Psychology Masters Projects/Theses

This masters program was eliminated.

Call # Author Title Year Notes
J54/105/ 412 Adrans, John Manning Proposed Experimental Treatment Designed to Enhance the Correlates of Children's Positive Adjustment to Parental Divorce 1984 thesis
J54/105/ 1152 Alderman, Julie E. Development of a Geriatric Depression Community Outreach Program: Diagnostic, Etiological, and Treatment Considerations 1988 thesis
J54/105/ 2587 Alper, Amy Elizabeth Relationship Between Locus of Control and Eating Habits 1996 project
J54/105/ 157 Al-Shammari, Kamel M. F. Cross-Cultural Study of Aggression and Anxiety in Relation to Automobile Accidents 1982 thesis
J54/105/ 1596 Anderson, William Relevance of Genetic Engineering to Psychopharmacology 1990 report
J54/105/ 2078 Andrae, Ellen Sue Enuresis and Milton Erickson's Approach to Treatment 1993 project
J54/105/ 1340 Andrise, Alicia B. Comparison of Phonemic and Semantic Word Fluency in Alzheimer Patients and Elderly Controls 1989 project
J54/105/ 465 Anthony, J. Crisis Interventions 1975 thesis
J54/105/ 245 Arnold, Hugh E. Some Practical Applications of Memory 1984 thesis
J54/105/ 2479 Arshapally, Usha Comparison of Cultural Differences in Perceptions of Control and Stress 1995 thesis
J54/105/ 421 Atkinson, Patricia L. Civil Commitment: A Training Tool for Conducting Mental Health Screening in Arizona 1985 thesis
J54/105/ 2319 Bandy, Diane Rhodes Social Adjustment and Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Impact and Outcome 1994 project
J54/105/ 453 Barbas, Donald J. Media Therapy 1975 thesis
J54/105/ 973 Bartels, David Allocating Respite Service to Families of the Developmentally Disabled: A Decision Making Model 1988 thesis
J54/105/ 444 Belman, James L. Erich Fromm: The Humanistic Prophet 1978 thesis
J54/105/ 461 Boomer, Janet S. Problem Solving Exercise: A Case Study in Family Therapy 1973 thesis
J54/105/ 29 Boynton, Gregory J. Assessment on Treatment of Adolescent Suicide: A Field Approach 1979 thesis
J54/105/ 2538 Bradley, Anne K. Phototherapy and Seasonal Affective Disorder: A Comprehensive Literature Review and Critique 1995 project
J54/105/ 118 Briner, Wayne Jr. Interaction of Lead and Nutrition on Cognition 1983 thesis
J54/105/ 2898 Brink, Lisa Lynn Development of a Behavior Intervention Program for an Adult with Moderate Mental retardation and Bipolar Disorder: A Case Study 1996 project
J54/105/ 2999 Brown, Pamela Bunn Disordered Eating in the Female Athlete 1998 project
J54/105/ 462 Burris, Roger A. Rights of Mental Patients to Vote 1976 thesis
J54/105/ 1739 Byrum, Jane D. Perception of Stress in the Gifted Pre-Adolescent 1991 project
J54/105/ 430 Citron, Gary A. Perspectives on the Future status of MA's within Clinical Psychology 1976 thesis
J54/105/ 2775 Clemens, Misty Jo Comparative Analysis of Selected Cases About Spree Murders 1996 thesis
J54/105/ 2259 Conley, Jaqueline A. Alienation, Self-Esteem, and Social Participation Among African-American, International, and White-American Students [at] AÂ…University 1994 project
J54/105/ 33 Coplea, Susan Adolescent Alcohol Use and Abuse 1980 thesis
J54/105/ 2806 Corso, Pete Wife Assault Intimate Cyclical and Borderline Personality Organization 1996 thesis
J54/105/ 431 Cowdrey, Sherry L. Development of a Therapeutic School For Emotionally Disturbed Children At a Community Mental Center 1976 thesis
