Inclement Weather Policy

If the campus has closed due to inclement weather, the library will be closed unless asked to remain open by UIS administration.

If classes have been cancelled due to inclement weather but the campus remains open, the library will remain open, but with reduced staffing. The Library will plan on offering, at minimum, a place where students may come to study. Some circulation and reference services may be provided, depending on the staff from Access Services and Library Instructional Services who are able to get to campus or to remain on campus after classes are cancelled. (At minimum, one full-time staff member from either Access Services or Library Instructional Services must be present, as well as one student assistant.) In addition to limited on-site services, the library will continue to provide e-mail and chat reference services, if access is available.

Library staff and student workers should not make a decision to travel to campus until they have heard an announcement that the campus is open. During inclement weather, the library will activate its telephone tree to provide another means of notification for library staff in addition to the ones provided by the campus. The library supports the liberal leave policy, and supervisors will work with employees (including student workers) to ensure that any leave due to inclement weather is reflected appropriately on time sheets.