Human Services Masters Projects/Theses

Call # Author Title Year Notes
J54/58 5446 Aholt, Jennifer An Examination of Volunteer Male Mentor Retention in Sangamon and Christian Counties 2010 thesis
J54/58 5009 Allen, Karen Dislocated Workers: Bridge to a Brighter Future 2006 project
J54/58/ 5463 Allen, Zachary The Importance of Fathers: Creating Awareness for Well Meaning Professionals 2010 project
J54/58/ 4852 Allsup, Martha J. Substance Abuse Assessment-An Applied Process for Mandated DUI Offenders 2005 project
J54/58/ 5454 Armour, Tori L. Adolescent Alcohol Use: Educating Adolescents on the Potential Harm 2010 project
J54/58 5226 Austin, Bridgette Methamphetamines: Promoting Knowledge for Improved Client Outcomes - A Presentation for Residential Staff 2008 project
J54/58 5370 Baiju, Nisha Motives for Physical Activity in Older Asian Indians Residing in Springfield, Illinois 2009 project
J54/58 5514 Baker, Constance Age Related Diseases Among Adults with Down Syndrome 2010 thesis
J54/58 5610 Barnett, Alexis Training Mandated Reporters in the School System 2012 project
J54/58/ 4453 Battles, Steven R. Educational Strategies For Teaching Children With Disruptive Behavior Disorders In The Elementary Classroom 2003 project
J54/58/ 4526 Beck, Teresa Organizing Volunteers to Feed the Hungry in Montgomery County Illinois 2004 project
J54/58 5387 Behrends, Dyanna Methanmphetamines: An Inservice Training for Substance Abuse Counselors 2009 project
J54/58 5347 Bein, Kristen J. Harnessing Our Collective Power: Research on the Creation of a Feminist Management Model 2009 project
J54/58/ 4820 Bell, Alicia Teaching Effective Parenting Skills to Homeless Adolescent Parents 2005 project
J54/58/ 4783 Benton, Alice J. Assessing Suicide Risks in Older People: A Training Module for Mental Health Center Professionals 2005 project
J54/54 5358 Bern, Amy Relationship Specific Relapse Prevention Education for Adults Participating in Substance Abuse Treatment: A Curriculum 2009 project
J54/58/ 5456 Bixby, Ruth The Effects of Stage Specific Gardening on Residents with Dementia in a Long-Term Care Facility 2010 thesis
J54/58/ 3970 Blakey, Virginia Program Evaluation of the Juvenile Male Sex Offenders at Onarga Academy Residential Treatment Facility 2001 project
J54/58/ 5464 Bland, Valerie Burnout - Applying Administrative Approaches in an Effort to Diminish Burnout Among Employees 2010 project
J54/58/ 4937 Brannan, Lori Evaluation of a Training Program, Alzheimer's Disease and Clergy: What You Can Do For Your Families 2006 project
J54/58 5149 Breeding, Carmen A Guide for Case Manangers of Treatment Strategies for Use When Providing Community Based Services 2007 project
J54/58 5070 Brinkley, Tonya The Impact of Paternal Involvement on Children and Families: A Curriculum Guide for Parents 2007 project
J54/58/ 4713 Brizendine, Christine Living With Foster Children: Biological Children's Perspective of Foster Families 2004 project
J54/58/ 4530 Capriola, Richard A. An Alternative Route to Certification as a Criminal Justice Addictions Professional 2004 project
J54/58 5063 Chrans, Kelly N. Effects of Assistive Technology and Home Modification on Number of In-Home Care Service Hours 2007 project
J54/58/ 4784 Clark, Autumn K. Park Drugs in Middle America: A Local Internet Guide to Identification and Prevention of Drug Abuse 2005 project
J54/58 5591 Cobb, Qunishai S. Decision Making Skills and At Risk Youth: A Manual for Service Providers 2011 project
J54/58/ 4781 Cory, Rita M. The Recidivism Rate of Those Who Batter and Complete a Mandated Treatment Program 2005 project
