Political Studies Masters Projects/Theses

Call # Author Title Year Notes
J54/90/ 1816 Al-Eisa, Abdulaziz United States and Saudi Arabia Relations- The Problems of Interdependence 1992 thesis
J54/90/ 981 Al-Kawari, Abdullah Daen Policies Critical to the Socio-Economic Development in the Guld Cooperation Council Countries in the Arabian Gulf 1988 thesis
J54/90/ 980 Al-Sowaidi, Khalifa A. Crisis and Change in World Politics: Iran-Iraq War - A Case Study 1988 report
J54/90/ 1390 Al-Sudairy, Naif B. Riyadh-Moscow: The Unnecessary Struggle 1989 thesis
J54/90/ 2123 Arthur, Abigail E. Comparison of Illinois Senate Race Campaign Receipts: Senator Carol Moseley Braun, Former Representative Lynn Martin, and Senator Paul Simon 1993 thesis
J54/90/ 4025 Atteberry, Dennis Getting the Job Done 2001 project
J54/90/ 2304 Baker, Carl Duane Illinois Speaks : The Education Amendment of 1992 1994 thesis
J54/90/ 481 Basir, Abraham Development of the Palestinian Liberation Organization: 1965-1984 1985 thesis
J54/90/ 5127 Bauer, Carrie State Political Ideology, Policy, and Gender Display in Income Distribution 2007 thesis
J54/90/ 5419 Benedict, Ashley G. Richard Falk and World Council of Churches: Combating Globalization from Above 2009 project
J54/90/ 1884 Bennett, Beth State Agency Rulemaking Process in Illinois Assessing the Need for Rural Impact Notes 1992 thesis
J54/90/ 3369 Besse, Nicole Comparison of Land Use Estimation Tools to Monitor Farmland Conversion and Urban Development in Illinois Communities 1999 group project
J54/90/ 4030 Beyer, Ralph F. Illinois and the Olmstead Decision: Judicial Mandates and the Public Agenda 2001 project
J54/90/ 1719 Biever, Brian Scott Privacy, The Elusive Constitutional Right 1991 thesis
J54/90/ 4518 Billington, Mike PAC 404 Seminar on China: The Burden of the Forth Generation 2004 project
J54/90/ 5669 Blanco, Juanita Humanity for Sale: Work and the Costs of What People do for Money 2013 thesis
J54/90/ 5057 Bonnette, Bradley Pro-State Civil Society 2007 thesis
J54/90/ 5653 Bowen, Michael The Sign Economy: Rethinking Baudrillard and Political Action 2013 thesis
J54/90/ 4495 Bradbury, Bona J. Cows, Corn, and Power Suits: An Examination of Federal Agricultural Policy Making 2003 thesis
J54/90/ 3369 Brasel, Eric Comparison of Land Use Estimation Tools to Monitor Farmland Conversion and Urban Development in Illinois Communities 1999 group project
J54/90/ 4003 Bricker, Jeff Live from Sarajevo: The Clinton Administration's US Policy on Bosnia and the Role of the Media 2001 thesis
J54/90/ 4391 Brose, Chad L. Politics of Gay Rights: Examining State Hate Crimes Acts and Sexual Orientation 2003 thesis
J54/90/ 3715 Cano, Alphonso Illinois Department of Public Aid- Division of Child Support Enforcement's Reorganization Efforts and Operational Inefficiencies in this Individualistic Political Culture 2000 project
J54/90/ 4322 Casey, Chris Effect of Incumbency in the Electoral Process 2002 project
J54/90/ 5431 Clemons-Mosby, Curt Ryan The Illinois Budget Process: The Politics of State Expenditure Revisited 2010 thesis
J54/90/ 4439 Colgan, John Politics, Power and Social Welfare Policy: Welfare reform and the American Political Process 2003 project
J54/90/ 1701 Davis, Janice Senatorial Homestyle 1991 thesis
J54/90/ 2615 Dillman, Erik Race Issue in Capital Punishment 1996 thesis
J54/90/ 1797 Duangarthit Nidhu-U-Thai Indochinese Refugees: The Impacts Toward Thailand 1991 thesis
J54/90/ 1065 Duncan, John D. Central Illinois Municipalities: A Comparative Study 1988 report
J54/90/ 4493 Egan, Ralph P. Chicago's Alternate Policing Strategy: Moving America Policing Forward in the 21st Century 2003 thesis
J54/90/ 753 Ellis, Barry Iran and its Relations with the US During the Administration of Eisenhower, Nixon, and Carter 1986 thesis
J54/90/ 2960 Everson, Christopher J. Realignment Muddle 1997 thesis
J54/90/ 4934 Fitton, Richard H. An Exploratory Analysis of United States Agricultural Policy 2006 project
J54/90/ 645 Fore, Leo Gene American Political Cartoons: A Teaching Unit 1985 thesis
