Committee were Madeline Dorosheff and her son, Nicholas Dorosheff. Referendum was defeated in 1974.

Memoranda, correspondence, membership and mailing lists, promotion and campaign notes, organizational plans, speech transcripts, brochures, petitions, a ballot, clippings, slides and slide narrative, press releases, summaries and excerpts of the Illinois Conservation District Act, and personal notes documenting the Committee's membership, supporters, campaign strategies and work in support of the County Conservation Act referendum of March 19, 1974, and its use of the Macon County Conservation District as a model. Includes correspondence generated by the Sangamon Conservation

Transfer from the Center for Community and Regional Studies, 1985.
Finding aid available. MC 58


Leaflet, 1899.
1 item.

Rules and Regulations governing the Board of Review and its transaction of business. Adopted July 7, 1899.

Source unknown. LHC 34


Reports, ca. 1965, 1973.
4 folders.

"A Study of the Family Division of the Circuit Court in Sangamon County, Illinois," ca. 1965, covering Court and Probation Services, Detention Services and Police Services. Also a carbon typescript of the annual report of the Juvenile Probation Department, 1972-1973.

Gift of Michael Townsend, 1984. LHC 71


Records, ca. 1900
3 items.

List of Sangamon County Board of Supervisors; reprinted photograph of a meeting if county officials at the Poor Farm near Buffalo, Illinois, including Superintendent William Sprinkel; and a book of recipes for food and medicine used at the Poor Farm. Photocopies.

Loaned for reproduction by Sue E. Worley. LHC 78


Study, 1975.
67 pp. with maps.

Major Street Access Study and Corridor Environmental Assessment: Springfield Southeast Sector Study. Prepared for City of Springfield and Sangamon County by Sangamon State University and Lincoln Land Community College. Includes several proposals to improve traffic access to SSU and LLCC. New access roads, similar to those proposed in this study, were constructed in 1997-1998.

Transfer from Center for the Study of Middle-Sized Cities, 1981. LHC 64


Newsletters, 1975-1976
12 items.

Organization dedicated to amateur "HAM" radio.

Incomplete set of the club's mimeographed newsletter, SangRadNuz, containing minutes, reports, officer lists, announcements, and letters to the editor. Includes vol. 5, nos. 7-12 and vol. 6, nos. 1-5.

Source unknown. LHC 83


Papers, 1973-1995
16.5 cu. ft.

Papers of Charles Schweighauser, professor of Environmental Studies, English and Astronomy/Physics at SSU/UIS.

Series I includes material on the development of the Clayville Rural Life Center (1972-85), Illinois Environmental Protection Agency reports and publications (1975-1982), land use publications, bills, and news clippings (1972-82), urban storm water management material (1977-1982), copies of Schweighauser's newspaper column on astronomy, and galleys for his 1979 book, Astronomy from A to Z.

Series II includes lectures, teachers' guides, and a videotape presentation on Halley's Comet (1985), including collected newspaper stories and oral history memoirs recalling the comet's appearance in 1910; course material on the ecology of the Sangamon River Valley; collected historical, literary, and environmental research material for an instructional video presentation entitled "Sangamon Prairies: A Sense of Place," and related course material (1975-1985); a lunar ephemeris for Springfield, Illinois, calculated for the years 1984-1995; letters, articles, and photographs related to the annular eclipse of May 10, 1994; and course material relating to energy conservation, creationism/evolution, astronomy and English and American literature.

Gift of Charles Schweighauser, 1987, 1993, 1997.
Finding aids available: P/Schweighauser, Series I; Series II.

Click to ExpandSHELTON FAMILY.

Papers, 1864-1898.
1 folder.

Mason County, Illinois family.

Marriage certificates for James W. Shelton and Sarah C. Smith (1884) and Sarah Shelton and John Armstrong (1898); birth dates for Sarah Shelton and John Armstrong and their children (Clara Belle, Lula May and Albert); and an unsigned temperance pledge. Except for the 1884 marriage, all papers appear to have come from a family Bible.

Gift of George Lukac, 1979.
Finding aid available. MC 10


Papers, 1874-1910; 1975-1976.
.16 cu. ft.

Farmer and stockbreeder born in Woodside Township, Sangamon County, Illinois in 1841. Purchased 188 acres of the Strawbridge estate in 1883, including the homestead built by Thomas Strawbridge Jr. in the 1840s. UIS now stands on that farm.