J54/58 5506 Cox, Amy M. Development and Evaluation of a Brochure on Mental Illinois and the Criminal Justice System 2010 project
J54/58 5654 Curtis, Stacey L. Using a Career Exploration Tool to Decide on a Career Goad:  A Study Conducted Among Adult Women Who Became Parents in Their Teens 2013 project
J54/58/ 4705 Dare, John D. Teen Suicide Awareness and Prevention: A Training Workshop for Foster Care Workers of Central Illinois 2004 project
J54/58/ 4923 Dault, Alisha K. Miller Senior Center Participant Satisfaction Survey 2006 project
J54/58 5245 Davis, Anna The Americans with Disabilities Act: Practicial Applications for Employers 2008 project
J54/58/ 4693 Digiovanna, Erica Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services on Illinois College Campuses 2004 project
J54/58 5545 Donovan, Danielle Common Issues that Blended Families Face and the Best Techniquiese Used to Enhance Family Relations 2011 project
J54/58/ 4735 Durdel, James F. An Aftercare Training Curriculum for Parents Whose Children Have Conduct Disorder 2005 project
J54/58 5512 Easton, Donna Development and Evaluation of "To See Things More Clearly," a Vision Care Guide for Parents of Elementary School Children 2010 project
J54/58/ 4473 Ebbert, Nancy A. Violence Prevention: A Process Evaluation of a Prevention Program Used in a Community Elementary School 2003 project
J54/58/ 4847 Elledge, Nancy A. Counseling Individuals with an Intersex Condition: A Survey of Mental Health Professionals 2005 project
J54/58 5235 Engelke-Smith, Lauren M. Benefits of Technical Training as a Job Skill for At-Risk Single-Parent Families 2008 project
J54/58/ 4288 Evans, Angela L. Adolescents with Self-Injurious Behavior (SIB): Assessment and Treatment Guidelines for Helping Professionals 2002 project
J54/58 5120 Fairless, Luke Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Offering Teachers Resources and Support 2007 project
J54/58 5511 Fraire, Roxanne M. The Evaluation and Development of Access to Social Services by Immigrants in Sangamon County, Illinois 2010 project
J54/58 5275 Gaio, Connie S. An Activities Department Handbook for Nursing Homes 2008 project
J54/58/ 4760 Gardner, J.W. Screening for CO Morbidity in Women Receiving Services from Child-Welfare Agencies 2005 project
J54/58/ 4842 Gilmore, Kristy Preventing Violence in Adolescents: A Skill Building Curriculum 2005 project
J54/58/ 4219 Goeppinger, Jackie Animal-Assisted Therapy in Public Schools 2002 project
J54/58/ 4303 Goff, Laura Milestones: A Planning Document for a Dementia Specific Adult Day Care Center 2002 project
J54/58/ 5555 Goodrich, Sarah Elizabeth An Online Education Program for Parents, Educators & Human Service Professionals 2011 project
J54/58 5398 Gordon, Aisha Domestic Violence and Substance Abuse: Increasing Knowledge among Substance Abuse counselors for Improved Client Outcomes 2009 project
J54/58 5173 Green, Kristina An Informational Pamphlet about Methamphetamine 2007 project
J54/58 5246 Green, Sherrika The Impact of Welfare Reform on Substance-Abusing Single Mothers: A Pilot Study 2008 project
J54/58 5241 Green, Shirley M. Ilsley The User of Education and Resouce Groups for Parents of Children with a Disability 2008 project
J54/58 5151 Greene, Mark Adherence in Solid Organ Transplant Recipients: Addressing Psychosocial and Psychological Issues 2007 project
J54/58/ 4546 Gurski, Georgialyn P. Screening Rural Clients for Domestic Abuse: A Training Workshop 2004 project
J54/58 5348 Hambrick, Jill Evaluation of a Workshop Promoting Volunteerism for Older Adults 2009 project
J54/58/ 4779 Hampton, Peggy Classroom Management of Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: A Training Workshop for Teachers 2005 project
