Mathematical Sciences Masters Projects/Theses

Note: Before 1997, Computer Science was a concentration of the Mathematical Sciences degree. Projects/theses written for that concentration are identified with "CS." Computer Science items written after 1997 may be found in the listing for the Computer Science Program. Mathematical Sciences is no longer a masters program.

Call # Author Title Year Notes
J54/80/ 837 Abdullah, Ramli Home Manager: A System for Automating Household Recordkeeping Tasks 1987 project(CS)
J54/80/ 1593 Abualrahi, Azeem M. Modhar Assistance Software 1990 project
J54/80/ 559 Ahmad, Abd Manan In-Store Pharmacy Computer System 1985 thesis
J54/80/ 2765 Akkasiriskul, Anuvat Bud Utilizing Parallel Matrix Multiplication Algorithm for an Airline Routing System 1996 project(CS)
J54/80/ 1329 Al-Dowayyan, Fahad M. Al-Dowayyan's Furniture System 1989 project
J54/80/ 1166 Alfaadhel, Abdollah A. Automated Automobile Sales System 1989 project
J54/80/ 326 Al-Hayyaf, Hussam Calculation of Zakat 1985 thesis(CS)
J54/80/ 733 Ali, Abulisa Tar A. Al-Shaikh Arabic-Writer 1986 thesis(CS)
J54/80/ 1068 Al-Mojel, Nasser Implementation of Intermediate Constructive Cost Model for Software Engineering 1988 project(CS)
J54/80/ 1327 Al-Sabban, Tariq S. Sales Management System 1989 project(CS)
J54/80/ 2147 Alsaeed, Mohammed A. Implementing a Peer-to-Peer Local Area Network with Lantastic 1993 project(CS)
J54/80/ 2105 Alton, Marilyn Study and Comparison of Sorting Algorithms Implemented on Sequential and Parallel Architectures 1993 project(CS)
J54/80/ 1397 Arjsamat, Kullawat Graduate Project: PC-Link 1989 project
J54/80/ 499 Asali, Naila Modification of a General Ledger Software Package 1985 thesis
J54/80/ 1939 Bade, Bill Statistical Analysis of the Effects of Nitrogen on Corn Harvest Yields 1992 project
J54/80/ 793 Barer, Effie K. Evaluatorx 1987 thesis
J54/80/ 20 Biggs, Nancy Ann Transfer of Financial Information through Computer Graphic Systems 1982 thesis
J54/80/ 2807 Bishop, Rick A. Multimedia Educational Software With an Integrated Expert System for Elementary Christian schools 1997 project(CS)
J54/80/ 1781 Brinton, Herbert Historical Development of PI and e 1991 project
J54/80/ 364 Burbridge, Katherine Ridge Regression Application 1984 report
J54/80/ 365 Campbell, Kenneth Possible Variables Effecting the Rating Given to Instructors by Students in their Classes 1984 thesis
J54/80/ 1765 Carmody, Kevin Richard Personal Computer Database Accounting System for the Department of General Engineering at the University of Illinois 1991 project
J54/80/ 184 Carmody, Shin-Mei Test- Items Databank 1984 thesis
J54/80/ 1584 Chan, Hohnathan S.C. Computerized Truck Parking System 1990 project
J54/80/ 1131 Chang, Ann-King Database Management for a Banking System 1988 project(CS)
J54/80/ 2171 Chang, Chaojing Supporting Mathematical Sciences Student Information System Through Ingres Advanced Software Development Facilities 1994 project(CS)
J54/80/ 1377 Chang, Li-Chu Database System Design for a Hospital 1989 project
J54/80/ 500 Chang, Mei-Jui Computer-Based Management Information System for Chang's Trading Company 1985 thesis(CS)
J54/80/ 714 Chang, Suh-Mei Algorithm for Class Enrollment Prediction: Model and Implementation 1986 thesis
J54/80/ 761 Chao, Chan-Shi Assembler and Simulator for a Virtual Machine 1987 thesis(CS)
J54/80/ 362 Chen, Hohn C. Implementation of an Edison Subsystem on and IBM Personal Computer 1984 thesis
J54/80/ 2724 Chen, Hongbo Electronic Mail System on a PC-Based Local Area Network 1996 project(CS)
