Public Administration Masters Projects/Theses

Call # Author Title Year Notes
J54/95/ 1029 Abbott, Nancy Allen Comparable Worth and Equitable Job Evaluation Systems 1988 report
J54/95/ 358 Abdulrahman, Al-Shaye Depending Upon Expatriate Manpower: The Case of Saudi Arabia 1984 thesis
J54/95/ 1080 Abeja, Anne Margaret Grant Proposal to UNESCO: A Pilot Project for the Teaching of Political Education in Secondary Schools in Uganda 1988 project
J54/95/ 1495 Abraham, Nancy President as an Agent of Change: A Comparative Study of Two Presidents' Food Stamp Act 1990 exit paper
J54/95/ 1847 Adami, Marlene L. Examination of the State's Funding of the Illinois Teachers' Retirement System 1992 project
J54/95/ 1504 Adams, Tanya Problem of Social Isolation Among Disadvantaged Black Persons 1990 project
J54/95/ 3185 Adkins, Fon Johnny II ARMS: a Subsidiary of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois 1998 case study
J54/95/ 1219 Ajenifuja, Oladele Problems of Financing Community Development Projects in Western Nigeria 1989 report
J54/95/ 3194 Akbar, Abdul-Rasheed Transformation of an Institution: Making Students Priority One 1997 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 659 Al-Abkari, Abdullah A. Organization Policy Toward Openness in Performance Evaluation Systems 1986 thesis
J54/95/ 1105 Alamro, Salem Application of Technological and Administrative Techniques for the Improvement of the Saudi Customs Department 1988 report
J54/95/ 1211 Alaoui, Abderrahmane Hassani Privatization Strategies in Mixed-Economy 1989 report
J54/95/ 893 Al-Awad, Awad Heterogeneous Work Force in Saudi Arabia: A Training Approach to Intercultural Communication 1987 report
J54/95/ 1017 Al-Dogether, Abdullah Analysis to Expatriate Employee Turnover: Nurses in King Khalid University 1988 report
J54/95/ 387 Al-Dousari, Ali Problem Solving Exercise: Procedures for Determination of Saudi Arabia Nationality Identification 1984 report
J54/95/ 2062 Al-Falah. Lufti Property Taxation in Jordan: The Tax Delinquency Problem and Some Possible Solutions 1992 project
J54/95/ 1143 Al-Farrah, Mahdi Water Scarcity in Saudi Arabia: Analysis and Forecasting 1989 report
J54/95/ 415 Algabbani, Faisal M. Coordination Between Institute of Public Administration and Government Agencies Regarding Training of Government Employees in Saudi Arabia 1984 thesis
J54/95/ 1036 Al-Hagan, Saad Institute of Administration Project: Development of the Southern Part of Saudi Arabia 1987 project
J54/95/ 1043 Al-Homaidhi, Ali Performance Evaluation: The Problem of Objectivity 1988 report
J54/95/ 1550 Al-Hussain, Mohammed Implementation of Management Information System: A Case Study of the Civil Service Bureau in Saudi Arabia 1990 report
J54/95/ 1016 Al-Jawaan, Badr Saudi Arabia's Women's Rights as a Potential Resource for Development 1988 report
J54/95/ 1072 Al-Kahtani, Mohammed Fahad Organizational Analysis: Applied Study of the Ministry of Higher Education in Saudi Arabia 1988 report
J54/95/ 1218 Al-Kathiri, Saad M. K. Workforce Transition in Saudi Arabia: From Expatriates to Saudization and Privatization 1989 report
J54/95/ 1176 Al-Kathiri, Saud M. K. Regional Principality in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 1989 report
J54/95/ 1386 Al-Khalfa, Rashid Khalif Performance Issues in the Education System in Saudi Arabia: Communication, Coordination, and Personnel 1989 report
J54/95/ 1217 Al-Khalifa, Mohammed Critical Evaluation of the Problems that Leaders Face in Their Organization's Behavior 1989 case study
J54/95/ 1088 Allen, John D. Comparable Worth: An Overview of the Policy Implications and Comparison of Four States 1988 report
J54/95/ 467 Al-Motairi, Thamir Imbalance in the Educational System: The Case of Vocational vs. University Education in Saudi Arabia 1984 thesis
J54/95/ 1178 Almuhaimel, Fahad Saleh Development of Saudi Arabia Armed Forces Medical Services Division and Armed Forces Hospitals Management Contracts 1989 report
J54/95/ 883 Al-Rabah, Ali Naser Performance Appraisal for the Employees in the Public Sector in the State of Kuwait 1987 report
J54/95/ 853 Al-Reiahi, Jasem M. Role of Kuwait Women in the Workforce 1987 project