J54/105/ 2869 Cox, Faith Comparision of Eating Disorders and Their Overlap and Symptoms and Personality Patterns:A Literature Review 1995 thesis
J54/105/ 872 Cox, Thomas L. Inpatient Versus Day Treatment (Intensive Outpatient Treatment) of Alcohol Abuse 1987 thesis
J54/105/ 975 Craddock, Helen D. Do Thoughts, Beliefs and Attitudes Effect [SIC] Our Health Status?: A Wellness Study 1988 thesis
J54/105/ 375 Curry, Maralyn A. Comparisons of the Employment Status of High School Non-Graduates with Graduates 1976 thesis
J54/105/ 566 Davis, Glenda E. Theoretical Overview on Imitation 1981 thesis
J54/105/ 563 Davis, Rita Workshop for Teachers: "Alternatives for Grading" 1973 project
J54/105/ 2462 Dearing, Marci Carly Evaluation of the Long-Term Effects of an Alderian Parenting Program 1995 thesis
J54/105/ 1682 Delay, Nancy Lorraine Obesity: The Etiology and Consequences with an Emphasis on Discriminatory Attitudes Toward People with Obesity 1991 thesis
J54/105/ 2434 Denhartos, Laurel Re-scripting a Life: A Journey Beyond Survival Through Narrative Therapy 1995 project
J54/105/ 1025 Densmore, Johgina D. Exploring the Self-Esteem of Black Students in Higher Education 1988 thesis
J54/105/ 428 Dettling, Robert Survey of Client Satisfaction and Attitudes Toward Therapy in a Community Mental Health Center 1975 thesis
J54/105/ 2116 Dexter, Nina MMPI-2 Indicators of Borderline Personality Disorder 1993 thesis
J54/105/ 427 Dickenson, Robert Training Behavioral Practicum Students: Functions of Video Tape 1977 report
J54/105/ 442 Dickison, Jeffrey L. Hypnotic Analgesia 1976 thesis
J54/105/ 2658 Dorn, Patricia L. Theories of Alcoholism Typologies and Alcohol Treatments: a Review 1996 project
J54/105/ 168 Dorris, Timothy Wayne Vocational Assessment of the Chronically Hospitalized Mentally Ill 1983 thesis
J54/105/ 1421 Dow, David I. Study of Mental Health Crisis Calls 1990 report
J54/105/ 1975 Dozier, Sandra V. Impact of Media Violence on Increased Displays of Violent Behavior in Youths 1992 project
J54/105/ 1967 Dropek, Annette M. Examination of the Relationship Between Attitudes Toward Dating Sexual Experiences, and Early Conflict Resolution for Males and Females 1992 thesis
J54/105/ 1809 Duke, Dennis Development of a Multi-Dimensional Scale to Assess Children's Motor Ability 1992 thesis
J54/105/ 940 Ellis, Rolland E. Construction of a Tool to Measure Perceived Levels of Stress in Registered Nurses 1988 report
J54/105/ 464 Fanning, Charlotte Etiology of Schizophrenia: Three Approaches 1975 thesis
J54/105/ 376 Farr, Patricia L. Birth Order: One Factor in Marriage and Divorce, The Past in Your Present and Future 1982 thesis
J54/105/ 2820 Farris, Stephen C. Humor in Therapy with Children:A Primer 1997 project
J54/105/ 1041 Faulkner, Patti Use of Interactive Bibliotherapy with Clients who are Experiencing a Separation or Loss 1988 thesis
J54/105/ 2223 Feldman, Eleanor Institutionalization vs. Deinstitutionalization: a Historical Review 1994 project
J54/105/ 1480 Ferguson, Paula J. Burnout and How It Relates to Direct Service Providers in Human Service Organizations 1990 project
J54/105/ 3164 Ferree, Rose-Marie A. Burnout in the Helping Professions: When Does it Begin? 1998 thesis
J54/105/ 2555 Fidlin, Brian M. Effects of Potential Harm to Animals and Potential Benefit to Humans on Decisions Concerning Animal Research Among Psychology StudentsÂ… 1995 thesis
