Management Information Systems Masters Projects/Theses

Call # Author Title Year Notes
J54/78/ 1745 Abanamy, Zeyad A. Dental Care System [:] The Development of a Dental Clinic Management System for Dental Care Clinic 1991 project
J54/78/ 1447 Abanomet, Walid S. Abanumay Sales System: The Development of a Sales System for the Sales Department of Abanumay Industrial Corporation 1990 project
J54/78/ 5359 Abbs, Isaac Lee A Web-Enabled Data Mart for City of Tucson Election Data 2009 project
J54/78/ 4359 Abid, Sohel R. Review of Research on Intelligent Agents and Development of a Prototype Search Engine for MIS-On-Line Program 2002 project
J54/78/ 2051 Adams-Barr, Betty Faculty Compensation Calculated System Created for Southern Illinois University School of Medicine 1993 project
J54/78/ 4216 Agarwala, Pallav Upsizing the Radon Measurement/Mitigation Exams Database for the Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety 2002 project
J54/78/ 3112 Ahmed, Filza Analysis, Design, and Implementation of Utility Company Database Using RAD Tool (Delphi) 1998 thesis
J54/78/ 4730 Aiemaroon, Usana A Template for a Communications Network Upgrade Plan 2004 project
J54/78/ 4044 Akay, Pelin Analyzing a Legacy Order Entry Processing System and Redesigning with Objects 2001 project
J54/78/ 2143 Al Nassar, Bader Mothercare Inventory Control System 1993 project
J54/78/ 1162 Al-Ammar, Adullah I. Prototype Informational Database for Commercial Loan Officers in Saudi Arabia 1989 project
J54/78/ 1338 Al-Awad, Mohammad A. N.I.C.S. Namarek Inventory Control System 1989 project
J54/78/ 1766 Al-Gebreen, Gebreen Lending Analyzer Expert System (LAES): A Prototype expert System for Commercial Loan Evaluation in the Banking Industry 1991 project
J54/78/ 1151 Alkeraiji, Fahd S. Prototype Expert System for Commercial Loan Decision Making 1989 project
J54/78/ 4634 Allen, Carmen B. Analysis and Design of a Prototype Tracking System for the State of Illinois Upward Mobility Program of Central Management Services 2004 project
J54/78/ 2008 Al-Mushayt, Omar Systems Analysis for Analysis and Design for Alcastle Supermarket 1993 project
J54/78/ 2191 Al-Noubi, Waleed KH Development of A Computer Based Instruction for the Applied Study Program 1994 project
J54/78/ 1493 Alrashidi, Maher A. Al-Deesah Data Base Inventory System 1990 project
J54/78/ 1503 Al-Shahrany, Ali Ayed Al-Shahrany Database Information System 1990 project
J54/78/ 1357 Al-Wohaibi, Nasser A. H.R.A.S. Hotel Room Allocation System 1989 project (missing)
J54/78/ 2952 Amoakon, Houpoet Analysis, Design, and Implementation of a Room Reservation System for the Office of Continuing Education at the University of Illinois at Springfield 1997 project
J54/78/ 2534 Angel, Nester Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and the World Wide Web (WWW) 1995 project
J54/78/ 1751 Ashraf, Sayed Reaz Pakistan Motel Application System: A Master Project for the Hotels Application System for Motel in Pakistan 1991 project
J54/78/ 3137 Baker, J. Edward Wanted: Newspaper Seeking Modern Advertising Department -- Inquire Within 1998 project
J54/78/ 3637 Banu, Rakshan System Analysis, Design, & Development Of an Invoice Error Tracking System 2000 project
J54/78/ 4448 Baylor, Grant A. Design of a Telecommunications Asset Management Prototype 2003 project
J54/78/ 1705 Bean, Lisa Cannabis and Controlled Substance Tax System 1991 project
J54/78/ 1628 Bee, Gail Analysis of Community Data Systems for the Illinois Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities 1991 project
J54/78/ 3335 Beilstein, Steven P. Prototype Expert System for the Assessment of Pain Symptoms in Disability Claims 1999 project
J54/78/ 3857 Bellamkonda, Ravi Computer Based Training For File Sync Employees at P&SS/IS (Parts & Service Support/Information Services) 2001 project
