Individual Option Masters Projects/Theses

Call # Author Title Year Notes
J54/60/ 571 Abbott, David E. Vocational Counseling 1977 thesis
J54/60/ 5274 Ahlers, Gaye Science Museum Curriculum: The Human Rainbow: How Did All of the Cultural Groups get Their Colors? 2008 project
J54/60/ 2081 Anderson, Judith L. Stress Management 1993 project
J54/60/ 3799 Baker, Doug Gender Violence, Abuse, and Aggression: in Dating and Partnering Relationships 2000 project
J54/60/ 2876 Baker, G.J. Model for Multidisciplinary Investigations of Child Abuse 1997 project
J54/60/ 2018 Bandy, Susan Developing a New Transferable Program at the Community College Level 1993 project
J54/60/ 4607 Barefield, Tiffany R. Developing a Domestic Violence Intervention Program: A Pilot Proposal 2004 project
J54/60/ 2129 Barnard, Thomas A. Life in the Vegetable Garden (Novel) 1993 project
J54/60/ 4519 Barnett, John Turris Coal Company: A Case Study in Team Building 2002 thesis
J54/60/ 3415 Beery, Cheryl A. Goal Displacement Case Study 1999 thesis
J54/60/ 4509 Blair, Elizabeth A. Teaching Corrections Online 2003 project
J54/60/ 3858 Blythe, Yo-San Organization Of The National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People: An Effect Of Social And Political Activity By Black And White Leaders 2000 thesis
J54/60/ 2904 Bobzien, Diana Meeting the NCTM`s Mathematics Standards and More 1997 project
J54/60/ 2674 Boer, Ann Marie Friends of the Sangamon Auditorium: Developing A New Organization to Support the Performing Arts 1996 project
J54/60/ 4492 Bolanos de Ploch, Maria E. Civil War in Columbia: Cause and Effect of Displacement due to Violence, 1960 to 2002 2003 thesis
J54/60/ 3640 Boston, Dava Women Connecting 2000 project
J54/60/ 28 Boyce, Marlene Miller Diabetic Control in the Elderly: Examination of Five Cases 1982 thesis
J54/60/ 2828 Branson, Marsha Sue Role of the Language Arts Classroom in the Socialization of the Adolescent Male 1997 thesis
J54/60/ 3759 Broccardo-Davis, Christy Project: Graphic Design Course 2000 project
J54/60/ 4011 Brooks, Amy J. Behavioral Reference Website Final Accompanying Document 2001 project
J54/60/ 4828 Brott, Victoria M. Teaching Literature Online 2005 project
J54/60/ 238 Brun, Marianne Designing Society 1984 thesis
J54/60/ 3452 Bryden, Sharon Educating Gifted Children 1999 project
J54/60/ 5021 Burdett, Barbra A Demographic Study Comparing Pioneer and Mississippian Interments along the Illinois River in Greene County, Illinois 2007 thesis
J54/60/ 2986 Burgar, Laurie Endangered and Threatened Species [:] A 4th Grade Education Program 1998 project
J54/60/ 4680 Burgar, Nicole A Teacher's Guide for Integration of Technology into Middle Level Science 2004 project
J54/60/ 2572 Burke, Janice Native American Women and Substance Abuse: Help, Hope, and Power 1996 project
J54/60/ 5247 Burkholder, Kathy Wynn Introduction to Postcolonial Literature: A Syllabus 2008 project
J54/60/ 4212 Byrd, Cynthia Marketing Aesthetics Strategy: An Action Plan for the Successful Management of Identity and Image 2002 project
J54/60/ 3686 Carhill, Cheri Art Speaks 2000 project (portfolio in J54 oversized box)
J54/60/ 4507 Carwile, Karla Technology Needs Assessments for Students with Disabilities: Leveling the Playing Field 2003 project
J54/60/ 2588 Catalano, Carlo Technology in Education: The Role of Computers in the Classroom. 1996 project
J54/60/ 1458 Cheatle, Esther Springfield Styles of Adornment 1984 project
J54/60/ 2469 Chesney Hunter, Mary Bridget Comparison of a Hierarchical Organization and a Consensual Organization: a Case Study 1995 project
