Handy Colony Collection: Series VIII

Oversize items from all series are in boxes 73-74. Miscellaneous items, empty envelopes, original clippings, and duplicates are grouped at the end of the collection (boxes 75-77, 1.0 cubic foot).


73. Oversize -

James Jones: photographs, articles, and stories - late 1940s, 1950-53, 1957
Lowney Handy and the Colony: articles - 1957
Movie, From Here to Eternity: article and promotion materials - 1953
article on Father Jerome - 7/22/50

74. Oversize magazines - Life, Look, Time, Home Modernizing Guide, 1948-1962

75. Original Clippings and Envelopes -1942-1964; and Miscellaneous - 1934-1960 ;

Newspaper clippings found in correspondence; the originals were moved here and replaced with acid-free photocopies; Miscellaneous includes calendars, greeting cards, maps, advertisements, 1934-1960

76. Recent Additions - 1952-1954

Includes screenplay for From Here to Eternity (1952), writing notebooks (ca. 1954), and slides from a trip to Tucson, Arizona (1952-1953)

77. Oversize: Duplicates - 1951-56

SEE ALSO P/Lennon (J. Michael Lennon Papers, 1983-84) for production videotapes for the television documentary "James Jones: Reveille to to Taps," produced by Sangamon State University and first aired on PBS in 1984. The tapes include interviews with family and friends of James Jones, including Gloria and Kaylie Jones, Norman Mailer, William Styron, Willie Morris, Joseph Heller, Irwin Shaw, and others. Also taped were interviews with persons associated with Lowney Handy and the Colony, including John Bowers, Mary Ann Newlin Crank, and members of Lowney's family.

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