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Papers, 1965-1972
.16 cu. ft.

Member of SSU/UIS Human Development Counseling Faculty since 1978. Former director of the Decatur Evaluation Center, a residential facility operated by the Illinois Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, which opened in 1965.

Reports, clippings, memoranda, bulletins, program guides, correspondence, contract, charts, brochure, photographs, counselors' handbook and work sample concerning the Decatur Evaluation Center under Genskow's directorship. Also includes a master's thesis by University of Illinois student Dennis Hoffman, "An Appraisal of a Vocational Education Program: The Decatur Evaluation Center."

Gift of Jack Genskow, 1985.

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Papers, 1937-1979
9.0 cu. ft.

Papers of G. Ernst Giesecke, SSU Professor of Humanities and Higher Education, 1970-76, Director of Educational Relations 1971-1976, and Professor Emeritus from 1976, including notes on American and German literature (1940-1951), files on campus unrest (1969-1971), correspondence, research and conference notes on the development of an alternative system of Higher Education in Illinois (1971-1977), speeches (1951-1956), publications (1938-1951), research files on the Trinity College "degree mill" (1948-1976) and its prosecution by Illinois Attorney General William J. Scott in 1976, and general correspondence, and course material regarding the community college system in Illinois and issues related to higher education.

Gift of G. Ernst Giesecke, 1976-77, 1983
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Publications, 1970-1980
4 items.

1972 Annual Report of the Chamber of Commerce, including executive director's and committee reports and an officer list, with descriptions of the year's activities and accomplishments.

Also Springfield, Illinois: All America City (1970) and You'll Love Living in Springfield, Illinois (1975), photographic promotional guides to Springfield, Illinois featuring services, attractions, institutions, businesses and government. Also a 1980 Classified Membership Roster and Buyer's Guide.

Source unknown. LHC 18, 38, 39, 62

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Armed Forces and Small Market Radio Collection, 1951-2001

30 audio CDs (.16 cu. ft.)

Jim Grubbs, Assistant Professor of Communication at UIS, was a radio broadcaster for the Far East Network (FEN), stationed in Tokyo, Japan during the 1960s. Later Grubbs was an announcer for WSMI in Litchfield, Illinois. In 1976, Grubbs and several other SSU employees and community members were granted a license for a station (98.7-WNNS) in Springfield. He was recognized by Billboard Magazine as one of the outstanding small-market DJs in the United States in 1971.

The collection includes audio CDs of broadcasts from the Far East and Armed Forces Networks as well as broadcasts from small market radio stations. The CDs from FEN and AFN document the types of radio entertainment military personnel and their dependents listened to during their time in Japan and Alaska. These broadcasts, dating from 1959 to 1971, include comedy, interviews, literature, a children's program, and music ranging from "Big Band"and Country to Top 20. Also included is an oral history of Private Shelby Newhouse, one of the first FEN announcers. Notable broadcasts include a 1972 interview with boxer Muhammed Ali, a 1960 broadcast featuring recordings by Elvis Presley, and a 1981 program detailing the history of WSMI in Litchfield, Illinois.

The CDs from the Illinois small market radio collections feature jingles, news, market reports, and music. Also included is the "1971 Billboard Entry" that Grubbs submitted to Billboard Magazine.

Gift of Jim Grubbs, 2005.

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Springfield, Illinois Collection, 1831-1942.
.16 cu. ft.

Collection of documents and postcards related to the history of Springfield, Illinois, including letters written by Springfield founding father Elijah Iles (1831), Illinois Governor and Senator Shelby Cullom (1880), Illinois Congressman William Springer (1883), Springfield businessman Jabez Capps (1874), and Logan Hay (1942); documents related to the Post #1 of the Grand Army of the Republic in Decatur and the Freemasons of Springfield; sixteen historic postcards of Springfield scenes, 1877-1911; a 1901 menu from Springfield's Leland Hotel; and color snapshots of graves of noted Springfield figures in Oak Ridge Cemetery.

Gift of Robert Guymon, 1995.
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Papers, 1935-1971.
1.8 cu. ft.