J54/58/ 3971 Haru, Pamela M. Addressing the Needs of Exploratory College Students 2001 project
J54/58/ 5465 Hemberger, Sarah Preventing Teen Pregnancy: A Guide to Selecting an Effective Program 2010 project
J54/58 5319 Henson, Laine A. Confidence Training for Residential Specialists: Recognizing the Signs of Mental Health Disorders in Substance Dependence Clients 2009 project
J54/58 5249 Hertz, Mendy Development and Evaluation for "You Can Be a Hero," A Video for Elementary Children for the Preventin of School Bullying 2008 project
J54/58/ 4482 Hicken, Elizabeth Barriers to Services in Rural Illinois: Connecting Families to Community Resources 2003 project
J54/58/ 4548 Hill, Amy Infantscand Toddlers in Daycare: A Study of Interaction with Caregivers 2004 project
J54/58/ 4043 Holcomb, Greg Impact of the Student Assistance Program on the Learning Environment :A Survey of Teachers, Administrators and Staff 2001 project
J54/58/ 4505 Holzmacher, Amie The Knowledge Adolescents Have About Panic Attacks 2003 project
J54/58/ 4773 Hope, David M. An All-Quadrant Model of Treatment for Substance Abuse 2005 project
J54/58/ 4846 Hughes, Cathy D. Homeless Children: Feelings, Attitudes and Behaviors of Homeless Children 2005 project
J54/58/ 4827 Humberd, Diana Kay A Manual for Spouses in Blended Families: Improving Communication Skills Between Partners Regarding Child Rearing 2005 project
J54/58 5196 Husemann, Shelly Virtual Residential: A Transitional Program Moving Youth with Emotional and Behavioral Needs from Residential Treatment to Foster Care: A Step-Down Process 2007 thesis
J54/58/ 4367 Ingram, Dawn Treating People with Mental Illness and Substance Abuse: An Impact Study of Integrated Treatment 2003 project
J54/58/ 4877 Ireland, Tami The Development of An Employment Resource Guide for Human Service Managers 2005 project
J54/58/ 4863 Jacobs, Marsha Patients with Mental Illness in Nursing Home Settings: Confidence Training for the Certified Nursing Assistant 2005 project
J54/58/ 4905 Jacobs, Tara J. A Maintenance Program for Juvenile Offenders: The POWER Program 2006 project
J54/58/ 4886 Janco, Emily C. Preventing Burnout in Human Service Professionals: A Pamphlet to Self Care 2006 project
J54/58/ 3918 Jenkins,Kisha V. Determining the Necessary Variables for Inclusion in a Promotional Campaign for a Domestic Violence Prevention and Educational Program: A Qualitative Evaluation of a Marketing Plan 2001 project
J54/58 5010 Jiang, Zhujun Working with Chinese Americans with Depression: The Development and Evaluation of a Pamphlet for Helping Professionals 2006 thesis
J54/58 5119 Johnson, Dorothy Traditions of the Village: Preserving African-American Families and Communities through Traditional Practices 2007 project
J54/58 5320 Johnson, Julie Developing and Assessing a Brief Employment Intervention: Job Skills Training Program for Homeless Aduluts 2009 project
J54/58 5330 Jones, Melissa Alcohol and Substance Abuse Training for Domestic Violence Staff 2009 project
J54/58/ 4850 Joy, Rachel Homebuyer Train the Trainer Project 2005 project
J54/58 5019 Kamhi, Victoria Family Programming Provided in Licensed Addiction Treatment Centers in Illinois: A Family Programming Training Manual 2007 project
J54/58/ 5313 Kelber Lisa A. Support Group Development: Making a Safe Place for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning Youth 2008 thesis
J54/58/ 4891 Kelm, Tori M. (& Long Denise) Training Professionals in Developmental Disabilities: A Human Services Program Concentration Design 2004 project
J54/58/ 4041 Kelso, Patricia C. Development of a Parent Orientation Program for at Risk Children Enrolled in a Prekindergarten Program in a Central Illinois School System 2001 project