J54/60/ 2149 Christensen, Linda Corporate or Economic: The Effect of Change on the Workplace 1993 project
J54/60/ 3106 Cimarossa, Debbie Examination of the Comparative Effectiveness of the Career Academy Alternative Versus Traditional High School Education in a Single School District 1998 thesis
J54/60/ 3340 Cimarossa, James Examination of International Management: Analyzing Effects of Transnational Crime on Strategic Management Process of International Business 1999 report
J54/60/ 5082 Clark, Arika Workshops for Professors on Educating Adult Students with Disabilities Final Report 2007 project
J54/60/ 239 Clark, Nancy Keyboarding 1984 thesis
J54/60/ 4866 Cohen, Richard Joel Native American Dialogues: 1) The Sacred Path of Life 2) Living in Balance with Land and Life 2005 project
J54/60/ 4870 Cohen, Richard Joel Native American Dialogues: 1)Thee Sacred Path of Life; 2) Living In Balance With Land and Life 2005 project
J54/60/ 2623 Colbrook, Sidney Analysis of a Quality Management Program Employee Involvement 1996 thesis
J54/60/ 2990 Cook, Tamara 1998 National Junior Polled Hereford Convention 1998 project
J54/60/ 3969 Costa, Deneen A. Learned Helplessness: The Impact on Receptivity to Organizational Change 2001 thesis
J54/60/ 4424 Crum, Joby General Math Curriculum for the Varied Educational Levels (Two Volumes- One, Introductory Manual, Two, Actual Project) 2003 project
J54/60/ 4908 Curry, David L. Answering Questions about Special Education Through Multimedia 2006 project with CD
J54/60/ 3297 Dally, Tim Myth as a Paradigm 1998 thesis
J54/60/ 2586 Davenport, Lou Ann Guthrie Effects of Art Education on Student Performance 1996 thesis
J54/60/ 3253 Davis, Dennis D. Application of Strict Scrutiny by the HRM Practitioner 1998 project
J54/60/ 4878 Davis, Karen The Affordable Housing Dilemma: A Forgotten Need 2005 project
J54/60/ 2528 Davis, Linda Maria Montessori's Theory of Social Development 1995 project
J54/60/ 4436 Dawson, Mary R. An Evaluation of Changes in Sediment Deposition in Lake Taylorville between 1977 and 2000 2003 thesis
J54/60/ 3845 Dees, Robert Employing the Coal Miner: An Interview Guide 2000 project
J54/60/ 4476 Delong, Jan Empowering Children With Right Brain Thinking Skills and Their Application to Drawing 2003 project
J54/60/ 2293 Demarco, Nancy Staffing Plan for a Closed Maximum Security Prison 1994 project
J54/60/ 4390 DeMott, Robin L. Strategic Marketing and Promotion Plan for Carl Sandburg College 2002 project (missing)
J54/60/ 4298 Demuzio, Vince 1997 Illinois Education Funding Reform Debate 2002 thesis
J54/60/ 3708 Devlin, Karri Technology Curriculum for Individual Option Degree 2000 project
J54/60/ 3502 Dober, Ruth Ann McTaggart Homeschooling: An Inside View 1999 thesis
J54/60/ 4620 Dramin, Robert E. Deaf Communications 2004 project
J54/60/ 3385 Dutta, Sanjeev Moral Development of Surgical Residents 1999 thesis
J54/60/ 2266 Ebner, Shelley I. Integrated Units on the Space Shuttle and Hot-air and Helium Balloons 1994 project
J54/60/ 3424 Elliott, Kathleen M. Handbook for Developing Performance Assessments in a First Year High School Chemistry Course 1999 project
J54/60/ 3634 Engel, Kay Adult Learning Institute Policy Development 2000 project
J54/60/ 4632 Fisk III, Harold T. Outreach-Based High School Astronomy 2004 project
J54/60/ 3600 Flanagan-Natale, Patricia Masterpiece Curriculum in Monet's Garden 1999 project
J54/60/ 2140 Fliege, Judith B. Trinity Lutheran School Science Curriculum Evaluation 1993 project
J54/60/ 3716 Formea-Miskell, Susan L Stress Management Course 2000 project
J54/60/ 4940 Foster, Angela M. Master's Project [a competency based performance initiative in an information technology department within a large Midwest university] 2006 project