J54/78/ 4018 Benner, Martha L. NRGIS:A Geographical Information System for Locating And Identifying Illinois Properties on the National Register of Historic Places 2001 project
J54/78/ 4449 Bhosale, Bipin P. Analysis and Design of an Environment Resource Management System For A Manufacturing Company Using Lotus Notes 5.0 2003 project
J54/78/ 5328 Bohlmann, Michael The Relationship of IT Investment, IT Leader Motivation, and Business-IT Alignment 2009 thesis
J54/78/ 2279 Briggs, Bruce GDSS-SSU: Electronic Brainstorming Tool 1993 project
J54/78/ 1686 Brittin, Joe Early Warning Expert System for Monitoring Nuclear Power Reactors in Illinois 1991 project
J54/78/ 2340 Buasai, Prapijtr Effectiveness of Information Delivery in Current Educational Multimedia 1994 project
J54/78/ 4451 Burnburg, Matthew K. A Proposed Framework For Business Information Security Based On The Concept Of Defense-In-Depth: Appendices 2003 thesis
J54/78/ 4347 Burnett, JoAnn Human Resource Management and Planning for NIMS Associates, Inc. 2002 project
J54/78/ 3735 Carlson, Bruce L. Electronic Reporting Prototype for Submission of Discharge Monitoring Reports via the World Wide Web 2000 project
J54/78/ 2670 Chana'a, Maha M. Marketing on the World Wide Web Using "SWOT" Analysis 1996 project
J54/78/ 4412 Chayanont, Warocha Evaluation of Electronic Book Reading Software 2003 project
J54/78/ 3994 Chee, Wai-Yin Integrated Management Information Systems for TeamMack Racing,Inc. 2001 project
J54/78/ 3798 Chobanian, Joan A. Precision Farming Customer Support System for Montgomery County 2000 project
J54/78/ 2449 Chokgijgarn,Paulpone Analysis/Design and Documentation of an Information System for an Automobile Dealership in Thailand 1995 project
J54/78/ 4489 Clay, Maury O. A Personal Decision Support System Prototype For Flexible Spending Account 2003 project
J54/78/ 4310 Coggins, Deborah L. Audit Program for an Audit of the Computer Incident, Intrusion or Emergency Response Process 2002 project
J54/78/ 2243 Conley, Natasha R. Sangamon State University Cox Children's Center Database Management System 1994 project
J54/78/ 2640 Crow, Shelly Systems Analysis and Design of the Daily Processing for a Large Marketing Firm 1996 project
J54/78/ 3692 Davis, Jay W. TRACE: A System for Tracking and Enrollment Information for the Illinois Dept of Public Health Training & Resource Center 2000 project
J54/78/ 3790 Davis, Robert S. Web-enabled Data Mart for Sales Analysis 2000 project
J54/78/ 1857 Deters, Ronald W. Guide to Case Technology 1992 project
J54/78/ 2192 Doddanavar, Amy G. Analysis and Design of a Managerial Decision Support System for the Illinois Department of Corrections Juvenile Division 1994 project
J54/78/ 2382 Dodson, Deborah Evaluation of the Effects of Groupware Applications in a Nursing Service Organization 1995 thesis
J54/78/ 1729 Dong, Yali Graduate Education in Management Information Systems in the United States: An Information Database and Curriculum Guide 1991 project
J54/78/ 3603 Doty, Aaron Expert System Module for the Cybercollaboratory to Assist in Analysis of Project Management 1999 project
J54/78/ 4135 Dundar, Erol Web-based Application System Prototype: A Case of Samet Inc. 2001 project
J54/78/ 2550 Durbin, Michael P. Designing and Building a Data Warehouse Graphical Front-end 1995 project
J54/78/ 4488 Eiter, Marsha ChemISt: A Chemistry Inventory Management and Decision Support System 2003 project
J54/78/ 4731 Endorf, Carl F. Honeypots: An In Depth Analysis and Use in a Large Corporate Environment 2004 project
J54/78/ 2216 Erinkitola, Ayopo Abiola Computer Based Information System for the Applied Studies Term Office at Sangamon State University 1994 project
J54/78/ 3147 Escarraz, Mary E. Complaint On-Line Printing Enhancements: An Enhancement to the Complaint Tracking System for the Illinois Department of Insurance 1998 thesis
