Chat Policy

Brookens Library Live Chat Policy

Appropriate Use

Brookens Library’s Live Chat service provides assistance for basic library research questions such as:

  • How to find books and/or use the library catalog
  • How to find journal articles and/or use library databases
  • How to access library resources
  • General questions about library resources and services

Inappropriate Use

Brookens Library's Live Chat service is not a forum to make suggestions or file complaints regarding the library. Comments and suggestions can be made through our online suggestion form.

For more in depth research inquiries, contact your library liaison to arrange for an appointment.

Brookens librarians and Information and Reference Desk staff cannot provide medical, legal or financial advice.

Chat reference sessions may be terminated for the use of inappropriate or rude language, harassment of any kind, or inappropriate use of the service.


The software used by Brookens Library to support the Live Chat service does not save chat transcripts