Handy Colony Collection: Series IV

Personal Papers (2 cubic feet)

This series contains personal papers of Harry and Lowney Handy, and James Jones. The papers of other persons who did not have significant amounts of manuscript material are also located here. The series contains Lowney Handy's commonplace books, address books, examples of her advice to Colony writers, and newspaper clippings; also memorabilia the Handys' 1958 trip to Spain; and documents pertaining to Lowney's family, the Turners.

The personal papers of James Jones (0.2 cubic feet) include some of his army documents, his 1951 will, and an address book which also contains some notes on characters in From Here to Eternity.


59. Personal Papers: Harry Handy, 1945-63

correspondence, addresses, clippings, programs, newsletter
memory book and register of visitors to his funeral.

60. Personal Papers: Harry Handy and Lowney Handy

Trip to Spain memorabilia, 1958

61. Personal Papers: Lowney Handy, undated and 1962

address books
commonplace books

62. Personal Papers: Lowney Handy, 1925, 1940-63, undated

clippings on Eastern religion
albums, books, clippings
comments on Jones' writing
advice to Colony writers

63. Personal Papers: Lowney Handy, 1935-63

Fay Carpenter campaign literature
book lists and orders
fireplace book plate
house plans
duplicate letters

64. Personal Papers: James Jones - 1942-48, 1951-56

army documents and correspondence
military speech by Wm. A. McCulloch
Columbia University Bulletin
World Federalist/World Government material
will (3/13/51),
articles on From Here to Eternity
duplicate letters

65. Personal Papers: A-Z,

Lee Butcher - "The Most Imperfect Day of My Life," nd
A. C. Carpenter - memorabilia, 1905-15
Sol Handy - memorabilia, handwritten will, 1928-34
Earl Turner - "How My Hometown Handles the Traffic," nd
J. M. Turner - correspondence, political literature, obituary, 1936-59

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