Liberal and Integrative Studies

Formerly Individual Option Program.

Call # Author Title Year Notes
J54/60/ 5307 Beenenga-Long, Lisa Maria H.S. 3-D Art Curriculum 2008 project
J54/60/ 5507 Bellm, Rugh Morarlity in Management 2010 project
J54/60/ 5834 Bierbaum, Joshua To Win Unconventional Struggles 2015 thesis
J54/60/ 5471 Brown, James T. (III) Concerning Information and Communication Technologies, Kantian Enlightenment Reason, and Political Theory 2010 thesis
J54/60/ 5486 Caldwell, P. Herbert College Retention: Support Networds for First Generation Students of African Descent 2010 thesis
J54/60/ 5369 Carrell, Jeremy R. A Qualitative Case Study of the Human Resource Management Approach in a Volunteer Organization 2009 thesis
J54/60/ 5289 Chamness, Angela N. School Success with Less: A Critical Analysis of Low-Expenditure, High-Achieving School Districts in Illinios 2008 thesis
J54/60/ 5538 Chandler, Ryan Liberal and Itegrative Studies Summary For a Master's Degree in Informatics 2011 project
J54/60/ 5551 Chandler, Ryan L. The Role of Human Perceptual Control Within an Information Application 2011 project
J54/60/ 5524 Collins, Julie M. Covering Environmental Conflict: An Analysis of Coalbed Methane Coverage in Newspapers in the Powder River Basin of Montana & Wyoming 2010 thesis
J54/60/ 5541 DeLong, Michele A. Music and Literacy: Harmonious Partners 2011 project
J54/60/ 5317 Fanning, William F., Jr. Illinois Technical University Foundation and Advancement Division: Policies and Procedures Review, Creation, and Documentation 2008 project
J54/60/ 5333 Gilleland, David W. Appreciative Inquiry Workshop Project Summary 2009 project
J54/60/ 5449 Grundy, Susan A. Introduction to Newtworking: An Adventure in Technology-Based Learning and Instruction 2010 project
J54/60/ 5824 Hadsall, Carolyn K. Sexuality Education in the Public Schools in the United States: Is this Really the Ultimate Cultural Conflict 2013 thesis
J54/60/ 5379 Hahne, Abby Communicating Risk Through the Use of an Interactive Mapping Application: Designing and Publishing Illinois Superfund Risk Information for the Federal Site Remediation Section of the Illinois EPA 2009 project
J54/60/ 5334 Hennessey, Tara The Road for an Author 2009 project
J54/60/ 5378 Hester, Joshua Nursing @ Memorial: Make A Difference; A Multi-media recruitment solution 2009 project with disk
J54/60/ 5440 Hudson, Lea Are Women Able to Fulfill Their Potential in the Workplace? 2010 project
J54/60/ 5540 Huskins, E.R. Traditional Black-and-White Photography: A Comprehensive Educational Curriculum for College Students 2011 project w/ 13 CDs
J54/60/ 5459 Irwin, Thomas C. From Words to Songs 2010 project
J54/60/ 5600 Johnson, Heidi R. Tranformation Without Negation:  An Autonomist Critque of Laclau and Mouffe 2011 thesis
J54/60/ 5344 Kim, Michael J. Skills Coaches as Part of the Educational Team: A Randomized Controlled Trial of Teaching of a Basic Surgical Skill in the Laboratory Setting 2009 project
J54/60/ 5558 Lynch, Jaqueline The Ethics of Avatars in Virtual Worlds 2011 thesis
J54/60/ 5290 Matthews, Carrie K-8 Technology Curriculum Research: Developing A Technology Scope and Sequence 2008 project
J54/60/ 5448 Moulton, Stephanie Literature Review 2010 project
J54/60/ 5835 Park, No-Jun About Artificial Emotion 2015 thesis
J54/60/ 5661 Parsons-Heather, Timothy Institution of the Illinois Society of Certified Public Managers 2013 project
J54/60/ 5291 Pyle, Amy E. Technology and You: A Guide to Technology for Teachers in District 186 2008 project with DVD
J54/60/ 5462 Roberts-Lieb, Solomon D. Technology Impact and Assessment: The Guide and its Creation 2010 project
J54/60/ 5474 Root, Richard W. Power Shared = Power Squared; Interest-Based Bargaining for School Boards 2010 thesis, includes instructional material
J54/60/ 5453 Standish, Stephanie K. Oral Health in Sangamon County, Illinois 2010 project
J54/60/ 5469 Vollmer, Jolene M. A Globalized Campus: The Role of the UIS International Festival in the Internationalization of Higher Education 2010 project
J54/60/ 5605 Vu, Trang Children's Voices in Art 2012 project; two copies
J54/60/ 5380 Zbikowski, Kristen Emotional Trauma as Compound Harm 2009 project