J54/78/ 3446 Escarraz, Paul Design of An Organization Specific Object-Oriented Product Development Methodology for the Illinois Department of Insurance 1999 project
J54/78/ 5092 Fernandez, Eugenio (Gene) Health Care Information Technology Diffusion: The Impact of Electronic Health Record (EHR) Legislation and Interoperability Certification on Adoption 2007 project
J54/78/ 2468 Finn, James E. II Parties (Programmers' Abort Restore Interactive Expert System): An Expert System to Assist Computer Programmers at the Illinois Department of Revenue 1995 project
J54/78/ 3962 Flesner, Brent D. Guide to Upgrading a Network Operating System in a Complex Environment 2001 project
J54/78/ 2608 Gaewjundee, Sudsvat System Analysis and Design of a Telemedicine System 1996 project
J54/78/ 2667 Gokare, Vasanta Study of the Internet as a Tool for Business Research and Teaching 1996 project
J54/75/ 575 Golembiewski, Robert Longitudinal Study of Flexi-Time Effects 1977 thesis
J54/78/ 3667 Gorman, Donna Distance Education on the Web 2000 project
J54/78/ 3978 Grasch, Holly GDSS-UIS: Web-Enabled, Asynchronous Alternative Evaluation Tool 2001 project
J54/78/ 5692 Grennan, Sean The Selection of a Collection Management System for the Library and Archives of the Will Eisner Hall of Fame 2013 project
J54/78/ 4214 Grohsmeyer, Vickilyn A. Systems Analysis and Design of a Backhoe Loader Machine Configuration and Competitive Pricing Prototype 2002 project
J54/78/ 2552 Gu, Fei Analysis and Design of a Multimedia Resource Control System 1995 project
J54/78/ 1753 Gunawan, Hendra Sumber URIP Company Transportation System 1991 project
J54/78/ 1400 Hadidi, Mansour MIMS: A Manufacturing Inventory Management System 1989 project
J54/78/ 5693 Hamilton, Jason Practical Experience Developing Padiddles, a web application utilizing PHP & SQL 2013 project
J54/78/ 1770 Hanthaiphondee, Kiattipong Prototype for Heat-X Ordering System 1992 project
J54/78/ 3386 Hassan, Bashir N. Soybex: an Interactive Disease Diagnosis Expert System for Common Soybean Diseases in State of Illinois 1999 project
J54/78/ 3027 Hawarneh, Bassam GDSS-UIS: Voting Tool 1998 project
J54/78/ 3507 Haynes, Donna Elane Design and Development of a Conference Center Work Order System 1999 project
J54/78/ 1925 Heaberlin, Steven P. Business Resumption Planning for the Data Center 1992 project
J54/78/ 4608 Henretta, Lyndall P. Systems Analysis and Design of a Telementoring System for Endovascular Aortic Grafting Procedures 2004 project
J54/78/ 4377 Hensley, Nicolyn P. Cyber terrorism: Watching your Back and Back Doors 2003 project
J54/78/ 4805 Highfield, Myron Prototype Decision Support System to Manage Application Capacity 2005 project
J54/78/ 1853 Hilgenbrink, Donna R. Analysis of Several Packages in the Downsizing Process in a Community College Environment 1992 project
J54/78/ 2146 Hill, Terry R. Design, Development, and Implementation of a LAN-based Management Information System for Fund Accounting 1993 project
J54/78/ 1921 Hinckley, Melanie RVIII Strategic Decision Assistant 1992 project
J54/78/ 2466 Howerter, Wendy L. Development of Standards and Implementation in the Evaluation and Justification of a Decision Support System at Memorial Health System 1995 project
J54/78/ 4590 Huang, Wei Analysis and Design of a Web-Based Vehicle Tracking Database System Prototype for the Illinois Correctional Industries 2004 project
J54/78/ 1869 Indukuri, Raju L.N. Identification of Problems and Solutions for Lab Consultants and Users of the SSU Computer Lab Network 1992 project
J54/78/ 2142 Jennings, Michael T. Payroll and Timekeeping System 1993 project
J54/78/ 2730 Jongky, John Reengineering of Project and Budget Management in the Bureu of Administration and Facility Services of the Illinois Department of Transportation 1996 project