J54/58/ 4282 Kessler, Betty J. Resource Guide for Establishing Butterfly Gardens in Elementary School Settings in a Midwestern Mid-Sized City 2002 project
J54/58/ 4954 Koke, Melissa Informational Fact Sheets: A Quick Reference Guide for Family Caregivers 2006 project
J54/58/ 4122 Koltz, Nataliya Marital Satisfaction in American-Russian Marriage: A Pilot Study 2001 project
J54/58/ 3819 Krutsinger, Angela Evaluation of Policies in Springfield's Long-Term Care Facilities Addressing the Needs of the Invisible Victims of HIV/AIDS: The Elderly 2000 project
J54/58/ 3785 Landre, Connie Barriers to Job Retention Among Welfare Recipients in an Urban Midwest County 2000 project
J54/58/ 4759 Large, Lori L. A Model Fundraising Letter for Small Social Service Organizations in Morgan County Illinois 2005 project
J54/58 5168 Lee, Frederick A Review of Motivational Systems for Adolescents in Residential Treatment 2007 project
J54/58/ 3901 Lemmon, Lisa Assessing the Level of Care Needs of Developmentally Disabled Adult Clients in Skilled Nursing Facilities and Intermediate Care Facilities in Illinois 2000 project
J54/58 5152 Linville, Patty Incorporating Spirituality Into Counseling: A Training for Improving Substance Abuse Counselors Comfort Levels 2007 thesis
J54/58 5362 Lockhart, Deidra HCV Treatment: Improving Clinical Outcomes Through Education, Prevention and Intervention 2009 project
J54/58/ 4892 Long, Denise M. (& Kelm Tori) Training Professionals in Developmental Disabilities: A Human Services Program Concentration Design 2004 project
J54/58/ 5405 Lowe, Christina M. Addiction Island: A Game Developed To Be Used With Substance Abuse Clients In Addressing Isolation And Communication Issues Often Seen In Addiction 2009 project
J54/58 5546 Lowry, Charity Game Therapy: An Effective Tool for Dual Diagnosis Treatment 2011 project
J54/58 5046 Marquette, Laura B. Perceptions of Quality of Care iin Child Care Centers: An Examination of Parents and Staff 2007 thesis
J54/58 5040 Martino, Vicki Barriers to Treatment: Herion Use is Changing: Perspectives from Persons in Recovery 2007 project
J54/58/ 4534 Mathews, Nora Improving Self-Esteem In Children: An Analysis of Parental Perception 2004 project
J54/58 5422 McCorkle, Stephanie Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports: An In-Depth Look at How Using Positive Behavior Reinforcement Strategies Can Improve Behavior in School 2010 project
J54/58 5608 McGuire, Mary K. Identifying the Needs and Barriers for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Adults 2012 project
J54/58/ 4924 Merrifield, Constance A. A Workshop to Educate Direct Service Staff about Sexual Abuse in the Disability Population 2005 project
J54/58/ 4443 Michel, Courtney Early Retirement Decisions and Adjustments to Retirement 2003 project
J54/58 5611 Mitchell-Wilder, Nicole Measuring the Variance in Stress Levels in Parents Rearing Children with Autism Spectum Disorder 2012 project
J54/58 5052 Mitschelen, Lisa Evaluation of a Family Caregiver Education Series 2007 project
J54/58 5607 Moore, Marlene The Effects of Marijuana on the Adolescent Brain:  An Educational Brochure for Teachers at Lanphier High School 2012 project
J54/58/ 5554 Moore, Shawntrell Using Feedback from Child Care Professionals to Evaluate a PowerPoint Presenation about Youth Aging Out of Foster Care 2011 project
J54/58 5590 Muhiuddin, Mahreen Developing and Evaluating a Parenting Style Guide for Parents of Preschool Children in Daycare 2011 project
J54/58/ 4919 Myers, Carol A. Educating Senior Adults About Advance Directives: A Workshop in a Congregational Setting 2006 project