J54/80/ 661 Chen, Jaw-Shih Freight Conference Database on HP 3000 Image Database System 1986 thesis
J54/80/ 899 Chen, Muh-Lin Syntax Analyzer for ADA Used in a Syntax Directed Editor 1987 project
J54/80/ 497 Chen, Po-Cheng Design and Implementation of a Physical Distribution Data Base 1985 thesis
J54/80/ 160 Chen, Rosa Graduate Project, MSY 569 1983 project
J54/80/ 351 Chen, Wei-Ping Concurrent Pascal Translator Implementation on a Microcomputer 1984 thesis(CS)
J54/80/ 601 Chen, Yu-Chien Implementation of a LEXICAL Analyzer for ADA for use in a SYNTAX Direct Editor 1985 thesis
J54/80/ 77 Cheng, Chun-Te Graphical Input/Output System for Chinese Characters on Apple II 1983 thesis
J54/80/ 2592 Cheng, Hantao Building a Database Management System for a Multi-Center Clinical Trial 1996 project(CS)
J54/80/ 1145 Chien, Sue Compiler for the Exception Hierarchical Knowledge Representation Used in the Critic Expert System Shell 1989 thesis
J54/80/ 4105 Chisek, Sean Tiered Approach to Corrective Action Objectives - Tier 2 2001 project
J54/80/ 1520 Chitkaew, Nattaya Design and Implementation of a Car Dealer Database 1990 project
J54/80/ 2326 Choudry, Ashish Pal Implementing a Parallel Algorithm for Computing Areas of Geometrical Shapes 1994 project(CS)
J54/80/ 656 Chow, Yuan-Yuh Implementation of an Interactive Editing System 1986 thesis(CS)
J54/80/ 832 Chungpaiboon, Vilas Music Editor: Final Report 1987 project
J54/80/ 2295 Clausen, Randelle S. Study and Comparison of Sequential and Parallel Implementation and Specific to the Odd-Even Transposition Sort and Pipeline Sort 1994 project(CS)
J54/80/ 2647 Cody, Richard AABD Caseload and Expenditures Forecasting Models 1996 project
J54/80/ 3015 Collins, Todd L. Study of a Statistical Model for Forecasting Aid to Families with Dependent Children 1992 project
J54/80/ 73 Dasher, Mark L. Self Directed Search 1982 thesis
J54/80/ 3116 Dawson, Frederick E. Comparing Sampling Methods: Does Method Choice Matter? 1998 thesis
J54/80/ 836 Desa, Mohammed Ishak Implementation and Analysis of the Performance of Karmarkar's Programming Algorithm 1987 project
J54/80/ 834 Dhas, Kumar Soorya Implementation of a Syntax-Directed Editor for ADA 1987 project
J54/80/ 967 Dhillon, Rakhshpal Singh Test Program: Software for Designing Exams 1987 project
J54/80/ 1805 Doerfler, Gregory L. Product Evaluation Database System (PEDS) 1992 project
J54/80/ 961 Dunham, Merl Scott County Junior Fair Management System 1988 project
J54/80/ 2803 Easley-Quimby, Dianna L. Exploring Survey Questionnaire and Analysis of Overall Educational Satisfaction Sampling Survey 1997 project
J54/80/ 1445 Ecker, Edwin D. Probstat: A Statistical Analysis and Probability Program 1990 project
J54/80/ 1343 Elmubarek, Osman Mukhtar Foster Parent System for Islamic Call Organization 1989 project
J54/80/ 2422 Esmailzadegan, Peyman Datanet: An Implementation and Interrelation of Data on a LAN (Local Area Network) 1995 project(CS)
J54/80/ 860 Faruque, Mohiuddin Implementation of a Syntax-Directed Editor for ADA 1987 thesis
J54/80/ 76 Feraris, Ken Perkin-Elmer OS/32 Accounting System Reporting Utility 1982 thesis
J54/80/ 1208 Ferrill, Chris A. Computer-Aided Instruction Program for Probability Instruction 1989 project
J54/80/ 2893 Ferry, Tom Simulation Study of Estimating the Mean of a Distribution with a Known Coefficient of Variation 1997 project
J54/80/ 1996 Fromm, James M. Implementing Parallel Algorithms on A Distributed Computing System 1993 project
J54/80/ 199 Grider, Al Data Link on a Harris Control System 1984 thesis
