Public Health Masters Projects/Theses

Call # Author Title Year Notes
J54/102/ 4338 Adrian, Eunice Jane Advocating for Prevention Research To Prevent Disease, Disability, and Injury and to Promote Health Through Public Opinion Polling 2002 project
J54/102/ 2764 Alo, Selon J. M.D. Conducting a Case-Control Study of Multiple Myelona in Decatur, Illinois 1996 thesis
J54/102/ 3820 Ankenbrand, Laura Continuing Education Needs Assessment Survey: An Identification of Educational Needs and Topic Areas for Nutrition and Physical Activity Educational Program Planning in Public Health 2000 project
J54/102/ 3161 Avery, Courtney R. Client Satisfaction Among Adult Clients Using Harris YWCA Rape Crisis Program 1998 thesis
J54/102/ 3956 Babutu-Gomez, Shandra Developing A Health Ministry For An African American Church 2001 project
J54/102/ 2239 Barham, Beverly Prevalence of Developmental Language Delay in Children with Congenital Myopothyroidism 1994 project
J54/102/ 4409 Baur, Karen Effects of Individuals' Perceptions Upon Behaviors Following Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Screenings 2003 thesis
J54/102/ 1971 Bohm, Shirley Development of a Training Course of Regulators of Retail Reduced Oxygen Packaging of Food 1992 project
J54/102/ 4024 Bolton, Terry L. Mobile Health Units : A Transportation Alternative for Access to Health Care for the Elderly 2001 clinical project
J54/102/ 4350 Buckner-Hayden, Gia D. Analytical Study of HIV and AIDS Knowledge Base and Curriculum among School District 201U's Health Teachers and Recommendations for Program Implementation 2002 thesis
J54/102/ 2901 Campagnolo, Enzo Riccardo Computer-Based Compendium of the Major-Selected Zoonotic Diseases of Public Health Importance 1997 project
J54/102/ 2199 Chopra, Asha K. Educational Program to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy 1994 project
J54/102/ 3993 Contri, Darcy Medical Transition Of Children and Youths With Special Health Care Needs 2001 clinical project
J54/102/ 2487 Cosmas, Chima Comparison Between the Cost of School-based Clinical Care and Private Physician Care: Kankakee School District #111: A Case Study 1995 project(missing)
J54/102/ 4182 Cox, Andrea C. Strategic Approach to Rescreening 2002 project
J54/102/ 2905 Cox, Carla L. Asthma Education in the Schools: An Evaluation of the American Lung Association's Open Airways for Schools Program in Illinois 1997 project
J54/102/ 3808 Cuartas, Lorrie L. Development of a Policy and Procedure Manual for the Illinois Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Program 2000 project
J54/102/ 3831 Dalpoas, Dolan C. Environmental Tobacco Smoke Policy for Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital 2000 project
J54/102/ 2320 Davis, Brenda Establishment of a Guidebook on Common Illnesses and Injuries of School-age Children 1994 project
J54/102/ 4005 Davis, Valerie A. Green County Project Success Community Needs Assessment 2001 clinical project
J54/102/ 3138 Dehart, Belinda Client Satisfaction of Pregnant Women Experiencing Case Management in the Healthy Moms/Healthy Kids Program 1998 thesis
J54/102/ 3160 DeLuka, Barbara J. Review and Analysis of the Illinois Public Health Association (IPHA) Policy and Resolutions 1988 - 1997 1998 thesis
J54/102/ 3669 DeVore, Wendy Nurses' Perception of Collaborative Care for the Elderly 2000 project
J54/102/ 3941 Edgar, Mark E. Prevalence of Factors Related to Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes: Alcohol Use, Tobacco Use, Unintended Pregnancy, Stressful Life Events and Physical Abuse 2001 thesis
J54/102/ 4014 Gajendra, Sangeeta Communication Patterns of Orthodontists To Male And Female Patients 2001 thesis
J54/102/ 2958 Goldblatt, Gerald S. Survey of Health Services of Two Communities in Sangamon County 1997 project
J54/102/ 4022 Gorsek, Mary Lue Violence Related Injuries in a Psychiatric Hospital 2001 clinical project
J54/102/ 4095 Habates, Fee F. Elder Abuse Policy 2001 project
