Human Development Counseling Masters Projects/Theses

Call # Author Title Year Notes
J54/55/ 5331 Ahlrich, Cathy Aging Well: The Impact of an Educational Workshop on the Perceived Sense of Self-empowerment in the Aging Process 2009 thesis
J54/55/ 3834 Alexander, Debra A. Hall Disclosure of an HIV/AIDS Diagnosis: The Impact on Social Support and Quality of Life of the Diagnosed Individual 2000 project
J54/55/ 1156 Alexander, Kathleen G. Evaluation of the Dysfunctional Communication in the Manic-Depressive Family Utilizing Satir's Model 1989 thesis
J54/55/ 1330 Allen, Julia H. Family Interventions for Adolescents Who Run 1989 report
J54/55/ 1664 Allen, Kathy Educational Support Group for Female Survivors of Sexual Assault 1991 project
J54/55/ 2943 Allison, Cheryl Lynn Recognition and Reporting Child Abuse and/or Neglect by Mandated Reporters 1997 project
J54/55/ 580 Anderson, Pat Influencing Interpersonal Relationships in the Classroom 1975 thesis
J54/55/ 3311 Anderson-Gottrich, Kay Anticipatory Grief within Families: Counseling Referral Practices Among Physicians Treating the Terminally Ill 1999 thesis
J54/55/ 147 Appel, Jan Burnout and Self-Disclosure 1983 thesis
J54/55/ 5150 Armstrong, Rebecca Bower Predicting Community Adjustment to Disability and Quality of Life Outcomes Following Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation 2007 project
J54/55/ 3444 Ash, Gail Effects of Career Counseling on Women Making Mid-Life Career Transitions 1999 project
J54/55/ 2720 Atkins, Heidi Staff Perceptions of Child Restraint Practices at a Residential Treatment Facility for Behavior Disordered Adolescents 1996 project
J54/55/ 3645 Ausmus, Neala K. Binge Eating and Alexithymia in Overweight Women Seeking Weight-Management Treatment 2000 project
J54/55/ 671 Austin, Barbara HDC and the Mentally Retarded Client 1986 thesis
J54/55/ 2331 Austin, Mary Frances Addiction as a Barrier to Intimacy: A Workshop 1994 project
J54/55/ 5648 Bailey, Courtney Crises on Campus: A Descriptive Study of College and University Mental Health Training and Preparedness 2013 thesis
J54/55/ 9 Bailey, John Practicum Log 1980 project
J54/55/ 731 Barlet, Donna May Co-Dependency: A Treatable Family Disease 1986 report
J54/55/ 2404 Barrett, Tracy Infertility and Its Effect on Intimacy 1995 project
J54/55/ 2644 Barrow, Christine Impact of the Student Assistance Program on Fourth Graders 1996 project
J54/55/ 804 Barrow, Francis W. Role of Denial in Substance Abuse Treatment 1987 thesis
J54/55/ 1811 Bartlett, Daniel Psychological Reactance and Locus of Control in a Chemical Dependency Sample 1992 project
J54/55/ 4929 Batsell, Connie Spirituality and Stress: An Examination of College Students' Perceptions of Health Status and Life Satisfaction 2006 project
J54/55/ 977 Bauer, Judith C. Guide for Establishing a Halfway House for Chemically Dependent Women 1988 project
J54/55/ 3320 Bayless, Tisha Marie Group Therapy Curriculum for Assessing and Decreasing Self-Critical Tendencies in Individuals with a Mental Illness 1999 project
J54/55/ 1643 Beagles, Gerard Developing Individual Service Plans and Assessing Interdisciplinary Team Effectiveness 1987 project
J54/55/ 1667 Bean Winberg, Lisa Coping Strategies for Infertility 1991 project
J54/55/ 1873 Beauchamp, Kristy K. Need for Counseling in a Small Elementary School 1992 project
J54/55/ 807 Bedolli, Kay Waters Importance and Benefits of an Elementary Guidance and Counseling Program: How It Can Be Implemented 1987 thesis
J54/55/ 2173 Bell, Susan L. Effects of Educational Integration of Severely and Moderately Mentally Retarded Children on the Attitudes of Elementary Children 1993 project
J54/55/ 3660 Benz, Joann Assessing High School Student's Attitudes about Peer Mediation at Lincoln Community High School 2000 project