J54/78/ 1825 Joseph, John Small Clinic Manager 1992 project
J54/78/ 3397 Kedsavapitug, Anuwat Web-Enabled Asynchronous Idea Organization Tool (WIO) 1999 project
J54/78/ 1120 Keener, Alyce McFarland Mental Health Center Master Treatment Plan Database 1988 project
J54/78/ 3482 Kellermann, Todd R. Sales Management Advisor Retailer's Tool 1999 project
J54/78/ 4136 Kemper, Kristen J. Analysis, Design, and Implementation of an HL7 Real-Time Interface 2001 project
J54/78/ 4134 Knox, Jeralyn A. Financial and Clinical Systems Integration Plan: The Case of SSM Health Care 2001 project
J54/78/ 2880 Kowigai, Perapong Modern Connectivity Technologies for a Local Area Network at the Illinois Department of Transportation 1997 project
J54/78/ 2794 Kuhacharoen, Jarinya Analysis and Design of an Information System for the Food Service Department at University of Illinois at Springfield 1997 thesis
J54/78/ 1602 Kuhacharoen, Mucharee P. Development of a Software Evaluation Tool for a Utility Billing System 1990 project
J54/78/ 4186 Kuhlman, Jeff DCFS Net: Design and Development of an Intranet Prototype for the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services 2002 project
J54/78/ 3605 Kwon, Maria M. Effectiveness Assessment of a Virtual Meeting System (VMS) for a State Agency: A Pilot Study 1999 project
J54/78/ 3111 Lawrence, Roderick T. Treasury System Process Reengineering and Automation 1998 thesis
J54/78/ 3639 Lertmahawong, Amornrat Downsizing the Medical Radiation Technology Accreditation (MRA) System for Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety 2000 project
J54/78/ 1924 Levy, Jr., Charles E. Development of an Organizational Strategic Information Systems Plan (OSISP) for the Illinois Emergency Management Agency 1992 project
J54/78/ 3757 Li, Zhen Analysis and Design of a Business to Consumer Online Ordering Web Site 2000 project
J54/78/ 4931 Liesen, Joseph J. Time and Attendance System at Culver-Stockton College: A Web-Enabled Approach to Streamlining an HR Function 2006 project
J54/78/ 2455 Lin, Shun-Chin GDSS-SSU Idea Organization Idea Tool 1995 project
J54/78/ 4589 Lohrasbi, Kevin Development of a Framework for an Analysis and Comparison of the Online Course Assessment Software Packages Used in the SIU School of Medicine 2004 project
J54/78/ 3504 Luangvilai, Patcharopas Year 2000 Compliancy Issues and the State of Illinois Central Management Services Case of Database Conversion 1999 project
J54/78/ 2656 Lyons, Elaine Automation of Computer Numerical Control Tool Layout Reports 1996 project
J54/78/ 4017 Maffet, Geoffrey A. Complex Adaptive Systems Design for Lean Manufacturing 2001 project
J54/78/ 3481 Mathew, Zachariah Intranets: Design, Development & Implementation 1999 project
J54/78/ 3238 McAninch, Ross Academic Advising for Computer Science Majors Via An Expert System 1998 project
J54/78/ 4141 McCulley, Michael R. Analysis and Design of a Prototype Intranet for the Division of Land Management of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources 2001 project
J54/78/ 5583 Merritt, Scott A Baseline Application Architecture for Botswana, A Developing Middle Income Country: The Current Environmnet and Challenges on the Path to Maximizing the Full Potential of Health Information Systems 2011 project
J54/78/ 3666 Miller, Kathy E. Systems Analysis and Design on Web-Based Registration for UIS 2000 project
J54/78/ 4378 Miller, Marcia A. Prototype of the Virtual Case Management (VCM) Forms Process for the Office of Rehabilitation Services 2003 project
J54/78/ 4252 Mitchell, Willie Data Mart Prototype For the Office of Banks and Real Estate Information Systems Division Help Desk 2002 project
J54/78/ 2161 Mogkolvater, Pornchai Literature Review of Current Case Tools 1993 project
