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Papers, 1970-1986
35 cu. ft.

SSU/UIS professor of English since 1970.

Papers written by primary and secondary school children, submitted to Jackson for possible inclusion on her Reading, Writing and Radio show, aired on WSSR-FM beginning in 1975. Arranged by radio program, except for a separate collection of "gems." Also included are the best submissions for a similar program in Wisconsin, 1970-1972. Also includes a set of a newsletter, "Empty Nest," composed by Jackson for her family and friends.

Gift of Jacqueline Jackson, 1984.
Finding aid available. P/Jackson


Records, 1986.
.16 cu. ft.

Formed in 1986 to improve the standard of living and quality of life for the residents of the John Hay Homes public housing project in Springfield, and to promote athletic, artistic, charitable and civic activities.

Articles of incorporation documenting the organization's founding, the leaflet and press release distributed at a Voting Rights Rally on July 4, 1986 protesting Springfield's commission form of government and actions by the City Council and Illinois State Journal-Register.

Gift of the John Hay Tenants' Rights Association, 1986.

Finding aid available. MC 59.


"A Journey Through Time: Jacksonville, 1825-2000"
Newspaper Supplement, 2000.
13 sections, 156 pages.

A special supplement to the Journal-Courier, published September 3, 2000, commemorating the 175th anniversary of the founding of Jacksonville, Illinois in 1825. The 156-page illustrated newspaper includes thirteen sections covering the history of Jacksonville in the 19th and 20th centuries, the 10 most important events in the town's history, public institutions, businesses, fires and other disasters, the town's historic architecture, churches, educational institutions, sports, and the 10 most influential persons in the town's history.

Gift of Thomas J. Bell, 2000. LHC 117.

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Papers, 1965-1986
7.9 cu. ft.

Springfield pacifist, community organizer and professional librarian. Member of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. Co-founder of the West Side Neighborhood Association, 1977.

Minutes, notes, reports, program proposals, newsletters and correspondence of the Central Illinois American Friends Service Committee, 1974-1980, and area committee of the Midwest Regional Office, established in 1972. Documents its establishment as a full-time office in 1976, its relations with the Midwest Office and activities in Springfield, Decatur and Champaign-Urbana, particularly with draft counseling, juvenile justice work and the operation of a Peace Booth at the Illinois State Fair.

Correspondence, clippings, flyers, notices, announcements and other records of the West Side Neighborhood Association, 1977-1984, documenting this group's efforts to preserve that Springfield neighborhood's historic, residential quality against the "encroachment of business and commercial interests." Of note are planning documents of the Springfield-Sangamon County Regional Planning Commission and a slide show of historic neighborhood homes by photographer James Woodruff. Topics include architectural and neighborhood preservation, community organizing, zoning issues, walking tours, and MacArthur Boulevard. Correspondents include William E. Feurer, Jim Henneberry, and Mayor J. Michael Houston.

Also clippings, articles and other material collected by Kaige on pacifists in Illinois, 1971-1983.

Gift of Alice Kaige, 1983, 1986, 1987

Finding aid available. MC 37

SEE ALSO: MC 40 Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

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Papers, 1962-1971.
.73 cu. ft.

Long-time employee of the Illinois Office of Public Instruction, chair of the Sub-committee on Special Education of the Springfield Board of Education's School Survey Committee, 1962-63. Kamm, a native of Latvia, received a B.S. from the University of Illinois in 1926, an M.A. from the Teachers College of Columbia University in 1931, and an Ed.D. from New York University in 1944.

Chiefly announcements, correspondence, clippings, printed material, reports, research files and surveys of the Special Education Sub-Committee, documenting its activities and survey findings regarding services being offered to handicapped children in District 186 by community agencies, public schools and school health units. Reports and recommendations of the Springfield Citizens Committee for School Improvement, a city-wide community group independently formed in 1971 to address problems in the school system, concern problems in the school system, particularly the physical facilities of the schools. Transcripts of WMAY radio talk shows presented by Springfield Mayor Nelson Howarth, 1968-1971, are also included.