J54/55/ 3406 Berg, Jean Nelson Cool in School: A Workshop for Teachers on the Identification and Remediation of Dyssemia 1999 project
J54/55/ 1394 Berns, Carie Model for Helping Couples Resolve Conflicts Using Reality Therapy 1989 report
J54/55/ 5282 Bialeschki, Marcy B. A Study of the Effectiveness of Alcohol Education in a Middle School: A Comparison of Two Approaches 2008 thesis
J54/55/ 3762 Billingsley, Shelli Peer Mentors: Helping New Students Adjust to the High School Setting 2000 project
J54/55/ 4153 Bliesener, Millicent Locus of Control in Male Domestic Batterers 2001 project
J54/55/ 1978 Bliesner, Sue Study of the Relationships Between Homeless Adults and Social Support Networks 1993 project
J54/55/ 2704 Blough, Sarah E. Effectiveness of an Anger Management Training Program in Boot Camp 1996 project
J54/55/ 1893 Bollhorst, Gaye Teacher Burnout: A Study of Burnout Levels and Coping Strategies 1992 thesis
J54/55/ 5485 Bond, Nicholas Perceived Appropriateness of School Counselor Activities: An Examination of Differences between School Counselors and Principals 2010 project
J54/55/ 2614 Bowers, Kathryn Yaap Family of Origin Influence of Helping or Nonhelping Graduate School Majors 1996 project
J54/55/ 683 Brandy, Tim N. Public Law 94-142 and the Role of the Counselor 1986 thesis
J54/55/ 505 Brennan, Mark Community Support Services for Psychiatric Residents 1985 thesis
J54/55/ 1595 Brewer, David A. Cocaine Addiction and Treatment Update 1990 report
J54/55/ 1360 Brooks, Elizabeth A. Suicide Prevention Program for Christ the King School 1989 project
J54/55/ 145 Brooks, Willie Ellis Dropout/Discipline Prevention Project 1982 project
J54/55/ 4423 Broomhead, Stephanie Spiritual Issues as Presented in Counseling: Assessing the Desire for A Spiritual Training for Counselors 2003 project
J54/55/ 3423 Brundige, Barbara J. Study of the Satisfaction of Incarcerated Fathers Regarding Positive Parenting Course 1999 project
J54/55/ 2643 Buddmeyer, Rita Builder's Guide to Career Development: A Workbook for Returning College Students 1996 project
J54/55/ 2772 Budinger, Amy Leigh Comobidity of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Depression in Sexually Abused Female Adolescents: A Comparative Study 1996 thesis
J54/55/ 177 Buechler, Donna K. Staff Support Group's Effect Upon Professional Nurse's Stress and Burnout Level 1983 project
J54/55/ 2684 Buhl, Kathy Comparative Study of the Empty Nest Syndrome Relative to Single Mothers Versus Mothers in a Two Partner Relationship Conducted in a Christian … 1996 project
J54/55/ 342 Bunch, Janet O. Project on Self-Concept Enhancement for Culturally Different Elementary School Children, Grades 5 and 6 1984 project
J54/55/ 823 Burch, Mary J. Training Peer Counselors 1987 project
J54/55/ 31 Burgio, Charles Case Study Summary and Decision-Making Process 1979 report
J54/55/ 4039 Burke, Stacey M. Parental Stress : A Comparison of Relative And Non-Relative Foster Parents 2001 project
J54/55/ 1763 Burns, Gary L. Investigation of the Integration of Psychology and Protestant Evangelical Theology 1991 project
J54/55/ 5121 Burwell, Tricia Sexual Harassment: A Manual for Knowledge and Coping Skills for High School Students 2007 project, includes 37 pg booklet
J54/55/ 1111 Busby, Jeff Symbolic Interactionist Perspective on Grief and it's [ SIC ] Implications for Caregivers 1988 report
J54/55/ 2602 Bushey, Betty Layperson's Comprehensive Manual for the Eating Disorders Bulimia Nervosa and Anorexia Nervosa 1996 thesis
J54/55/ 2288 Buttell, J. Mark Workshop Presentation : Solution Talk in Case Management 1994 project
J54/55/ 711 Canada, Mark Raymond Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome and the Vietnam Veteran 1986 report