J54/80/ 1335 Gutierrez, Alice Sue Kitchens Fibonacci Sequence 1989 project
J54/80/ 516 Hake, Richard D. Performance Exam Data Base: Illinois Department of Insurance 1985 thesis
J54/80/ 1070 Hamdan, Ziyad Ahmed Truss and Frame Analysis Using Microcomputers 1988 project
J54/80/ 982 Han, Jan Chuan-Chuan General Employee/Payroll System 1988 report(CS)
J54/80/ 2433 Harris, Kevin Algorithms for Accelerating Ray Tracing 1995 project(CS)
J54/80/ 2956 Hart, Rhonda Design of a Non-Traditional Elementary Probability and Statistics Course for Secondary Education 1997 project
J54/80/ 1934 Hawarneh, Mazen H. Electrical Technology Software Package (EISP) A Computer Assisted Instruction Package in Electrical Technology 1992 project
J54/80/ 2040 Henry, John P. Brief History of Probability and Statistics 1993 project
J54/80/ 1207 Hinckley, Gene Building a Client Database 1989 project
J54/80/ 1047 Hobneck, Mark Kevin Statistical Analysis of Hamster Progeny Phenotype Ratios 1988 report
J54/80/ 22 Holly, Barry Application of Janardan's Stochastic Model to Estimation of Invalid Signatures on the 1980 Illinois Legislature Cutback Petition 1982 thesis
J54/80/ 2022 Hourani, Tarif Student Advising System 1993 project
J54/80/ 1806 Hseuh-Fang, Cecilia Huang Simulation Study of the Distribution of a Change-Point's Estimation 1992 project
J54/80/ 1721 Hsian-Fen Dean Tsao On-Line Database System for Software Vendors and Buyers 1991 project
J54/80/ 870 Hsieh, Michael I. Version Control System: A File Management System 1985 project
J54/80/ 189 Hsu, Wei-Chuan Test Management Programs 1984 thesis
J54/80/ 2286 Hu, Bo Study of UNIX Process Structure and Its Management 1994 project(CS)
J54/80/ 695 Hu, Jessie Tsuey-Fang C. Individual Project 1982 project
J54/80/ 1819 Huang, Zheng Discussion on Design of Database Structure 1992 project(CS)
J54/80/ 917 Hwang, Jin-Jou Implementation of Lexical Analyzer for ADA Syntax-Directed Editor 1987 project
J54/80/ 2110 Jiang, Weiwen Study of Shell Programming Implemented on UNIX System Administration 1993 project
J54/80 349 Jin, Marie Sales and Quotation System for Jin's Company 1984 project(CS)
J54/80/ 1684 Jung-Chin Patrick Wu Computerized Placement Systems [:] An Application of Database 1991 project
J54/80/ 1532 Kaldis, Frank G. Database Management: Design and Implementation-- A Sales Tracking System 1990 project
J54/80/ 2713 Kang, Chunfang Multiple-user Synchronous Talk-- Emtalk on X Window Systemtalk on X Window System 1996 project(CS)
J54/80/ 2504 Kao, Yu-Chao Design, Development, and Implementation of the Enforcement Tracking Database System forÂ…the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency 1995 project(CS)
J54/80/ 1848 Kays, Vernon M. Why CV 0.2? A Historical and Analytical Review of the Coefficient of Variation 1992 project
J54/80/ 680 Keefner, Hendrick Final Report: Master's Project 1986 report
J54/80/ 1668 Kerwin, Dorothy J. Infant Pulmonary Function Database System 1991 project
J54/80/ 2432 Kim, Byoung Oh Implementing Voice Transmission on a Network of Silicon Graphics Work Stations 1995 project(CS)
J54/80/ 1587 Kirchgessner, Robert C. Home Data Management System 1990 project(CS)
J54/80/ 3217 Kokkat, George Interactive Computer Application Using SAS/AF and SAS/FSP Software 1998 thesis
J54/80/ 200 Korza, Stan Data Base and COBOL Maintenance Program for Clayville and SSU Gallery Collections of Artifacts 1984 thesis
J54/80/ 1535 Kramer, Randy Financial Reporting and Forecasting Model 1990 project
