Nutrition Masters Projects/Theses

This masters program was eliminated.

Call # Author Title Year Notes
J54/85/ 10 Budin, Razidah Problem Solving Exercise: Nutrition and Dental Health 1982 project
J54/85/ 43 Horneker, Mary G. Battered Women: A Societal Problem 1981 thesis
J54/85/ 50 Loveridge, Donna W. Food Habit Changes of the Vietnamese: Effect of Vietnam War and Move to United States 1980 thesis
J54/85/ 53 Nandi, Chandana Medicinal-Nutritional Plants Used in India to treat Disease 1981 thesis
J54/85/ 57 Patterson, Wendy J. Nutritional Assessment in the Cancer Patient 1979 thesis
J54/85/ 59 Quarcoopome, Mabel N. Report on Industry's Role in Infant Feeding in Third-World Countries 1980 report
J54/85/ 60 Reevis, Bonnie K. Present Knowledge, Attitude Toward and Education on Low Cholesterol Diets in Relation to Heart (Cardiac) Disease 1979 thesis
J54/85/ 65 Taro, Kent Alan Descriptive Study of Diabetics Surveyed in Macoupin County, Illinois 1982 thesis