J54/55/ 83 Cannon, Cathy Carol Vocational Evaluation for Severely Physically Disabled Individuals 1981 thesis
J54/55/ 5297 Canton, Paula M. Dal An End to Bullying Begins with Teachers: An Information Workshop for Middle School Teachers 2008 thesis
J54/55/ 2356 Carlile,Michael I. Use of the ISS in a Treatment Population 1994 project
J54/55/ 4588 Carter, Carla The Impact of Abortion Counseling on Abortion Counselors 2004 project
J54/55/ 3312 Carwile, Karla K. Breaking Through the Emotional Wall with "The Little Guys" Sculptures 1999 report
J54/55/ 3499 Cashman, Tracy Boundaries Between Home and Work: A Survey of Marriage and Family Therapists 1999 thesis
J54/55/ 2559 Charveron, Debra Health-Related Consequences of the Experience and Expression of Cynicism, Aggression, and Anger: An Investigation of Gender Differences. 1995 project
J54/55/ 5425 Chism, Sarah Coping with Fibromyalgia: A Phenomenoligical Inquiry 2010 thesis
J54/55/ 1529 Christ, Hanne E. Approach for a Junior High Level Career-Oriented Group Comprised of Students with Specific Needs to Assess their Career Aspirations 1987 project
J54/55/ 1764 Cisne, James E. Effects of Brief Rational-Emotive Education on Locus of Control Among College Students 1991 thesis
J54/55/ 2060 Clay, Nell R. Keirsey Temperament Sorter's Use in Developing Training Seminars and its Correlation Between Race, Gender, Age and Education 1993 project
J54/55/ 1140 Cleverdon, M. Lynne Teaching Basic Communication Skills to Medical Students 1989 report
J54/55/ 1897 Coate, Loretta Kay Breaking the Denial: Identification and Intervention in the Classroom for the Child of the Alcoholic 1992 project
J54/55/ 1519 Cobb, Sue Anne Holinga Self-Esteem and a Positive Self-Affirmation Program Used with Adult Alcoholics at a Residential Treatment Center 1990 project
J54/55/ 2761 Colgrove, Merrie Hiring People with Mental Retardation: A Survey of Employer Attitudes 1996 project
J54/55/ 2942 Colligan, Michael D. Life Review and the Personal Constructs of Older Adults 1997 project
J54/55/ 1494 Collodi, Joan M. Please You to Interpose: Breaking the Silence Surrounding the Mother-Daughter Relationship 1990 project
J54/55/ 2006 Colton, Linda Pilot Study Comparison of Christian Counselors and Secular Counselors 1993 project
J54/55/ 141 Cook, David L. Proposal for the Enhancement of a Vocational Assessment Program in a Rural Rehabilitation Facility 1983 project
J54/55/ 162 Cook, Kathryn Masterson Development of Self-Concept in Children Ages 0-3 Years with Developmental Disabilities 1983 thesis
J54/55/ 3329 Cooley, Jonna J. Gay and Lesbian Adolescents: A Counselor's Handbook 1999 project
J54/5/ 5103 Cosenza, Nicole M. A Comparative Study of Trichome Diversity in Various Mexican Oak (Quercus) Species 2007 thesis
J54/55/ 4344 Cox, Angie Process of Forgiveness in Marriage: A Cross-Sectional Study of the Willingness of Married Individuals to Forgive 2002 project
J54/55/ 3328 Craig, Tammy Branaman Needs Assessment of Play Therapy Training for Illinois Health and Human Services Professionals 1999 report
J54/55/ 2711 Cravens, Cindy Survey of Alcohol Use/Abuse by College Students at MacMurray College 1996 project
J54/55/ 4407 Creek, Susan Pilot Study of the Convergence of Burnout, Compassion Fatigue and Vicarious Traumatization: Do Community Mental Health Counselors Suffer the Effects of These Phenomenon 2003 project
J54/55/ 1332 Cripe, Jerry W. Effects of Group Counseling on Locus of Control 1989 report
J54/55/ 3805 Culp, Candi L. Effectiveness of Job Shadowing for 9th-12th Grade Students 2000 project
J54/55/ 577 Cummins, Mary Therapeutic Case Study of an Alcoholic Utilizing Rational-Emotive Therapy 1975 thesis
J54/55/ 82 Curll, Steve Proposal for the Implementation of a Full Service Career Counseling Program 1979 thesis