J54/95/ 598 Al-Saif, Abdulaziz Saif Coordination in Activities of Public Agencies 1985 report
J54/95/ 1822 Al-Sebate, Mohammed Education and Training for Local Government Administration in Saudi Arabia 1992 project
J54/95/ 523 Al-Shamrani, Saad A. Central Organization and Management Department in Saudi Arabia 1985 report
J54/95/ 3080 Ammons-Scott, Kim C. Human Services Reform: Workforce Planning at the Dept. of Central Management Services, State of Illinois 1997 report
J54/95/ 709 Amoateng, Kwasi Improving Performance and Personnel Processes in African Public Services 1986 thesis
J54/95/ 1008 Anderson, Karen Examination of Comparable Worth and the Courts 1988 report
J54/95/ 2210 Anderson, Tim Moline Canter on the Mississippi: An Evaluation. 1994 evaluation
J54/95/ 3804 Angel, Anthony Managing Urban Change in the Information Age 2000 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 3862 Angel, Lisa Analysis of Kidcare 1999 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 4067 Ardickas, Asta Effect of Reinventing Government and Customer Identification: A Case Study of the Corporation for National Service 2001 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 4229 Ardrey, Jarrett H. Dilemma of Finding the Ultimate Solution for Public Administration 2002 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 3876 Arnold-Calmese, Diana L. Reframing the Springfield Housing Authority 1999 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 3877 Arrindell, Elton A. Analysis of the Proposed Transfer of the Child Support Enforcement Division from the Department of Public Aid to the office of the Attorney General 1999 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 1081 Asekenye-Oonyu, Agnes Grant Project Proposal: The Oil Mill for Ojwina Women's Group of Lira District, Uganda 1988 project
J54/95/ 1430 Atchison, Christopher AIDS Policy Development in Illinois 1989 report
J54/95/ 1108 Atkinson, C.B. Problem Solving Paper: Chlamydia Trachomatis 1988 report
J54/95/ 2054 Baietto, Mike Program Evaluation of Help for Senior Peoria County Case Coordination Unit 1993 program evaluation
J54/95/ 3703 Bajor, Jason P. Overview of the Study and Practice of Public Management 2000 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 4491 Balgord, Ericka Mid-Sized Orchestra Education Programs: A Case Study of Current Models 2003 thesis
J54/95/ 1722 Balistrieri, Matthew B. Policy Making Process of Fetal Rights in Illinois 1991 project
J54/95/ 1034 Baltusevich, Susan Thought Paper on the Prepositional Model 1988 report
J54/95/ 3262 Barker, William T. Survey of Social Services Agencies and Homeless Individuals 1998 project
J54/95/ 3697 Bauer, Gerard Status of Public Administration in the Late 1990s 2000 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 3952 Beachy, Kyle D. Successful Strategic Planning in the Public Sector: An Examination of the Importance of a Strategic Planning Facilitator 2001 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 1452 Bean, Steve What is Bargainable--Management Rights in Collective Bargaining 1990 project
J54/95/ 1328 Bedinger, P.D. Effects of Religious Property Tax Exemptions: A Sangamon County Study 1989 case study
J54/95/ 1175 Been, Coralyn Case Study of the Implementation of the "Drug-Free Schools and Communities Program" in the Taylorville School District #3 1988 report
J54/95/ 3083 Behrends, Jon A. Public Management in the 1990's 1998 report
J54/95/ 2368 Bell, Jeff International Terrorism: A Policy Analysis 1996 policy analysis
J54/95/ 862 Bello, R. Olayinka Impact of Indigenization Policy on Nigeria 1986 report
J54/95/ 1051 Bender, William Adequate Housing in Economic Depressed Urban Areas 1987 report
J54/95/ 1559 Benson, Kimberley A. Illinois Department of Public Health, Bureau of Long-Term Care, Administrative Hearing Process as Compared to the Goldberg Requirements 1990 report
J54/95/ 3893 Benson, Scott Analysis of the Illinois State Board of Education 1999 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 2208 Berning, Carol Energy and the Poor 1993 public policy analysis
