Reserves Policy

The University of Illinois at Springfield Brookens Library purchases collections for the nonprofit educational use of students and faculty. All library materials are acquired with the understanding that there will be multiple uses of a limited number of copies. The Library pays premium institutional prices for many print journal subscriptions and electronic journal license agreements-- prices which are many times higher than individual subscription prices-- in order to support multiple academic uses.

The purpose of placing materials on reserve is to make common reading assignments readily available to a large number of students within a relatively short period of time. To maximize this access UIS provides both paper and electronic reserves for faculty and student use. The following policies have been established to ensure maximum accessibility of the material.

1. Two forms are needed to submit reserve materials: Course Information, one for each course, and Request List with the actual items to go on reserve. Both can be found on the Faculty Resources page. Materials to be placed on reserve should be submitted with completed copies of both forms to the Reserves Clerk or an appropriate member of the Circulation Staff (in LIB 207) two weeks prior to the start of the semester, or before the date it needs to be available for students' use. Items should not be delivered to your library liaison or the Information Desk. We aim for 24-48 hour processing of reserves, but during peak periods (such as the beginning of the semester) it may be longer before materials are available.

2. Library policy limits the number of copies of an item on paper reserve to one copy for 24 students. When additional copies are owned by the Library or provided by the instructor, the Library will accept the instructor's request for an additional two copies for twenty-four students. The instructor has the option to vary loan periods when two or more copies of the same item are placed on paper reserves.

3. The Library recommends that no more than twenty-five titles per course be put on reserve.

4. The following loan periods are available for paper reserves:

  1. Library use only (LUO)
  2. Three-Day checkout
  3. Seven-Day checkout

5. When journal articles from publications in the Library's collection are requested for reserve use, it is the responsibility of the instructor to supply the materials. In no instances will bound periodicals or periodical microfilm be placed on reserve.

6. In accordance with the policy statement of the Intellectual Freedom Committee of the American Library Association, all Library Circulation records are confidential.