Gift of Alfred Kamm, 1984.
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b. 1936
Papers, 1968-1977
2.3 cu. ft.

Member of SSU History faculty, 1970-1978, and Vice-President for Academic Affairs, 1971-1978.

Manuscript drafts, outlines, research notes, and graphs for Keiser's book, Building for the Centuries: Illinois, 1865-1898, published in 1977 by the University of Illinois Press as part of the Sesquicentennial History of Illinois series. Also collected pamphlets, clippings, reports, correspondence, newsletters, journals and other publications concerning labor history and unions, particularly the United Mine Workers, Missouri Teamsters and Harold Gibbons, dating from 1920-1977. Also manuscript drafts, clippings and correspondence regarding Keiser's syndicated Illinois history newspaper column, "Looking Back," and speeches, letters and clippings concerning SSU and its University Assembly.

Gift of John Keiser, 1977-78.
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Records, 1973-1989.
1.4 cu. ft.

Consumer cooperative founded in Springfield in 1972 "to provide low-cost, nutritious food to the community." Joined the Flatland Federation of Cooperative and Community Organizations in 1978.

Minutes, correspondences, by-laws, proposals, newsletters, work manuals, inventories, financial records and research materials documenting the Cooperative's philosophy, goals and organizational structure; membership lists, activities and responsibilities; and day-to-day operations and business transactions. Records concerning the participation of King Harvest in the Flatland Federation of Cooperative and Community Organizations, 1977-1980; and a call log of the Full Circle Resource Exchange, 1977-1980, a telephone service dedicated to free learning, are also included. Of note are the King Harvest newsletters (Garbanzo Gazette, Tulip Times, and King Harvest News), and the Federation's newsletter, Cornland Infrequenter.

Gift of the King Harvest Food Cooperative, 1983, 1989.
Finding aid available. MC 23


Love Canal Collection, 1981-1996.
2.16 cu. ft.

Chief Sanitary Engineer for the State of Illinois, 1935-1970, first director of the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and environmental consultant. Served as an expert witness at a trial, 1979-1994, regarding the dumping of toxic wastes at Love Canal in Niagara Falls, New York. Love Canal was dug in the 1890s, used as a chemical dump, and later filled in and developed for housing. The area was declared unsafe and 239 families were evacuated in 1978. The Federal Government, State of New York and other interested parties went to court in 1979 to recover the costs of tests, the purchase of homes, clean-up, and other expenses.

Includes material from the trial United States et al vs. Occidental Chemical Corporation et al, held in U.S. District Court in Buffalo, New York, 1979-1994, including memoranda, depositions, transcripts of examinations and testimony, exhibits, and reports. Klassen was an expert witness for the State of New York. Also includes a scrapbook of clippings, articles and other material on the history of the Love Canal incident, other collected articles and reports, a book on the subject, (Craig E. Colton and Peter N. Skinner, The Road to Love Canal (Austin: University of Texas Press, 1996)), and information on toxic waste dumps in Calumet City and Winnebago County, Illinois.

Gift of Clarence W. Klassen, 1997.
Finding aid available. MC 84

SEE ALSO: Oral History Collection, K666 Clarence Klassen Memoir.

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b. 1923
Oral History Collection, "River Tapes," 1956-1959, 1986
2.0 cu. ft.

Poet, member of the the SSU/UIS English faculty beginning in 1972.

Fifty-two audio reel-to-reel tapes with cassette copies, documenting the experiences of pilots, captains, deckhands, a cook, musicians, roustabouts, a newspaperman, and a wharfmaster, who worked and lived along the Ohio River and its tributaries, as well as the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers, from the late nineteenth century to the 1950s. Knoepfle collected the interviews while living in Cincinnati, Ohio, 1956-1959.

Topics include steamboats, packet boats, showboats, ferries; wrecks, explosions and fires; river life, lore, and towns; jazz music, saloons and Prohibition; freight, locks and dams, navigation lights and techniques; logging, salvage operations, floods, fog and ice jams; barge and boat construction, government regulations, licensing and duties of steamboat crew members, wages, salaries and living conditions; river wildlife, hunting and fishing; minority groups; the Amazon River and the Spanish-American War. Also included is a transcript of a 1986 interview with Knoepfle about the origin of the collection, specific narrators, and the effect it has had on his life and work.