J54/95/ 3285 Bertoldo, James Implementation of Total Quality Management in Government 1999 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 3043 Bildilli, James C. Airport Privatization 1995 report
J54/95/ 1190 Binshadid, Abdullah Analysis: Organization Change and Development 1988 thesis
J54/95/ 1015 Black, Stella B. Interstate Legislative Committee Cooperation: The Case of Environmental Issue S in Property Transfer 1988 report
J54/95/ 2336 Blickma,. Kevin Approach to Treatment (Commitment vs. Convenience) 1994 public policy analysis
J54/95/ 3050 Bloomer, Mitchell Dennis Examination of the Technique Involving the Privatization of Police 1996 report
J54/95/ 3189 Blue, Terry Illinois Department of Transportation Division of Aeronautics Bureau of Aviation Education and Safety 1998 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 529 Boehm, Richard B. Role of Congress in Resolving Inter-Regional Conflict: Case of the Coral Slurry Pipelines 1985 report
J54/95/ 3076 Booth, Corey R. Grievance: Procedure in Illinois State Government? 1997 report
J54/95/ 4066 Bordenkircher, Sarah E. How Would OSHA's Final Ergonomics Program Standards Have Affected the Illinois Commerce Commission's Human Resources Department Via Implementation Rules and Regulations, Compliance Responsibilities, and Fiscal Costs? 2001 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 3894 Bormann, Jim Leadership: It Matters 1999 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 3038 Boucher, Brad Privatization of Public Housing: Capstone Seminar 1997 report
J54/95/ 737 Bowen, John Successful Military Leadership 1986 thesis
J54/95/ 795 Braidwood, Barbara Interagency Collaboration in Transition Programming 1987 thesis
J54/95/ 384 Braverman, Ellen S. Presentation and Evaluation of Springfield, Illinois' Industrial Revenue Bond Policy 1982 report (missing)
J54/95/ 3293 Brecher, James A. Contracting Out Police Services: Policy Background Statement 1998 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 3434 Brewer, Tara Merger Agreement-CIPSCO and Union Electric 1996 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 2398 Brinner, Gary Support Personnel Management Office, Illinois National Guard; Marketing Plan Recruiting Engineers 1995 thesis
J54/95/ 3063 Brown, Dennis L. Managing Change in a Public Organization 1995 report
J54/95/ 1412 Brown, James T. Cutback Management in a Federally Funded Municipal Organization 1989 report
J54/95/ 1414 Brown, Kelvy E. 1988 Chicago School Reform Act: A Public Policy Analysis 1989 report
J54/95/ 1534 Brown, Nancie Was in the Workplace 1990 report
J54/95/ 3067 Bruns, Lisa D. Reengineering in the Public Sector 1996 report
J54/95/ 1830 Buckholder, Ronald K. Program Evaluation of families with a Future, Peoria County 1992 program evaluation
J54/95/ 2334 Buckley, Michael Effects if Interest Arbitration on the Negotiation Patterns of Police and Fire Fighter Unions in Illinois: Who Is Winning 1994 project
J54/95/ 241 Burbridge, Katherine Job Satisfaction and Compensation 1984 report
J54/95/ 1650 Burch, Don J. Evaluation Research Design Exercise of the Illinois Seat Belt Usage Program 1991 project
J54/95/ 1496 Burkhart-Monroe, Lori J. Relationship Between Attractiveness and Success in Female Executives: The Male Executive's Viewpoint 1990 project
J54/95/ 86 Burns, Craig Edward Impact of Residential Development: Springfield, Illinois 1980 report
J54/95/ 3880 Burton, Debbie On Track or Off Course?: Managing Change in the Comptroller's Office 1999 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 3287 Burton, Earl W. Public Management in the 1990's: A Study of Public Administration Review 1998 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 3045 Butler, John K. Redesigning Public Aid, The Division of Child Support Enforcement 1995 report
J54/95/ 3042 Butler, Lori J. Gaining Community Support: Pre-Requisite to Enterprise Zone Management 1997 report
J54/95/ 1820 Butler, Ron Who Killed UDAG [:] An Analysis of the Demise of the Urban Development Grant Program 1992 project
J54/95/ 1968 Cadagin, Timothy Supreme Court and Political Patronage in Illinois 1992 project
J54/95/ 3184 Callaway, Michael Analysis of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources 1998 case study
