Refund Policy

Brookens Library provides monetary refunds in the following situations:

At the copiers:

  1. When the coinbox attached to the copier takes the patron's money but does not make the copies.
  2. When the copier jams or doesn't produce the copies after the patron has either swiped an i-card (or copy card) or put money in the coinbox.

At the print stations:

A refund will be given only if there is an error caused by the computers or printers. This is rare because even if the printer jams, once the jam is cleared the print job will proceed. No refund will be given if the person made a mistake in printing or what was printed was not what was expected. Instead of a refund, a reprint using the reference printer or the departmental copy card may be made at the discretion of either the Instructional Services staff or the circulation supervisor on duty at the time.

At the cash card machine:

Refunds are rarely given for this machine. Usually the problem is with the copy card or i-card account, which must be taken care of by the i-card office. A refund will only be given when a bill is put in the machine and the machine takes it but does not credit the patron's account. This happens sometimes when the bills get jammed in the machine.