J54/105/ 511 Fifer, Karen R. Employee Assistance Program: Coverage, Administration, Evaluation 1985 thesis
J54/105/ 3200 Fisher, Jennifer L. Memory in Normal Children: Evaluation of Normative Data of the California Verbal Learning Test for Children (CVLT-C) 1998 thesis
J54/105/ 390 Fitch, Cherlynee S. Comprehensive Community Mental Health Center: Serving the Community as a Whole? 1976 thesis
J54/105/ 2004 Frazier, M. Wade Parkinson's Disease and Dementia: A Proposal for Future Research 1993 project
J54/105/ 2194 Fritz, Sally A.H. Effects of Rigorous Early Childhood Academics: Perspectives and Proposal for Developmentally Appropriate Preschool Programming 1994 project
J54/105/ 460 Fulk, Dan Factors Involved in the Establishment and Maintenance of the Community Mental Health Center 1975 thesis
J54/105/ 3126 Funk, Debra How to Set up a Volunteer Program to Provide Psychological Support for Children and Adolescents 1978 project
J54/105/ 2486 Gallagher, Jane Implication of Chaos Theory to Psychology 1995 project
J54/105/ 1907 Gallas, Michelle L. Review of the Side-Effects of Clozapine 1992 project
J54/105/ 3394 Gardner, Kathleen A. Gambling and Compulsive Gambling: History and Relevance in Today's Society 1999 project
J54/105/ 2369 Giannagelo, Stephen J. Psychopathology of Serial Murder: A Theory of Violence 1995 thesis
J54/105/ 419 Gildemeister, Wendy S. Thumbsucking: A Review of Psychological, Dental, and Medical Theories and their Implications for Treatment 1982 thesis
J54/105/ 438 Gillen, William G. Human Situation: Developments in the Think of R.D. Laing 1976 thesis
J54/105/ 1689 Gillette, Robert J. Nature and Nurture: A Meta-model of Depression 1991 project
J54/105/ 1163 Gostowski, Stephen A. Treatment of the Offender in Cases of Father-Daughter Incest: Review of Literature 1989 thesis
J54/105/ 3368 Grames, Eugenia Literature Review of Seasonal Affective Disorder 1999 report
J54/105/ 567 Grumprecht, Alice K. Eclectic Examination of Several Play Therapy Techniques as they Deal with Various Restraint Behaviors 1977 thesis
J54/105/ 2390 Hamilton, Tracy Development of a Training Model for early Intervention Personnel 1995 project
J54/105/ 459 Hansen, Robert H. Problem Solving: Our Local Criminal Justice System 1974 thesis
J54/105/ 2234 Harmening, William Development of a 16PF Desirability Scale for Use in Police Officer Selection 1994 project
J54/105/ 570 Harmon, Carolyn Theoretical Approaches to Play Development for Blind, Multi-handicapped Children 1978 thesis
J54/105/ 2621 Harmon, Jan S. Comorbidities in Parkinson's Disease 1996 project
J54/105/ 483 Harry, Barbara Electroshock Therapy 1973 thesis
J54/105/ 2033 Hasara, Ann Medication Management Training: A Study of the Chronically Mentally Ill in the Adult Day Treatment Program Environment 1993 project
J54/105/ 458 Hawley, David Psychological Factors Related to Aging: Implications for Assessment and Treatment 1975 thesis
J54/105/ 2531 Herb, Cassandra Proclivity to Merge: A Comparative Study of Lesbian and Heterosexual Women 1995 thesis
J54/105/ 1731 Heyworth, Kathleen A. Heterosexuals' Attitude Change Toward Lesbians and Gays 1991 project
J54/105/ 3316 Higgason, Carol J. Road Map to Recovery: A Healing Tool for Grief and Loss 1999 thesis