J54/55/ 507 Dana, Gregg Pastoral Counseling Center 1985 report
J54/55/ 1339 Davis, Angela R. Manual of Illinois Residential Resources for Children and Adolescents: 1989 Revision of the Manual 1989 project
J54/55/ 951 Davis, Katherine S. Referral Guidelines for the School Counselor 1987 report
J54/55/ 2896 Davis, Michelle Effects of Foster Care on the Self-Esteem of High School Age Youth 1998 project
J54/55/ 708 Davis, Zyronius Summarization of On Site Practicum 1986 report
J54/55/ 4 Delay, Carmen V. Educational Needs Assessment of School Nurses and School Health Personnel in Illinois 1983 project
J54/55/ 755 Delgado, Colleen E. Substance Use/Abuse Curriculum for Macon County Schools 1987 report
J54/55/ 1772 Dell, Donald L. Pros and Cons of ECT in the Treatment of Depression Including My Personal Perspective 1991 project
J54/55/ 1714 Demers, Ivy Lynn Utilization of Support Services, Groups, People Following the Death of a Child by Central Illinois Families 1991 project
J54/55/ 4241 DeMoss, Ginger Depression and Substance Dependence: A Study of Women in Residential Treatment 2002 project
J54/55/ 2762 Dionne, Marian Tysheema Treatment Choices Based on Severity of Depression 1996 thesis
J54/55/ 2944 Dionne, Randy Sex and Culture: Greater Understanding of Cultural Diversity: A Manual for the Beginning Counselor 1998 thesis
J54/55/ 35 Disseler, Mary Dorothy Dealing with Anger Assertively: Problem Solving Paper 1979 report
J54/55/ 791 Doland, Margaret Widows/Widowers -- Mutual Support Program, New Life Adventure 1987 report
J54/55/ 1110 Dominguez, Marjorie Survey on Self-Concept of Adolescents Placed in Residential Care 1988 report
J54/55/ 1542 Douglas, Vickie L. Effect of Relaxation Exercises on Student Test Scores 1990 report
J54/55/ 2428 Dowell, R. Joseph Physical Attractiveness, Family Dynamics, and Inner Self-Esteem Among Adolescents 1995 project
J54/55/ 3658 Dragoo, Lori Effects of Self-Esteem Workshops on 7th Grade Students at Pawnee Elementary School 2000 project
J54/55/ 4792 Drake, Susan K. Computer Assisted Assessment Tests and Personal Follow-Up: Evaluating the Career Exploration Process in the Career Center at Illinois College 2005 project
J54/55/ 2736 Duensing, Elaine Janice Therapeutic Boundaries: A Survey of Marriage and Family Therapists 1996 thesis
J54/55/ 144 Dugan, Gregory Lament Racism and Black Self-Esteem 1980 report
J54/55/ 3611 Duiker, MacDaniel Tami Effects of Cultural Mistrust on Black Client-White Counselor Relationships 2000 project
J54/55/ 4050 Duncan, Cathy Impact of Children with Special Needs on Parents' Emotional Health: A Qualitative Study 2001 project
J54/55/ 1598 Dunn, Carol V. Building Bridges with Realistic Expectations 1991 report
J54/55/ 2112 Dunn, Margaret M. Study of the Fulfillment of Goals of One Hospital's Employee Assistance Program 1993 project
J54/55/ 746 Easley, Shon D. Research Colloquium 1986 report
J54/55/ 1164 Eaton, Theresa Career Guidance: A Handbook to Resources 1989 report
J54/55/ 971 Ebener, Robert (Josh) Friends Helping Friends: Teenage Suicide 1988 report
J54/55/ 895 Eck, Linda Adolescent Fathers 1987 report
J54/55/ 1331 Edwards, Kathleen Burke Variables in Structuring a Group for Adult Female Survivors of Incest 1989 thesis
J54/55/ 1371 Ellingson, Patricia Proposal for Elementary School Teacher Presentation on "Children From Addictive Homes" 1989 project
J54/55/ 4622 Elvers, Brenda How to Deal with Real Situations in Today's Family: A Manual for Adolescents 2004 project
J54/55/ 3760 Engelmann, Janet E. Empirical Validation of the Behavioral Symptoms of Co-dependency: A Survey of Substance Abuse Therapists 2000 project
J54/55/ 125 England, Hames Michael Effectiveness of a Short-Term Informal Workshop on the Attitudes Toward Sexuality and the Retarded 1981 thesis