J54/60/ 2017 Foster, Mary Edgell Searching for Meaning in the 20th Century: A Journal of Changing Perceptions 1993 project
J54/60/ 4002 Frasco, Julie Love Workplace Violence Prevention Workshop 2001 final paper
J54/60/ 4277 Frederick, Carol M. Personal Best: A Self-Directed Professional Staff Development Program for Public Employees 2002 project
J54/60/ 4012 Fukuchi, Rika Bilingual /Multicultural Education for Gifted Japanese Students 2001 thesis
J54/60/ 2672 Gabelhausen-Skaggs, Crystal J. Crisis Tendencies of National Debt[:] A Comparison of the National Debt for the United States and Mexico 1996 thesis
J54/60/ 2777 Galligos, Cheryl Psychoneuroimmunology 1996 project
J54/60/ 4732 Ganji, Mahnaz The Internally Displaced People and Refugees in Azerbaijan: History and Legal Differences 2005 project
J54/60/ 2566 Gibson, Deborah Campbell Trends and Development in Human Resource Management 1995 project
J54/60/ 3848 Gillespy, Rosalynne Harty Managing Newspapers in the Age of Internet 2000 thesis
J54/60/ 1911 Golden, Susan E. Investigation of Science Project Books 1992 project
J54/60/ 2126 Goldhammer, Jill M. Parent Education Program: Involving Parents as Partners in Residential Treatment 1993 project
J54/60/ 4738 Green, Denise D. Occupational Segregation Among Library and Information Technology Workers in the University of Illinois System 2003 thesis
J54/60/ 4222 Grove, Nancy R. Integrating Technology in the Classroom: A Pre-K Technology Guide 2002 project
J54/60/ 3108 Hammond, Sarah C. Language Arts Reference Guide and Technology in the Classroom-- Improving Literacy by Using Computers 1998 thesis
J54/60/ 2115 Haney, Cheri Environmental Science Curriculum, Grades 6-12 1993 project
J54/60/ 2482 Hansen, Vicki Gifted Education for Females 1995 project
J54/60/ 2626 Harris, Olin Artist's Book of Birds 1996 project
J54/60/ 4243 Harrison, Byron C. Ex-Offender Employment Assistance Programs and Their Impact on Reducing Recidivism 2002 thesis
J54/60/ 1886 Hartsfield, Siri J. Descriptive Study of an Integrated Technology Course Involving K-12 Educators Using the Macintosh Computer 1992 project
J54/60/ 2224 Hasstedt, Jill Reweaving the Web for Families 1994 thesis
J54/60/ 2609 Haxton, Mary Ann Workbook for Peace and Power: A Handbook of Feminist Process 1996 project
J54/60/ 673 Haycraft, Joseph History of the Frank Lloyd Wright Dana-Thomas House from 1981 through 1984 1985 thesis
J54/60/ 4943 Hellwig, David J. Assessing Trends and Needs for Foreign Languages of Illinois Businesses with International Interests 2006 thesis
J54/60/ 3376 Henderson, Louise Math/Sci Learning Links Mathematics, Science, and Technology Activities for Intermediate Students 1999 project
J54/60/ 2874 Henry, Kelli L. Technology in the Classroom High-tech Tools to Enhance Learning 1997 project
J54/60/ 3623 Herbst, Allison Creation of a Sixth Grade Technology Course 2000 project
J54/60/ 2675 Hilby, Tammy Integrated Thematic Units 1996 project
J54/60/ 3608 Hillman, James M. Effect of Corporate Universities on their Host Corporations 1999 thesis
J54/60/ 2731 Hoban, Carol Why Prevention? SAP 5th-6th Prevention Group Manual 1996 project
J54/60/ 4966 Hodges, Tanja R. Discussion Board Efficacy - An Experiment of Stakeholder Perceptions 2006 thesis
J54/60/ 2481 Hoff, Betty Math PBL Style [:] Problem Based Learning 1995 project
J54/60/ 2701 Hogan, Alan R. Study of Food Waste Composting 1996 final demonstration of achievement
J54/60/ 5025 Holton, Teresa Land of Other, A Memoir 2007 project
J54/60/ 5125 Holton, Teresa Land of Other, A Memoir 2007 project