J54/95/ 3284 Cantrell, Tosha Outsourcing for Computer Technology: Arguments for and Against 1998 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 4234 Caporusso, Jim Conflict at the Heart of Public Administration 2002 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 4235 Cardinale, Nancy Literature Review of Public Administration and Human Resource Management 2002 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 1665 Carlson, John F. HIV Blood Testing: Civil Liberty Issues and Public Policy 1991 project
J54/95/ 1885 Casey, Michael P. Is the Local Property Tax No Longer an Appropriate Method for Financing Community Colleges in Illinois? 1992 project
J54/95/ 2137 Castleman, Roxanne K. McLean County Extended Day Detention Program 1993 project
J54/95/ 3186 Catalani, Robert Managing Public Organizations 1998 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 3290 Chandler, Bonnie Benchmarking Mental Health Services 1998 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 758 Chiwetalu, Samuel Public Policy and Development of Indigenous Capitalism: Nigerian Experience 1987 thesis
J54/95/ 3388 Choi, Do Lim Public Administration and Management in the 1990s - Through the Pages of the Public Administration Review - 1999 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 3429 Ciotti, Matt Managing Change at the Illinois Comptroller's Office 1996 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 154 Clark, Donald E. Employee Absenteeism:A Policy Study 1983 project
J54/95/ 3098 Clark, William J. Illinois Human Services Reorganization: Implication for Personnel 1997 report
J54/95/ 3089 Clow, Bryan J. Benchmarking: Literature Review 1995 report
J54/95/ 4231 Cocagne, Jennifer Public Administration / Public Management and Human Resource Management: Past, Present, and Future 2002 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 1391 Colloton, Martin D. Public Administration Implications of Milan Kundera's the Book of Laughter and Forgetting 1988 thesis
J54/95/ 3432 Conant, Richard F. Office of the State Appellate Defender: A View through Four Frames 1996 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 3291 Conlon, Sarah Contracting Out for Social Services, a Literature Review 1999 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 651 Copeland, Deann Effa Establishing Guidelines for Pre-Operational Funding of Community Residential Alternatives for the Developmentally Disabled 1986 report
J54/95/ 742 Couter, Nancy Ann Impact of HB 708 on Funding Growth Rates 1986 report
J54/95/ 4173 Cowsert, Jennifer K. Privatization of Watershed Treatment Plants 2002 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 3097 Cox, Anthony Edison Project: Proposal for Educating the Next Generation 1996 report
J54/95/ 1989 Cox, Larry Marketing Plan for Tree Trimming, City of Galesburg, Illinois 1992 project
J54/95/ 3947 Craddock, Robb Bruce Creating A Violence-Free Workplace 2001 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 1367 Cray, Cristina Teaching Citizenship Through Simulations 1989 report
J54/95/ 3178 Creviston, Sarah L. Benchmarking Traffic Safety: Applying a Private Sector Management Technique in the Office of the Secretary of State 1996 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 1216 Crowley, Trishha Effects of Unionization of Judicial Branch Employees on Court Unification 1989 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 1560 Dabbs, Ann Minority Report: Did Blacks Make any Progress in the 80's? 1990 paper and magazine article
J54/95/ 3433 Dahlquist, Jim Restructuring Sangamon State University into The University of Illinois at Springfield 1996 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 140 Dallinger, Donna Using Prior Fiscal Year State Agency Expenditures Data to Estimate Future State Agency Spending 1983 report
J54/95/ 2205 Dameron, Harold Program Evaluation: The Motorcycle Safety Program 1992 program evaluation
J54/95/ 4064 Dartez-Kean, Zoe E. Why Pay If It's Free: A Case Study of Why Warren County Does Not Have a Local Health Department 2001 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 2862 Daugherty, Nancy K. Public Policy Analysis of Illinois Welfare Reform 1996 project