J54/55/ 420 Ernst, Janet How Effective is Operation Snowball in Achieving the Program's Primary Goals and Objectives? 1985 thesis
J54/55/ 3632 Esmailzadegan, Nasim Attitudes of International Students Toward Counseling 2000 project
J54/55/ 1084 Evans, Karen Support Group for Women Who Love too Much 1988 report
J54/55/ 2549 Ewing, Diana Influence of Training in Children's Participation in Divorce Mediation 1995 project
J54/55/ 371 Faletto, Carole Adolescents, as Seen Through Their Drawings 1984 thesis
J54/55/ 1871 Fenton, Lonnie E. Comparison Study of the Perceived Parental Acceptance or Rejection of Adolescents from Stepfamilies and Birth families 1992 project
J54/55/ 4152 Fickes, Robert Men Overcoming Violence (MOV): Measuring the Effectiveness of a Batters' Group 2001 project
J54/55/ 1116 Fieker, Charlotte Child with Minimal Brain Dysfunction 1973 report
J54/55/ 707 Finch, Rodney A. Review of Counseling the Chronic Pain Client 1986 report
J54/55/ 3985 Flesch, Brenda Forgiveness Measurement in a Small Cardiac Rehabilitation Group: A Qualitative Study 2001 project
J54/55/ 688 Flowers, Robert Retention Versus Social Promotion 1986 report
J54/55/ 3761 Forte, Ninette M. Student Assessment of Career Related Interests, Service Delivery Modes, and Service Notification Methods 2000 project
J54/55/ 861 Fortel, David Case of Panic Disorder Treated with Symptom Prescription 1987 report
J54/55/ 1588 Fox, Susan A. Preparing Children for Hospitalization: An Outreach Program 1990 report
J54/55/ 2047 Frachey, Sherry Drama Intervention Experience 1993 project
J54/55/ 949 Francis, Sister Patricia Implications of Deafness for Spiritual Direction with a Deaf Person 1987 report
J54/55/ 2417 Frank, Toni Comparison of Attitudes Towards Persons with AIDS 1995 project
J54/55/ 368 Frueh, Dennis Missouri Occupational Preference Inventory: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Theory of an Occupational Card Sort in Review 1983 thesis
J54/55/ 1039 Gadlage, Belva Premenstrual Syndrome: Does Anyone Care? 1988 report
J54/55/ 2678 Gathard, Leeann Effects of Group Self-esteem Activities with Special Education Students 1996 project
J54/55/ 1557 Gebhardt, Robert James Client Satisfaction: Illinois Department of Rehabilitation Services 1990 report
J54/55/ 2473 Gibler, Laurel Lee Effectiveness of Student Assistance Program in changing Student Behavior Regarding Attendance, Conduct, and Achievement at School 1995 project
J54/55/ 3923 Givens, Donna ADHD In Daily Life: A Manual for Educators And Counselors 2001 project
J54/55/ 3839 Gonulsen, Linda Effects of a Relaxation and Stress Reduction Intervention on Residential, Direct-Care Workers 2000 project
J54/55/ 704 Gordon, Jana Facilitating an Internal Locus of Control in Elementary Children 1986 report
J54/55/ 2997 Gosda, Allison B. Effectiveness of Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment: An Outcome Study in a Rural Community Mental Health Center 1998 project
J54/55/ 2418 Goulding, Siv Life Strengths, Psychosocial Development, and Thriving: A Study of Older, Homebound Widows 1995 project
J54/55/ 1558 Goulet, Barbara Geary Two Generations: An Analysis of Mothers' and Daughters' Perceptions of Identity, Serf Esteem, and Life Satisfaction Issues 1990 report
J54/55/ 1083 Greanias, Pat Career Development and Placement in the Small University Setting 1988 report
J54/55/ 1697 Grieme, Kathryn A. Adolescent Crises Counseling for those Involved in Youth Ministry 1991 project
J54/55/ 2870 Grimsley, Robert High School Sexuality Education Curriculum Guide 1997 project
J54/55/ 2645 Gross, Jane Mind-Body Connection to Weight Management 1996 project
J54/55/ 3763 Grueter, Margaret J. Heart of Feminist Theory in Therapy: A Manual for Marriage and Family Therapists 2000 project