J54/60/ 236 Horath, Barbara Montessori Method in Early Childhood Education 1984 thesis
J54/60/ 4221 Horn, Steve Reducing Employee Resistance to Change: A Literature Review and Action Plan 2002 thesis
J54/60/ 4944 Hosseinali, Leila M. Using Children's Literature to Teach Writing Across the Curriculum 2006 project
J54/60/ 3841 Howard, Cheryl Criminal Justice Legal Institute Plan 2000 project
J54/60/ 5083 Humphrey, Melissa Teacher Resource Book 2007 project
J54/60/ 2409 Humrihouse, F. Ann Facilitated Adult Learning; and: A Model for the Facilitator of Self-Directed Learning 1995 project
J54/60/ 1868 Husen, Cynthia L. Inclusive Project Incorporating Research on the Lincoln Home, Abraham Lincoln and his Family 1992 project
J54/60/ 3695 Huttes, Celeste Spirituality and Work 2000 project
J54/60/ 346 Irwin, Betsy Integrated Person-Centered Education: The Design of an Optimum Early Childhood Learning Process, Content and Environment 1984 thesis
J54/60/ 2077 Isham, Carol Parenting Your Preschooler: Growing Together in Love 1993 project
J54/60/ 2877 Janssen, Julie Ann Oral Health Needs Assessment and Planning A Demonstration Study in Macoupin County 1997 project
J54/60/ 3728 Jeffers, Kelley J. Family Interaction: A Family Curriculum 2000 project
J54/60/ 4527 Johnson, Gloria Plan for Establishing a Woman's Resource Network 2004 project
J54/60/ 3356 Jones, Christie Math/Science Connections 1999 project
J54/60/ 5248 Jones, Jeannie Mingeaud Digital Photography Curriculum 2008 project
J54/60/ 5153 Judd, Brent Ronald William Faulkner and the Symbolist Movement: Absalom, Absalom! As a Reflection of Stephane Mallarme's L'Apres-midi d'un faune 2007 thesis
J54/60/ 4869 Karhliker, Amy Spies "I Came Sick:" Interpreting a Diary, 1936-1943 2005 project
J54/60/ 2483 Karpman, Teri Walktoberfest: a Nonprofit Campaign 1995 project
J54/60/ 1577 Kasher, Brian Images for Global Peace: Micro-Zine for Peace 1990 thesis
J54/60/ 1910 Kennedy, Rosemary Process of Writing an Elementary Mathematics Dictionary: And: Elementary Mathematics Dictionary 1992 project
J54/60/ 2373 Killam, Kathy Improving Instruction and Assessment in Elementary Science Through Performance-Based Activities 1994 project
J54/60/ 4021 King, Diane Leadership Manual 2001 project
J54/60/ 2627 Kinner, Elizabeth Illinois Unit 1996 project
J54/60/ 3425 Kinsel, Jane Learning Styles Inservice Project 1999 project
J54/60/ 3609 Kirchner, Jean Lightowler Designing College Courses for the Internet: A Handbook for Online Faculty 2000 project
J54/60/ 2776 Kirk, Misty Archetypal Models for Woman's' Heroic Journey Applied to Madrone's Path in the Fifth Sacred Thing 1996 thesis
J54/60/ 4240 Knop, Sharon Thorton Subject in Computer-Mediated Communication 2002 thesis
J54/60/ 4109 Koebler, Glenda M. Vose Integrating Mathematics and Technology into the Elementary Classroom: 5th Grade Math Resource Guide 2001 project
J54/60/ 2292 Korte, Julie Improving Science Achievement of General and Vocational Students Through Applied Science Curriculum 1994 project
J54/60/ 2481 Lair, Betsy Math PBL Style [:] Problem Based Learning 1995 project
J54/60/ 4728 LaMantia, Shelley Desktop Publishing: No Taste Required 2004 thesis
J54/60/ 5044 Lamb, Barry ISIS Online New User Training 2007 project, includes CD with website
J54/60/ 3710 Lamble, Thomas Middle School Technology Curriculum 2000 project
J54/60/ 4719 Lana, Tomike Eradication of Female Genital Cutting in West Africa: Preserving the Cultural Tradition of Coming of Age in the 21st Century 2004 thesis
J54/60/ 2844 LaRocco, Tammie Team Building Process 1997 project