J54/78/ 1982 Musafir, Majdi Document on a Computerized Integrated Management Information Systems for the Ministry of Finance in Jordan 1993 project
J54/78/ 3847 Mutidjo, Esti D. Analysis, Design and Implementation of the Regional Institute of Community Policing Registration System 2000 project
J54/78/ 4930 Nadikattu, Madhuri Employee Information Management System 2006 project
J54/78/ 2521 Nakorn, Tatiyana LAN and ISDN Integration 1995 project
J54/78/ 4447 Nattawut, Pattama A Comparative Evaluation of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software For Electronic Commerce 2003 project
J54/78/ 5174 Newell, Stephen An Information Systems Architecture & Maturity Model to Support State and Local Government Homeland Security 2007 thesis
J54/78/ 3624 Nimpson, Dominic Project Planning Catalog: A Strategic Project Planning System 2000 project
J54/78/ 2795 Nolen, Brent W. Illinois State Police Inspection and Audits : Design of a Tracking System for Internal Property and Procedures 1997 project
J54/78/ 4591 Noor, Sk. Ali Design a Prototype of a Data Warehouse for a Health Care Finance Decision Support System 2004 project
J54/78/ 1920 Norris, Susan M. Analysis and Standardization of a Telecommunications Inventory for a Management Reporting System Database 1992 project
J54/78/ 5420 Nsour, Faisal A Domain Ontology for Transaction Processing in Commercial Real Estate Information Systems 2009 project
J54/80/ 2825 Obieroma, Ovie I Study for the Critical Success Factors for Establishing a Commercial World Wide Web Site 1997 project
J54/78/ 2825 Obieroma, Ovie I. A Study of the Critical Success Factors for Establishing a Commercial World Wide Web Site 1997 project
J54/78/ 3333 Oliver, John H. Interactive Multimedia Employee Training System (IMMET): Development and Implications of Multimedia Technology for Employee Training at CILCO 1999 project
J54/78/ 1891 Omokheyke, Omotoye O. Joe Employee Time-Keeping Database System, Department of Mines and Minerals 1992 project
J54/78/ 4082 Otto, Martha Comparison of A Community College Information System Degree And Employer Expectations of the Graduate 2001 project
J54/78/ 1839 Owens, Susan J. Dental Management System 1992 project
J54/78/ 2108 Oxley, Jerry L. Divorce Companion Software 1993 project
J54/78/ 1923 Oyesanya, Femi Environmental Database System for the Hope School 1992 project
J54/78/ 4521 Pancaro, Joseph S. Building a Comprehensive Configuration Management (CM) Model for the Federal Government's Agency 'X' Information Systems 2004 project
J54/78/ 2953 Parupalli, Jyothi Facility Logistics Expert (FLEX) 1997 project
J54/78/ 1526 Pattanaprapun, Somesak Analysis and Design of a New Information System at the First of Bangkok Bank in Thailand 1990 project
J54/78/ 4545 Pochakaparipan, Apichai An Information Systems Architecture For Autoclave Aerated Concrete Manufacturing Company, Thailand 2004 project
J54/78/ 4456 Propst,Steven G. A Temporary Parking Pass System Prototype: A Case Study of Support for the University of Illinois Springfield Online 2003 project
J54/78/ 5159 Ramasubramanian, Srividya Enterprise Platform Integration by Way of Web Service Technology and Its Feasibility Study 2007 project
J54/78/ 2954 Ramesh, Viswambal CBD (Computer Based Detailing) An Interactive Multimedia Software at Merck Pharmaceuticals 1997 project
J54/78/ 5286 Rearden, Pamela J. System Analysis, Design and Prototype Development of an Order Entry System for a Small Business, a Case of Rearden Cabinet Company 2008 project
J54/78/ 2099 Richter, Carol A. Using Expert Systems to Assist in the Commercialization of a New Product 1993 project
J54/78/ 2955 Roesch, Sue Electronic Help Desk for the UIS Computer Consultants Using Lotus Notes as the Developmental Platform 1997 project
J54/78/ 3694 Rujinarong, Montanee Examination of Applicability of Roger's Model for Diffusion of E-business 2000 project