J54/55/ 2642 Hall, Janet L. Therapeutic Group Interventions for Partial Hospital Program: a Manual for Clinical Practice 1996 thesis
J54/55/ 3422 Hampton, Rebecca Descriptive Study of an Alternative Room for Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade Students in a Rural School Setting in Virden, Illinois 1999 project
J54/55/ 2413 Handley, Mary Comparison of Nursing Perspectives on Hospital Chaplaincy 1995 project
J54/55/ 1905 Hannapel, Phyllis Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Guide for Professionals 1992 project
J54/55/ 510 Hannula, Martha Morrison Support for the Cancer Patient 1985 thesis
J54/55/ 5505 Harney, Adrien Understanding the Sociocultural Influences of College Students Through Phenomenological Interviewing 2010 project
J54/55/ 957 Harper, Janet Co-Curricular Course for Peer Alcoholism Counselors 1988 project
J54/55/ 2685 Harte, Tomothy M. Contextual Mediation of Perception During Hauntings and Poltergeist-Like Experiences: A Replication and Extension 1996 project
J54/55/ 952 Hartman, Barbara Congenital Hypothyrodish: Families Using Other Families 1988 report
J54/55/ 1502 Hawley, Michael Group Counseling Sessions in Career Development 1990 project
J54/55/ 1066 Haynes, Lovell C. Improving Pastoral Counseling Skills: A Workshop 1988 report
J54/55/ 3922 Hefferon-Mckinney, Claire D. Divorce Mediation: A Comparison of Satisfaction Levels Among Mandatory Mediation, Voluntary Mediation And Litigation Clients 2001 project
J54/55/ 2664 Hendricks, Sandra Gender, Self-Esteem, and Susceptibility to Peer Pressure in Adolescents 1996 project
J54/55/ 1531 Hensley, Cindy Design and Implementation of a Peer Leadership Program at the Undergraduate Collegiate Level for a Small Private Liberal Arts College 1990 project
J54/55/ 1936 Henson, Norma Rae Relationship Between Social/Environmental Factors with Women and Depression 1992 project
J54/55/ 514 Heppler, Madeleine E. Proposed Follow-up Questionnaire for Former Residents of Kemmerer Village 1985 thesis
J54/55/ 3120 Herrick, Charlotte Psychotropic Drugs: A Handbook for Mental Health Counselors 1980 thesis
J54/55/ 5403 Herschberger, Tammy Relationships Between Spirituality and Adherence to Addiction Treatment Models 2009 thesis
J54/55/ 1342 Hiatt, Victoria L. Ace Club Leader's Guide 1989 project
J54/55/ 1101 Hibbett, James T. Examination of Some Major Themes in the Writings of Carl G. Jung 1988 thesis
J54/55/ 703 Hillard, Mary Annettia Self-Esteem Workshop for Abused Women 1986 thesis
J54/55/ 2530 Hobbs, Tessa Psychosocial Care: What Does the Visit of a Chaplain Intern Interview Mean to the Patient 1995 project
J54/55/ 880 Hoffek, Karen Resource Room Project for Underachievers at Williamsville Junior High 1987 report
J54/55/ 3310 Holcomb, Marcela S. Study of the Relationship Between Spiritual Well-Being and Emotional Empathy in an Introductory Counseling class 1999 report
J54/55/ 2907 Hornback, Betty Stress in Caregivers of Parents 1997 project
J54/55/ 1052 Houk, Richard L. Premarital Counseling Program Designed from a Christian Perspective 1983 project
J54/55/ 2042 Howard, Craig E. Inmates as Peer Facilitators 1993 project
J54/55/ 4958 Howland, Tracy Opposite Gender Interactions and the Effect on Blushing, Anxiety, and Self-reports 2006 thesis
J54/55/ 2095 Hubbard, Mary Ellen Integrous Role Models and Integrous Commitments 1993 project
J54/55/ 2819 Huber, Gene D. Healthy Moms/ Healthy Kids Case Management and Infant Immunization Compliance 1997 project
J54/55/ 1844 Huber, Ruthann Pilot Program: Short and Long Term Effect of a Support Group Experience on Young Children of Divorce as Measured by a Self-concept Questionnaire 1992 project
J54/55/ 3029 Hunt, Lisa Study of the Effect of Peer Mediation with Fifth Graders at a Rural Elementary School on Grades, Referrals, and Self-Esteem 1998 project
