History Masters Projects/Theses

Call # Author Title Year Notes
J54/35/ 2132 Adams, Sheri Risk Assessment Techniques and Monte Carlo Simulation Applied Through Crystal Ball: A Comparative Study 1993 thesis
J54/55/ 2037 Ahlberg-Schweska, Lisa Elementary School Counseling Peacemaker Patrol: A Model for Conflict Resolution in an Elementary Classroom 1993 project
J54/50/ 1900 Alepra, Mike What has Happened to the Railroads in Illinois 1992 project
J54/50/ 5828 Allen, Matthew J. A Change in Tone: Lyndon Johnson's Vice Presidency and His Trip to Vietnam 2015 thesis
J54/50/ 3032 Alley, Randall Archival Processing and Interpretation of the Dr. Michael Z. Kreider Papers 1998 project
J54/50/ 3638 Anderson, Allan C Synergism of Immigration, Ethnicity, and Great Awakening: Development of the Regulator Movement 2000 thesis
J54/50/ 3720 Anderson, Marcia Illinois Carnegie Library Architecture 2000 project
J54/50/ 3 Anderson, Marilyn Irvin Cult of Childhood in Nineteenth Century America 1981 thesis
J54/50/ 1866 Angel, Maria Katrina Changing Social Mores and the Illinois Adoption Law in Historical Perspective 1992 thesis
J54/50/ 5105 Annel, Jamie L. A Day in the Life of a World War II Soldier: Research, Design and Exhibit Installation at the Illinios State Military Museum 2007 project
J54/50/ 3264 Arnold, Jason M. Illinois National Guard in the Spanish-American War: 1898-1899 1998 report
J54/50/ 3803 Austin, Susan Coffman "A Good Duck Hunting Area": The Formation of the Polish Community in Chicago, Illinois-St. Stanislaus District, 1850-1910 2000 thesis
J54/50/ 4953 Baker, Rita Elaine Seasonal Celebrations of the Antebellum Period Including the Lincoln Family and Springfield 2006 thesis
J54/50/ 3732 Banocy, Barbara Introduction to Family History; Family History Program Presenter's Guide 2000 project
J54/50/ 24 Barnett, Barbara Ann Catholics in the Capital City: History of Catholic Education in Springfield 1982 thesis
J54/50/ 1581 Barsley, Sally Study of Court Cases in the Territorial Courts of St. Clair County in 1790 & 1791 1990 thesis
J54/50/ 816 Becker, Nancy Allerton Legacy: Exhibit Plan for Allerton Park Visitor Center 1987 project
J54/50/ 2153 Beeson, Kevin Pana, Illinois Mine Strike and War, 1897-1919 1993 thesis
J54/50/ 4159 Bell, Thomas J. Scottish Emigrant, Cass County Tanner, American Architect: The Life and Times of Andrew Cunningham 2001 thesis
J54/50/ 3850 Berner, Teresa Dear Mrs. Duell: Tolono Servicemen At Home and Abroad 2000 thesis
J54/50/ 5615 Birch, Stephanie FolkFusion: Functional African Art at the Illinois State Museum 2012 project w/ 1 CD
J54/50/ 5113 Blacketer, Tad Vachel Lindsay: Conversations with the Community 2007 project
J54/50/ 4556 Boston, Kelly A Phalanx Disintegrated: Socialism in Sangamon County, Illinois, 1844-1848 2004 thesis
J54/50/ 2800 Bowlby, David Dean Some Aspects of Pioneer Life in Northwestern New Jersey 1997 thesis
J54/50/ 998 Boyer, Peggy Uncommon Common Christian: Levi Spencer and Religious Abolitionism 1988 thesis
J54/50/ 556 Brandt, Charlton J. William Z. Foster and the Syndicalist League of North America 1985 thesis
J54/50/ 960 Bray, Marsha Light, More Light is What the World Wants: Impact of the Kerosene Lamp 1988 thesis
J54/50/ 5311 Brenneman, Sheryl Combat Experiences of United States Infantrymen in the Korean War 1950-1953 2008 thesis
J54/50/ 5202 Broeckling, Kevin The New School in Springfield's Presbyterian Churches, 1835-1861 2007 thesis
J54/50/ 5451 Brown, Ashlee J. The Harold A. Katz Papers, 1965-1983 (MC96) 2010 project
J54/50/ 2152 Brown, Sean M. Students' Guide to Local Government Records in the Illinois Regional Archives 1993 project
J54/50/ 5684 Bruce, Sean Remembering the Bearer of the Imperial Surname: The Legacy of Koxinga in the Public Memory of China, Japan, and Taiwan 2013 thesis