J54/105/ 377 Hocking, Dan Postpartum Disorders: An Eclectic Approach 1978 thesis
J54/105/ 42 Horn, Joy A. Using Parents as Co.-Workers with Professionals to Bring About Beneficial Change in a Child 1980 thesis
J54/105/ 2673 Houran, James Contextual Mediation of Anomalous "Entity Encounter" Experiences: a Meta Analysis of Four Studies 1996 thesis
J54/105/ 2857 Housen-Wong, Nadine Pilot Project for Comparing the Self-Concepts of Adolescents with Learning Disabilities and with Depression to the Self-Concepts of Adolescents with Depression 1997 thesis
J54/105/ 953 Howard, Joann Case Study of Child X: Classification vs. Diagnosis of a Learning Disability 1988 thesis
J54/105/ 468 Hughes, Linda Academic Tutoring with the Emotionally Disturbed Child: A Case Study 1978 thesis
J54/105/ 3278 Hull-Crawford, Lisa Body Image & Self Esteem in Adolescents: An Examination of the Body Esteem Scale as a Valid Instrument for Use with Teenagers 1999 thesis
J54/105/ 443 James, Charles Metaphor and its Use in Psychotherapy 1980 thesis
J54/105/ 2558 Jenkins, Alana Night Terrors: Etiology and Treatment 1995 project
J54/105/ 848 Jordan, Carla A. Proposing a New Living Alternative for the Older Adolescent 1987 project
J54/105/ 2620 Jordan, Melissa S. Theories, Correlates, Causes, and Developmental Considerations in Suicide Review and Analysis 1996 project
J54/105/ 3233 Knepler, Patrick Juvenile Unfitness to Stand Trial in Illinois 1998 thesis
J54/105/ 176 Kolar, Robin L. Female Adolescent Sexuality 1983 thesis
J54/105/ 2726 Konrad, Maryann Dunbar Treatment of Adult Attention Deficit Disorder: A Comprehensive Review 1996 project
J54/105/ 1345 Kuethe, Terry A. Selected Theories of Pathogenesis and Therapeutic Modalities in the Treatment of Anorexia Nervosa 1989 project
J54/105/ 3257 Kutz, Julie Marie Drummond Treatment for Children with Autism 1998 case study
J54/105/ 581 Lakamp, Robert D. New Hope for Learning-Impaired Children: A Workable Kindergarten Screening Battery 1981 thesis
J54/105/ 2352 Landreth, Edward L. Investigation of the Reliability of the Extended Alzheimer's Disease Assessment Scale 1994 thesis
J54/105/ 3128 Langston, David Autistic Child's Private World 1978 thesis
J54/105/ 2463 Lauterman, Jill Lynn Best Effectiveness of the Limited Social Interaction Room Program on Aggressive Behavior in the Institutionalized Developmentally Disabled Population 1995 project
J54/105/ 2591 Lazante, Joseph Personal Styles Inventory in Relation to the self-awareness Model of Alcohol Consumption 1996 project
J54/105/ 2985 Lea, Shawn A Descriptive Study of a Community Mental Health Center's Inmplementation of a Token Economy With a Chronically Mentally Ill Population 1998 project
J54/105/ 1960 Lesson, Lynn Breast Cancer, Body Image, and Intervention 1992 project
J54/105/ 432 Lisk, Gary L. Psychodramatic Desensitization of a Phobic Reaction to Elevators 1976 thesis
J54/105/ 433 Longwell, Robert Treatment Program for Institutionalized Mental Patients in an Institutional Setting 1976 thesis
J54/105/ 3239 Macklin, Kathy A. Conduct Disorders: An Educator's Perspective 1998 thesis
J54/105/ 2260 Mager, Kathryn Ann Treating Conduct Disorder in the Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Population 1994 project
J54/105/ 764 Mahan, Jean M. Proposal for Measuring and Increasing Treatment Outcome at Sangamon-Menard Alcoholism and Drugs Council 1987 thesis
