Handy Colony Collection: Series VI

Photographs and Negatives (1.2 cubic feet)

This series contains many of the photographs used in the 1951 Life magazine article on Jones and Lowney. It also contains both color and black-and-white photographs of Jones, Lowney, Harry, the Colony, Colony writers, Marshall, and vacation spots such as Florida and Arizona. The photographs are arranged by subject and chronologically. Oversize photographs are in box 73.


68. Photographs and Negatives: Life Photographs and Negatives, 1951

69. Photographs and Negatives - ca. 1925-1951

James Jones as a child
army photographs taken by James Jones
Lowney Handy in Mexico
James Jones' room in the Handy house in Robinson, Illinois
Lowney Handy and James Jones in Mexico
Grand Canyon
Marshall, Illinois
Scribner's Store Window display of From Here to Eternity

70. Photographs and Negatives - 1950-1953

James Jones
Jeff (G.W.) Jones
Mary Ann Jones
photographs from the Southwest
James Jones, Montgomery Clift, and Lowney Handy
Earl Turner

71.Photographs and Negatives - mid 1950s-1962, undated

James Jones - trap shooting and practicing archery at his house in Marshall
Jere Peacock
Harry Handy
Lowney Handy
Marshall, Illinois and other locations

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