J54/50/ 5350 Buhl, Rebecca L. Poliomyelitis: An Epidemic of Fear 2009 thesis
J54/50/ 2031 Burns, John M. Forward Ninety-Seventh! History of the 97th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment 1993 thesis
J54/50/ 2071 Bush, Kay American Revolutionary War Experience of Orange County, New York 1993 thesis
J54/50/ 519 Cantrall, Daniel Edward Paupers and Poorhouses 1984 thesis
J54/50/ 5556 Cardoni, Crystal "It was Just a Job, See." One Man's Experience Within World War II Scholarship 2011 thesis w/ 6 CDs
J54/50/ 3156 Cioper, Nicole Marie Villa Park, Illinois: From Speculation to Community, 1842-1920 1998 thesis
J54/50/ 5832 Cline, Abigail R. Time travelers: looking at today's society through the lens of the past 2015 project
J54/50/ 4183 Coble, David Evaluation Report for the Super Saturday Program 2002 project
J54/50/ 70 Cogburn, Nancy R. Matthew Rogers Reconstruction, Athens, Illinois 1979 thesis
J54/50/ 1000 Conrad, Mark Museum Computerization: An Overview and Case Study 1988 report
J54/5/ 3227 Copley, Catherine Cadmium and Lead Screening of a Former Zinc Smelting Community 1998 thesis
J54/50/ 3909 Coppersmith, Cynthia American Women: Their Work Force Participation Rates: Post World War II Through the Early 1960s 2001 thesis
J54/50/ 3205 Cordin, John Cooper History Shall Do Me Justice: The Early Years and the Senatorial Career of Sidney Breese, 1800-1849 1998 thesis
J54/50/ 964 Corley, Kevin Throw Out the Water: A History of Christian County Coal Mining, 1920- 1940 1988 report
J54/50/ 5509 Coryell, Matthew W. The 1908 Springfield Race Riot 2010 thesis
J54/50/ 4718 Crabtree, Willard Lord Curzon and the New and Ancient Monuments of India 2004 thesis
J54/50/ 4802 Craig, Carol R. An Exploration of the Social Relationships Between the Abraham Lincoln Family and His Neighbors - Jameson Jenkins, William S. Burch, and Henry Carrigan Families: A Survey of Sources in Springfield, Illinois 2005 project
J54/50/ 4311 Cramer, Andrew W. Nations Divided: The Battle Over the Miami Land Claim in Illinois 2002 thesis
J54/5/ 4415 Cunningham, Daniel Joseph E. PCR-based Approach to Cloning a pabAB Homologue from the Corynecin-Producing Corynebacterium hydrocarboclastum ATCC 15592 2003 thesis
J54/50/ 5549 Dahlquist, Amanda Legislating Motherhood: The History of the Mother's Aid Law in Montgomery County, Ilinois 2011 thesis
J54/50/ 2763 Daughtery-McMillan, Phyllis Documentary Editing Internship: Lincoln Legal Papers 1996 project; includes proposal
J54/50/ 5833 Davidsmeyer, Kirk Interpretation of Vandalia Statehouse 2015 project
J54/50/ 1756 Davidson Staggs, Francine Samuel H. Shapiro's Advocacy in the Movement to Establish Modern Mental Health Care in Illinois 1991 thesis
J54/50/ 4094 Dennis, Douala Human Perception and the Development of Mathematics 2001 thesis
J54/50/ 2100 Dixon, Dan When I Was YoungÂ… The History of Auburn, Illinois as Told by its Residents 1993 project
J54/50/ 5705 Doan, Crystal Keasling Revisiting Borderlands: Moving Beyond Imperialism in Historical Research, Writing and Education 2014 thesis
J54/50/ 5233 Douglass, Tamara Springfield 1908 Race Riot Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum Summer Scholars Program 2007 2008 project
J54/50/ 4102 Duggins, Brent In Defense of an Alleged Hunter: An Analysis of Cotton Mather's Beliefs on Witchcraft and His Role in the Salem Witch Trials 2001 thesis
J54/50/ 5662 Dunn, Ariel Behind the Scenes of Henry VIII's Annulment 2013 thesis
J54/50/ 5508 Dunn, Margaret (Peggy) A Sheltered childhood: 19th Century Middle & Upper Class Victorian Children's Games & Activities 2010 thesis
J54/50/ 5831 Dunne, Susan Illinois's Forgotten History: The 33rd Division in Luxembourg, 1918-1919 2015 project