Gift of John Knoepfle, 1986.
Finding aid available. P/Knoepfle Series I

SEE ALSO: transcripts of the interviews in the Oral History Collection. The interviews are indexed and abstracted in the Guide to the Oral History Collection of the University of Illinois at Springfield.

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Papers, 1974-1981
7.3 cu. ft.

SSU Alumnus. Former sound technician and coordinator of The Bean, a coffee house for SSU students, founded in 1974 as Rudolph's Bean. Publisher of a "Springfield Coops and Community News." Helped organize Creative Music Inc. in 1979, which sponsored jazz concerts.

Includes by-laws, minutes, newsletters, correspondence, and financial records for The Bean coffee house, 1974-1978, documenting its organization, activities, publicity and finances; SSU class material, 1974-1978, particularly concerning the Twentieth Century Homesteading Institute; incorporation certificate, correspondence, issues and financial records of "Springfield Coops and Community News," and newsletters and records of Springfield cooperatives such as the King Harvest Food Cooperative and Spoon River Cooperative, 1974-1976

Also publicity material, financial and organizational records of Creative Music, Inc., 1977-1980, regarding its sponsorship of jazz and other concerts. 80 reel-to-reel audio tapes, 1977-1981, of local blues, jazz and folk music events sponsored by Rudolph's Bean, the SSU Student Activities Committee, Creative Music, Inc. and Crow's Mill School. Musicians include Finnegan's Wake, Jim Brewer, Eddie Jefferson, Miss Jessie, Utah Phillips, Jean Redpath, and Sam Rivers. Includes copies of the locally-produced Buhoon Brothers comedy show featuring Koplo, Michael Sakolsky, Stu Kainante, Neil Shargel, Doug Kamholz and David Lasley.

Also correspondence, memoranda, newsletters and other material related to Koplo's student activities at SSU, 1973-78, relating to the Student Union and Student Senate, and the "Mini-Revolution" of 1975, regarding President Robert Spencer, John Keiser and the retention of Ron Ettinger on the faculty.

Gift of Harvey Koplo, 1982, 1986.
Finding aid available. MC 56

SEE ALSO: MC 67 Crystal Radio, Inc.


Political Buttons and Memorabilia, 1940-1988.
1.0 cu. ft.

Buttons, pins, medals, ribbons and other realia related to Illinois and national political campaigns, collected by Robert E. Kozeliski, formerly of Springfield. Includes medals, keys and floor passes from Democratic National Conventions (1964-1976); replicas of historic buttons (1896-1968); a Spiro Agnew wristwatch (1973); signed, original political cartoons by Pat Oliphant and others (1972-1982).

Gift of Robert E. Kozeliski, 1987.
Finding aid available. MC 71


"Housing Needs in Springfield, Illinois, 1968-1969." Report, 1969.
1 item.

Study examining the availability of low and moderate income housing in Springfield and the factors controlling the supply.

Source unknown. LHC 87

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Papers, 1983
8.0 cubic feet: 104 videotapes, 9 audiotapes.

Professor of English at SSU and director of its Institute for Public Affairs. Production tapes for the television documentary "James Jones: Reveille to Taps," produced by J. Michael Lennon and Jeffrey Van Davis and the Sangamon State University Television Office and aired on PBS in 1984. The documentary explored the life and work of novelist James Jones, author of the acclaimed From Here to Eternity (1951) and other novels.

Included are videotaped interviews conducted in 1983 by Lennon of friends of Jones from his early years in Illinois, including John Bowers, Mary Ann Newlin Crank, Annis Skaggs Fleming, Tinks and Helen Howe, Earl and Belva Turner, and Margaret Turner, who discuss his childhood, early writing, relationship with his mentor Lowney Handy, and the Handy Writers Colony. Also interviews of Jones' family, and friends and colleges from his later years in Paris and New York, including his wife Gloria Jones and daughter Kaylie Jones, as well as James Giles, Joseph Heller, Willie Morris, Norman Mailer, George Plimpton, Bud Schulberg, Irwin Shaw, William Styron, Clem Woods, and others. Also cut-aways of scenes in Robinson and Marshall, Illinois and Long Island, New York, and stills of archival photos and manuscripts.

