IRAD Record Types

Family History Resources in the IRAD System
Many of the local government records collected by IRAD offer a rich source of information on our ancestors. The following list suggests some of the ways in which various types of IRAD records may be used by family historians. Note: The types of records held by IRAD, and their chronological coverage, vary widely from county to county. The bulk of records in IRAD date from the 19th century, but some are as recent as the mid-20th century.


To find date and place of birth and names of parents, consult:

Birth Certificates (beginning 1877)
Birth Registers (beginning 1877)
Birth Certificates, Delayed


To find date, place, and cause of death, or place of burial, consult:

Death Certificates (beginning 1877)
Death Registers (beginning 1877)
Probate Records
Almshouse/Poor Farm Record
Cemetery Record
Coroner's Inquest Record


To find date and place of marriage, age, and residence of bride and groom, or consent of parent in case of minors, consult:

Marriage Certificates
Marriage Applications (beginning 1877)
Marriage Record
Marriage Licenses


To find date of dissolution of marriage and divorce proceedings and agreements, consult:

Circuit Court Case Files, Chancery
Circuit Court Record, Chancery


To find place and duration of or changes in residence, consult:

Assessor's Books
Collector's Books
Voters' Registration Records
Deed Record
Naturalization Petition Record

Real Property

To find amount, location, and value of real estate owned; to find sale or mortgaging of property or division among heirs, consult:

Assessor's Books
Collector's Books
Deed Record
Tax Sale Record
Probate Records
Mortgage Record

Personal Property

To find types of personal property owned, assessed valuations, mortgages, inventories and sales of estates, consult:

Assessor's Books
Probate Appraisement Record
Probate Sale Record
Probate Inventory Record
Probate Inventory and Appraisement Record
Chattel Mortgage Record


To find date of naturalization, age, nationality, date of emigration, place of residence in this country, consult:

Naturalization Papers
Naturalization Declarations of Intention
Naturalization Record
Naturalization Record of Soldiers and Minors


To find date of death, details of will, names and relationship of heirs, guardians appointed for children, widow's portion of estate, settlement of estate, and results of contested estates, consult:

Probate Wills
Probate Record
Probate Guardianship Record
Probate Widow's Relinquishment and Selection Record
Probate Case Files
Circuit Court Records, Chancery (for contested estates)

School Attendance

To find age, grade, and residence of children, consult:

School Schedules
School Pupil Registers

Court Actions

To find involvement in civil, criminal, or chancery cases, consult:

Circuit Court Record
County Court Record
Circuit Court Case Files
County Court Case Files
Circuit Court Index
County Court Index


To find name, age, residence, occupation, birthplace, and occasionally death date and place of burial of paupers, consult:

Almshouse Registers
County Hospital Record
Cemetery Record
Board of Supervisors' Minutes
Board of Supervisors' Proceedings Files


Records usually include names, residences, and dates of certification. Teachers' records often give age, residence, and education. Miners' records give age and years worked in mines.

School Teachers' Records Miners' Examining Board Records (1908-)
County Officials' Oaths and Bonds
Election Records
Physicians, Midwives, Nurses, Dentists, Optometrists, Veterinarians, Architects, and combined Professional Registers (most beginning 1877)