J54/105/ 1626 Masera Kemp, Karyn Development of a Comprehensive Model of Police Stress 1991 thesis
J54/105/ 1537 Matthews, Jane Role of Problem Solving in Daily Functioning: An Experimental Study of Problem Solving in Severe Closed Head Injury Subjects 1990 thesis
J54/105/ 670 Mayer, Cindy Intelligence 1986 thesis
J54/105/ 2221 Maze, Therese M. Literature Review of Multiple Personality Disorder 1994 project
J54/105/ 434 McAlexander, Charlena M. Comparison of Eclectic, Specific, and Personal Approaches to Counseling 1974 thesis
J54/105/ 573 McBride, Pamela M. Comprehensive Skill Development System: An Adaptive Behavior Training System for the Severely and Profoundly Retarded 1978 thesis
J54/105/ 2508 McCombs, Amy L. Familial Risk for Alcoholism 1995 report
J54/105/ 728 McGovern, Rene Mother-Child Interactive Study 1980 report
J54/105/ 3324 McHarry, Marcia A. Chronic Pain and Depression: A Literature Review 1999 report
J54/105/ 924 McIntosh-Easter, Navonne Does Malnutrition Caused by Anorexia Nervosa Affect Visual-Perceptual Acuity? 1988 thesis
J54/105/ 1524 McMillan, David Clinical and Research Implications of Automatic Nervous Systems Involvement in Schizophrenia 1990 thesis
J54/105/ 463 Mendoza, Theodore Administration of the Ward Atmosphere Scale to Monroe Hall, McFarland Mental Health Center 1977 thesis
J54/105/ 536 Merchant, Lillian Case Study in Cerebral Palsy 1985 thesis
J54/105/ 1970 Mester-Shipp, Cindy Factors that Aid or Inhibit One's Memory for Events 1992 project
J54/105/ 1521 Miller, Joan Residual Attention Impairments After Prolonged Coma due to Traumatic Brain Injury 1990 report
J54/105/ 1333 Mills, Clifford E. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in the Vietnam Veteran: A Literature Review 1989 report
J54/105/ 1364 Minder, Sandra H. Rehabilitation Psychology: Psychosocial Aspects Emphasizing Grief Over an Irrevocable Loss Resulting from Traumatic Spinal Chord Injury 1989 thesis
J54/105/ 378 Mollahan, Sandy Investigation of Attitudes Toward Personal Therapy for Psychotherapist Trainees 1978 thesis
J54/105/ 2561 Monkin, Timothy Dale Joe: A Case Study of a Developmentally Disabled Child Who is a Runaway 1995 project
J54/105/ 569 Musson, Patricia A. Parental Involvement in an Inpatient Program for Emotionally Disturbed Children 1978 thesis
J54/105/ 158 Naeve, Larry D. Weather, Water, and Man 1975 thesis
J54/105/ 1654 Nagel, Martha Systemic Family Therapy: Association Among Stress, Depression, Physical Symptoms, and Child Abuse or Neglect 1991 project
J54/105/ 1370 Navab-Bousheri, Roxana Application of the Cycle Theory to the Problem of Domestic Violence 1989 thesis
J54/105/ 1416 Neal, Drew A. Model for Screening Juvenile Delinquents for Mental Health Intervention 1982 project
J54/105/ 574 Nemeth, Ernest A. Increasing a Student's Hand Raising in the Absence of Talking Through Behavior Specific Praise 1980 thesis
J54/105/ 440 Oliver, Steven D. Reorganizing Psychotherapy Outcome Studies to Prescriptive Eclecticism 1970 thesis
J54/105/ 186 Olsen, Jane Services for Battered Women: Goal Achievement and Client Satisfaction 1984 thesis
J54/105/ 2782 Olson, Ronald Paul Factors Contributing to Parent-Adolescent Conflict and Recommendations for Management/Resolution 1997 project
J54/105/ 156 Osland, Judy M. Characterization of Learning Disabilities: 1973-1978 1979 thesis