J54/50/ 195 Eaton, Marilyn J. Lives and Music of Felix Mendelssohn and Gustav Mahler 1984 thesis
J54/50/ 4976 Edwards, Cecily Anne Bejeweled Bereavement: Mourning Jewelry 1765-1920 2006 project; includes color photos of exhibit
J54/50/ 2000 Ellison, T. Eric Decatur Staleys: A Bear Beginning 1993 thesis
J54/50/ 664 Engel, Samuel Louis Study of the Emancipation Proclamation with Emphasis on the Reactions of Newspapers and Individuals During the Civil War Period 1985 thesis
J54/50/ 5691 Engelbrecht, Bryan Looking for Lincoln's Artifacts: A Collections Management Internship at Lincoln's New Salem State Historic Site 2013 project
J54/50/ 5188 Errett-Trams, Bonita Fernwood Mausoleum: The Final Resting Place 2007 project with pictures
J54/50/ 5360 Etzel, Matthew C. The Donner Family Collection (MC95) at the University of Illinois at Springfield Archives/Special Collections 2009 project
J54/50/ 1037 Fechter, Joseph P. History of Illinois Agricultural Pesticide Use in the Twentieth Century 1988 thesis
J54/50/ 517 Fliege, Stuart Big Muddy River in Southern Illinois 1985 thesis
J54/50/ 2689 Ford, Candilyn Crosby Patty "Mother" Sessions [:] Midwife, Mormon, Pioneer 1996 biographical research paper
J54/50/ 2128 Gairani, Kathlyn Bellamy Medical Care in the Jacksonian Era in Springfield, Illinois as an Example 1993 thesis
J54/50/ 5012 Garner, John L. Glorious Sadness: Depression in the Life and Writings of Leo Nikolayevich Tolstoy 2007 thesis
J54/50/ 5111 Gasiel, Nancilee D. Around the House: Middle and Working Class American Women's At-home Wear and Domestic Responsibilities, 1850-1870 2007 thesis
J54/50/ 3125 Gibson, Stephen Growth of Movies in Springfield and Their Impact on Live Theater 1998 thesis
J54/50/ 5041 Giordano, Lori My Dear Wife and Children: The Civil War Correspondence of Ira Van Deusen 2007 thesis
J54/50/ 39 Gitz, Nina Cherniavsky Coles and Slavery: A Reevaluation of the Role of Political Factions In the Convention Contest of 1824 in Illinois 1978 thesis
J54/50/ 1440 Gregg, Karen Boehm What L.B. Moody Found: Sectionalism and Social Class in Springfield, Illinois, 1850-1855 1989 thesis
J54/50/ 1478 Grove, Kimberly Study of Five Art Pottery and China Decorating Firms in the Chicago Area 1990 thesis
J54/50/ 3821 Gumble, Madeline J. M. Inventor: Olin L. Dupy 2000 thesis
J54/50/ 5659 Hagedorn, Heather Camp Butler: A Civil War Story Exhibition 2013 project
J54/50/ 4797 Harrison, Joseph Patrick Muckraking and Civil Rights for Blacks: The Successes and Failures 2005 thesis
J54/50/ 3833 Hatcher, Shannon Historical Narrative of Decatur's Public School Desegregation in 1966-1975 (An African-American Civil Rights Experience) 2000 thesis
J54/50/ 3614 Hawkins, Gabriel Fallen from Grace: History of Birth and Decline of the Battleship 2000 thesis
J54/50/ 172 Haynes, Judith A. Portrait of a Woman Legislator: Bernice T. Van Der Vries, Illinois House of Representatives, 1935-1956 1984 thesis
J54/50/ 5601 Heinzmann, Whitney Collection Management at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum 2012 project
J54/50/ 208 Henderson, Richard Illinois and Michigan Canal State Trial Archival Inventory and Guide 1984 thesis
J54/50/ 4845 Hendricks, Brian D. Persuading A People: Colonial Newspapers in New York and Pennsylvania, 1764-1774 2005 thesis
J54/50/ 3336 Herath, Margaret Springfield Sports Hall of Fame Museum Municipal Building West 1999 project
J54/50/ 5309 Highland, Laura E. Illinois Guide to the National Register of Historic Places 2008 project
J54/50/ 367 Hill, Charles Invisible Veterans 1984 thesis
J54/50/ 41 Hinriche, Penny Aztec Warrior of the 16th Century and the Sioux Warrior the 18th Century 1978 thesis