J54/95/ 3090 Davies, Farrell Resident Management as Neighborhood Improvement 1996 report
J54/95/ 4224 Davis, LaMonica D. Literature Review: Public Administration, Public Management and Human Resource Management 2002 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 3882 Davis, Torri S. Academic Program Re-Organization at the University of Illinois at Springfield 2000 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 3381 Dawkins, Cynthia Literature Review: Privatization of Prisons 1999 literature review
J54/95/ 3085 Dawson, Larry Jr. Policy Examination of Reengineering the State of Illinois Receipt Deposit Transmittal C-64 Process 1995 report
J54/95/ 3094 Day, Katrina Government Outsourcing of Public Services 1996 report
J54/95/ 503 Dear, Jeanette Technical and Behavioral Problems Encountered in Contract Administration 1985 thesis
J54/95/ 2209 Debord, Jason Drive to Survive 1994 project
J54/95/ 800 DeDerer, Carolyn M. Planning in Not-For-Profit Organizations 1987 report
J54/95/ 3874 DeVore, Leslie Effects on Asgrow Seed Company after the Merger with the Monsanto Seed Organization 2000 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 1018 Divincenzo, Michelle M. Research Paper on Comparison of Legislative Auditing Functions in Four States 1988 report
J54/95/ 3955 Dixon, La Toya M. Community: A New Dimension to Organization Trust 2001 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 650 Dixon, Rhonda Illinois' Declining Proportion of College Work-Study Dollars 1985 report
J54/95/ 565 Dixon, Theodore W. Effect of Prospective Payments of Nursing 1985 report
J54/95/ 3037 Dobbin, Susan A. Privatizing Social Security: Analysis of the Kerry-Simpson Proposal 1997 report
J54/95/ 3172 Doddek, Susan Office of Banks and Real Estate 1997 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 3428 Doe, Ezekiel Springfield Housing Authority 1996 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 1007 Dondanville, Anne Hesslau State Appropriation Processes 1988 report
J54/95/ 3036 Donnel, Amber D. Managing Change in Public Organizations: Case Study of Illinois Office of the Auditor General 1995 report
J54/95/ 2392 Dorgan, David Be Our Guest Marketing Plan 1994 project
J54/95/ 1352 Dorockke, Leah Soil Wars: The Battle Over the Soil Conservation Service, 1933-1953 1989 paper
J54/95/ 3035 Downing, Elizabeth Conquering Organizational Restructuring: Study of the Department of Transportation 1995 report
J54/95/ 3052 Doxy, Anthony Prison Privatization: Government Officials Contracting for the Construction and Operation of Security Level Prisons 1998 report
J54/95/ 3389 Doyle, Robert L. III Managing Public Administration 1999 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 2311 Dring, Dan Teacher Strikes: Should They Be Legal? A Historical and Theoretical Examination 1994 course paper
J54/95/ 1401 Duebbert, Monica Illinois' Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program 1988 report
J54/95/ 4075 Duewer, Diane With More County Youth Positions Coming to University of Illinois ExtensionÂ… Will the Role of Center Educators Change? 2001 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 3101 Duncan, Danielle Extent Illinois Government Agencies are working with Diversity Training 1997 report
J54/95/ 558 Dyer, Kay Palmer Fire Service Delivery in a Specified Area of Morgan County 1985 report
J54/95/ 3168 Easterly, Jim L. Impact of the 1991 Early Retirement Incentive on the Illinois Department of Transportation 1997 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 3849 Ebini, Louis Need for Public Administration Management Application Research 1998 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 3060 Eby, Laurie Benchmarking Human Resource Management Techniques and Practices 1997 report
J54/95/ 930 Eby, Susan Analysis of Welfare Policies in the United States: A Focus on the Future 1986 report
J54/95/ 3801 Egan, Robert R. PA Practitioners and OOTPA: Operations Other Than Public Administration 2000 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 2283 Elger, Patricia "Trish" Study of Displaced Workers in a Fiscally Stressed State Agency 1994 project