J54/58 5421 Newman, Kendra The Development and Evaluation of a Mini Workshop Series for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren 2009 project
J54/58/ 5455 Nolting, Maureen The Effects of an Environmental Culture Change on the Quality of Life in Middle to Late Stage Dementia Patients in a Long Term Care Facility 2010 thesis
J54/58/ 4430 Onodera, Keiko Perspective of Aging in Public Education: A Content Analysis of Textbooks in Health and Physical Development Education in Grades 1-4 2003 project
J54/58/ 4926 Orndorff, Matthew Gerald Internal Branding: Implementation and Analysis of Chestnut Health Systems "Did You Know" Campaign 2006 project
J54/58/ 4927 Pan, Mei-Hsueh An Employees' Handbook For A Small Not-For-Profit Organization: Development and Analyses 2006 project
J54/58/ 4950 Power, Stacie A. Best Practices in Organizational Development 2006 project
J54/58 5088 Ramirez, Julia T. Lit from Within: Insights into Successful Aging from the Dominican Sisters of Sacred Heart Convent 2007 thesis
J54/58 5322 Ramsey, Breandan The Perceived Needs of Freshmen Students in a Small Midwest University 2009 project
J54/58 5329 Ramsey, Lia Developing a Children's Book on Staying Safe Around Adults Who are Using Alcohol 2009 project
J54/58/ 4938 Range, Victoria Training for Faith-Based Organizational Development: Reaching the Masses 2006 project
J54/58 5321 Rebbe, Sarah Jo Alcohol, substance Abuse and Juvenile Delinquents: Increasing Staff Knowledge 2009 project
J54/58 5280 Reese, Ashounta L Attitude of African American Males Toward Love, Work, and Community: A Master's Project 2008 project
J54/58/ 5466 Reich, Jill Harmful Effects of Alcohol & the Influence of Group Involvement: Providing Alcohol Abuse Education to Undergraduate Students 2010 project
J54/58/ 4772 Reiser, Eric T. An Assessment Protocol for Muchausen by Proxy (MBP): A Survey of Child Protective Workers and Experts in the Field of Muncausen by Proxy 2005 project
J54/58/ 4679 Reynolds, Andrea Determining the Need for an Arthritis Support Group in Cass County, Illinois: A Needs Assessment Survey 2004 project
J54/58/ 4712 Reynolds, Melanie An Analysis of Volunteer Utilization with Community Fundraising Events 2004 project
J54/58/ 3809 Rhodes, Dorothy Adolescents at Risk for Psychiatric Hospitalization: Strengths and Needs of Interventions to Maintain Them in the Community 2000 project
J54/58 5345 Ross, Melissa Factors that Contribute to Elder Abuse in Nursing Homes: The Ombudsman's Opinion 2009 project
J54/58 5510 Royer, Ethel (Edwards-Royer) Multicultural Competence in Human Services: Using an Educational Presentation About English-Speaking Caribbeans to Increase the Multicultural Competence of Master's Level 2010 project
J54/58 5388 Schafer, Kent Counseling Patients Who are Deaf: A Manual for Counselors 2009 project
J54/58/ 4429 Schick, Rebecca The Need for the Education of Certified Nursing Assistants on Dementia 2003 thesis
J54/58/ 4543 Schlegl, Kristi Running Head: Senior Farmers' Market Nutrition Program 2004 project
J54/58 5244 Scroggins, Teresa A. A Midlevel Practitioner Quality Assessment Instrument for Use by Rural Health Care Providers 2008 project
J54/58 5236 Seketa-Stefancic, Katherine L. Elderly Self-Neglect in Illinois 2008 thesis
J54/58 5396 Sergent, Jennifer Methadone Maintenance Groups: A Manual for Group Leaders 2009 project
J54/58/ 4627 Shelton, Robin A Program Evaluation of a Residential Group Home Serving Individuals with Severe and Persistent Mental Illness: Strengths and Considerations for Improvement with Program Services 2004 project