J54/102/ 3927 Harris, Margaret R. Illinois Partnership for Comprehensive Cancer Prevention and Control: An Evaluation of Interest and Satisfaction Levels in its Members 2001 project
J54/102/ 3981 Harvill, Julie A. Spending the Tobacco Settlement Dollars in Illinois 2001 clinical project
J54/102/ 3644 Helm, Misty R. Series of Educational Brochures for Pregnant Women that Smoke in Clay County Illinois 2000 project
J54/102/ 2653 Henderson, Neilann Preventive Nutritional Interventions Indicated by Medical Residents 1996 project
J54/102/ 2712 Henkel, Denise Charveron Perceptions of Racism Relating to Health and Well-Being of Black Women in Central Illinois 1996 project
J54/102/ 3902 Hilliard, Mark J. Database for the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics, Children's Miracle Network Program 2001 clinical project
J54/102/ 3723 Hotes, Joellyn Web Ready Presentation Used to Facilitate Communication between the Illinois State Cancer Registry and its Reporting Sources 2000 project (missing)
J54/102/ 4592 Idowu, Olumide A. Awareness of HIV/AIDS Risk-Reduction Behavior Among Incarcerated Men in Illinois 2004 project
J54/102/ 2202 Janssen, Julie Ann Dental Sealant Grant Program 1994 project
J54/102/ 3629 Kansal, Sarita Attitudes, Beliefs, Factors identified with successful and Unsuccessful Smoking Cessation among Health Professionals in Central Illinois 2000 project
J54/102/ 3157 Kapelski, Jennifer Lead Poisoning: An Awareness Program for Montgomery County 1998 thesis
J54/102/ 3749 Kauerauf, Judith A. Assessment of Illinois Local Health Department's Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Planning 2000 report
J54/102/ 3003 Koechle, Jennifer Educational Handouts for Parents of Lead-Poisoned Children 1998 project
J54/102/ 3843 Kraft, Kathleen M. Perceived Need for a Sexual Assault Response Team in Springfield, Illinois 2000 project
J54/102/ 3787 Lathan, Gina L. Assessment of Specific Services for Childhood Sexually Abused Women who Participate in HIV Prevention Programs 2000 project
J54/102/ 3391 Lay, Amy 1999 Reference Manual of AIDS/HIV Statutory Laws and Administrative Codes in Illinois 1999 clinical project
J54/102/ 4008 Lowman, Sandra Early Adolescent Smoking Prevention: Teaching Cognitive Skill to Resist Media Influence 2001 clinical project
J54/102/ 3001 Masse, Richard GIS Analysis of Hartford, Illinois 1998 project; includes three computer disks
J54/102/ 4058 Matevey, Courtney D. Implementing Tobacco Prevention Education: Teachers' Perceived Benefits and Barriers to Preventive Action 2001 project
J54/102/ 4724 McCune, Laura A. An Evaluation of Safe Food Handling Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Food Service Workers in Springfield, Illinois 2004 project
J54/102/ 2897 McGrew, Miles Community Beliefs concerning Sexuality Education in Fisher Community School District Number 1 1997 project
J54/102/ 4416 Meka, Anuradha Train the Trainer: Effective Risk Communication Strategy Through Public Health Assessment (PHA) Process 2003 project
J54/102/ 3829 Meltesen, Bridget Bioterrorism Preparedness Assessment for Hospitals in the State of Illinois 2000 project
J54/102/ 4506 Moorman, Nathaniel A Cross Sectional Survey of Child Safety Seat Use and Misuse 2003 project
J54/102/ 3643 Nargelenas, Teresa Outreach Campaign for WIC at the Sangamon County Public Health Department 2000 project
J54/102/ 3455 Nifong, Heather IPLAN Recertification for Morgan County Health Department: 1999 Community Health Needs Assessment and Community Health Plan 1999 project
J54/102/ 3668 Nuss, Janet L. Outpatient Perceptions Regarding Antibiotic Use and Antimicrobial Drug Resistance 2000 project
J54/102/ 3496 Parsons, Nancy Page Illinois Project for Local Assessment of Needs (IPLAN): McDonough County, 1999 1999 project
J54/102/ 4253 Patel, Smitta Establishment of a Diabetes Health Education Conference Through the Newly Founded Women's Health Forum 2002 project