J54/80/ 702 Kuo, Ying-Jen Turnkey CAD System for the TRUSS Structural Analysis 1986 thesis
J54/80/ 454 Kwaaning, Steve Report on a Pascal PDP-11 Assembler 1985 thesis
J54/80/ 1505 Lampe, Jeffrey Qualitative Simulation of Local Area Network Involving a Token Ring 1990 project
J54/80/ 1444 Lang, John Francis Computer Simulation of the Critical Path Method 1990 project
J54/80/ 833 Lee, Chiao Hui OSI Subnet of Computer Network: A Simulation Using Multiprocessing 1987 project(CS)
J54/80/ 1516 Lewis, James Database Management System for the Pollutant Inventories Associated with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency's Ozone Abatement Plan 1990 project
J54/80/ 983 Lin, Chwan-En Loan Commitment Tracking System V Database System 1988 report
J54/80/ 2830 Lin, Weihan JavaGo: A Multi User On-Line Service for the Go Game 1997 project(CS)
J54/80/ 1002 Ling, Chauahua Statistical Analysis of a Heart Study 1988 thesis
J54/80/ 246 Lippa, Gregg A. Computer System Design and Implementation: Creation of Watershed Management System 1984 thesis
J54/80/ 719 Liu, Hsinsung Andy Appointment Management System 1986 thesis
J54/80/ 498 Lo, Tseng-Rong Simulation of the Reservation Upon collision (RUG) Protocol in a Satellite Network Environment 1985 thesis(CS)
J54/80/ 735 Lovekamp, Gregory Amp Design of Data Flow Architecture to Improve Instruction Trigger 1986 project
J54/80/ 1590 Lu, Tefang Design and Implementation of an Automobile Service System 1990 project
J54/80/ 855 Lucht, Gerald W. Application of Log-Linear Models to the Analysis of AIEC Survey Data 1987 thesis
J54/80/ 1038 Maa, Marty Joue-Horng Adviser -- An Expert System 1988 project(CS)
J54/80/ 1485 Magginson, Kathy Adding "Safe" Exceptions to Expert System Rules 1990 project
J54/80/ 839 Markwell, Stephen J. Study on Scenic Data Using Regressions and Analyses of Variance 1987 project
J54/80/ 2987 Marsaglia, Janice R. Review of Statistical Software and Technology for the High School Curriculum 1998 thesis
J54/80/ 1985 Martin, Scott A. Is Sample Size Thirty Large Enough? 1993 project
J54/80/ 2438 McGraw, Michael Design and Evaluation of a Graphical User Interface for a Relational Database 1995 thesis(CS)
J54/80/ 194 Miller, John E. Screen Interface Design Utility and Access Procedures 1984 thesis
J54/80/ 1048 Mohamed, Saad Abdullah A. HMSP ( Hotels Managements [SIC] Software Package ) 1988 project
J54/80/ 1696 Moore, Daniel T. Comparison of SAS and SPSSx Statistical Software Packages 1991 project
J54/80/ 2601 Mowers, Wayne Microcode Simulation for use on Personal Computers 1996 project(CS)
J54/80/ 352 Muraski, Mary-Alice Applications Program: Amway Helpmate 1984 thesis(CS)
J54/80/ 3921 Nelson, Jeffrey B. "What's the Point?' : A Statistical Analysis of Free Throws in the N.B.A. 2001 project
J54/80/ 2005 Nguyen, Houng Van Time Series Analysis of Gold and Gasoline Prices 1993 project
J54/80/ 243 Nicdao, Audie N. Sangamon State University Faculty Advising System Overview 1983 report
J54/80/ 1657 Nichols, Joseph G. Applying Analysis of Covariance to the Study of the Effects of Multiple Factors and Concomitant Variables on the Sale Price of Residential Homes 1991 project
J54/80/ 1419 Nicholson, David L. Track Organizations Software Program 1989 project
J54/80/ 79 Nicholson, J.B. Principal's Helper: A Program that Prints Class Lists and Individual Student Schedules 1983 thesis
J54/80/ 3198 Noggle, Eric L. Relationship Between Age and Performance in Professional Baseball 1998 thesis
J54/80/ 866 Nour-Eldin, Usama M. Implementation of a Syntax-Directed Editor for ADA 1987 project