J54/105/ 439 Osland, Judy M. Characterization of Learning Disabilities: 1973-1978 1979 thesis
J54/105/ 1662 Paceley, Shirley A. Drug-Free Workplace for Macon Resources, Inc. 1991 project
J54/105/ 435 Page, Brenda Sue Issues in the Assessment of Mental Retardation and Intelligence in Black and Culturally Disadvantaged Children 1975 thesis
J54/105/ 1040 Parker-Fisher, Stacy Treatment of a Child With Elective Mutish in a Public School Setting Using Stimulus Fading Procedures 1988 thesis
J54/105/ 534 Partlow, Jerry Acclimatization Relevance in Clinical Research 1984 thesis
J54/105/ 436 Patterson, Sue Identified Patient Syndrome and Proposal Solution to Reduce Labeling 1974 thesis
J54/105/ 191 Peters, Sue Ellen Women and Depression: Etiology and Treatment 1984 thesis
J54/105/ 1597 Peterson, Kathleen M. In-Home Intervention Strategies for Family Caregivers of Alzheimer's Disease Patients 1990 report
J54/105/ 2044 Poos, Myrtle Overanxious Disorder: The Need for a Treatment Package 1993 project
J54/105/ 2661 Poremba, Mark S. Adolescent African-American Female Suicide: an Overview and Proposed Study to Determine the Most Predicative Suicide Ideation Assessment Test 1996 thesis
J54/105/ 58 Putnam, Steven H. Rorschach Movement: An Extensive Review 1982 thesis
J54/105/ 579 Quick, Carolyn Increasing Academic Performance Through the Use of On-Task Behavior Reinforcement 1975 thesis
J54/105/ 1517 Quinnell, Frances C. Critique of the Woodcock-Johnson Psycho-Educational Battery: Research Review of Questions Raised Relative to Valid Use of the Test 1990 project
J54/105/ 706 Rankin, Carole Implications of Women's Humor 1986 thesis
J54/105/ 561 Rathnow, Stephen J. Master's Level Clinical Psychologists in Mental Health Facilities: A One - State Survey 1978 thesis
J54/105/ 884 Ray, Karen D. How to be a Peer Helper Conference: A Program Evaluation 1987 report
J54/105/ 452 Ray, Lynn Aileen Detoxification in Illinois 1976 thesis
J54/105/ 513 Reed, Ruthie F. H. Cognitive Development of the Only Child 1985 thesis
J54/105/ 576 Reiff, Harry J. Reiff-Anthony Rural Mental Health Assessment Model 1982 thesis
J54/105/ 2274 Rice, Angela Building on Pretreatment Change to Construct The Therapeutic Solution: An Extension Study 1994 project
J54/105/ 588 Rinehart, Arthur F. Aspects of Industrial Stress 1985 thesis
J54/105/ 1076 Ripperdan, Sally Drug and Alcohol Prevention Programs: How Effective are They? A Literature Review 1988 report
J54/105/ 2513 Rocki, Diana Study of the Validity of the Purpose of Life Construction 1995 thesis
J54/105/ 3344 Rogers, Larry Comparison of the Impact of Two Psychotherapy Strategies on Isolation, Loneliness, Depression, Anxiety, and Poor Self-Esteem in HIV-Positive Gay Men Living Outside Urban Epicenters 1999 report
J54/105/ 372 Russell, Gary W. Psychopathy: A Review of the Clinical, Empirical, and Theoretical Literature 1984 thesis
J54/105/ 2407 Schoenbaum, Carrie Well-being: The Effects of Events and Attributions on Life Satisfaction 1995 thesis
J54/105/ 2773 Schroeder, Donald A. Comparison of the Stanford-Binet Fourth Edition and the Stanford-Binet L-M for Adults With Mental Retardation 1996 thesis
J54/105/ 457 Shaver, Claire M. Psychological Effects of Nursing Homes and Viable Alternatives 1976 thesis
J54/105/ 456 Shaver, Greg Treatment and Rehabilitation of Juvenile Offenders Through the East Central Illinois Youth Service Bureau 1976 thesis