J54/90/ 2454 Frick, Shawn K. 1993 Lobbyist Registration Act 1995 thesis
J54/90/ 4255 Funderburk, Richard K. Slipping into the Shadows: Policy, Projects, and Bureaucracy 2002 thesis
J54/90/ 4841 Gentry-Wiseman, Michelle The True Impact of a Statutory Mandate for Increased Information on Emergency Contraception in Illinois: Extreme Makeover or … but, She Has Great Personality 2005 project
J54/90/ 4157 Gergeni, Christopher K. Political Reasons for the Declaration of Principles as it Pertains to Ripeness Theory 2001 thesis
J54/90/ 5578 Giannotta, Gene W. The Problems of Command: Obama, McChrystal and American Civil-Military Relations in Operation Enduring Freedom 2011 thesis
J54/90/ 2891 Glahn, Gregory On German Unity 1997 thesis
J54/90/ 4435 Gottemoller, Paul Emotional Reactions to the Two Parties' Presidential Candidates and Support for the Two-Party System 2003 thesis
J54/90/ 3369 Gray, Don Comparison of Land Use Estimation Tools to Monitor Farmland Conversion and Urban Development in Illinois Communities 1999 group project
J54/90/ 5339 Grossboll, Rebekah J. The Constructivism Approach: Designing the Online, Undergraduate Political Science Course 2009 thesis
J54/90/ 3021 Grounds, Mark Searching for Alan Rosenthal. Does His Research on Legislative Staffs Fit the Partisan Leadership Staff of the Illinois General Assembly 1998 thesis
J54/90/ 4577 Gruen, Bill An Economic Development Incentive Framework 2004 thesis
J54/90/ 3672 Guthrie, Julie Political Theories of Plato, Aristotle and Machiavelli Concerning Virtue and Politics 2000 thesis
J54/90/ 3750 Hansen, Melissa Competition in the Electoral Process: Factors, Strategies and Tactics the Shape Modern Campaigns 2000 project
J54/90/ 4475 Harris, Michael H. Tax Increment Financing: Redevelopment From Within 2003 thesis
J54/90/ 5390 Hawkins, Rianne Loggin On Locally: The Disconnect with the Internet and Local Elections 2009 project
J54/90/ 1010 Hayes, John Spencer Amendatory Veto in Illinois 1988 report
J54/90/ 1012 Henriksen, Steven Douglas Role and Influence of Educational Interest Groups in the Illinois General Assembly 1988 report
J54/90/ 3140 Hidalgo, Jay Newman US and the Salvadoran Military: Key Factors in the Transition to Democracy in El Salvador, Central America 1998 thesis
J54/90/ 5389 Hitchings, Jarod M. Local Campaigns: A Study of the Grassroots Level of Government 2009 project
J54/90/ 3369 Hughes-Garrett, Debra Comparison of Land Use Estimation Tools to Monitor Farmland Conversion and Urban Development in Illinois Communities 1999 group project
J54/90/ 2975 Hunter, Denise L. Comparison of State Solid Waste Programs 1997 project
J54/90/ 2383 Joens, David A. Prior Office Careers of Failed Gubernatorial Candidates 1995 thesis
J54/90/ 2677 Johnson, Dennis Study of Political Campaign Contributions From Public Sector Unions to Legislative Candidates in Illinois Over Three Election Cycles 1996 thesis
J54/90/ 2437 Johnson, Jennifer A. Funding Illinois Judicial Elections: An Examination of Selected Supreme Court Races 1995 thesis
J54/90/ 792 Johnson, Richard R. Partisan Legislative Campaign Committees in the Illinois General Assembly: Survey of Fundraising and Expenditure Patterns 1987 thesis
J54/90/ 1624 Johnson, Rod Getting the Legislative Agenda: The Evolution of Senate Bill 1014 as a Rest of Kingson's Model 1991 thesis
J54/90/ 2959 Jordan, Loralean Underclass in Springfield: An Analysis of the Conditions of the Black Community in the Illinois Capital 1997 thesis
J54/90/ 3214 Joyce, Thomas D. Elective County Government Service as a Base of Recruitment to the State Legislature 1967-1991 1998 thesis
J54/90/ 4433 Kapp, Lynnae Economic Feasibility of Convention Centers in Illinois 2003 thesis
J54/90/ 2130 Keefe, Daniel Round Table Discussion on the Illinois Coal Industry 1993 project
J54/90/ 2180 Khaund, Munindra American Military Escalation in the Vietnam War: The Decision-Making Process 1993 thesis
J54/90/ 5424 King, Wes Return to the Question of Bread: Peak Oil, Agriculture Crisis, and Ecosocialism 2010 thesis