J54/60/ 4584 Larsen, Deb The Development of an Olfaction Test to Predict the Onset of Alzheimer's Disease 2004 thesis
J54/60/ 2058 Larson, Loren L. Analysis of Personnel Turnover at the Sangamon Sheriff's Department 1993 project
J54/60/ 4306 Lee, Karen L. Assessing Psychotherapy Competency in Psychiatric Residency 2002 project
J54/60/ 2484 Lemaster, Nanci Gail Humanistic Approach to Alternative Education: Creating a Positive Classroom Climate 1995 thesis
J54/60/ 49 Leo, Kathryn Anti-Thesis 1981 thesis
J54/60/ 3635 Letterly, Gary Nitrogen Fertilizer Management by Majority 2000 project
J54/60/ 5069 Lewis, Dara J. Going Higher: Motivating Low Income Single Mothers to Higher Education and Self-Improvement 2007 thesis
J54/60/ 4143 Linton-Farr, Marsha Content Outline for ECE Course 2001 project
J54/60/ 2722 Lipe, Mark W. Violence in the American Workplace: An Analysis of Stress as a Moderator of Violent Behavior in the American Workplace 1996 thesis
J54/60/ 1889 Long, Robert Playing with MIDI 1992 project
J54/60/ 4825 Luckey, Susan L. Informational Brochure about Child Sexual Assault 2005 project
J54/60/ 1576 Luton, Cindy Facilitating the Drop-Out Program 1990 report
J54/60/ 4090 MacDonald, Jeannie M.D. Evaluation of Learning Resources by medical Students in a Problem-Based Learning Environment 2001 thesis
J54/60/ 2676 MacGreggor, Diana L. Workplace Violence: Precautions and Remedies 1996 final demonstration of achievement
J54/60/ 3327 MacGregor, Diana L. Welfare Reform: Mandated Work Programs 1998 report
J54/60/ 4684 Marshall, Robert Deconstructing Race Through Film 2004 project
J54/60/ 4387 Mast, Kathryn Irene George Washington: His Leisure-Recreation and Their Leadership Implications 2003 thesis
J54/60/ 4116 Mayer, Mary J. Primary Technology Curriculum 2001 project
J54/60/ 3229 McAvoy, Daniel L. Critical Perspective of the Caterpillar/United Autoworkers Strike 1988 thesis
J54/60/ 4118 McCurdy, David C. Managing Information in the University Setting 2001 project
J54/60/ 1459 McCurdy, Floyd M. Learning Proposal and Contract for Master of Arts Degree in Labor Relations 1984 project
J54/60/ 1909 McDonald, Mary M. Implementing the Kidspace Concept: A Manual for Successful Program Implementation 1992 project
J54/60/ 4560 McFarland, Monica Hewing a Stone of Hope: West Virginia Appalachian Women Organize 2004 project
J54/60/ 2458 McGill. Jim Soybeans: A Renewable Resource 1995 project
J54/60/ 2009 McGrady Lutz, Gail L. Pre-Employment Evaluation/Rating to Predict Job Performance 1993 project
J54/60/ 2093 McKenzie, Sally James Andrews Industrial Camelot: Research Resources and Exhibit Plan for a Portable Exhibit on Pullman 1993 thesis
J54/60/ 2632 McMurray, Vicky L. Sangamon River Valley: An Overview of Types of Curriculum and Assessments 1996 project
J54/60/ 2425 Melvin, Diane Nature-Based Spirituality: A Belief System in Conjunction with Nature 1995 thesis
J54/60/ 4276 Meyer, Susan "Problem Solving With Multiple Intelligences": A Problem Solving Unit Using Hyperstudio 2002 project
J54/60/ 4496 Miller, Rebecca Development of Instructor Training for Illinois' Statewide Paraprofessional Test Preparation Curriculum 2003 project
J54/60/ 1995 Mills, Andrew G. Analysis of a Voice Telecommunication Network 1993 project
J54/60/ 3633 Mills, Jessica Schoolyard Habitat Planning Project for Sherman Elementary School 2000 project
J54/60/ 2665 Montgomery, Nancy Gifted Language Arts Project 1996 project
J54/60/ 2947 Moriearty, Pamela L. I Guess We Have to Prove We're Doing a Good Job: Considerations for Implementation of an Outcome Assessment Program for an Academic Department of Psychiatry 1997 project