J54/102/ 4158 Phillips, Marla R. Proactive Approach to Educating Middle School Children Regarding Domestic Violence 2001 project
J54/102/ 3115 Randag, Ruth Knowledge and Attitudes of Students at a Midwestern University Regarding HIV/ AIDS 1998 thesis
J54/102/ 3011 Randall, Theo Pregnancy (Parenthood) Prevention Program for African-American Males 1998 project
J54/102/ 2510 Renmart, David Investigation of Job Satisfaction Levels of Illinois Local Health Development Professional Staff 1995 project
J54/102/ 2814 Rivkin, Celeste Y. Study of the Illinois Newborn Screening Program and the Health Status of Sickle Cell Disease Patients 1996 project
J54/102/ 3859 Rugege, Sheba Cross-Sectional Study of Factors Influencing Anti-Malarial Drug Treatment Practices in Kampala, Uganda Populations 2001 thesis
J54/102/ 4528 Sambou, Kimberly Elementary Education: Fourth Grade Nutrition Education Instructional Unit 2004 project
J54/102/ 3382 Scherer, Donna Developing a Quality Assurance Curriculum for Public Health Professionals: Assessing the Quality of Managed Care for Children with Special Health Care Needs 1999 clinical project
J54/102/ 3997 Scott, Brett A. Fatalities in High Risk Industrial -- Specialty Construction Trades in Illinois,1992-1999 2001 project
J54/102/ 2889 Srinath, Veena Awareness of Newborn Screening 1997 thesis
J54/102/ 2634 Stewart, Amy L. Health Jeopardy: The Development of a Game to Be Used as a Learning Tool 1996 project
J54/102/ 2698 Strow, Nguyet-Anh B. Bloodborne Pathogens and Universal Precautions: Knowledge, Practices, Attitudes, and Obstacles in a Laboratory 1996 thesis
J54/102/ 2318 Sullinger, Connie Lead in Your Child's Environment: Methods of Reducing Lead Exposure 1994 project
J54/102/ 2523 Sullivan, David Reporting of Child Abuse by the Dental Health Professionals in Central Illinois 1995 thesis
J54/102/ 4410 Talty, Jennifer Attitudes and Beliefs of the Elderly African-American Population in Macon County Toward Influenza Vaccination 2003 project
J54/102/ 4664 Taylor, Stephanie Childhood Obesity: Developing an after school prevention/ intervention program in Will County (Joliet), IL 2004 project
J54/102/ 3390 Tippy, Kathy Investigation of a Multistate Salmonella Agona Outbreak: A Case-Control Study 1999 clinical project
J54/102/ 2706 Tonali, Beth Training Guide for Prevention: Preparing Peers for Advanced Leadership.. 1996 project
J54/102/ 3618 Trimberger, Karen Second Survey of States to Assess Use of Cardiovascular Disease Strategic Plan Preventing Death and Disability from Cardiovascular Diseases: State-Based Plan for Action 2000 project
J54/102/ 3130 VonBurg, Linda Development of a Database to Monitor the Diabetic Population in Macoupin County 1998 thesis
J54/102/ 3442 Wilkins, Melinda Pseudorabies Virus Slaughter Surveillance in Illinois: A Review of the Geographic Distribution by County 1999 project
J54/102/ 2707 Williams, Brenda Development of Information Packet for Cholesterol Awareness Education for Local Health Departments 1996 project
J54/102/ 4099 Williams, Mamie G. Tuberculosis in Illinois: 1992-1995 2001 thesis
J54/102/ 3260 Wohlrab, Kurt P. Methylene Chloride Exposure and Adverse Effects to Health in the Occupational Setting: Developing Educational Brochures 1998 project
J54/102 3916 Wood-Agamah, June C. Community Health Assessment Survey of Agbozume/Klikor and Surrounding Villages: A Comparative Study with the Volta Region of Ghana 2001 thesis
J54/102/ 3916 Wood-Agamah, June C. A Community Health Assessment Survey of Agbozume/Klikor and Surrounding Villages: A Comparative Study with the Volta Regioin of Ghana 2001 thesis
J54/102/ 3404 Zaheer, Suhaila Development of Health Fact Sheets about Mercury Exposure Due to Ritual Use of Mercury 1999 clinical project
J54/102/ 3460 Zaheer, Syed Assessment of the Ongoing Monitoring Process of Aflatoxins in Raw Milk in Illinois 1999 project
J54/102/ 2339 Zhong, Doris Analysis of a Needs Assessment Survey for Illinois Diabetes Control Program 1994 project