J54/50/ 3988 Holmes, Sabrina Go West Young Man -- Horace Greeley [Edited Transcript of Leander Cummin's Travel Journal, 1861] 2001 project
J54/50/ 5639 Holmes, Tracey L. Through the Eyes of My Writers 2012 thesis
J54/50/ 2421 Horne, Debra Kay Springer Report on Internship at the Moweaqua Coal Mine Museum 1995 report
J54/50/ 5579 House, Jacob C. The Rhetoric of LBJ: How Lyndon B. Johnson Approached, Used, and Portrayed John F. Kennedy in His Speeches 2011 thesis
J54/50/ 4454 Hughes, Kevin The Origins of the Illinois State Highway Patrol 2003 thesis
J54/50/ 653 Hunt, Nancy Rose We Refuse to be Insulted : African Women's Resistance to Belgian Colonization Usumbura, Ruanda-Urundi, 1941-1962 1985 thesis
J54/50/ 4796 Huttes, Michelle New Philadelphia, Illinois 2005 thesis
J54/50/ 1396 Jamali, Linda Sawackis Study of Springfield, Illinois in 1870: Bickering Backwater or Midwestern Melting Pot? 1989 thesis
J54/50/ 1500 Jenkins, Carol Report to the Rochester Historical Preservation Society 1990 project
J54/50/ 5602 Jerry, E. Claire Curator: Tracing the Truman's: An American Story, Harry S. Truman Library and Museum 2012 project
J54/50/ 768 Jett, Linda S. Autobiographical View of Illinois Legislators 1987 thesis
J54/50/ 3663 Joens, David John W.E. Thomas & The Political Maturing of Chicago's African American Community 2000 thesis
J54/50/ 3733 Johnson, Denise R. Nineteenth Century Illinois Women and the "Genderization" of Insanity 2000 thesis
J54/50/ 4209 Johnson, Laura Hopi Lamps and Jackrabbit Ashtrays: Object Re-use and Immersion Environments, A Material Culture Analysis of the Buildings and Interiors of Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter in the American Southwest, 1902 to 1949 2002 thesis
J54/50/ 1187 Johnson, Mark L. Emergence of Government Centralization: Illinois Public Education, 1818-1870 1989 thesis
J54/50/ 5707 Johnson, Scott The Illiopolis Riot of 1872: The Re-examination of a 19th Century Rural Social Disturbance 2014 thesis
J54/50/ 2938 Johnston, Jane Archaeology and Archival Interpretation of the Sargent Farm 1996 project
J54/50/ 3199 Jones, Roberta Haworth Study of Midwestern Farm Women, The Depression, and the Rural Electrification Administration 1998 thesis
J54/50/ 5552 Joseph, Rochelle Morgan LaFayette Smith-Wholesale Merchant, Investor and Family Man of Springfield, Illinois, 1860-1890 2011 thesis
J54/50/ 4708 Julson, jeffery D. The Copperheads of Wisconsin 2004 thesis
J54/50/ 5351 Keil, Shane J. World War I Trench Warfare: The Planning, Design and Installation of Two Exhibits in the First Division Museum 2009 project
J54/50/ 5156 Kelley, Pamela Carter St. Louis Founding Mothers 1818-1918: Historically Invisible Catholic Nuns 2006 thesis
J54/50/ 5079 Kelly, Michael H. Jr. How Many Barrels are too Many? The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, 1960-1986 2007 thesis
J54/50/ 4278 Kirven, Edward Emergency Disaster Response Plan for the Springfield Art Association 2002 project
J54/50/ 5337 Kloppenburg, Michael Veterans of the Vietnam War: Experiences Expressed in Oral Histories 2009 project
J54/50/ 2200 Krake, Kenneth Master's Thesis 1994 thesis
J54/50/ 1681 Krause, Susan Documentary Editing Internship: Lincoln Legal Papers Project 1991 project
J54/50/ 1001 Kreuger, Bruce E. Preservation in the Air and on the Land: Three Projects in Public History 1988 report
J54/50/ 2500 Ladd, James War for Democracy on the Homefront: the Springfield Streetcar Strike of 1917-1918 1995 thesis
J54/50/ 3974 LaFollette, Aime'e Apprenticeship to Internship: A Historic Review of the Trends in Career and Technical Education in the 20th Century 2001 thesis
J54/50/ 4422 Lampert, Amanda Collection Management and Registration Methods for the Piatt County Museum 2003 thesis
J54/50/ 2025 Lamprich, Scott Registration and Collections Manual of the Alton Museum of History and a RT, Inc. 1993 project