Also included are taped copies of the films From Here to Eternity, Some Came Running, an unfinished film based on John Bowers' book The Colony; a taped copy of a film made in Robinson in 1937 showing scenes and townspeople, including Jones; and the master tapes of the finished documentary. Also audio tapes of Jones reading excerpts of From Here to Eternity and The Thin Red Line, and a radio tribute to Jones by Irwin Bazelon.

Gift of J. Michael Lennon, 1986.
Finding aid available. P/Lennon

SEE ALSO: MC 42 Handy Colony Collection.

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Papers, 1969-1976
2.0 cu. ft.

Member of the SSU Library faculty begining in 1972.

Planning documents, correspondence, and research materials concerning a proposal for an alternative public high school in Springfield, prepared by Lewis and Mark Heyman. Also includes correspondence, reports, memoranda and other materials concerning the history of the SSU Library.

Gift of Florence Lewis, 1974, 1976.

Finding aid available. P/Lewis


50th Anniversary, Lions Club of Springfield. ca. 1970.
1 item, 94 pp., 8.5" x 11".

Includes brief histories of Lions International and the Lions Club of Springfield, a chronology of club activities, rosters of officers and board members, and the constitution and by-laws of the club. Lions International is a service club founded by Melvin Jones in Chicago in 1917. The Lions of Springfield was formed in October, 1919.

Source unknown. LHC 111

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Papers, 1968-1979.
.16 cu. ft.

Director of the Community Development and Program Department for the City of Springfield beginning in 1979. Community activities have included work with the Springfield-Sangamon County Regional Planning Commission, the Capital City Railroad Relocation Authority and the Springfield East Association. Served as Managing Editor of The Spirit of Black Springfield, a community newspaper affiliated with the Black Action Movement of Springfield and published in the late sixties. Also served as Associate Director of Springfield's Progressive Movement of Youth, a coalition of local activists responsible for publishing The Springfield Progressive in the late sixties.

Papers include complete set of issues of The Spirit of Black Springfield (seven issues dating from August 1968-October 1969); photocopies of statement regarding purposes of the Progressive Movement of Youth and one issue of The Springfield Progressive (vol. 1, no. 6), ca. 1968, including Logan's article, "Black Power;" a statement on the proposed City, Water, Light and Power rate increase by the Springfield East Association, the Ministerial Alliance and Frontiers International, n.d.; and a 1979 news clipping announcing Logan's appointment as Director of Springfield's Community Development and Program Department.

Gift of Willis H. Logan, Jr., 1984.

Finding aid available. MC 31

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Speech, 1865.
1 item, 20 pp.

Speech of Hon. A. W. Mack on the Slavery Question in the State Senate. (Springfield: Baker and Phillips, 1865). Published speech of Illinois State Senator Alonzo W. Mack of Kankakee County, urging "the complete destruction of the military power of the rebel government" and "the complete abolition of the system of domestic slavery," delivered in the State Senate on January 20, 1865.

Gift of Springfield College, 1983. LHC 95


d. 1968.
Papers, 1955-1962.
.16 cu. ft.

Assistant State Librarian, 1937-1954. Member and Executive Secretary of the Vachel Lindsay Association.

Letters, announcements, programs, brochures, and report regarding the activities of the Vachel Lindsay Association, including annual meetings and composition contests; Marquardt's role as a member and Executive Secretary; and the acquisition and restoration of the Lindsay home. Contains recollections of classes taught by Lindsay at the Springfield YMCA in 1909.

Gift of Dean DeBolt, 1979.
Finding aid available. MC 9

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Papers, 1964-1980.
1.4 cu. ft.

Member of SSU Economics faculty, 1972-1983.