Two Springfield families with social, political and marital ties, who were leaders in American Legion and American Legion Auxiliary activities. Walter Hagler was Treasurer of Sangamon County in 1938, and County Sheriff from 1942 to 1946.

Photographs, scrapbooks, clippings, minutes, and memorabilia chiefly documenting the activities of the Walter Hagler and James Milner families in the activities of Springfield's American Legion (1937-51), the American Legion Auxiliary (1939-40), the Junior Auxiliary (1939), the Eight and Forty (1935-40), and the Illini Girls' State (1948-56); local politics; church and social activities in rural central Illinois; and the exploits of a World War II aviator, and life on the home front. Of particular note are two photographs of Charles A. Lindbergh's visit to Springfield in 1937 (Box 2, File 7).

Gift of David Hagler, 1983.
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Records, 1930-1964.
33 cu. ft.

A writers' colony, located in Marshall, Illinois, opened in 1950 by Lowney and Harry Handy and best-selling novelist James Jones. It supported numerous young writers, many of whose stories and novels were published. The colony dissolved with the death of Lowney Handy in 1964.

The collection includes: by-laws, minutes, correspondence, membership, and financial records of the colony regarding its founding, organization, finances, philosophy, and teaching methods; approximately 2,000 letters written by Lowney Handy, Harry Handy, James Jones, colony members, relatives, publishers, editors, friends, and fans; military records, and other personal papers of James Jones; commonplace books, memorabilia, and other papers of Lowney Handy; class notes, journals, and poetry of colony member Charles Robb; an extensive clipping file concerning the colony and Jones's career; photographs and negatives of the Handys, Jones, the colony and its members.

Also included are about 100 published and unpublished manuscripts of Lowney Handy, and colony writers, including Rex Bollin, Tom T. Chamales, Edwin Daly, William Duhart, Edward Kurtz, Jere Peacock, Charles Robb, Jerry Tschappat ("Gerald Tesch"), Charles Stevenson Wright, and others.

The collection includes an extensive collection of notes, manuscript drafts, and galleys of James Jones's 1951 novel From Here to Eternity, as well as some of his early essays, short stories, and his first, unpublished novel, "They Shall Inherit the Laughter."

Gift of Margaret C. Turner, 1983-1984.

See Thomas J. Wood and Meredith Keating, James Jones in Illinois: A Guide to the Handy Writers' Colony Collection (Springfield: Illinois Issues, 1989). PDF, 11.7 mb

See also MC 42/1 Stephen Carter Papers, MC 42/3 Charles T. Robb Papers, P/Lennon J. Michael Lennon Papers.

See the separate pages for the Handy Colony Collection. MC 42


Annual reports, 1899-1901.
2 items.

Annual reports for the years 1899-1900 and 1900-1901 concerning salaries, income, donations, book expenditures, attendance, circulation, the library's benefits to "juveniles," and negotiations for a new building funded by Andrew Carnegie.

Transfer from IRAD, 1978. LHC 12

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Papers, 1971-1991
7.15 cu. ft.

Professional papers of Edward L .Hawes, professor of History and Environmental Studies at SSU/UIS, 1971-1991, including research files and correspondence pertaining to the development and operation of Clayville Rural Life Center. Also included are copies of Dr. Hawes's publications and writing, workshop material, course syllabi and notes, personal files, records of the Association for Living Historical Farms and Agricultural Museums (ALHFAM), and consulting files for the Harraskeet Bay Project and for Merrymeeting Bay. A collection of tape recordings includes a 1977 interview with Mary Pearson, Clayville music and narratives, NEH consultant meetings, and research on inns and taverns.

Gift of Edward Hawes, 1976, 1984, 1990, 1991

Finding aid available. P/Hawes

SEE ALSO: D1/1/4 SSU Foundation Records; D1/2/1 Clayville Rural Life Center Records; H6 Elizabeth Weir Papers; LHC 76 Clayville Folk Arts Guild Records.

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Papers, 1960-1991
15.2 cu. ft.

Springfield lawyer beginning practice in 1928; Chairman of the Springfield Committee for Higher Education (1960-1967); attorney for Sangamon State University on a retainer basis; and Springfield civic leader.