Photocopy of a diary kept by Shepherd in 1878, regarding his farming and hunting activities, trips to Springfield, and the weather. Also contains a student paper by R-Lou Barker discussing the history of the Shepherd family, a transcript of the C.M. Shepherd diary, with copied photographs of members of the Shepherd family and their homes, 1975; a student paper by John H. Jones regarding the Strawbridge/Shepherd House and its residents, 1975; and a memorandum and letter regarding SSU's plans for the Shepherd properties.

Gift of Jacob Lard Shepherd et al, 1976.

Finding aid available. MC 12

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Records, 1975, 1979-1980.
.16 cu. ft.

Shelter for women and children who are abused, abandoned, or undergoing personal or family crises. Founded in Springfield in 1975.

List of original members and letter explaining goals and needs to SSU faculty, 1975; newsletters, clippings, brochure, position paper and manuscript draft by Pat Langley regarding the formation of the Sojourn House and its activities, 1979-80.

Gift of Nina Adams, 1982, and Pat Langley, 1986.

Finding aid available. MC 68


Code, 1979.
1 item.

General code of the Village of Southern View. Also contains "ordinance Adopting a Revision and Codification of the Ordinances of the Village of Southern View, Illinois."

Transfer from Documents Unit, 1984. LHC 76

Click to ExpandSPANGLER, JEROME C.

b. 1847
Reminiscence, 1909.
3 pp.

Secretary and manager of the Walnut Milling Company, Walnut, Iowa.

Signed typescript written by former Civil War soldier recalling meeting Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses Grant and Simon Cameron in Washington, DC in 1864, and regarding his memories of Lincoln's death and wake in 1865. Entitled, "My Recollection of Lincoln as a Boy - By J. C. Spangler in 1865." Typed on Walnut Milling Company letterhead.

Gift of Louis Hector, 1980. LHC 81

See scanned image of document.


Papers, 1927-1972.
.16 cu. ft. and artifact

Chemical engineer and water purification expert. Came to Springfield in 1926 to start the operation of the water softening plant which he helped design for the Sangamon River Station. Designed the Springfield Water Purification Plant built in 1936. Noted internationally for his invention of the Spaulding Precipitator, used internationally in water treatment plants. During World War II, designed a mobile water filtration unit for use by troops.

Technical article, manuscripts and reprints by Spaulding regarding operation of the water softening plant, preammoniation, manipulation of pH, and the water purification plant in Springfield; purification of water from the Sangamon River; and general issues of water purification, softening and odors. Also comprises personal letters, photographs, clippings, obituaries and biographical statements regarding his career; a 1957 report by Spaulding to Springfield City, Water, Light and Power on operating the water purification plant; and reference materials. A news clipping and photographs regarding the dedication of the Spaulding Fountain at Brookens Library at SSU. A specimen of a Spaulding precipitator is included.

Gift of Mrs. C. H. Spaulding, 1974, 1976.
Finding aid available. MC 34

SEE ALSO: MC 85 Springfield City, Water Light and Power Records.


Papers, 1890-1937.
.56 cu. ft.

Springfield Superintendent of Water Works, 1909-1911, and Commissioner of Public Property, 1911-1943. Elevated the municipal water plant to one of national distinction, created the electric utility and placed it on a paying basis, and led the movement for the building of Lake Springfield.

Typescript carbon of "The Story of the City Records," compiled by Helen V. C. Blankmeyer in honor of the dedication of Lake Springfield and Spaulding Dam, 1935; a letter from playwright William Dodd Chenery acknowledging use of the Blankmeyer manuscript for writing the Springfield Centennial Pageant, 1937; programs for the dedication and pageant events; working papers of Georgia Ann Saylor consisting of annotated notes to the Illinois State Register for 1890-1915; and a subject index to Saylor's notes. Blankmeyer's and Saylor's work concerns the history of Springfield, especially the history of city government and adoption of the commission form, and development of city services, including water, gas, electric, streetcars and the park system. Biographical information on Spaulding is included.

Gift of Frank Wilcox, 1974.
Finding aid available.MC 13

SEE ALSO: MC 85 Springfield City, Water Light and Power Records.


Records, 1968-1979.
6.3 cu. ft.

Consumer book cooperative founded along Rochdale principles by SSU-affiliated persons in 1971. Specialized in small press, radical and underground titles. Viewed as a "vehicle for social change" with "anarcho-pacifist politics." Published "Illinois People's History Calendars," 1974 and 1976.