J54/60/ 2946 Motsinger. Roger J. Leadership and Change: Can a Human Resource Leader Make a Difference? 1997 thesis
J54/60/ 4917 Munson, Bruce L. Informal Culture and Policy Evaluation 2006 thesis
J54/60/ 4945 Munson, Kimberly K. Developing an EFL Course for the Deaf Japanese Student 2006 project
J54/59 5169 Murphy, Julaine Appraising Performance Appraisals: Why the Most Popular Performance Appraisals are More Harmful than Helpful 2007 thesis
J54/60/ 2583 Murphy, Rebecca Importance of Advanced Practice Nursing in Developing Countries Using Nurse Anesthesia as a Model 1995 project
J54/60/ 2294 Musch, Randal L. Techniques in Teaching the Periodic Table 1994 project
J54/60/ 2610 Musgrove, Toni Identifying Gifted Kindergartners 1996 project
J54/60/ 3960 Nopper, Sheila IMC-Springfield A Feasibility Study 2001 project
J54/60/ 4128 Norita, Yasuko Japanese Woman's Participation in the Decision Making Process 2001 project
J54/60/ 3899 O'Malley, Patrick Michael Development and Implementation of an Intranet at the Illinois Department of Public Health 2001 project
J54/60/ 2894 O'Neill, Carole S. Workplace Violence: An Evaluating Approach to Development of Policy and Procedures 1997 project
J54/60/ 56 Ostrander, Lee Gauntlet for the Little Bastards: The American Verdict 1980 thesis
J54/60/ 2113 Ousley, Agnes Health and Development: Meeting Basic Health Needs of the Third World 1993 thesis
J54/60/ 5006 Owsley, Tricia R. I Could Tell You Stories: Using Drama to Portray Systemic Problems in the Field of Mental Health Care 2006 project
J54/60/ 237 Paddack, Lisa Brief Academic Foray Into Exploratory Arts Transplant Surgery 1984 thesis
J54/60/ 3756 Parsons, Chester Group Training Guide 2000 project
J54/60/ 3709 Patton, Joy C. Oral History: The Self Identity of Two Members of the African Diaspora 2000 proposal
J54/60/ 4305 Paulauskis, Lisa Use of Technology for Teaching Reading Standards 2002 project
J54/60/ 4356 Perea, Tricia Finding the Chinese-Jamaican Connection 2002 project
J54/60/ 4864 Perry, Indra M. Assessment of National City Bank's CSR Sponsorship Program 2005 project
J54/60/ 3232 Peterson, Steven K. Strategic Management Plan for Illinois National Guard-Counterdrug Support Program 1998 project
J54/60/ 4942 Polley, Lora L. Physician Satisfaction Instrument for Use by Critical Access Hospitals 2006 project
J54/60/ 4307 Price, Larry K. "Bud" Evaluation of Illinois Upward Mobility Program 2002 project
J54/60/ 2203 Prince, Ruth Educating Today's African American Youths: The Right Ideals of the Radical Left 1994 thesis
J54/60/ 4500 Pryor, Brian D. Moving Pictures of Duke Ellington: Fact vs. Fiction 2003 thesis
J54/60/ 4920 Ratliff, Mary M. S. Springfield Police Department Detective Training: Sexual Assault Investigations 2005 project
J54/60/ 3945 Reeve, Debra Resource for Education: A Website 2001 project
J54/60/ 4557 Riddle, Michael Personality Profiles and Treatment Implications for Batterer Intervention Programs 2004 thesis
J54/60/ 4881 Roan, Lisa A. International Nurse Recruitment: A Short-Term Solution to the U.S. Nurse Shortage With A Detrimental Effect on Poorer Developing Countries 2005 thesis
J54/60/ 2595 Robinson, Frederick E. How Do you Keep a Workforce Diversified Without Affirmative Action 1996 thesis
J54/60/ 2496 Roesch, Gloria Oxygen Saturation of Post Anesthetic Patients 1994 project
J54/60/ 3209 Rogal, Geoff Schizophrenia, "Still Crazy After All These Years" 1998 thesis
J54/60/ 2236 Rokosz, Diana Self-Esteem Workshop 1994 project
J54/60/ 4547 Ryan, Dana Painting a New Picture of the Art Association of Jacksonville 2004 thesis