J54/50/ 5655 Lange, Brockton History of the Illinois Department of Transportation 1903 - 2013 2013 project
J54/50/ 5406 Law, Justin Creating an Oral History Based Radio Program 2008 project w/4 CDs
J54/50/ 5701 Lear, William (Bill) "84" Railsplitters Exhibit at the Illinois Military Museum, Springfield, IL 2014 project W/ CD
J54/50/ 4015 Lee, Brian Edwin Status of Care in Illinois Nursing Homes,1995-1999 2001 thesis
J54/50/ 3642 Lewis, Linda M. Newland Mission to Tibet 2000 thesis
J54/50/ 3196 Linn, Cynthia Dee Nomination of Brussels, Illinois to the National Register of Historic Places 1998 project
J54/50/ 4054 Livengood, Erin R. Middle School Educational Programs for "At Home in the Heartland" 2001 project
J54/50/ 5361 Louis, Nicole L. "The Healthiest City in the World": Chicago and the Spanish Influenza Epidemic of 1918 2009 thesis
J54/50/ 1841 Lupton, John A. Abraham Lincoln's Law Practice in Macoupin County, Illinois 1992 thesis
J54/50/ 5472 Manfredo, Dan Struggle and Survival: The Community Action Program in Illinois 2010 thesis
J54/50/ 5191 Mariconi, Niccolina Bluffdale: Preserving a 19th Century Rural Home 2007 project
J54/50/ 4540 Markwell, David Birth of a Union: A History of Coal Mining in Illinois and the Progressive Miners of America 2004 thesis
J54/50/ 167 Markwell, Merle K. Family Size and Structure in Central Illinois, 1850-1880: A Census Study 1983 report
J54/50/ 5310 Martin, David Nikita Khrushchev and the Defense of Cuba 2008 thesis
J54/50/ 5596 Martin, Rebecca Genesis on the Prairie: The History of Second (Westminster) Presbyterian Church, Springfield, IL 2011 thesis
J54/50/ 4218 Martin, Vance Historic Preservation of Illinois Carnegie Libraries 2002 project
J54/50/ 5433 Maseman, Jenifer Marie From England to Illinois 2010 thesis
J54/50/ 996 Mason, Judy Early Agriculture in Chatham, Illinois 1989 thesis
J54/50/ 4016 Maton. Matthew Residential Segregation: Springfield Illuminated 2001 thesis
J54/50/ 5279 McAllister, Stephanie A. Food Rationing and the American Experience: Urban and Rural Americans During World War II 2008 project
J54/50/ 1567 McCarthy, B. David Sangamon Ordnance Plant 1990 thesis
J54/50/ 3159 McClure, Beth Historical Review of Popular World War II Films 1998 thesis
J54/50/ 4484 McDermott, Kevin John C. Calhoun 1782-1850: A Great American Statesman 2003 thesis
J54/50/ 2049 McDermott, Stacy L. Pratt Lynching, A Woman, and a Movement:. . .The Lynching of "Froggie" James and the Involvement of Ida B. Wells and the Anti-Lynching Campaign 1993 thesis
J54/50/ 5445 McGee, William W. Jr. The Nichols Park Project 2010 project
J54/50/ 2013 McGlathery, Samuel L. Internship in the Student Life and Culture Archival Program at the University of Illinois Archives 1993 project
J54/50/ 4936 Meneghetti, Dominic Ursuline Academy's Journey with the Rivers Project: A History Thus Far 2006 thesis
J54/50/ 2090 Miller, Darin Edward George Rogers Clark and His Contribution to the Protection of the West 1993 thesis
J54/50/ 4535 Millick, Scott A Tale of Two Towns: A Comparison of two towns between 1850 and 1950 and the Effect that Coal Mining and Railroads Had on Them 2004 thesis
J54/50/ 1730 Moore, Linda Waiting for the Lord [:] The Story of East Park Baptist Academy[,] 1970-1989 1991 thesis
J54/50/ 5681 Moseley, Michael Springfield Art Association of Edwards Place 2013 project
J54/50/ 3119 Moss, Janalyn L. From the Desk of William A. Grant: M.A. Project 1998 project
J54/50/ 5306 Mueller, Marilyn "It's Okay, We're with the Band:" A Story of the Two Municipal Bands of Springfield, Illinois 2008 thesis
J54/50/ 2379 Muncy, Hazel Misunderstood Women: Ha Toy and Hun Ho, Two 19th Century Chinese Prostitutes 1995 thesis