Articles of incorporation, by-laws, minutes, correspondence, newsletters, announcements, posters, recipes, calendars, cookbooks, photographs, contracts, agreements, operating procedures, certificates, and membership, research and financial records documenting the Cooperative's foundation, structure, purpose, legal status, financial situation, membership, publicity, recruitment, special activities, and the day-to-day sale of books, periodicals, crafts, records and calendars by the coop. The Cooperative's relationships with the North American Student Cooperative Organization (NASCO) and the Flatland Federation of Cooperative and Community Organizations, and its production of cookbooks, crafts, and "Illinois People's History Calendars" are also recorded.

Gift of Ralph Stone, 1982, 1983.
Finding aid available. MC 19

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Historical Financial Documents Collection, 1717-1967

.2 cu. ft.

Twenty-seven historical financial instruments, such as bonds, stock certificates, treasury notes, checks and a land patent, many bearing decorative engraved vignettes and associated with prominent events and persons in financial history.

Some of the items include: a 1782 bond issued by France's King Louis XVI, secured by taxes on alcohol and salt, which were bitterly resented by the common people and contributed to the outbreak of the French Revolution; a 1795 certificate for stock in the Company of the Philadelphia and Lancaster Turnpike, signed by the Company's president, William Bingham; a bond issued by the government of Mexican Emperor Maximilian I in 1864; a bearer bond of the Compagnie Universelle du Canal Interocéanique de Panama, which was organized in 1880 to build a sea-level canal across the Isthmus of Panama; a bearer bond issued by the French government in 1899 to finance the construction of a railroad from Addis Ababa in Ethiopia to the port of Djibouti; a 1967 check signed by oil tycoon J. Paul Getty; a 1794 Pennsylvania land patent issued to William Bingham, signed by Governor Thomas Mifflin and assigned to William Morris (Mifflin and Morris both signed the Declaration of Independence); a 1777 Massachusetts treasury note, printed by Paul Revere and issued to finance the state's operations during the American Revolution; and an elaborately engraved 1758 certficate for stock in the Royal Trade Company of Barcelona.

Gift of Don Springer, 2003-2009.

Finding aid available. MC 91

See also: finding aid in Archon

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Records, 1973-1974.
2 cu. ft.

Not-for-profit corporation dedicated to improving neighborhood conditions in south-central Springfield (Second Street to Ninth Street and Cook to South Grand Avenue). Founded in 1973 by Ron Huelster. Dissolved in 1974.

Minutes, correspondence, incorporation papers, flyers, press releases, newsletters, clippings and reference files, financial records and other materials documenting the founding and activities of SANO, including its publication of a Tenant-Landlord Handbook. Letters and photographs document its survey of buildings and apartments which were in violation of city ordinances.

Gift of Ron Huelster, 1974.
Finding aid available. M 2


Records, 1976-1981.
.16 cu. ft.

A coalition of individuals and representatives of community organizations formed in Springfield in 1976 in response to the proposed rate hike by the municipally-owned utility, City Water, Light and Power (CWLP). Dedicated to electric rate reform.

Correspondence, announcements, press releases, newsclippings, reports, pamphlets, position papers, rate schedules, minutes and agendas, consumer cost comparisons, and sundry other documents concerning the proposed rate hike by CWLP and the opposition to it by SCFER. Also includes Springfield East Association news release and minutes, a public hearing statement of the Mother Jones Chapter of the New American Movement and personal notes regarding opposition to the Capitol City Railroad Relocation Authority plans to relocate railroads on Springfield's Eastside, 1976; and a Capitol City Railroad Relocation Authority hearing document, 1981. The Springfield East Association's 1976 project, "Public Dialogue on Alternative Organizational Forms for Springfield City Government" is also documented.

Gift of David Lasley, 1983.
Finding aid available. MC 24


Records, 1968-1973.
.7 cu. ft.

Not-for-profit corporation dedicated to resolving consumer complaints received from the Springfield public. Incorporated on December 28, 1972. Founded by SSU student John J. Jewett as an Applied Study project.

Correspondence, consumer complaints, organizational documents, financial records, newspaper clippings, and research materials documenting the Association's foundation, services, organizational structure, finances and research. Includes a research report on market and housing conditions in Springfield in 1972, focusing on the availability of low-income housing.

Gift of John J. Jewett.
Finding aid available. MC 22


Records, 1977-1978.
.6 cu. ft.