J54/105/ 766 Shawgo, Jamie L. Clinical Differentiation of Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity to Treatment Modality by Etiology 1987 thesis
J54/105/ 437 Sheerin, Jan R. Community Based Behavior Modification Treatment Center for Juvenile Pre-Offenders: The Little Rascals Program 1978 thesis
J54/105/ 877 Shibli, Jamal Effects of Caffeine: A Selective Review 1987 thesis
J54/105/ 2429 Shoyer, Linda Ruth Tuggle Treatment Approach for Children with Autism: Case Study 1995 project
J54/105/ 1055 Shures, Aaron G. Mind and Machine: Paradoxical Terms Under the Current Paradigm of Artificial Intelligence 1988 thesis
J54/105/ 3279 Sieberg, Melanie S. Information Processing in Schizophrenia: Reaction Times and Visual Processing 1998 thesis
J54/105/ 455 Smith, Dennis R. Hysteria and its Derivations: An Attempt to Delineate Hysteria, Conversion Hysteria , and Hysterical Personality 1973 thesis
J54/105/ 1922 Smith, Janice C. Pilot Study on Problems in the Home and Family Environment and Difficulty in Mathematics: Is There a Correlation? 1992 project
J54/105/ 657 Smith, Robert E. Psychodynamic Approach to Vocational Rehabilitation Assessment 1986 thesis
J54/105/ 3304 Snider, Lois Overview of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis: Its Effects on Both Child and Family and the Importance of Stress Management 1998 thesis
J54/105/ 2780 Stauder, Gretchen Relationship Between Level of Depression and Religious Problem Solving Approaches 1997 project
J54/105/ 2459 Stein, Cynthia Factor Structure of the Motor-Free Visual Perception Test when Utilized in an Adult, Neurological Impaired Sample 1995 thesis
J54/105/ 1661 Stemmle, Lorraine E. Signs of Dementia Among the Elderly Depressed Population 1991 project
J54/105/ 2515 Streight, Karen L. Using the MMPI to Identify Sex Offenders Against Children: A Replication and Extension 1995 thesis
J54/105/ 2021 Sturm, Barbara A. Neuropsychology in Depression 1993 thesis
J54/105/ 568 Summers, Helen L. Birth Order: One Factor in a Successful Marriage 1980 thesis
J54/105/ 2774 Swearingen, Charles Comparison of Two Diagnostic Categories in Adopted Children 1996 project
J54/105/ 560 Taft, Carrie Intake Interview in a Psychiatric Facility - Its Concepts and Processes 1980 thesis
J54/105/ 2048 Talbert, Maureen T. Weathering the Storm: A Study of the Relationship Between Resiliency and Self-Understanding in the Children of Operation Desert Storm 1993 thesis
J54/105/ 572 Taylor, Russell Attitudes and Assumptions Affecting the Care and Treatment of the Mentality Retarded: A Historical Review 1977 thesis
J54/105/ 448 Thomas, Linds Weisbawn Study of Classroom Teachers' Knowledge and Desired Knowledge of Learning Disabilities 1978 thesis
J54/105/ 2363 Timko, Keith W. Self-Perceived Dependency Levels in Deaf Adolescents Relative to Self-Perceived Communication Competence 1994 thesis
J54/105/ 451 Tobin, Patricia J. Curriculum for the Teaching of Learning Disabilities for the School Psychologist 1977 thesis
J54/105/ 1672 Torchia, Patricia L. Dual Diagnostics [:] Present and Future 1991 project
J54/105/ 3149 Torricelli, Thomas M. Differentiating Tourette's Syndrome from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - What Clinicians Need to Know 1998 thesis