J54/78/ 1862 Sa'ad, Al-Ghandi Abdulla APPS: Al-Rihaniah Printing Press System 1992 project
J54/78/ 3503 Sager, Andrew M. Martel Evaluation Tool and Logistics (METAL) 1999 project
J54/78/ 4360 Sampson, Barry Web Interface for Data Query From A Manufacturing Resource Planning System 2003 project
J54/78/ 2563 Sequiira, Chhaya User's Perception of Computer Aided Software Engineering (Case) Tools In Private, Public, and Academic Sectors 1995 project
J54/78/ 1898 Shaw, Dottie F. Design of the Multimedia Information System for the Board of Governors Universities 1992 project
J54/78/ 3463 Shaw, Douglas W. UIS-Scheduler: An Asynchronous Collaborative Web-Based Course Scheduling Application 1998 project
J54/78/ 2477 Shea, Lana Automated Speech Recognition as a Speech Motivator for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students 1995 project
J54/78/ 1530 Shepherd, Elizabeth Nelson White House Demonstration Tracking System 1990 project
J54/78/ 4887 Shotts, Deborah Requirements Analysis for Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure Recovery at the Illinois Department of Central Management Services 2005 project
J54/78/ 3925 Shutt, Cheryl K. Development of an Expert System for the Rapid, Presumptive Identification of Common Gram Negative Rods from Urine Cultures: Rapid-Rod 2001 project
J54/78/ 4362 Sidem, Aksel Analysis, Design, and Development of An Order Booking Analysis Tool: An Intranet-Based Application for Derco Aerospace 2002 project
J54/78/ 2570 Sieo, Somporn Analysis, Design, and Implementation Plan of an Information System for the Overseas Shopping Community 1996 thesis
J54/78/ 3295 Siripaiboon, Jatupol Survey and Comparison of Available Electronic Payment Systems 1998 project
J54/78/ 2520 Smith, Scott Program Abort Diagnosis Expert System 1995 project
J54/78/ 3707 Somsak, Paranan Examination of Critical Success Factors of Electronic Commerce Companies in the IT Industry 2000 project
J54/78/ 2551 Speckman, Alan Factors Affecting the Job Performance of Program Developers 1995 project
J54/78/ 1784 Srisgultiew, Wantanee Expert System for Banking Services Advising Task: BSA (Banking Services Advisor) 1992 project
J54/78/ 4363 Stewart, Roy Decision Support System Approach to Utility Load Forecasting 2002 project
J54/78/ 4635 Storm, A.P. XML Enabled Human Resources Civil Service Testing and Recruiting Prototype 2004 project
J54/78/ 1511 Stout, Glenn Allan Telecommunications Security: A Methodology 1990 project
J54/78/ 4455 Sundaravej, Thanaporn Analysis and Design of an Online Admission Status Checking System For International Students at UIS 2003 project
J54/78/ 4215 Syed, Imran Development of a Prototype Groundwater Monitoring Decision Support System 2002 project
J54/78/ 1752 Tai-Sheng Jen House Sale Support System Using an Expert System and a Database Methodology for the First Hill Real Estate Company 1991 project
J54/78/ 1468 Tan, James Kow Ping Prototype Project Chance Management Reporting System (PCMRS) 1990 project
J54/78/ 4187 Tan, Yock Hoon Systems Analysis and Design for a Grant Tracking System for the Illinois Board of Higher Education 2002 project
J54/78/ 4138 Taylor, Mark A. Easy Football Scout DSS Software: Obtaining a Competitive Advantage 2001 project
J54/78/ 3028 Taylor, Perry R. Prototype Case Worker Information System Using Web Technologies 1998 project
J54/78/ 1720 Thomas, Ron Educational Services Information for the Corporate Training Center, Ltd. 1991 project
J54/78/ 2145 Thompson, Ricardo L. Demonstration of the Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Methodology 1993 project
J54/78/ 3204 Tiraporn, Udomlak Development of an Information Architecture for Charean-Sutiporn Textile (CST) Weaving Company in Thailand 1998 project
J54/78/ 2160 Tiseth, John A. Multimedia as a Training Tool 1993 project