Established by order of the U.S. District Court in March 1977, following the Court's December 1976 order providing for the integration of Springfield public schools. Chaired by Ed Armstrong, editor of the Illinois State-Journal Register. Volunteers monitored classrooms and observed bus routes during the first year of integrating Springfield's public schools, rating student-teacher and black-white student relationships, discipline, and health and safety.

Administrative records, bus routes, correspondence, minutes, member and volunteer lists, monitor lists, monitoring report forms, speech narrative, speech outline, monitoring guidelines, monitoring schedules, bus routes, directories and school schedules, and school enrollment records documenting the policies, procedures, monitoring activities and membership of the Commission, and its relationships with volunteers and the District 186 School Board. Of note are the completed monitoring forms used by volunteers.

Gift of Phillip Kendall, 1981.
Finding aid available. MC 63

SEE ALSO: M 3 United States District Court...McPherson vs. School District #186;MC 62 Springfield, Illinois. School Enrollment Composition Study Committee.


Records, 1982-1984.
4 cu. ft.

Founded in 1982 as the Springfield Peace Coalition by Ed Haber, Phil Salisbury, Alice Kaige, Jarl Tremail, Tom Kinzie, and John Williams. Aligned with the Illinois Nuclear Weapons FREEZE, its purpose was to educate the public about the threat of nuclear war and to secure public support for actions which would reduce the chance of nuclear confrontation between the U.S.A. and the U.S.S.R. In 1985, the Coalition affiliated with the national Mobilization for Survival and changed its name to Springfield Mobilization for Peace and Justice.

Correspondence, minutes, agendas, organizational resolution, petitions, press releases, flyers, an audio cassette, newsletters, newsclippings and collected reference materials documenting its lobbying, canvassing, educational and research activities. Petitions reflect the Coalition's effort to express opposition to the Nuclear Arms Race and obtain public support from Springfield citizens by conducting a massive petition drive in Sangamon County.

Gift of SMPF, 1986.
Finding aid available. MC 61


Records, 1971-1991.
3.0 cu. ft.

Local chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW). Committed to obtaining equal rights for women. Organized in 1971 and chartered in 1972.

By-laws, membership lists, correspondence, pressreleases, clippings, memoranda, photographs, announcements, Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) campaign material, phone bank manual and script, position paper, and business records generated by this chapter documenting its campaign and educational activities, including the 1973 ERA Day, 1980 Walk-a-Thon, 1980 ERA Campaign, and 1982 Capitol March for ERA.

Topics include rape laws, non-sexist education, discrimination in wages and employment, and domestic violence. Of note are music and scripts for the 1973 dramatic persentation, "The Gilded Cage." Also contains records of Women's Alliance and the Coal Employment Project; a topical reference file on a variety of feminist topics; and correspondence, minutes, press releases, and publications of the Illinois and national offices of NOW documenting their organizing efforts and activities, especially lobbying for passage of the ERA.

Gift of Kathy Wood, 1986 and Alma Kern, 1995.
Finding aid available. MC 65


Records, 1948-1973.
3.6 cu. ft.

Springfield affiliate of the World Federalist Association, founded in 1948. Dedicated to the peaceful attainment of world government. Chapter dissolved in 1998.

By-laws, minutes, correpondence, annual reports, newsletters, programs, photographs, membership lists, surveys, financial records, research files, publications, and announcements documenting the local chapter's activities, structure, goals, and relations with related Springfield, regional and national organizations.

Correspondents include Eugene S. and Elizabeth Clark, Louise Clark, M. V. Horney, Glen A. Kniss, and Harry Stern. Topics include nuclear war, disarmament, atomic energy, civil defense, the United Nations, Vietnam, world government, foreign policy, military policy, and peace. Of particular note is extensive research material regarding the war in Vietnam, 1960-1970, including the Buddhist uprisings of 1963; and articles, newspapers, and publications collected from extreme rightist groups. Tapes of "I Like Ike" songs, ca. 1956 and John F. Kennedy's Cuban Missile Crisis speech are included.

Gift of Eugene S. and Elizabeth Clark, 1976; Ed Waldmire, 1983; John Chapin, 1984.
Finding aid available. MC 15


Newspaper, 1972-1980.
2 cu. ft.

Bi-monthly, alternative newspaper, edited by Ken McNeil, Virgil Rhodes and William Washington, featuring coverage of the black community in Springfield, Illinois, including politics, black organizations, churches, and businesses. The collection also contains two issues of The National Black Monitor (1977), five issues of The Voice of the Black Community (Springfield, 1977-80), and The Voice, History Supplement, 1979.