J54/105/ 1642 Traughber, Mary E. Master's Project [Differentiation of Psychological and Physical Disorders] 1990 project
J54/105/ 769 Trello, Dolores S. Bulimics: Girls in Red Shoes 1987 report
J54/105/ 450 Troy, Michael Q. Psychological Characteristics of Hemodialysis Patients 1975 thesis
J54/105/ 578 Turner, Helen C. Problem Solving Exercise: A follow-up Study 1974 thesis
J54/105/ 2315 Unsicker, Rhonda Juvenile Murder: A Psychological Profile 1994 project
J54/105/ 2275 Vicari, Sandy Usefulness of the Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test in Identifying Alzheimer's Disease 1994 thesis
J54/105/ 67 Vidal, Victor Why the Poor Prognosis of Schizophrenics? 1980 thesis
J54/105/ 2041 Viniard, G. Scott Utility of the MMPI in Identifying Sex Offenders 1993 thesis
J54/105/ 1486 Vost, Kevin G. Memory Strategy Instruction and the Internalization of Higher Psychological Processes in Adolescence 1990 project
J54/105/ 68 Voycheck, Gerald L. Parent-Child Sexual Misuse: The Need for Treatment without Stigmatization 1981 thesis
J54/105/ 3240 Walker, Sandra Ford Diagnosis and Treatment of Late-Onset Paranoid Psychoses Disorders: Information for a Protocol 1998 project
J54/105/ 1749 Wallace, Barbara L. Child Sexual Abuse and Eating Disorders: Connection and Treatment 1991 thesis
J54/105/ 441 Walters, Catherine Psychology of Women and Psychotherapy: A Handbook 1979 thesis
J54/105/ 533 Walton, Sally J. Post-Divorce Adjustment 1985 report
J54/105/ 69 Weaver, Bill Geriatric Suicide in America 1981 thesis
J54/105/ 3314 Weingart, Perry D. Application of MMPI Special Scales: Assessment of Pedophilic Vulnerability 1998 thesis
J54/105/ 1019 Weller, Kay Alborn School Refusal Disorder 1988 report
J54/105/ 2154 Wells, Catherine Chrietzberg Inter-Rater Reliability of a Teacher Rating Instrument for Reactive-Aggressive and Proactive-Aggressive Behavior 1993 project
J54/105/ 3259 Wenz, Patricia O'Neill Male and Female Language Brains 1998 thesis
J54/105/ 1409 Williams, Troy Diagnostic Use of Verbal-Performance Score Discrepancies in Unilateral Pathology: Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Wechsler Test Data 1989 thesis
J54/105/ 1804 Williamson, James M. Treatment of a Hyperactive/ Oppositional Child Through Social Learning Strategies and Techniques: A Comprehensive Case Report 1992 project
J54/105/ 182 Williams-Swan, Katherine N. Everything You've Always Wanted 1984 thesis
J54/105/ 1782 Wilson, Marla A. Literature Review and Research Pilot Study: Comparison of Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory Form 1 and 2 1991 thesis
J54/105/ 379 Witkowski, Barbara Pilot Investigation and Documentary: Dialogue Through Movement-- A Prelanguage Training Program Used with Deaf-Blind, Multiple Handicap Children 1977 thesis
J54/105/ 2408 Wolfson, Barbara MMPI-2 TRT Scale: An Exploratory Study of Its Validity in an Outpatient Setting 1995 project
J54/105/ 2098 Woods, Cheryl A. Role of Self-Esteem In the Acceptance or Rejection of Feedback 1993 project
J54/105/ 1407 Worthy, Margaret A. Critical Review of Current Drug Research with the Mentally Retarded 1989 report
J54/105/ 1906 Zamco, Jerilyn M. Interactional Approach to the Prevention of Adolescent Suicide 1992 thesis
J54/105/ 1518 Zellers, Dannielle K. Severe long-term Deficits in Episodic Memory after Prolonged Coma Due to Traumatic Brain Injury 1990 project