J54/90/ 1908 Knox, Paul M. Study of the Patterns of Campaign Financing in the Illinois Comptroller and Treasurer Campaigns in the 1990 General Election 1992 thesis
J54/90/ 1929 Krachiawong, Chakkrid Thailand's Policy Toward the Cambodia Problem 1992 thesis
J54/90/ 4576 Kunz, Karen The Federal Government as Public Asset Manager 2004 thesis
J54/90/ 1638 Kutchma, Larry Study of the Competitiveness in the Illinois General Assembly 1990 thesis
J54/90/ 4885 Lagerlof, Lourine Policy Briefing Paper on Faith-Based Initiatives 2005 project
J54/90/ 4337 Laleman, Daniel; et. al. Big Sports, Big Money, and Big Decisions: A Public Policy Approach to Major League Sports Stadiums and Community Culture 2002 project
J54/90/ 3673 Lees, Matt Public Opinion and Democratic Competence 2000 thesis
J54/90/ 2219 Lippson, Jim Elazar's Theory of Political Culture and its Relationship to State Lobby Regulation Behavior 1993 thesis
J54/90/ 3369 Lopez, Angel Comparison of Land Use Estimation Tools to Monitor Farmland Conversion and Urban Development in Illinois Communities 1999 group project
J54/90/ 4006 Lucas, Terrence Rise and Demise of Illinois Bureau of Investigation 2001 project
J54/90/ 5646 Mackay, Jim Political Physiopsychology & Personality Traits and types 2013 thesis
J54/90/ 3369 Madise, Danielle Comparison of Land Use Estimation Tools to Monitor Farmland Conversion and Urban Development in Illinois Communities 1999 group project
J54/90/ 1915 Marsaglia, Michael State of Illinois' Export Promotion and Trade with Japan 1992 project
J54/90/ 4369 McGahey, Lou Ann Study of County-Level Policy Innovation: Juvenile Justice Councils in Illinois 2003 thesis
J54/90/ 3420 Meersman, Marti Thesis [Political and Economic Development of Ukraine and Belarus] 1999 thesis
J54/90/ 4142 Menyie-Menyie, Edmond Economic Growth and Democratization Development in Sub-Sahara Africa 1990-1998 2001 thesis
J54/90/ 1712 Mianoa Ye Chinese Civil- Military Relationship 1991 thesis
J54/90/ 732 Millmore, Tim Feminist Political Theory 1980 thesis
J54/90/ 2650 Neddenriep, Gregory Glenn Switching From an At-Large District Arrangement to a Single-Member District System and Changes in Black Voter Turnout, A Case Study of Springfield 1996 project
J54/90/ 3004 Newtson, Robert H. Study of Securities Regulation Policies in the United States: The Process and Politics of Reform Within the Context of Evolving Marketplace Realities 1997 thesis
J54/90/ 781 Ochiagha, Victor Ifeanyi Evolution of Nigerian Foreign Policy 1987 thesis
J54/90/ 2703 Olmstead, Tim L. Reforming the United Nations Security Council 1996 thesis
J54/90/ 4324 Payton, Donald J. Study of Legislative Decision-Making: The Education Funding Act of 1997 2002 thesis
J54/90/ 1926 Pohlman, Stephen L. Evolution of US Policy in the Middle East During the Reagan Administration 1992 thesis
J54/90/ 422 Polk, W. Benjamin Legislative Activity and Success by Freshman Legislators: The Illinois House 1973-1982 1985 thesis
J54/90/ 911 Prindable, Timothy M. Weimar and German Nazism 1988 thesis
J54/90/ 5434 Ralph, Randall The Media and the Message: Indexing in the Intermestic Press 2010 thesis
J54/90/ 4445 Randolph, Isis The Political/Economic Theory of Public School Funding: Explaining Interstate and Intrastate Funding Disparity 2003 thesis
J54/90/ 5340 Rankin, Peter Christopher Human Rights: An Issue of Good Corporate Governance 2009 thesis
J54/90/ 2613 Regan, Jeff M Analysis of the Army National Guard Force Reduction 1996 project
J54/90/ 4162 San Roman, Shawn P. International Crisis and Change in the European Union: Forming an European Security and Defense Identity 2001 thesis
J54/90/ 4997 Schallhorn, Pamela S. An Examination of the World Bank's Failure to Alleviate International Poverty 2006 thesis
J54/90/ 4478 Schlicksup, Maureen Political Parties and Interest Groups in Illinois: Where Does the Money Go? 2003 thesis
J54/90/ 3729 Schott, Andy Coercive Diplomacy: The Failure to Establish Asymmetry of Motivation 2000 thesis