Correspondence, memos, news clippings, reports, receipts, contracts, maps, and studies, chiefly 1965-1975, documenting the struggle to establish Sangamon State University and the university's legal transactions. The substance of the collection concerns higher education in Springfield, the acquisition of land for the campus, university governance, the physical development of the campus, and other university legal matters.

Includes reports, correspondence, minutes and agendas of the Springfield Committee for Higher Education, a committee of business and professional figures who lobbied the State of Illinois for the establishment of a public, four-year college in Springfield (1960-1968); records regarding the acquisition and operation of the Clayville Rural Life Center (1972-1984); correspondence, reports, minutes and agendas of the SSU Foundation (1970-1989); programs, memos, minutes and agendas relating to Convocam (an educational television service) and the development of its satellite technology (1970-1990); correspondence and records regarding building contractors and the Gerald Schaflander case; correspondence, deeds, and maps regarding the purchase of lands for the SSU campus (1968-1983); and and news clippings, correspondence, and plans for the development of student housing (1970-1980).

Gift of Fred and John Hoffmann, 1998.
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SEE ALSO: Oral History Collection: H675I Ines C. Hoffmann Memoir (Mrs. George Hoffman)

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Papers, 1944-1989
2.3 cu. ft.

Papers of Nelson Howarth, Assistant State's Attorney for Sangamon County, Illinois 1948-1949, Mayor of Springfield 1955-1959 and 1963-1971. Born in Green County, Indiana and raised on farms in Illinois, he received a law degree from the University of Illinois in 1934 and was an attorney in private practice when not in public office.

Correspondence, transcripts of speeches and radio broadcasts, court records, clippings, photographs, brochures, programs and memorabilia documenting Howarth's activities combating vice as Assistant State's Attorney, his mayoral campaigns, and his efforts as Mayor to promote civil rights and develop the recreational facilities and historical sites of Springfield.

As Mayor, Howarth championed civil rights and impartial law enforcement. He strove to integrate the police department, fire department, municipal band and choir. Howarth urged the annexation of Springfield suburban developments, and added 10,000 acres to the city during his terms. Under his leadership, the city expanded Capital Airport, built the Prairie Convention Center, and added Riverside Park and Lincoln Greens Golf Course to the park system. He also played active roles in the restoration of the Old State Capitol, the establishment of Sangamon State University, and the creation of the Lincoln Home National Historic Site.

Also included are memorabilia of Howarth's service during WWII on the U.S.S. Lexington, 1944-1945, including a copy of the ship's log and his letters home to Mrs. Howarth. Also published statements, briefs, arguments and abstracts presented by Howarth before the Illinois Supreme Court, 1950, 1953.

Of note are photos, clippings and other material relating to the visit of Martin Luther King to Springfield, October 7, 1965.

Gift of Mrs. Nelson Howarth, 1994.
Finding aid available. MC 77

See also: finding aid in Archon

SEE ALSO: Oral History Collection: H837, H837.2* Nelson Howarth Memoir

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Drawings, ca. 1977-1978.
.2 cu. ft.

Free lance and commercial artist. Resided in mental hospitals and other institutions since 1931.

One hundred and fifty-five drawings with annotations in pencil and ink depicting Hueser's early memories of growing up in Chillicothe, Illinois and Fort Madison, Iowa; his education at the University of Illinois and the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts; career as a commercial artist with studios in Chicago and Mt. Vernon, New York; and family life with wife, Edith Marjorie Paradise. Drawings done while in a nursing home.

Gift of Mary Travis, 1978.

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1 item.

Essay regarding the home of Elijah Iles, one of the founders of Springfield, at 1825 South Sixth Street. The oldest surviving house in Springfield, constructed ca. 1827. Author unknown.

Source unknown. LHC 36


Records, 1934-1976.
7.0 cu. ft.

When the Illinois Department of Corrections was created in 1970, its Juvenile Division assumed the duties of the Illinois Youth Commission: the annual Governor's Conference on Youth, publications on substance abuse, child abuse and delinquency prevention, the Illinois Junior Sports Jamboree, surveying the detention of juveniles in county jails, and the Chicago Area Project.