J54/95/ 2743 Ellis, Doretta New Organizational Order: Downsizing the Illinois Commerce Commission and Human Resource Strategies for Employees 1996 paper and magazine article
J54/95/ 1882 Elmore, Beth L. Animal Welfare Legislation 1992 project
J54/95/ 3086 Engels, Kevin Total Quality Management In Higher Education 1996 report
J54/95/ 1044 Engelson, Kathryn Occupations and Professions: An Analysis of the Professional Nature of Legal Assistants 1988 report
J54/95/ 1692 Enger, Diane Effect of Collective Bargaining on the Decision-making Authority of the Operative Managers if the Illinois State Police 1990 project
J54/95/ 3066 Escatel, Maria Cruz Total Quality Management: Literature Review 1996 report
J54/95/ 2744 Etten, Brian J. Restaurant Management in the Information Age 1996 report
J54/95/ 937 Evboifo, Solomon Arein Public Employment Patterns as they Affect the Minorities in the State of Illinois 1988 report
J54/95/ 4239 Farelas, Elisa Tools You Will Need to Succeed in Public Administration 2002 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 2305 Ferraro, Maria Angela Marketing Plan: Springfield Association for Retarded Citizens (SPARC) Early Intervention Program 1994 project
J54/95/ 1005 Ferry, Jeff Work Demonstration Programs: Implications for Social Welfare Policy 1988 thesis
J54/95/ 1078 Flower, Will Comprehensive Response, Compensation and Liability Act of 1980: A Legislative Overview 1983 report
J54/95/ 698 Fokum, Bernard D. Governor and Chief of Staff: Policy of Delegation 1986 report
J54/95/ 1723 Ford, Robert T. Public Policy Analysis of Senate Bill 169 [:] An Act to Amend the Illinois Income tax 1991 project
J54/95/ 4076 Foreman, John R. Analysis of the Food Stamp Program's Declining Participation Rate Over the Last Three Years 2001 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 4233 Foster, Sarah Capstone Final Paper 2002 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 426 Frank, Larry Proposal for the Illinois Department of Transportation 1985 project
J54/95/ 3082 Fritz, Mary K. Reflections of Classic Public Administration: Current Practice and Implications for the Future 1998 report
J54/95/ 3056 Fuller, Lori Community Policing in Peoria's Northside Neighborhood 1996 report
J54/95/ 1552 Gaines, Jeff Illinois Department of Corrections Drug Testing Policy: Implementation and Policy 1989 report
J54/95/ 2447 Garret, Doris Marketing Plan: How to Increase Breast Cancer Screening of Older Women in Peoria County 1995 project
J54/95/ 3192 Gary, Kathleen Organization in Change: Case Study, DMH Hospice 1997 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 502 Getsay, Terry M. Gypsy Crime and Police Administration 1983 thesis
J54/95/ 593 Giacomelli, Gary J. Providing Information for Decision Support in the State Health Administrative Program 1985 thesis
J54/95/ 3047 Gleason, Carolyn S. Privatization of Airports 1996 report
J54/95/ 3890 Gleckler, Bryan Analysis of the Reorganization of the Illinois Department of Corrections 1999 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 3416 Golemo, Tim F. Politics of Public Administration 1999 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 3995 Gonzalez, Jacquelyne Role of Arts in a Cultural Tourism Plan 2001 project
J54/95/ 3886 Gonzalez, Rebecca Kristine Workers' Compensation Overview, Structure and Change 1999 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 1092 Goode, Glaen Strategies for Enhancing Direct Care Staff to Resident Ratios in Public Residential Facilities for Developmentally Disabled Persons 1988 report
J54/95/ 3150 Gordon, Pam Reviving Community Spirit and Volunteerism 1998 report
J54/95/ 473 Gould, Gary D. Policy Development and Dispensation: A Value Engineering Study for Illinois Department of Transportation 1985 report
J54/95/ 718 Gowaid, Marrain Jarrwan Motivating Employees' Productivity: Technology Transfer Between Public and Private Sectors 1986 thesis
J54/95/ 844 Graff, Gary N. (Nick) Effects of Bail in Illinois Counties, Case Study: Tazewell County, Illinois 1987 project
J54/95/ 3078 Graham, Mauriece L., Sr. Review of the State of Illinois Veterans' Preference 1997 report