Gift of Christopher Breiseth, n.d.
Finding aid available. MC 78


Records, 1973-1976.
.16 cu. ft.

Appointed by the Mayor. Advises City Council on federal and state programs which require citizen input.

Minutes, agendas, reports and newsclippings regarding the Eastside urban renewal project, community development, community development block grants, fire protection and the Neighborhood Facilities Building.

Transfer from University Relations, 1980.
Finding aid available. MC 47


Flyers, ca. 1979.

Largest municipally-owned water and electric utility in Illinois.

Statements on the history of CWLP from its origins as a well and four public water pumps on Springfield's public square in 1845; and the purification of water from Lake Springfield.

Gift of Dean DeBolt, 1980. LHC 28, 29


Records, 1939-1974
.16 cu. ft.

Maps, brochures, publications and reports concerning Willis J. and Charles H. Spaulding, City Water, Light and Power, Lake Springfield and the development of the gas, electric and street railway business in Springfield. Also a bibliography on CWLP and a proposed environmental policy for Lake Springfield (1974). Published items include "Rules, Regulations and Official Map of Lake Springfield" (ca. 1970), "Official Map of the City of Springfield, Illinois - Souvenir Edition" (ca. 1968), "A History of Your Municipal Light and Water 1839-1939" (1939), and "Annual Report 1961, dedicated to Willis J. Spaulding...a man with a dream" (1961).

Gift of Walt Johnson, 1977.
Finding aid available. MC 85

SEE ALSO:MC 34 Charles Herbert Spaulding Papers, MC 13 Willis J. Spaulding Papers.


Cafeteria Records, 1918-1943.
1.4 cu. ft.

Financial records for the cafeterias of Springfield High School, 1918-1941; Feitshans High School, 1937-1941; and Lanphier High School, 1939-1943. Ledgers contain lists of accounts with businesses, showing quantity and prices of items purchased; and lists of equipment, machinery repairs and new equipment purchases.

Source unknown.

Finding aid available. MC 14


Records, 1970-1971.
.16 cu. ft.

Appointed by the District 186 School Board in 1970. More than one hundred members chosen after contacting Springfield churches, clubs and civic organizations. Charged to develop plans to reduce racial imbalance which existed in Springfield public schools.

Minutes, agenda, memoranda, membership and committee lists, newsclippings and reports documenting the Committee's attempts to plan for equal educational opportunity and racial desegregation of the schools. Also contains a statement by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People to the Board of Education; and a Minority Ethnic Group Distributions report.

Gift of Michael Townsend, 1985.

Finding aid available. MC 62

SEE ALSO: MC 63 Springfield Desegregation Monitoring Commission


Report, 1976.
39 pp.

Report to the Springfield City Council on regional planning and the responsibilities of the Springfield Plan Commission and the Springfield-Sangamon County Regional Planning Commission.

Source unknown. LHC 44


Reports, 1974-1980.
3 items.

Accommodating Tourist Movements (1974), including maps, tables, charts and narrative concerning Springfield historic sites, tourist parking needs, and plans for the accommodation of visitors; Springfield-Sangamon County, Illinois, 1970 Census Analysis (1975), consisting of tables and graphs illustrating general social composition of the population, income and housing characteristics, and employment structure; and A Guide to the City Services (1980), a directory of municipal functions, services, and phone numbers.

Source unknown. LHC 61, 65, 70

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Campaign Speech Transcripts, 1952.
1.8 cu. ft.

Transcripts of 228 speeches, addresses and remarks delivered by Illinois Governor Adlai E. Stevenson during his campaign for U.S. President in 1952. Topics include domestic policy, off-shore oil deposits, McCarthyism, foreign policy and Korea. Includes his welcoming address at the Democratic National Convention, speeches given during his campaign train tour and his concession speech to President-elect Eisenhower.

Gift of Mrs. T. R. McElwee, 1979.

Finding aid available. MC 8

Click to ExpandSTONE, RALPH.

Papers, [1886-1960], 1968-1990.
6.36 cu. ft.

Member of SSU History faculty, 1970-1991.

Series I: Cooperative Research Files: Includes memoranda, resumes and job descriptions, management agreements, membership applications, contracts, reports, minutes, articles of incorporation and by-laws of Springfield area cooperatives, particularly the King Harvest Food Cooperative and the Springfield Cooperative Housing Association; student papers and other material related to a course taught by Stone at SSU in Fall 1973 entitled "Cooperatives and Collectives: Alternatives Institutions for Economic Justice and Social Change"; Getting Started on Natural Food Cooking, a 1973 publication of the Spoon River Cooperative.