J54/50/ 3308 Neder, Paul Great Strike of 1877 and the Central Illinois Press: A Study of Editorial Opinion and Commentary 1999 thesis
J54/50/ 5680 Nelson, Ryan D. Japan During the Boshin War, 1868-1869: A Study of Hybrid Westernization 2013 thesis
J54/50/ 1361 Nolan, Thomas L. Joel Aldrich Matteson 1989 thesis
J54/50/ 1983 Novello, John L. Trials of Len Small and Republican Fictional Politics, 1920-1928 1993 project
J54/50/ 3816 O'Connor, Catherine Message in the Bottle: Women, Temperance and Reform in Illinois' Frontier Through the Antebellum Age 2000 thesis
J54/50/ 2187 Ogg, Colleen R. Report on Internship--Old State Capital, Historic Sites Office 1986 project
J54/50/ 5059 Olan, Grant Horace Mann's National Register of Historic Places Application 2007 project
J54/50/ 2816 Ottoson, Pamela Study of the Potowatomis Foreign Relations with France, Great Britain, and the United States from 1783-1840 1997 thesis
J54/50/ 3445 Painter, David Byron Blazing a Trail: Foreign Policy in the Nixon Vice-Presidency 1999 thesis
J54/50/ 2052 Patterson, Sally Report on Master's Internship and Project (Illinois State Museum Children's Programs) 1993 project
J54/50/ 5050 Perez, Kim Edwin W. Dana 2007 project, Report & Digital Artifact Guide
J54/50/ 5457 Perusich, Dan Lessons on a Multi-faceted Career: A Curatorial Internship with the National Park Service 2010 project
J54/50/ 5643 Petri, Jonathan Harry Truman: A Case Study Comparison of the Railroad Strike of 1946 and the Steel Strike of 1952 2012 thesis
J54/50/ 5603 Pezzella, Stephanie Collections Management at Edward's Place 2012 project
J54/50/ 5710 Pisell, James M. The Edgar Lee Masters Memorial Museum Letter Archive 2014 project
J54/50/ 4844 Podeshi, Amanda Landacre Female "Exceptionalism" as Agency: The Development of Rhoda M. Coffin As an Evangelical Quaker Reformer 2005 thesis
J54/50/ 4707 Pospisek, Patrick Inspired Self-Interest: Motivating Factors in the Relocation of the Illinois Seat of Government 1836-1845 2004 thesis
J54/50/ 2014 Powell, Starla L. National Register of Historic Places Nomination for Washington C. Wear House, Princeville, IL 1993 project
J54/50/ 5061 Prusacki, Dana L. Archival Processing Project: Sangamon County Naturalization Records 2007 project; bound copy in Archives Reference
J54/50/ 5736 Ransom, Stephanie Rock River Rifles: The 34th Illinois Volunteer Regiment in the American Civil War 2012 thesis
J54/50/ 4207 Reardanz, Kay History of the Illinois State Fair's Educational Programs 2002 thesis
J54/50/ 5189 Reed, Kevin Two Roads Converged: The Relationship Between Dwight D. Eisenhower and George S. Patton 2007 thesis
J54/50/ 4349 Reese, Carol Archival Processing Project: The Patricia Henry Illinois State Fair Collection 2002 project
J54/50/ 5706 Rein, Galen Multi-faceted Collection Management Projects for the Illinois State Military Museum 2014 project
J54/50/ 5599 Reuker, Matthew Historic Context: Lesson Plans for the Dana Thomas House, 1880-1929 2012 project
J54/50/ 5470 Reynolds, John Marcos The Great Black Migration and its Impact on the Neighborhoods of Chicago's Black Old Settlers, 1914-1925 2010 thesis
J54/50/ 1484 Rhodes, Chester Full Stomach and a Clear Conscience: The Lester Kahl Story 1990 thesis
J54/50/ 5704 Riley, Stephanie Capitalists, Socialists and Debates: How Print Media Influenced the Creation of Dominant and Counter Memory Narratives of the "S.S. Eastland" Catastrophe 2014 thesis
J54/50/ 5520 Robbe, Andrew A Clash of Two Peoples 2010 thesis
J54/50/ 2900 Robinson, Noel Archival Processing Project: Gallatin County Records 1997 project
J54/50/ 5078 Rohrer, Adam T. Internship and Project at the Illinois State Military Museum 2007 project
J54/50/ 5589 Root, Leslie Dr. Larry Shiner Oral History Interview Transcription & Editing Project 2011 project