J54/60/ 3625 Sain, L. Shon Home Detention/Electronic Monitoring: A Viable Alternative to Incarceration an Effective Solution to the Effects of Overcrowding 2000 thesis
J54/60/ 2414 Sakolsky, Michael Catholic Charities: Child Welfare Manual 1995 project
J54/60/ 4778 Sakolsky, T. F. Building Self-esteem: A Creative Learning Experience 2005 project
J54/60/ 3341 Sallee, Kristin After Hours: A Model for Serving At-Risk Youth 1999 project
J54/60/ 903 Schrishuhn, Gordon R. Decision and Direction: You Can Get There from Here 1987 report
J54/60/ 3355 Schwarzendruber, Rachel Elder Care: A Curriculum for Caregivers of Older Family Members 1999 project
J54/60/ 2948 Shaffer, Therese Handbook for Culturally-Sensitive Child Care in a Child Welfare Agency 1997 project
J54/60/ 3653 Shockley-Crawford, Lorraine L. GED Handbook 2000 project
J54/60/ 5023 Sims, Tracey Movement Interventions for Individuals with Down Syndrome 2007 project, includes CD
J54/60/ 5123 Sims, Tracey Movement Interventions for Individuals with Down Syndrome 2007 project, includes CD
J54/60/ 4040 Skaggs, Gloria Developing and Evaluating a Non-Textbook Based Curriculum for Adolescent Personal Development 2001 project
J54/60/ 2502 Sloan, John P Factors in the Union Organizing Process that Exacerbate Conflict Between Labor and Management and Remedies to Reduce That Conflict 1995 project
J54/60/ 2624 Smith, Allicent Huffaker Learning Styles of the Gifted 1996 thesis
J54/60/ 5124 Smith, Clasina Leslie Teaching Intra-Operative Decision Making: The Development of a New Instrument for Teaching Surgical Residents 2007 project
J54/60/ 1491 Smith, Don Public Sphere and Social Movements: The Critical Theory of Jurgen Habermas, and an Argument in Behalf of Anti-Nuclear Politics 1990 project
J54/60/ 4483 Smith, Zelda Cultural Diversity: Teaching Knowledge of Self and Others 2003 project
J54/60/ 2846 Snyder, Kelly Non-text Book based Approach to Sixth Grade Social Studies Program 1997 project
J54/60/ 5277 Snyder, Steven David The Identities of College Students and College Culture: A Handbook for College Students Who are Exploring their Self-Identity and their College Culture 2008 project
J54/60/ 4962 Solano, Saul Foundation in Art in a Web Design Curriculum 2006 thesis
J54/60/ 3641 Spellman, Ann M. Technology Document on Educational Technology 2000 project
J54/60/ 345 Spence, Barbara Impact and Relationship Between and Among Multinational Corporations and Their Home and Host Countries 1983 thesis
J54/60/ 2597 Stanley, Ruth Ann Illinois: A Brief Overview with Interdisciplinary Activities for Fourth Grade Students 1996 project
J54/60/ 2604 Stauffer, Daniel 4MAT Integrated Curriculum 1996 project
J54/60/ 3796 Stein, Spencer Psychotherapy through Life-Writing 2000 project
J54/60/ 2633 Steinhour, Phyllis Problem Based Learning, Learning Styles, Technology, and the Business Education Classroom 1996 project
J54/60/ 341 Stith, Rodney W Audio and Video Production, 1984 1984 project
J54/60/ 2663 Stocks, Cindy Adult Learning Curriculum Paper 1996 project
J54/60/ 3338 Stonecipher, Brenda D. Professional Development for Educators 1999 thesis
J54/60/ 3814 Strong, Cynda Johnson Bridging the Gap: Preparing the Upper Elementary Student for the High School English Program 2000 project
J54/60/ 2875 Stuart, Kristina A. Water, Water Everywhere: An Eighth Grade Science Curriculum Project 1997 project
J54/60/ 2585 Sullivan-Shultz, Kelly Masters Project [Resource Packet for Teaching Illinois History and Ecology for Fourth Graders 1996 project
J54/60/ 5238 Sutton, Michelle The Relationship Between Perceived Wellness, Holistic Lifestyle, and Adjustment to College in Residential Freshmen 2008 thesis
