Legal Studies Masters Projects/Theses

Call # Author Title Year Notes
J54/65/ 1637 Angeles, Robert Civil Rights for the Developmentally Disabled: Redefining Discrimination 1989 thesis
J54/65/ 1510 Bonansinga, Michael Inquiry into the Life and Philosophy of Roscoe Pound and the Continuing Debate on Court Unification 1990 project
J54/65/ 2083 Briggs, Carole Hate Crime Statistics Act: Disparate Reporting and Hate-Crimes: Intolerance and Homophobia 1993 seminar final paper
J54/65/ 2381 Castles, Terri Obesity as a Disability Under the ADA: Forcing a Square Peg into a Round Hole 1995 thesis
J54/65/ 2122 Charleston, Connie Civil Liberties for Group Libel as a Weapon Against Hate Speech 1993 project
J54/65/ 5679 Cox, Matthew C. Rethinking the way in which we treat veterans regarding sex offender reigstration 2013 thesis
J54/65/ 878 Downs, John T. Case of Judge Harry E. Claiborne 1987 thesis
J54/65/ 171 Edvenson, June C. Hazardous Waste Disposal In Illinois: Legal and Administrative Issues 1984 thesis
J54/65/ 2125 Engle, Jan Outcomes of Due Process Hearings in Illinois Special Education 1990-1991 1993 thesis
J54/65/ 353 Freeman, Sandra K. Women In Crime 1984 thesis
J54/65/ 3010 Grube, Tara Effects of Illinois Zero Tolerance Law 1998 project
J54/65/ 1509 Hamm, John Application of the Doctrine of Exhaustion of Administrative Remedies and the Education for All Handicapped Children Act 1990 project
J54/65/ 1896 Hasara, Karen Search: Towards Openness in Adoption 1991 thesis
J54/65/ 3158 Haschemeyer, Sandra History of Judicial Selection in Illinois Election vs. Appointment 1998 thesis
J54/65/ 1141 Karam, Eileen A. Federal Judicial Selection: The Need for a Merit System 1988 thesis
J54/65/ 46 Kelly, James Joseph Redemption's of Closely Held Corporate Stock 1982 thesis
J54/65/ 1513 Kibby, Janice Children with AIDS and ARC: Rights to a Free Public Education 1990 project
J54/65/ 2055 Knoll, Mark A. Defining the Boundaries of Bigoted "Hate Speech": an Analysis of R.A.V vs. City of St., Paul 1993 closing paper
J54/65/ 1656 Kubala, Susan B. Oregon V. Smith and Current Development in the Free Exercise Clause 1991 project
J54/65/ 2082 Larkin, Scott M. Considering the Importance of Hate Speech on University Campuses: A Practical Guide for University Administrators 1993 thesis
J54/65/ 206 Lenth, Susan Domestic Violence and the Law 1983 thesis
J54/65/ 1104 Liebe, Bruce A. Need to Limit Police use of Deadly Force Benefits to Police Decision -- Making and the Reduction of Negative Civil Judgments 1988 report
J54/65/ 849 Mathur, Neeta Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and the Pollution Control Board 1987 project
J54/65/ 1061 Montgomery, Joseph P. Textbook Selection in Kentucky: A Need for Required Rulemaking 1988 thesis
J54/65/ 879 Northern, Natalie D. Admissability of Expert Testimony Concerning the Battered Woman Syndrome 1987 thesis
J54/65/ 2351 Peddycourt, Jeffery C. Entitlement Status for the WIC Program 1994 thesis
J54/65/ 2949 Pella, Theresa A. Alternative Approach to Environmental Rulemaking "Reg Neg" 1997 thesis
J54/65/ 3103 Post-Lucas, Linda In Forma Pauperis in Illinois: The Time Has Come for Legislative Options to Provide Poor People with Full Procedural Access in Civil Litigation 1996 thesis
J54/65/ 969 Renken, John A. Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Religious Discrimination In Employment 1988 thesis
J54/65/ 3664 Roehrs, Karmen L. Admissibility of Expert Testimony on Battered Woman Syndrome 2000 thesis
J54/65/ 1049 Schrof, Crystal A. Is AIDS a Handicap Under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973? 1988 report
J54/65/ 941 Sgro, Judy Should Juveniles Be Sentenced to Death? 1987 report
J54/65/ 750 Snyder Hansen, Paulette History of the Mental Health Movement in the US and in Illinois Over 150 Years and Effects on Women 1986 thesis
J54/65/ 1198 Snyder, Colleen M. Arbitrator Advertising: An Idea Whose Time Has Come 1989 report
J54/65/ 1883 Tretter, Scott A. Role of Victim Impact Evidence in Capital Sentencing After Payne v. Tennessee: Helpful or Harmful 1992 thesis
J54/65/ 231 Wang, Po-Chien Arbitration Clauses in Sino-American Contracts 1984 thesis
J54/65/ 564 Wylie, Lynette Historical Summary and Analysis of Psychological Developments in the Attribution of Criminal Responsibility and Punishment to the Mentally Ill 1985 thesis