J54/50/ 5367 Roten, Anne Marie Deaccessioning and Museum Collections 2009 project
J54/50/ 5658 Rum, Christina Development of Archival and Collection Management Policies: Illinios Supreme Court Archives 2013 project
J54/50/ 2725 Ruyle, Tim Springfield Kings: A History of Semi-Professional Hockey in Springfield, Ill 1996 thesis
J54/50/ 5604 Saal, Rich Springfield Photographs:  Images from the Illinois State Journal Glass Plates, 1929-1935 2012 project; includes book of photographs
J54/50/ 5366 Sardina, Amanda Internship and Project at the Illinois Sate Museum Research and collections Center 2009 project
J54/50/ 5364 Sater, Kyle N. History Alive!: Self-Directed Educational Programming at a Military History Museum 2009 project
J54/50/ 2162 Sauer, Stephen J. Historical Research Internship of Stephen J. Sauer at Tazewell County Court House from June 7 - August 12, 1993 1994 project
J54/50/ 5561 Schaubhut, Laren P. Paving the Way: Illinois Department of Transportation Internship and Emergency Disaster Plan 2011 project
J54/50/ 4009 Schmitz, Lynda Mexicans and Repatriation During the Great Depression in the Chicago Area 2001 thesis
J54/50/ 2151 Schnell, Christopher A. Public History and the Development of Illinois Historic Site Management at the Lincoln Home, 1930-1955 1993 project
J54/50/ 2568 Schnell, Karen Elizabeth National Register Multiple Property Documentation for Carnegie Libraries in Illinois 1996 project
J54/50/ 4555 Schukai, Jeff National Register of Historic Places Multiple Property Documentation Form: Multiple Family Dwellings in Springfield, Illinois 1896 - 1958 2004 project
J54/50/ 5278 Serio, Rosie An Internship at the Lincoln Home National Historic Site (Jan-May 2008): A History of Hired Girls of the Lincoln Home 2008 project
J54/50/ 5533 Shelby, Michael N. US Army Airborne Operations in World War II (European Theater of Operations [ETO] 1944) As a Viability Model 2011 thesis
J54/50/ 5146 Shetter, Beth The Mercury Studio Collection: Discovring Springfield's Past 2007 project
J54/50/ 5709 Shoemaker, Gretchen Preservation 101: Learning the Basics of Collections Care 2014 project W/ CD
J54/50/ 5365 Sipes, Tarah Elizabeth Mercer County Historical Society Internship and Made in Mercer County Exhibit 2008-2009 2009 project
J54/50/ 5550 Smock, Alisa Artifacts of the Dana-Thomas House: Cataloguing Present to the Past 2011 project
J54/50/ 3712 Snow, Philip Soundtrack of American Life: A Short History of the Concert Band in America 2000 thesis
J54/50/ 5443 Sparrow, George The Life of Alice Grierson 2010 thesis
J54/50/ 3376 Spengler, Elizabeth F. Educating the Nez Perce: A Study of Native American Assimilation in the Nineteenth Century 1999 thesis
J54/50/ 3005 Spohrer, Dennis E. From Illinois Territory to Frontier Town: Auburn, Illinois: As a Case Study, 1785-1853 1998 thesis
J54/50/ 3000 Sponagle, Carol Reform and Resistance: Abolitionism of the East in Illinois, 1830-1840 1998 thesis
J54/50/ 5553 Springer, Pam A New Vision: Redefining Museum Access and the Museum Experience for the Visually Impaired 2011 thesis
J54/50/ 1709 Starling, Charles A. Development of Agriculture in the Sangamon Valley: 1991 project
J54/50/ 4536 Stewart, Bruce Illiopolis Ordnance Plant: Changes on the Prairie 2004 thesis
J54/50/ 984 Stout, Nancy Jane Opening the West: A Voyage into the Past 1988 thesis
J54/50/ 4800 Stuart, Elizabeth (Cori) Cataloging the Postel Collection at the Illinois State Museum 2005 thesis
J54/50/ 2070 Stutzman, Joanne Settlement Pattern of North and South Athens Townships, 1820-1850 1993 thesis
J54/50/ 5618 Stybr, Kelsey "Mater Familias:" Mary Surratt and the American Gendered Perspective 2012 thesis