Series I: includes planning records, programs, meeting minutes, correspondence, memos, clippings, press releases, and attendance lists of the annual Governor's Conference on Youth (1961-1972); reports, brochures and newsletters of the Chicago Area Project (1943-1976); copies of legislation on juvenile justice and of juvenile court actions; and collected literature on juvenile delinquency, drug abuse and related topics from Illinois and other states, from the 1930s to the 1970s.

Series II: 32 audio tapes from the Governor's Conference on Youth, 1965-1971. Speakers include Governor Otto Kerner, Jackie Robinson, and Beto.

Series III: Ten 16 mm and one 8 mm film regarding juvenile delinquency and its causes and prevention, 1944-1966. Of note are two films made by the Illinois Department of Public Welfare, "Our Most Precious Possessions," and "Big Brother" (ca. 1947). Other films were produced by the Illinois Youth Commission, National Women's Christian Temperance Center, Wheaties Sports Federation, Athletic Institute Press, and the National Welfare Association. Titles include "That Boy Joe" (1944), "Make Way for Youth" (1947), and "Boy With a Knife," (1956).

Gift of Anthony Sorrentino and John Lovelock, 1976.

Finding aid available. MC 70

SEE ALSO: MC 73 Chicago Area Project


Newspapers, 1956, 1981.
2 items, 20 pp, 146 pp.

Anniversary editions of Springfield newspaper which began as the Sangamo Journal in 1831: October 7, 1956, "125 Years of Publication," featuring "The Growth and Development of Springfield's Transportation and Finance," including articles on the establishment of railroads, the rise and decline of the streetcar, the rise of the automobile and associated problems, and the growth of Springfield banks.

November 10, 1981: "Our 150th Anniversary Edition": includes the news of the day, as well as sections devoted to the history of Springfield, the history of the presidency from Lincoln to Nixon, WWII, and the construction of the Illinois Statehouse. Includes are numerous reprints of photographs and articles from early issues of the newspaper.

Source unknown. LHC 108, LHC 109


Illinois Capital Illustrated.Photographs, 1898
13 prints, 1 folder.

Reprinted photographs from Illinois Capital Illustrated, "an art album of Springfield," published by the Illinois State Register newspaper in 1898. Includes shots of the Illinois Watch Factory, Franklin Life Insurance Association Building, City Hall, the Sangamo Club, Springfield High School, the post office, the Governor's Mansion, Myers Brothers Store, the German Methodist Episcopal Church Orchestra, Cokey's Mill, surgery at St. John's hospital, the agricultural museum in the Capitol building, and an electric trolley party.

Gift of Michael Townsend, 1985. LHC 85


Newspaper, January 17, 1845.
1 sheet, 4 pages.

Issue of the Illinois State Register, dated Friday, January 17, 1845. Included are the minutes and constitution of the Illinois Colonizaton Society, proceedings of the Illinois State Legislature, a listing of lands in Montgomery County on which taxes were due, legal notices, notices of escaped livestock, and advertisements for Springfield businesses, public events, and entertainments.

Transfer from IRAD, 2000. LHC 118


Magazines, 1975-1976.
2 items

A magazine on Illinois politics published in Springfield. Only two issues were produced: Oct.-Nov. 1975, Dec.-Jan. 1975-76.

Gift of Michael Townsend, 1978. LHC 11


Annual Catalogue of the Officers and Students, 1858-1859. 16 pp.
Program, 1860. 2 pp.
2 items.

Annual catalogue of Illinois State University, including lists of trustees, faculty, students (including Robert T. Lincoln), and alumni; also descriptions of the courses of instruction and the academic calendar for 1859-60 (Springfield: B.A. Richard & Co., 1859). Also, the program of the "Third Annual Literary Contest of the Utilior and Philomathean Societies of the Illinois State University, Feb. 29, 1860" (Springfield: Booraem, Bacon & Co., 1860) showing the order of events, topics of speeches and debates and names of participants of an event held in Springfield's First Presbyterian Church.

Illinois State University (see picture) opened in Springfield in 1852 and closed in 1867. It has no connection with the current university in Normal, Illinois.

Gift of Springfield College, 1983. LHC 94


Convention Photographs, 1912-1915
3 panoramic photographic prints

Three panoramic group photos taken at conventions of the Improved Order of Red Men, Great Council of Illinois, in Springfield, Jacksonville, and Mattoon in 1912, 1913 and 1915 respectively.

