Sociology/Anthropology Masters Projects/Theses

This masters program was eliminated.

Call # Author Title Year Notes
J54/115/ 889 Al-Shebr, Khalid Saad International Students at Sangamon State University: A Sociological Study 1983 thesis
J54/115/ 902 Card, Kathy Study of Role Strains Among Women Physicians in their Work and Home Life 1984 thesis
J54/115/ 630 Hobbs, John Problem Solving Exercise 1985 report
J54/115/ 508 Langheim, John J. Vietnam Veteran Service Center Project 1985 thesis
J54/115/ 187 Mount, Dan Problem-Solving Exercise 1984 project
J54/115/ 875 Mueller, William Where Does Identity Come From? A Brief Discussion 1987 thesis
J54/115/ 16 Peterson, James M. Philippine Negritos: Review and Evaluation of the Literature 1980 report
J54/115/ 188 Randall, Bob Tardive Dyskinesia 1984 thesis
J54/115/ 97 Schnirring, Paul Demographic Change and Higher Education in Illinois 1979 thesis
J54/115/ 117 Taylor, Sabrena Employment-Adaptation Process of Vietnam Refugees: Some Casual Factors 1982 thesis
J54/115/ 350 Williams, Randall K. America's Mental Health Treatment System: A Study in Ineffectiveness and Social Control 1984 thesis
J54/115/ 197 Wright, Leslie Ann Description and Structural Analysis of the Gisaro Ceremony for the Dead of the Kaluli Culture of New Guinea 1984 thesis