J54/95/ 3881 Gray, Pam Managing Change at the Social Security Administration (SSA): Expanding Technology Into the 21st Century While Facing Ever Increasing Workloads 2000 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 2232 Grham, Alida L. Marketing Plan for Membership in the Decatur Education Association 1994 project
J54/95/ 1033 Gross, Dave Analysis of Public Act 83-1243 "The Illinois Health Finance Reform Act" 1987 report
J54/95/ 1870 Grube, Mary Carla Womenstrength: Problem Solving Exercise in Third Party Government Programs 1992 problem solving exercise
J54/95/ 845 Gweed, Fayhan Participation in Decision Making to Improve Saudi Arabian Municipal System 1987 project
J54/95/ 3357 Hager, Laura Contracting Out Residential Refuse Collection Services: A Policy Background Analysis 1999 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 2211 Haley-Jackson, Teresa A. Evaluating the Minority Leadership in Public Service Program, Sangamon State University 1994 evaluation
J54/95/ 1645 Hankins, Rick Illinois National Guard Training and Development Program 1991 project
J54/95/ 2393 Hansen, Stewart One Stop Shopping for Social Services 1995 project
J54/95/ 3895 Hanson, Eric Analysis of the Citizens Advocates positions of the Consumer Fraud Bureau Mediation Unit 2000 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 2253 Hardaway-Nickles, Julie Illinois Task Force on Crime and Corrections Prison Overcrowding 1994 public policy analysis
J54/95/ 3183 Hardway, Linda Robert Morris College: From Diploma / Associate Degree to Bachelor's Degree 1998 case study
J54/95/ 3869 Harlan, Doug University of Illinois Extension: an Analysis of a Re-Organization 2000 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 2231 Harmony, David Illinois Dual Personnel System 1993 project
J54/95/ 730 Harms, Mark A. Are Extended Contract Negotiations Associated with Lower Morale Levels Among Police Officers at the Springfield Police Department? 1986 thesis
J54/95/ 1612 Harris, Alex J. Program Evaluation: Telephone Lifeline Assistance 1990 report
J54/95/ 1541 Harris, John R. Relationship of Accounting Hours for Success 1990 report
J54/95/ 3061 Harris, Nina M. Contracting out of Public Benefits through Technology 1997 report
J54/95/ 4237 Harris, Paulette Capstone Seminar Paper 2002 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 1990 Harvill, Julie A. Marketing Plan for Control of Hypertension Among African American Males 1993 project
J54/95/ 936 Havens, Marie Mobilizing Political Support for the Federal Food Stamp Program 1987 report
J54/95/ 242 Havera, Mike Montgomery County Social Service Directory 1984 report
J54/95/ 4230 Hawthorne, Maurice Effects of Strategic Planning on Public Administration, Human Resource Management, and Public Personnel Management 2002 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 1724 Henn, Mark E. Policy Analysis of the National Guard State Family Program 1991 project
J54/95/ 1011 Herm, Martha United Nations Volunteers: A Case Study for Organizational Change 1988 report
J54/95/ 3892 Herman, Mark Department of Commerce and Community Affairs-Transformation of the Job Training Partnership Act to the Workforce Investment Act 1999 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 2002 Herzog, Leslie N. Sangamon State University Graduate Assistant Program Evaluation 1992 program evaluation
J54/95/ 772 Hestvik, Sharon A. Criminal Justice Center for the Citizens of Sangamon County, Illinois 1987 report
J54/95/ 3058 Heuermann, Wendi K. Privatization of the NASA Space Shuttle 1997 report
J54/95/ 647 Heyliger-Rodney, Wilhelmina Comparable Worth: Theoretical Functions 1984 report
J54/95/ 799 Hickman, Christina Impact of Communication on Professional Development 1987 thesis
J54/95/ 2201 Hicks (Gibson), Beverly Public School Finance in Illinois: The Issue of Equity 1993 public policy analysis
J54/95/ 912 Higgins, Catherine A. Higher Education Policy: Quality Versus Equity 1987 report
J54/95/ 21 Hill, Joseph S. Analysis of the Illinois Highway Funding Problem 1982 report
J54/95/ 1800 Hill, Laurie L. Poverty and Displaced Homemakers 1991 project
J54/95/ 423 Hills, Martha Illinois Arts Council Recanting Program: Problem Solving Exercise 1984 thesis