J54/80/ 660 Omer, Deneen Decision Support System for the Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Annual EDP Plan 1986 thesis(CS)
J54/80/ 174 Ou, Diana Wen-Lane Application Program- Alumni Association Database 1984 project
J54/80/ 193 Paul, James H. HP-3000/Apple II Interface and File Systems 1984 thesis
J54/80/ 1935 Payne, Timothy A. Public Key Cryptosystem for the Microcomputer 1992 project
J54/80/ 1091 Pier, Brian Photolab Tracking System 1988 project
J54/80/ 1919 Poulsen, Paul R. Study and Implementation Plan of the Interactive Graphics Needs for the Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety 1992 project
J54/80/ 1961 Ramareddy, Ravindra K. Implementation of Geographic Database Using Objects Oriented Methodology 1993 project(CS)
J54/80/ 958 Ramm, Arthur H. Infinite Processes in Mathematical Analysis 1988 thesis
J54/80/ 662 Ratanayanono, Rumplyporn Jackson System Design (JSD) 1986 thesis
J54/80/ 1937 Sack, David Intelligent Tutoring System for Basic Algebra 1992 project
J54/80/ 843 Samat, Robert Alleycat 1987 project
J54/80/ 2023 Sarreshteh, Ali Estimation of Within Mixed Model Parameters in an Experimental Design with Nested Error Structure 1993 project
J54/80/ 1735 Schroeder, Joyce K. Local Finance Forecasting 1977 project
J54/80/ 907 Scott, Mark TLS: Transcript Ledger System 1988 project
J54/80/ 2737 Sesteck, Andrew Crime Control Act 1986 1996 project
J54/80/ 1931 Shang, Xiao-Jun Study of the Socket Mechanism for Interprocess Communication 1992 project
J54/80/ 2181 Sharkey, Michael R. Develop an Ingres 4GL Application to Streamline Employment Agency Functions 1993 thesis(CS)
J54/80/ 2440 Sheary, Kathryn Ann Parallel Processing at the High School Level 1995 project(CS)
J54/80/ 1877 Shih, Yu-Hsun Application of TCP/IP in UNIX Networking 1992 project(CS)
J54/80/ 1077 Steele, Jack Academic Data Base 1988 project
J54/80/ 3243 Stevens, Patrick H. Effects of Completely-Connected Lattices on Small-Sample Spatial Autocorrelation Hypothesis Testing 1998 thesis
J54/80/ 1456 Suei, Dung-Hwa Household Accounting Management System 1989 project
J54/80/ 1385 Suwattanachoti, Chanunt Database System Design and Implementation of an Operations Management System 1989 project
J54/80/ 1669 Swager, Ronald Natural Image Construction Using Iterated Function Systems 1991 project
J54/80/ 539 Tallam, Praveen N. UNIX Shell Implementing a Forms Management System 1985 thesis
J54/80/ 2019 Tanzyus, Barbara Analysis of Community Rating Method 1993 project
J54/80/ 1020 Ti, Yung-Cheng Terry Simulated Computer Network Under a Concurrent Operation System 1988 project
J54/80/ 968 Tichenor, Lee H. Gene Mapping of the Human Chromosome #1 1988 project
J54/80/ 997 Tomlinson, Charles E. Using the Analysis of Covariance in a Comparative-Developmental Study 1988 thesis
J54/80/ 2823 Tracy, Mary Sheila Reconstituting the Constitution Tests 1997 project(CS)
J54/80/ 1876 Tran, Nicholas Client-Server and Peer Models for Interprocess Communication 1992 project(CS)
J54/80/ 1762 Tripuranthakam, Nataraj Foreign Student Advising System 1991 project
J54/80/ 2605 Trutter, Lawrence Using the World Wide Web for On-line Advising 1996 project(CS)
J54/80/ 1393 Tsai, Rwei-Jyun (Rex) Database Management: Design and Implementation for a Small to Middle Sized Electrical Business 1989 report
J54/80/ 956 Tsai, Ten-Chang Menu-Driven System to Run Software Packages 1988 project(CS)
J54/80/ 723 Tsai, Tsao-Chin Implementation of a LEXICAL Analyzer for a Syntax Directed Editor for Ad a in the Intel 86/310 System 1987 thesis