The Improved Order of Red Men is a patriotic fraternal organization founded in Baltimore in 1834, tracing its origins to secret liberty societies formed before the American Revolution, such as the Sons of Liberty who dressed as Indians and dumped English tea into Boston Harbor in 1773. The I.O.R.M peaked around 1920, when its membership included over a half-million men in 46 states.

Photo 1: outside the Illinois Statehouse in Springfield, May 21, 1912, 44" x 8", by Vermillion Photo of Springfield.
Photo 2: in the Public Square in Jacksonville, May 20, 1913, 44" x 8", by Vermillion Photo.
Photo 3: in Mattoon, May 18-19, 1915, 32" x 8", "Cirkut" by Rembrandt Studios, Decatur.

Gift of Michael Townsend, 2000.

LHC 114


Newspaper Clippings, Reports, 1987-1995
0.33 cu. ft.

A collection of reports and newspaper clippings dealing with recycling in Springfield, Sangamon County, and Illinois. Specific materials included clippings from periodicals in Springfield and Sangamon country, reports on recycling and solid waste management, a report on a study of solid waste disposal, and a regulation guide and keyword index for the 1987 Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.

Abby Walden is the manager of the Waste and Recycling Division in the Springfield Department of Public Works.

The Institute for Local Self Reliance is responsible for coordinating the collection of these materials related to recycling for donation to the UIS Archives.

Gift of Abby Walden
Finding aid available MC 102/5


DVD, 2007
0.16 cu. ft.

This disk contains a collection of interviews of recycling activists who met at the Blue Mountain Center at Blue Mountain Lake, New York on June 1-3, 2007. The interviews were held in a chain format with each interviewer/ interviewee pair switching roles and performing a second interview after the first. The participants include 14 prominent members of the recycling field with discussions held in 22 separate audio tracks. Each participant is asked a series of questions from an established list (a copy of the list is included in the inventory folder).

The audio tracks contain extensive descriptions about the lives and careers of the participants. Specific focus is made on their involvement with a number of key topics in recycling, which include recycling as a social movement, the organization of recycling, landfills, waste energy and incineration, and personal opinions about the field and its future. Most participants also took the opportunity to relate a number of personal anecdotes about recycling and their involvement with it.

The 22 digital recordings on the DVD are in both .MP3 and .DVF formats.

The Institute for Local Self Reliance is responsible for coordinating the collection of these materials related to recycling for donation to the UIS Archives.

Located in Audio/Visual Collection: #AV3293

Gift of Neil Seldman
Finding aid available MC 102/1


Photographs, Reports, Slides, 1991-2001
1.0 cu. ft.

This collection contains a variety of materials dealing with recycling policy, technology, and planning. Binders containing slides, photographs, and articles about recycling technologies in North America and Europe make up the majority of this collection. Also included are policy handbooks, a newsletter, program implementation guides, and a recycled products guide.

Gretchen Brewer is a former regional planner and recycling coordinator at the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. She is currently a principal at Earth Circle Conservation & Recycling.

The Institute for Local Self Reliance is responsible for coordinating the collection of these materials related to recycling for donation to the UIS Archives.

Gift of Gretchen Brewer
Finding aid available MC 102/4


Papers, Newsletters, Booklets, Books, 1989-1997
0.33 cu. ft.

This collection contains a variety of resources and publications relating to recycling and waste management. Documents primarily concern policy, technology, program implementation and management. Most documents found in the collection pertain to California recycling programs. The publications consists of guides, newsletters, booklets, books, policy papers, and programs.

Myra Nissen worked at the North California Recycling Association from 1990 to 2004. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Cultural Anthropology from the University of California and a Masters degree in Environmental Studies from Prescott College, Arizona. She is currently a board member for the North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH).

The Institute for Local Self Reliance is responsible for coordinating the collection of these materials related to recycling for donation to the UIS Archives.

Gift of Myra Nissen
Finding aid available MC 102/7


Papers, Newsletters, Booklets, Books, 1977-2000
1.66 cu. ft.