Correspondence, manuscripts, drafts, syllabi, student papers, research notes, survey data, and other research and curricular material concerning Moskoff's research, publications,, and teaching on trade, manufacturing and women in the former Soviet Union; women's athletics in Illinois public universities; women, work and child care; and pro-natalist policies and child care in Romania.

Gift of William Moskoff, 1980.

Finding aid available. P/Moskoff


Records, 1976-1990.
1.5 cu. ft.

The Foundation was established in 1986 to present an annual lecture series marking the deadly coal miners' strike in Virden, Illinois in 1898. The Foundation holds an annual Mother Jones Dinner at Sangamon State University. The collection includes financial records, membership lists, minutes, correspondence, posters, flyers, and newsletters; also records of arrangements, donations, ticket sales, entertainment, and speakers for the annual Mother Jones Dinner and lecture series (1986-1990). Also includes collected articles and clippings on the Virden mine strike, Mary Harris "Mother" Jones (1830-1930), Eugene V. Debs, and labor history in general; copies of the United Mine Workers Journal (1976-1990), posters, memorabilia from the 1986 Haymarket Centennial celebration, a Proclamation of Mother Jones Week by the City of Springfield (1989), press releases, copies of In These Times (1976-1978), protest buttons, and a videotape of the 1989 Mother Jones Dinner.

The material was largely produced and collected by the Foundation Presidents, Ralph Stone, professor of History at SSU, and Jack Dyer, AFL-CIO Community Service Liaison

Gift if Jack Dyer, 1991.
Finding aid available. MC 75

SEE ALSO: P/Stone Ralph Stone Papers


Newspaper Collection and Scrapbook, 1945-1976.
1.0 cu. ft.

Includes copies of newspapers dealing with the assassination of John K. Kennedy (1963), Martin Luther King (1968) and Robert F. Kennedy (1968), the death of Winston Churchill (1965), the first lunar landing (1969), the reconstruction of the Old State Capitol in Springfield (1968) and the U.S. Bicentennial (1976). Newspapers include the Illinois State Register, the Illinois State Journal-Register, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the Chicago Tribune, the New York Times, and others.

Also includes a scrapbook from 1945 of clippings on Henry A. Wallace, Secretary of Agriculture, Vice-President and presidential candidate. Includes a 1945 letter from Wallace to Myers.

Gift of Polly Silver Myers, date unknown.
Finding aid available. MC 74


Photograph, 1923.
1 item.

Reprinted 8" x 10" photograph of the NAACP's Lincoln Banquet in Springfield, 1923.

Loaned for reproduction by Jessie Mae Finley, 1984. LHC 74


Broadside, 1864.
1 item, 1 leaf, 9" x 11"

"Who Shall Be Vice-President? Shall He Be a Loyal or Disloyal Man?", contrasting the political views and histories of George H. Pendleton of Ohio and Andrew Johnson of Tennessee as candidates for Vice President in the 1864 Presidential Election.

Transfer from IRAD, 1978. LHC 8


Records, 1974-2000

8 cu. ft.

The Illinois chapter of the National Organization for Women was founded in 1971. The first organizational meeting was held in the Chicago area and Irene Bennet was elected State Coordinator; the chapter's by-laws were passed in 1974. The purpose of NOW is "to take action to bring women into full participation in the mainstream of American society now, exercising all privileges and responsibilities thereof in truly equal partnership with men." This collection was compiled by Luellen Laurenti (1939-2000), a professor of Foreign Languages and Women's Studies at Illinois State University in Normal. She served as president of the Bloomington-Normal chapter of NOW and served as Illinois NOW president from 1985-87. Laurenti served in various other Illinois NOW positions including treasurer (1983-1985) and lobbyist (1988-2000).