J54/90/ 4890 Schrage, Chuck Financing Illinois Public Elementary and Secondary Schools in the Political Arena 2006 thesis
J54/90/ 5432 Schultz, Dustin Defenders of Israel: An Essay Concerning the Conservative Christian and Neo-Conservative Support for Israel 2010 thesis
J54/90/ 2957 Schureman, William H. Term Limits and the Illinois General Assembly: the Wrong Approach to Legislative Reform 1997 thesis
J54/90/ 447 Shama, Ahmed Is Egypt on the Threshold of an Islamic Revolution 1985 thesis
J54/90/ 4059 Shaw, Mary C. Performance Management and Accountability: Comparative Case Studies 2001 thesis
J54/90/ 1492 Shehadeh, Pamela Arab-Israeli Conflict and the Politics of Oil 1990 thesis
J54/90/ 3788 Smith, Randall D. Dispelling the Conventional Wisdom: The Breakup of Yugoslavia 2000 thesis
J54/90/ 5418 Snyder, Michael In Defense of Indeterminate Space: A Critique of Adorno's Dialectics 2009 project
J54/90/ 5118 Stallone, Verna Balance of Threat and Sino-Russian Relations from Reagan to Bush II 2007 thesis
J54/90/ 5014 Steiner, Scott D. President Bush 41 and President Bush 43: Their Decision to go to War 2007 thesis
J54/90/ 681 Stevens, Thomas R. Theory and Technical Domination 1986 thesis
J54/90/ 2983 Stritaboot, Artit Military in Thai Politics 1998 thesis
J54/90/ 1334 Sullivan, Barbara Evaluation of Illinois Youth and Government Program as an Effective Tool in the Curriculum for Teaching Democracy 1989 project
J54/90/ 5155 Sunbulli, Eiman The Television News Media and Elite Preferences: Explaining the Decline in Public Support during the Iraq War 2007 thesis
J54/90/ 1998 Tennill, Joseph Craig Changing Nature of Power in International Relations 1992 thesis
J54/90/ 2124 Theobald, Daryl Consumer Disputes: Expectations and Process 1992 thesis
J54/90/ 4957 Thomas, Tracy C. What Factors Help People Stay off of Welfare? Lack of Information and Economic Hurdles 2006 thesis
J54/90/ 4247 Thompson, John Chalon Morality Politics & Industrial Hemp: The Garden of Good or Evil? 2002 thesis
J54/90/ 1901 Tribbet, Randy Changes in the Electoral Process for a City Government and its Effect on Allan Woodson 1991 project
J54/90/ 3755 Trudeau, Michael American Association of Retired Persons and Citizen Participation 2000 project
J54/90/ 720 Vanbergen, Sylvia Validity of the Pluralist Perspective on American Interest Groups 1986 thesis
J54/90/ 3307 Vanover, M.E. International Coalition Theory and the Gulf War 1999 thesis
J54/90/ 2611 Vaughn, Margaret Foran Acupuncture: It's [sic] History and Legal Status in the United States With Special Emphasis on Illinois 1996 project
J54/90/ 1354 Vlahou, Angelis Dawn of Social Democracy 1989 project
J54/90/ 3369 Webb, Joanna Comparison of Land Use Estimation Tools to Monitor Farmland Conversion and Urban Development in Illinois Communities 1999 group project
J54/90/ 2887 Wells, Kenneth W. II Food Stamp Fraud Unit Procedural Manual 1997 project
J54/90/ 3400 Wheelhouse, Bill Education Funding Act of 1997 1999 thesis
J54/90/ 4434 White, Joshua A. Money and Politics in Illinois: A Test of the Money to Power Theory 2003 thesis
J54/90/ 851 Williams, Paul L. State Board of Elections, 1970-1975 1979 project
J54/90/ 5128 Wilson, Evan Jean The Effects of Peace Organizations on Terrorism in the Basque Region of Spain 2007 thesis
J54/90/ 1050 Wilson, Greg Roll-Call Analysis of the Illinois State Mandates Act of the 83rd General Assembly 1988 report
J54/90/ 3730 Wohlers, Toni Democracy and Economic Performance in Southern Africa: Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland in Comparison 2000 thesis
J54/90/ 4370 Wojcicki, Ed Nation of Civic Freelancers: The Uneven Scholarship of Civic Engagement 2001 thesis
J54/90/ 1702 Wolters, John Changes in the Electoral Process for a City Government and its Effect on Voter Participation : A Case Study 1991 thesis
J54/90/ 3781 Yi, Nicole J. Cooperation between Democratic States: Case Study of South Korea and Japan 2000 thesis
J54/90/ 2255 Young, Jeff Evolving Supreme Court Interpretations of the Commerce Clause and Their Impact of the Practice of Federalism 1994 thesis