J54/55/ 1759 Hurd, Kendra Adolescent Internal/External Locus of Control 1991 project
J54/55/ 1608 Ihnen, Marlene Study of the Educational Satisfaction on Non-Traditional Students at John Wood Community College 1990 report
J54/55/ 979 Indermark, Ellen Five Female Counselors: Interviews and Myers-Briggs Type Inventory Analysis 1988 report
J54/55/ 535 Ioerger, Anne R. Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Benard and Joyce's Rational-Emotive Education 1985 thesis
J54/55/ 2871 Isham, Carolyn Relationship Between Television Violence and Aggressive Behavior: are Our Children in Danger? 1997 project
J54/55/ 3339 Johnson, Tracie Fritcher Model of Aggression Replacement Training: Effects on Adolescent Males Attending a Day Treatment Center for Aggressive Youth 1999 case study
J54/55/ 585 Jones, Lois M. Trantina Adolescent Stress as Indicated by Students in a Rural, Midwestern Secondary School 1985 report
J54/55/ 3832 Jordan, Jerry A. Effect of Compassion fatigue on Community Mental Health Workers 2000 project
J54/55/ 3409 Karuppaswamy, Nithyakala Separate But Connected: the Impact of Cross-Cultural Contact on the Evolution of Self Identity and Differentiation Among Hindu Asian Indian American Women 1999 project
J54/55/ 3261 Kauffman, Charlotte Family Experience of Mental Illness: Implications for a Practical Intervention 1998 project
J54/55/ 1767 Kelahan, Dennis P. Behavior Management Plan for Elementary School Students for a Residential School for the Visually Impaired 1991 project
J54/55/ 2914 Kerner, Janet Bailey Psychological and Psychodynamic Characterstics of Tattooed and NonTattooed Individuals from Diverse populations : Issues of Self-Esteem 1998 project
J54/55/ 4623 Kershaw, Angie An Investigation of the Grief Counseling Services Available to Adolescents That Attend Middle Schools, Junior High Schools, and High Schools in the State of Illinois 2004 project
J54/55/ 881 Kerwin, Roberta One Approach in Dealing With the Dropout Problem: Futures Unlimited 1987 report
J54/55/ 1785 Keylor, Katherine Preliminary Investigation into the Relationship Between Self Rated Personality Type, Learner Style, and Self-Efficacy 1991 project
J54/55/ 5000 Kilbury, Gale Decision Making Process When Using Donor Insemination to Build a Family: An Exploratory Interview 2006 project
J54/55/ 1138 King, Terry E. Effects on Aids on Law Enforcement Personnel 1988 report
J54/55/ 1449 Klemaier, Carl Role of Spirituality in Addiction Counseling 1990 project
J54/55/ 1405 Klinkenborg, Kay F. Selected Bibliography for Integrating Women's Studies into the College Curriculum 1989 project
J54/55/ 2405 Knox, Mary Women and Self-Esteem 1995 thesis
J54/55/ 1153 Knuppel, Dale Marie Importance and Effectiveness of AIDS… Education in Our Schools 1989 report
J54/55/ 739 Korda, Lois Compassion, Conviction, Commitment: Creed for Quality Hospice Care, Core of Hospice Burnout 1986 thesis
J54/55/ 1488 Krahn, Bruce Values Class: An Alternative to School Disciplinary Procedures 1990 project
J54/55/ 1758 Krause, Patricia J. Handbook of Journalizing Techniques in Psychotherapy 1991 project
J54/55/ 3026 Krimmel, Kaye C. Study of Teachers Perceptions of School Safety 1998 thesis
J54/55/ 5020 Kruep, Heather N. Indulgent-Permissive Parenting: Influences on Anxiety and Adjustment Experienced by First-Year College Students 2007 thesis
J54/55/ 1564 Krumtinger, Mike Illinois Teenage Institute: An Experience in Prevention 1990 report
J54/55/ 773 Kuntzman, Tracy L. Industrial Personal Counseling Program 1987 report
J54/55/ 347 Kuzola, Michael Review and Critique Quality Circle Literature: Compare and Contrast Quality Circle Techniques with T-Group Counseling Techniques 1984 thesis