J54/80/ 2245 Tunnel, Thomas D. Statistical Analysis of Univariate and Multivariate Time Series Models 1994 project
J54/80/ 1786 Unni, Rajagopalan K. Study of Parallel Processing Using Concurrent Programming Constructs Implemented on Message Passing Architecture 1991 project(CS)
J54/80/ 2217 Ushman, Tariq Comparison Study of OSI and a Prevalent Law Mode in the Client Server Area 1994 project(CS)
J54/80/ 366 Van Roekel, Clinton R. Grade Reporting and Record Keeping for New Berlin High School 1984 thesis
J54/80/ 2630 Waggoner, Toni Relational Database System for the Illinois School Report Card 1996 project(CS)
J54/80/ 830 Wang, Ing-Fang Planning and Advising Systems 1987 project
J54/80/ 2089 Wang, Jian Software Reuse System Prototype (Developed With Ingres) 1993 project
J54/80/ 1583 Wang, Wei-Shin Database Management: Design and Implementation Automated Agency Tracking System 1990 project
J54/80/ 2148 Webb, Anne Marie Examination on the Construction of Shortest Confidence Intervals 1993 project
J54/80/ 1734 Wei-Chuan Hsu Test Management Programs 1986 project
J54/80/ 84 Weistart, Jim Data Base and Data Communications for a Timekeeping System at the Illinois Department of Insurance 1982 thesis
J54/80/ 2026 Wiesehan, Eric N. Statistical Analysis of the Sangamon State University Undergraduate Assessment 1993 project
J54/80/ 78 Wilkins, Dawn Device-Independent System to Graph Financial Date 1983 thesis
J54/80/ 1688 Wilkinson, Melinda Bayesian Inference: With Nonconjugate Priors: Application in Decision Theory 1991 project
J54/80/ 898 Woo, Chenchung Design of a Syntax Analyzer for ADA 1987 project(CS)
J54/80/ 501 Woods, Karen Universal Gradebook 1985 thesis
J54/80/ 2114 Xia, Jie Implication of HyperCard Stacks for Problem Based Learning Module 1993 project(CS)
J54/80/ 2660 Xiang, Danying Simulation Study Comparing the Means of Two Independent Samples With Unknown Variations 1996 project
J54/80/ 538 Yang, Ma-Ling Shih Implementation of a Relational Database System 1985 thesis
J54/80/ 696 Yang, Show-In Individual Project: PDP-11 Assembler 1982 project
J54/80/ 192 Yang, T. Library Data Base file Definition 1984 thesis
J54/80/ 2464 Yang, Yun-Wei Software Development Environment Based on the Intel 486 Architecture for the Use by Computer Science Faculty and Students 1994 project(CS)
J54/80/ 2505 Yao, Jiaping Illinois Campaign Finance Database System 1995 project(CS)
J54/80/ 1373 Yen-Jen, Wen Prototype Database for the International Airline Reservation System 1989 project(CS)
J54/80/ 1858 Yohannes, Michael Tshaye Computerized Personnel Systems[:] An Application of Database 1992 project
J54/80/ 694 Youn, Cheong PDP-11 Assembler Using PASCAL 1983 thesis
J54/80/ 1580 Young, Nelson Fong-Tse Firearm Management: An Automated Information System for Firearm Purchase, Decision, & Tracking 1990 project
J54/80/ 1069 Yueh, Fang-Chi Database Management System for the Refugee and Immigration Program of Illinois Conference of Churches 1988 project
J54/80/ 1477 Yukpan, Wittaya Design and Implementation of an Export Company Database 1990 project
J54/80/ 2024 Zhang, Wanping Computerized Video Tape Service System: An Application of Database 1993 project
J54/80/ 1962 Zhang, Xiaoguang Design and Implementation of a Recruiting Data Management System 1992 project
J54/80/ 1363 Zheng, Danpiao Application of Qualitative Theory and Best Medication in Endocrinology Diagnosis 1989 thesis
J54/80/ 2766 Zhong, Guosheng Study of NIS/NFS and the Programming Tool PERL for UNIX System Administration 1996 project(CS)