J54/60/ 2371 Taylor, Judith M. Utilizing Cooperative Learning with Informal Educational Work Groups 1994 project
J54/60/ 2890 Taylor-Alpi, Sharon Curriculum Model as an Assist in Foreign Trade 1997 project
J54/60/ 2374 Tenerelli, Laura State and Federal Prison Crises 1994 project
J54/60/ 4106 Thomas, Jennifer Study of Four Be Stars 2001 thesis
J54/60/ 3904 Thomas, Melody Guide to the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Certification 2001 project
J54/60/ 1886 Thompson, Karen A. Descriptive Study of an Integrated Technology Course Involving K-12 Educators Using the Macintosh Computer 1992 project
J54/60/ 4965 Thompson, Mack A Survey of Financial and Budgetary Considerations Necessary to Start and Maintain an Athletics Department at the Junior College Level 2006 thesis
J54/60/ 2854 Thompson, Odell Jr. Do Organizational or Personal Values of Illinois State Police Supervisors Differ Based on Education, Ethnicity, Gender, and Geographical Location 1997 project
J54/60/ 3813 Tumulty, Deborah Attitudes of Selected Managers Towards Grief in the Workplace 2000 thesis
J54/60/ 2347 Walka-Downey, C. Christine Push for Smoke-free Environments 1994 thesis
J54/60/ 2619 Walker, Linda Abe Award: A Reading Motivation Award for Grades K-4 1996 project
J54/60/ 4726 Walker, Margaret Dimensions of Diversity Awareness 2005 project
J54/60/ 4711 Wall, Barbara L. Stepfamily Education in the Workplace 2004 project
J54/60/ 540 Wallace, Merle Group Dreamwork for Awareness and Integration: A Handbook 1985 thesis
J54/60/ 2778 Waller, Dani Woman Cannot Practice Law: The Life and Work of Myra Bradwell 1996 project
J54/60/ 1460 Wancket, Mark A. Instructional Television and Related Technologies in Illinois Schools 1984 project
J54/60/ 4961 Wasmundt, W. Wesley Faculty Attitudes Toward Educational Technology in "Smart" Classrooms at UIS 2006 thesis; includes CD
J54/60/ 4389 Watson, Sarah Evaluation of "Equipped for the Future," a Framework for Adult Literacy Education in America 2003 project
J54/60/ 2622 Watson, Wayne Proposed Role of Law Enforcement in Reducing Gang Activity in Illinois 1996 thesis
J54/60/ 2565 Webb, Doug Apprehension of a Sense of Significance and Meaning as It Pertains to Mental Health 1995 project
J54/60/ 2945 Weigand, Beth Ann McElroy Behind the Different Voice: Perceived Power as a Dimension of Moral Development and Choice 1997 thesis
J54/60/ 4440 Welch, Laura Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: An Inservice 2003 project
J54/60/ 2372 Welch, Ona Handbook of Terms for Insurance and other Benefits 1994 project
J54/60/ 2728 Weldin-Frish, Janelle Continuous Improvement Teams: A Strategy for Organization and Staff Development 1996 project
J54/60/ 4939 Wempen, Meta Creation of an Online Computer Science Capstone Course 2006 project with CD
J54/60/ 3702 Werner, Carolyn C. Adult Education Guide 2000 project
J54/60/ 2481 White, Kristine Math PBL Style [:] Problem Based Learning 1995 project
J54/60/ 2687 White, Rebecca D. Promoting All Children: A Guide to Understanding and Teaching the Individual in an Early Childhood Setting 1996 project
J54/60/ 3714 Williams, Barbara Introduction to Multicultural Education for Preschool Children 2000 project
J54/60/ 4314 Williams, Frances Internet Web Site for Sherman Elementary School, Sherman, Illinois 2002 project
J54/60/ 4758 Woods, Suzanne B. Women with Disabilities and Sexual Abuse: The History of Laws and Public Policy and Their Impact 2005 project
J54/60/ 4975 Zerbe, Marianne Dealing With Cultural Differences: Exploring Personal Responsibility and Inner Nonviolence 2006 project
J54/60/ 4388 Zumwalt, Mary Early Intervention and Child Abuse 2003 project