J54/50/ 5598 Suttles, Anne A. Lincoln Presidential Museum: Institute Facilitator 2011 project
J54/50/ 4631 Sweitzer, Phil Graduate Internship and Project[:] Illinois State Military Museum 2004 project
J54/50/ 4893 Symons, Jennifer O'Keeffe's Choice: The Move to New Mexico, 1929-1949 2006 thesis
J54/50/ 64 Talmant, R. Black Soldiers in Reconstruction 1982 thesis
J54/50/ 5230 Tarr, Cassie Marc Houseman Collection 2008 project
J54/50/ 3964 Taylor,John R. Springfield High School: A Century of Football Tradition, a Records Collection 2001 thesis
J54/50/ 173 Tippit, Jean Cooper Coat of Different Color: The Jacksonian as Observed Through His Dress 1983 thesis
J54/50/ 5338 Tosh, Eric Michael Rediscovering Emiquon 2009 project
J54/50/ 1372 Towery, Margie Wanted-- Situation to do General Housework: Female Domestic Servants in Springfield, Illinois, 1900 1989 thesis
J54/50/ 2553 Townsend, Tinothy P. Site Adrift in the City: The Evolution of the Lincoln Home Neighborhood 1995 thesis
J54/50/ 4539 Vehlow, Molinda A. Museum of Funeral Customs: Collection Processing and Gallery Exhibition Research, Design, and Installation 2004 project
J54/50/ 5609 Vlahon, Jay Nature's Submission to the Human Argumentative Propensity:  The Case of the Chicago River 2012 thesis
J54/50/ 5830 Volker, Kiley The False Memory of Partnership: Maori and Pakeha in the Nineteenth Century 2014 thesis
J54/50/ 5650 Ward, Steven D. Manufacturing for the Second World War: Springfield, IL and the Army-Navey "E" Award 2013 thesis
J54/50/ 5668 Watson, Michael Leadership, Crisis, Strategy, and Intelligence: The Greatest Commander-In-chief in American History 2013 thesis
J54/50/ 4959 Weight, Donovan "Indentured for 99 YearsÂ…Promised Fifty Dollars upon Expiration of Term": Indentures and Indenturing in Illinois 2006 thesis
J54/50/ 5442 Weissert, Melisa From Classroom to the Field: Exploring the Career of a Curator (A Curitorial Internship at the Lincoln Home National Historic Site) 2010 project
J54/50/ 5543 Wellman, Dan Elek The Illinois House of Representatives, 1867-1875: A Roll Call Vote Analysis 2011 thesis
J54/50/ 5702 Wells, Joyce Educational Resources for Lincoln's New Salem Historic Site 2014 project
J54/50/ 5829 Welt, James National Register Nomination and Springfield Landmarking for the Strawbridge-Shepherd House 2015 project
J54/50/ 4765 Weronko, Glenn Remembering History: The Past and Memory 2005 thesis
J54/50/ 4246 Wheeler, Samuel Paul New England's Son: Leonard Swett and the American Struggle 1825-1850 2002 thesis
J54/50/ 5160 Whitaker, Charles C. Electronic Management and Organization of Archival Collections: Past Perfect Software at Lincoln College Museum 2007 project
J54/50/ 828 White, Ellanor Kenney Excavating in Museums: Survey and Analysis of Hopewell Textiles 1987 project
J54/50/ 5102 White, William R. Crown, Cross and Cloister: Ecclesiastical and Secular Relations Under Edward I 2007 thesis
J54/50/ 2117 Whitlock, Mark Care of Antique Fire Arms 1993 project
J54/50/ 4788 Whittenberg, Albert C. Why Mr. Wesley Failed and Mr. Whitefield Succeeded: The History of Their Work in the Colony of Georgia 2005 thesis
J54/50/ 5284 Wickens, Heather The Lasting Legacy of Eliza Lucas Pinckney 2008 project
J54/50/ 2886 Wickline, Galen E. Archival Processing of Manuscript collections: The Jerry Wallace Papers The Julius Wadsworth Papers The New Holland State Bank Records 1997 project
J54/50/ 3281 Wiegers, Carla W. Back Our Girls Over There: Story of the American Switchboard Operators During World War I 1998 thesis
J54/50/ 1201 Wilcox, H. Robert Internship Project: Wheelwright Tools at Clayville 1989 project
J54/50/ 4753 Wilkinson, Barbara J. Creating the Exhibit[:] "The Illinois National Guard in the Korean War" 2004 thesis
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