J54/95/ 658 Hix, Susan K. Analysis of a Children's Preventive Health Care Program in Illinois: A Plan to Increase Participation 1986 thesis
J54/95/ 3068 Hodge, Mia Comparative Analysis of Private and Government Managed Correctional Facilities 1998 report
J54/95/ 2131 Hogg, Stephen T. Congressional Term Limitations 1993 public policy analysis
J54/95/ 3170 Holbrook, Randy Restructuring of a Government Agency to Achieve Efficiency 1997 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 1823 Holland, Roger W. Program Evaluation Design for the [sic] Healthy Kids Program Illinois Department of Public Aid 1992 project
J54/95/ 1009 Hollis, Marlin D. Crisis and Long Term Policy 1987 report
J54/95/ 3871 Holly, Wayne University of Illinois Core Applications Implementation 2000 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 3753 Howell, Becky Public Management in the 1990's-Literature Review: Public Administration Review 2000 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 3885 Huber, Gene D. Peoria City/County Health Department Program Integration: WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) And FCM (Family Case Management) 2000 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 230 Hudgins, Mary C. Administrative Accountability Through Legislative Oversight 1984 report
J54/95/ 4074 Hurst, April Plan for How University of Illinois at Springfield Staff Can Obtain Salary Parity With Comparable Classifications at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign 2001 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 1562 Huston, Robert M. Interpersonal Behavior and Performance Evaluation 1990 report
J54/95/ 1183 Jack, Donald E. Computerization of the Decatur Police Department 1989 report
J54/95/ 2256 Jackson, Henry L. Community Juvenile Delinquency Intervention Service for Peoria Youth" Providing a Second Chance When It's Needed Most" 1994 project
J54/95/ 3057 Jackson, Regina A. Privatization: Alternative to Public Housing 1996 report
J54/95/ 3946 Jewett, Brandy Multidimensional Approach to a more Productive Educational System 2001 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 1699 Johanson, Kay M. Evaluation of the Parents Too Soon Program 1991 evaluation
J54/95/ 1189 Johnson, Connie G. Organization Change and Development 1989 thesis
J54/95/ 1350 Johnson, Jadean J. Government in the Home: A Century of Policy Development 1989 project
J54/95/ 3436 Johnson, Jill Changes in the Health Care Industry: What Strategy to Pursue? 1996 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 3982 Johnson, Lorena Art as Window and Mirror, Creating Inclusion in the Arts: A Professional Development Program for Arts Institutions and Organizations 2001 thesis
J54/95/ 3991 Johnson, Nina Historic Preservation : Developing an Historic Preservation Ordinance for Greeley, Colorado 2001 project
J54/95/ 3891 Jones, Dennis Managing Organizational Change: An Analysis of the SSU/U of I Merger 1999 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 3435 Jones, Herb PQP: Its Impact on SSU/UIS 1996 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 1987 Jones, James Dean A2B[:] A Two-Way Traffic Flow Simulation Package for the IBM PC/AT 1993 project
J54/95/ 3878 Jones, Rebecca Transition of Sangamon State University to the University of Illinois at Springfield: Study in the Effectiveness of the Organizational Development Plan Used in the Transition of the Office of Business Affairs 1999 capstone seminar paper
J54/95/ 3900 Jones, Tim Review of Management By Objectives (M.B.O.) 2001 project
J54/95/ 3102 Jones-Myers, Jacqueline K. Cultural Diversity: Effects on Management and Administration 1994 report
J54/95/ 1171 Joods, Gregory D. Regulatory Simplification: City of Peoria 1988 report
J54/95/ 3099 Jordan, Andre L. Review of Hiring Practices in the State of Illinois in Comparison to a Private Agency 1997 report
J54/95/ 2535 Jordan, Norma Program Evaluation of Lawrence Education Center 1995 project
J54/95/ 2745 Jordan, Sam W. Housing Act of 1934 1996 report
J54/95/ 248 Jurgens, Ronald J. Development of For-Profit Subsidiaries in the Not-For-Profit Sector 1984 report
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