The collection consists of records, audio-visual material, photographs, publications and artifacts relating to Illinois NOW, the McLean County Women's Political Caucus and other feminist organizations. The Illinois NOW records contain national and state initiative or action plans, 1986-1998, correspondence, newspaper articles pertaining to feminist issues, legislative materials, conference and meeting programs and agendas, 1982-1999, state and local NOW newsletters, 1986-1995, and a national and state timeline of NOW activities. Also included are buttons, banners, posters, signs, songbooks and bumper stickers promoting the Equal Rights Amendment campaign in Illinois, "IS IT FAIR?" protesting the 3/5ths vote needed to pass the ERA in the Illinois legislature and the "WE'LL REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER" campaign used to gather support for the Stevenson/Stern gubernatorial ticket in 1982.

This collection also contains information about the founding and activities of the McLean County Women's Political Caucus, 1974-1979, the 1999 Citizen ACTION/Illinois Convention and the Illinois Campaign for Political Reform.

Gift of Glenda Bailey-Mershon, 2001, 2004.

Finding aid available. MC 89

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Papers, 1875-1944
5 items.

Legal documents including mortgages and warranty deeds for land in Cass County, Illinois, relating to several generations of the Needham family of Virginia, Illinois. Names included are David Needham, James Needham, Cecilia Needham, George S. Needham, Jannett Needham, and Nancy E. Needham. Others include Robert D. Taylor, William Henry Taylor, David and Ann Wight, and Thomas S. Williamson.

Gift of David M. Dodds, 1978.

Finding aid available. MC 1


Records, 1972-1981.
1.0 cu. ft.

Springfield, Illinois chapter of the New American Movement, organized in 1975. Goal was "to act as a catalyst to bring about a strong, class conscious, working class movement in Springfield." Worked with other organizations such as Citizens for a Representative Government, DES Action Group, Springfield East Association, Springfield Coalition for Fair Electric Rates, People's Institute, and Streetside Boosters. Members included Peter MacDowell, Millicent Quam, Michael Quam, Doug Kamholz, Larry Golden, Lynn Novotnok, Sue Croteau, David Lasley, Kathy Wood, Ron Sakolsky, Becky McGovern, Ron Ettinger, Ted Cloak, and Ralph Stone.

Correspondence, minutes, agendas, notes, membership lists, constitution, advertisements, and strategy statements documenting efforts to recruit members, to organize the people of Springfield with issues such as electric rate reform and the reorganization of city government, to sponsor speakers and movies with a socialist perspective, and create alliances with other community organizations. The group's use of self-criticism and concern that is was a "clique" of "SSU radical intellectuals" are documented. Individual members' personal goals and activity statements, and copies of the NAM Discussion Bulletin (1973-1980) are included.

Gift of Ralph Stone, 1984.
Finding aid available. MC 50

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Papers, 1976-1983.
5.6 cu. ft.

Lawyer with Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance, Inc., 1977-1983. Active in Springfield's Eastside neighborhood and energy self-reliance citizens' groups and community organizations.

(1) Minutes, correspondence and sub-committee records of the Citizen's Advisory Committee, 1976-1981, regarding the goals, activities and policies of this official citizens' group, and Springfield's citizen participation plan and community development block grant program. (2) Correspondence and other records regarding a 1978 complaint submitted to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development by Nielsen on the behalf of Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance's "low and moderate income" clients, objecting to Springfield's 1978 application of Community Development Block Grant funds. (3) By-laws, minutes, correspondence, personnel and financial records of Community Energy Systems, 1978-1982, an organization dedicated to combating community deterioration through energy conservation and solar sales and contracting, founded in 1979. (4) By-laws, minutes, correspondence and committee records of the Springfield Energy Coalition, 1980, a coalition dedicated to promoting energy self-reliance. (5) Minutes, correspondence, grant applications and other records of the Access to Housing Committee, 1979-1982, documenting the activities of this organization dedicated to working against housing discrimination, particularly for low-income blacks of Springfield's Eastside. (6) Minutes, correspondence, proposals, reference materials and other records of the Springfield Community Development Credit Union Task Force, 1978-1981, regarding this organization's research on redlining and efforts to promote community economic development by seeking to establish a federally-chartered community development credit union task force.

Gift of Ernest Nielsen, 1983, 1984.
Access to Community Energy Systems personnel records and Housing case records restricted. Finding aid available. MC 29

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