J54/78/ 2657 Tish, Randy Automation Error Resolution Processing for Business Income tax Returns at the Illinois Department of Revenue 1996 project
J54/78/ 4361 Trello, Michael Bank Assurance: A Web-Based Insurance Application and Loan Quotation System Prototype for a Banking Business 2002 project
J54/78/ 2506 Tsai, Pei-Chen Adoption Training Process of the Intravenous Infusion Systems of the Health Care Module at St. John's Hospital 1995 project
J54/78/ 1469 Tuma, Steve Scott Scheduler: An Automated Employee Scheduling System 1990 project
J54/78/ 3296 Tweed, Jina L. Asynchronous Training System (ATS) for Web Enables Cyber Collaboratory for Asynchronous Teams (Web-CCAT) 1998 project
J54/78/ 4348 Uslu, Cihan Y. Automation of XML/EDI Test Questions into TEDS 2002 project
J54/78/ 3604 Vanichviroon, Songsak Impact of the Internet on the Promotional Mix: A Prototype Web-Based Instructional Module 1999 project
J54/78/ 1861 Veech, Charles A. Sales Decision Support System for a Small Business 1992 project
J54/78/ 4379 Veile, Markus W. Designing and Building a Web-Enabled Data Mart for a Political Organization 2003 project
J54/78/ 3693 Vidanai, Songpanya Examination & Comparison of Electronic Document Management Systems 2000 project
J54/78/ 3706 Visaruthvong, Chanin Prototype of Web-based Directory at University of Illinois at Springfield 2000 project
J54/78/ 2406 Voyles, Christina Preparing an Inventory Management Reporting System With an Object-Oriented Programming Tool 1995 project
J54/78/ 4137 Wagner, Harold J. Information Systems Auditing and Electronic Commerce 2001 project
J54/78/ 2144 Walbot, Jacqueline End User Computing and Managing End User Computing 1993 project
J54/78/ 4933 Walker, Natasha ISS: Interactive STD Station A Prototype Expert System for the Diagnosis of Sexually Transmitted Diseases 2006 project
J54/78/ 2472 Wang, Li Expert System for Selective Test Sites and Users for the Illinois Computer Assisted Appraisal System 1995 project
J54/78/ 4450 Watanapa, Oranong Systems Analysis And Design Of Provider-Client Support System Prototype For The Department Of Human Services' Front Door Project 2003 project
J54/78/ 2669 Weatherford, Glenn Decision Support System Prototype fir Domestic Violence Treatment Program 1996 project
J54/78/ 1984 Weerakoon, Amitha I. Intelligent Student Adviser: Development and Implications of Expert Systems Technology for Academic Advising 1993 project
J54/78/ 5003 Wells, Darrell Automation of Bound to Stay Bound (BTSB) Cataloguing System 2006 project
J54/78/ 2598 Wen, Shining GDSS at UIS: An Alternative Evaluation Tool 1996 project
J54/78/ 3334 Werries, Kevin Development of the Cybercollaboratory Testing Methodology 1999 project
J54/78/ 2909 Wersing, Andrea Steven Industries Inquiry Tracking and Response System 1997 project
J54/78/ 4522 Wilson, Denise R. A Decision Support System Prototype For a Hospital-Based Ancillary Service Department 2003 project
J54/78/ 4413 Wiriyakraikul, Kiedtiyod Web-Based Data Request Prototype for the Technology Management Unit 2003 project
J54/78/ 4729 Wongjarupun, Maykin A Comparative Analysis of Multiple Linear Regression and Artificial Neural Networks Models for Prediction Purposes 2004 project
J54/78/ 1147 Wongsanuwatkul, Watcharaporn Expert System Prototype in Capital Budgeting 1988 report
J54/78/ 1750 Woolard, Larry Strategic Plan for Computing at Lincoln Christian College and Seminary 1991 project
J54/78/ 4411 Yakici, Ismail Analysis of Migration Techniques for Legacy Information Systems 2003 project
J54/78/ 3924 Zhang, Zhihui Analysis, Design And Implementation of a Web-Enabled Information System for Maid Agencies 2001 project
J54/78/ 3963 Zhu, Xiaotong Systems Analysis and Design of an Intranet-Based Warehouse Order Fulfillment System for the Illinois Department of Public Aid 2001 project