J54/58/ 4633 Singer-Bauer, Norma Jean Transitioning from Home to Nursing Home: A Residents' Perspective 2004 project
J54/58/ 4949 Singh, Sangeeta Motivational Interviewing in a Group Setting for the Treatment of Chemical Dependency 2006 project
J54/58 5314 Skaggs, Elizabeth Using Family Feedback to Evaluate an Education Group for Substance Abusing Adolescents and Their Families 2008 project
J54/58 5423 Slater, Elizabeth Development and Testing of a Power Point Training for Parents, Teachers, and Other Professionals Working or Living with Children with Attachment Difficulties 2010 project
J54/58/ 5467 Smith, Charlotte A. Development of a Workshop on Older Adults' Substance Abuse Detection and Treatment 2010 project
J54/58 5397 Smith, Robert S. A Clinician's Field Guide to Understanding Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Insurance 2009 project
J54/58/ 4819 Smith-Kirby, Alfreda Training Security Employees at a Sex Offender Treatment Program for Civilly Committed Residents 2005 project
J54/58 5242 Specketer, Hillary Family and Social Support During Recovery: Keys to Psychological Well Being 2008 project
J54/58/ 5195 Stewart, Alicia C. Talking to Your Children About Drugs: A Manual for Parents 2007 project
J54/58/ 4714 Still, Amy M. Crisis Nurseries: Impact on Intensive Family Preservation Programs 2004 project
J54/58 5243 Sweatt, B. Grace The Impact of Medicaid Reimbursement Delays on Rural Nursing Homes in Central Illinois 2008 project
J54/58/ 5104 Taapken, K. A. Genograms in Substance Abuse Treatment: Increasing Facilitator Confidence 2007 project
J54/58/ 4281 Temple, Deana Examination of Methamphetamine: Its Impact on Society and the Crisis in Illinois 2002 project
J54/58/ 4818 Thomas-Marlow, Laura Telling Tales: The Use of Storytelling in a Parent Education Program 2005 project
J54/58/ 5292 Trotter, Neamonia Dee Using Students' Perceptions on Bullying as a Way to Raise Awareness in Local Elementary Schools 2008 project
J54/58 5542 VanDyke, Rebekah C. Developmpent and Assessment of a Manual for Building Foster Parent Support Groups in Child Welfare Agencies 2011 project
J54/58/ 4189 Vortman-Short, Kelcy School-Based Mentoring: The Implementation and Development of a Training For Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Morgan County 2002 project
J54/58 5606 Walter, Bonnie Hartman Compiling and Adapting an Activity Curriculum for Working with Mothers in a Voluntary Home Visiting Program 2012 project
J54/58 5450 Wendle, Rebecca Child Abuse and Neglect: Increasing Knowledge and Awareness in Teachers of the Next Generation 2010 project
J54/58/ 4843 Wiederholt, Jessica The Psychosocial Needs of Families Affected by Childhood Cancer: A Child Life Model 2005 project
J54/58/ 4026 Wilkerson, Rockanne Why Students Drop Out of School: A Self-Report from Two Middle-Size Communities 2001 project
J54/58 5214 Willis, Kim A Nursing Home Evaluation: The Resident's Perspective 2007 project
J54/58 5045 Winland, Mark A Needs Assessment Survey: Planning and Implementation of a Disaster Plan in Morgan County Day Care Centers 2007 project
J54/58 5053 Wise, Kristina Preschool Students with Sensory Integration Dysfunction: A Workshop for Parents 2007 project
J54/58/ 4951 Young, Raechell M. Best Practices in Organizational Development 2006 project
J54/58/ 5268 Zerrusen, Emily Mental Illness and Psychiatric Crisis Assessment in the School Setting: An Educational Presentation for High School Educators 2008 project
J54/58 5172 Zimmer, Erin Street Gangs: A Workshop for Residential Staff 2007 project
J54/58 5068 Zuurbier, Lisa Assessing Resources Available to Employed Caregivers of the Elderly in Central Illinois 2007 project