Also includes clippings and index cards on Springfield's elites, including information on the Sangamon County Chapter of the Gold Star Mothers, and the Beaux Arts Balls from the 1940s to the 1960s; collections of underground and leftist publications, clippings, handbooks, guides and pamphlets regarding cooperatives, socialism, student peace movements of the 1960s, feminism and Latin America.

Series II: Illinois Coal Mining and Unions Research Files: index cards, original and photocopied primary and secondary research material dealing with unionism in the Illinois coal fields, and particularly with the Mine Riots of 1898 in Pana and Virden, Illinois, and the activities of the Progressive Mine Workers of America. Also includes material on Illinois national labor movements and unions, John H. Walker and Duncan McDonald, the Illinois Vice Commission, the Illinois State Cooperative Society, race relations in Springfield, Illinois, and the Macoupin County Courthouse.

Gift of Ralph Stone, 1982, 1986, 1990.
Finding aids available: P/Stone, Series I, Series II.

Click to ExpandSTOUT, JANE.

Chatham Prairie Village (1836-1986).
1 item, 62 pp. 8.5" x 11".

Jane Stout's sesquicentennial history of Chatham, Illinois, 1836-1986 includes the story of early settlers, pictures and illustrations of early Chatham and its historic sites, and information on early transportation, businesses and churches. (author, 1986).

Gift of Jane Stout, 1986. LHC 91


Records, 1976-85.
6.4 cu. ft.

Non-profit community organization operating on Springfield's Eastside, founded in 1975 as a SSU project by professor Michael Townsend. Dedicated to reducing the amount of crime and delinquency in census tracts 8, 15, 16 and 17, and to fostering Eastside citizen involvement in analyzing and remedying neighborhood problems. Sponsored numerous cultural, civic, athletic and educational activities involving Eastside youth and their families, including the Blues-in-the-Schools program, and the annual Blacks, Whites and Blues Festival.

Minutes, reports, correspondence, by-laws, membership lists, activity schedules, student papers, articles of incorporation, job descriptions, clippings, student papers, employment and legal records, poetry, manuscripts, musical compositions, thank-you notes, research records, newspapers, photographs, film, audio and video tapes, grant applications and financial records documenting the organization's philosophy and goals; civic, cultural and educational activities; and financial affairs.

Topics include Springfield's Eastside neighborhood, juvenile delinquency, community organizing, minority youth and education in Springfield, neighborhood newspapers, and blues and African music; Blacks, Whites and Blues Festivals; Blues-in-the-Schools Program; opposition to the construction of the Madison Street Expressway through the John Hay Homes area; SSU student involvement with the Boosters, under the leadership of Townsend; redlining in Springfield; campaigns to save the East Branch Library and Palmer School; hiring practices of the Illinois State-Journal Register; juvenile involvement in the Springfield police and court systems; CETA employment of Springfield youth; Eastside murals and sculpture; publication of the Booster's newspapers, People's Press and Social Justice Reporter; and other neighborhood issues.

Includes 47 audio and video tapes of musical performances at the Blues-in-the-Schools Program and the Blacks, Whites and Blues Festivals.

Gift of Mike Townsend and the Streetside Boosters, 1982-1985.
Finding aid available. MC 26


Papers, 1972-1985.
2.6 cu. ft.

Member of the SSU History faculty, 1972-1986.

Research notes and manuscript drafts for his psychobiographic study, Lincoln's Quest for Union: Public and Private Meanings (New York: Basic Book, 1982); correspondence, memoranda, plans and proposals related to Abraham Lincoln, Lincoln historical sites in Springfield and a proposed series of educational television programs on Lincoln; and papers concerning psychohistory and the curriculum of the SSU History Program.

Gift of Charles B. Strozier, 1976, 1984, 1986.
Finding aid available. P/Strozier


Records, 1981-1982.
.16 cu. ft.

Not-for-profit bakery collective committed to producing goods containing only pure, natural ingredients. "A worker-owned and democratically managed enterprise" founded by Kay Weyland in 1982. Used ovens at Crows Mill School and sold baked goods at the King Harvest Food Cooperative.

Advertisements, recipes, log, minutes, receipts and applications regarding the Collective's philosophy, finances, agreements with Crows Mill School, sales and efforts to incorporate. Also includes reference materials from other collectives and cooperatives.

Gift of Kay Weyland, 1983.
Finding aid available. MC 28

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