This collection contains a variety of resources and publications relating to recycling management. Documents primarily concern market analysis, policy, technology, program implementation and management. The publications consists of correspondence, guides, newsletters, booklets, books, policy papers, and programs.

Between 1985 and 1995, Nancy VandenBerg ran Markets for Recycled Products which focused on purchasing recycled products for waste reduction. This tiny consultancy had influence on federal, state and local government policy. Intentionally, projects were built on predecessors until there was a national movement. VandenBerg wanted to build markets for recovered materials as the collection process matured. She used speeches and handouts to energize those active in other aspects of recycling and to give them working tools. VandenBerg currently resides in Portugal.

The Institute for Local Self Reliance is responsible for coordinating the collection of these materials related to recycling for donation to the UIS Archives.

Gift of Nancy Vandenberg
Finding aid available MC 102/8


Newsletters, Journals, Books, 1979-2007
1.0 box

This collection contains a variety of publications relating to waste and recycling management. Publications primarily concern policy, technology, program implementation and management. The publications consists of newsletters, articles, guides, studies, journals, and books.

Neil Seldman, founder of the Institute for Local Self Reliance, was responsible for coordinating this collection of materials related to recycling for donation to the UIS Archives.

Gift of Neil Seldman
Finding aid available MC 102/9


Correspondence, Brochures, Photographs, 1970-1979
1.0 folders

Collection of materials related to the operations of Recycling Enterprises Inc. during the 1970s in Oxford, MA. This group is primarily composed of brochures and booklets advertising various aspects of recycling. Specific materials include a written correspondence, a recycling booklet directed at children, a flyer advocating for glass recycling, and a brochure dedicated to the house made of recycled materials.

The Institute for Local Self Reliance is responsible for coordinating the collection of these materials related to recycling for donation to the UIS Archives.

Gift of Murray J. Fox
Finding aid available MC 102/3


Correspondence, Brochures, Newspaper Clippings, 1988-1995
1.0 folders

A collection of materials related to recycling projects in Saratoga County, NY during the late 1980s and 1990s. The contents serve to provide historical background on the recycling movement and its implementation in the county. Included are newspaper clippings, e-mail correspondences, a brochure, a mouse-pad, and a book cover.

The Institute for Local Self Reliance is responsible for coordinating the collection of these materials for donation to the UIS Archives.

Gift of Sally J. Sheldon.
Finding aid available MC 102/2


Papers, 1988-2011
2.0 cu. ft.

A collection of materials from the personal papers of Tania Levy during her time as a Recycling Analyst for the City of Berkeley, California. These papers range from the late 1980s to her retirement in July of 2011. This collection contains a wide variety of materials including personal correspondence, financial records, contact lists, recycling public relations publications, manuals, training videos, and other assorted documents. The subject matter of the documents primary lies in ares of recycling, solid waste management, public awareness of recycling programs, composting, and the financial responsibilities of a recycling analyst.

The Institute for Local Self Reliance is responsible for coordinating the collection of these materials related to recycling for donation to the UIS Archives.

Gift of Tania Levy
Finding aid available MC 102/6

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Papers, 1955-1982
29.5 cu. ft.

Official and personal papers of a Quincy, Illinois business executive and patron of the arts. Chairman of the Board of the Quincy Compressor Division of Colt Industries, and Chairman of the Board of the Irwin Paper Company. Founder of the Quincy Symphony Orchestra (1948), first chairman of the Illinois Arts Council (1963-1971), founder and chair of the Associated Councils of the Arts (1962-1972), consultant for the National Endowment for the Arts (1960s-1970s), president of the Quincy Foundation, and active member of Community Arts Councils, Inc.

Contains correspondence, photographs, minutes, publications, clippings, minutes, agendas, financial statements, grant requests, brochures, and newsletters relating to Irwin's involvement in local, state and national arts organizations. Items of interest include material promoting the U.S. Bicentennial in 1976, files on arts activities in Illinois towns and cities in the 1960s, correspondence regarding Irwin's replacement as head of the Illinois Arts Council, material regarding Irwin's activities in the Quincy Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts, and annual reports from state arts councils in the 1960s and 1970s.

Gift of George M. Irwin, 1997.
Finding aid available. MC 88

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