J54/55/ 2452 Lafferty, Randi Renee Sex/Role Attitudes and Twenty Years of Change: Gender and Socioeconomic Differences Among First Graders 1995 project
J54/55/ 165 Lafleur, Steven J. Toward An Integration of Psychology and Theology 1983 thesis
J54/55/ 682 Lambert, Michelle K. Taking Responsibility for Personal Values 1986 thesis
J54/55/ 1838 Lambert, Yvonne Choosing a Therapist: Is Race and Sex an Important Variable? 1992 project
J54/55/ 2097 Lane, Kelly S. Exploratory Study of the Predicates of Masculinity 1993 project
J54/55/ 3657 Larson, Linda Subtle Cruelty: Emotional Abuse 2000 project
J54/55/ 1487 Leach, Melanie/ Schultz, Linda Identification and Exploration of Career Options in the High School Setting 1990 project
J54/55/ 2411 Lefever, Lisa Eating Disorders and Locus of Control in Female Adolescents 1995 project
J54/55/ 4621 Lentz, Pam Comparing Family Dynamics Between Two Groups 2004 project
J54/55/ 5294 LeSeure, Valarie Promoting Career Development Awareness: A Workshop for Freshman College Students 2008 thesis
J54/55/ 2873 Letzkus, Patricia Sexually Harassing Behaviors at the Middle School Level: A Comparison of Perceptions 1997 project
J54/55/ 675 Lindsay, Shirley Art Therapy as an Adjunct in Counseling Children and Adolescents 1986 report
J54/55/ 3377 Lindsey, Christine R. Reducing the Risk of Sexual Abuse: A Curriculum for Teaching Preschool Aged Children Personal Safety 1999 project
J54/55/ 736 Lippert, Larry Long Term Effects of Self-Esteem Intervention with Adolescents 1986 thesis
J54/55/ 1026 Little, Ron Adolescent's [SIC] Self-Concept and Acceptance of Responsibility in a Group Treatment Residential Setting 1988 report
J54/55/ 829 Lloyd, Mary Elementary Adjustment Parent Group 1987 project
J54/55/ 2034 Lokaitis, Joseph Michael Formative Evaluation of the Libertas Co-Dependency Treatment Program 1993 project
J54/55/ 640 Long, Richard A. Anxiety in New Junior High School Students 1985 report
J54/55/ 181 Louge, Ann Sex Differences in Conversational Dominance 1984 thesis
J54/55/ 1527 Loveall, Marcia J. Measure of Vocational Identity of High School Students 1990 report
J54/55/ 1570 Lowe, Ellen B. Effect of the Florida Classroom Guidance Project for Fourth Graders on Self-Esteem 1990 report
J54/55/ 2694 Lucas, Linda Jane Intimacy Level Differences Between Vegetarians and Non-vegetarians 1996 project
J54/55/ 1993 Lutz, Geneva Forgiveness Scale Masters Project 1993 project
J54/55/ 874 Lyons, Barbara Crime Prevention Basis Manual 1987 project
J54/55/ 3773 Mably, Monica Jenot Homophobia and Biphobia: A Survey of Graduate-level Counseling Students 2000 project
J54/55/ 667 Major, Pamela L. Partnership 1986 report
J54/55/ 865 Mall, Sonia I. Family Therapy: A Compatible Approach for Increasing School Counseling Effectiveness with Hispanic Students 1987 report
J54/55/ 2690 Marchioro, John M. Relationship Between Loneliness and Love Attitudes: An Analysis of Intimate Relationship Perceptions 1996 thesis
J54/55/ 2941 Marion, Geri L. Shadow for a Day: UIS Alumni/Student Shadowing Pilot Program 1997 project
J54/55/ 1522 Marlow, Virginia Love Enough to Let Go 1990 report
J54/55/ 3764 Martin, Katharine T. Issues and Concerns of Grandparents Raising Grandchildren 2000 project
J54/55/ 1489 Martin, Martha Pilot Study of Religious Philosophies and Self-Esteem in a Human Development Class 1990 project
J54/55/ 2330 Martin, Susan Academic Enrichment Program: A Plot Study for the Decatur Public School 1994 project
J54/55/ 4366 Martin-Casey, Roxanne Through the Eyes of the Resilient: A Workshop for Adult Substance Abusers on Identifying Resilience Factors to Overcome Adversity 2002 project
J54/55/ 2683 Mayfield, Peggy Exploratory Study of the Relationship Between DSM-IV Diagnosis and the Differentiation in Family Systems Scale in an Adolescent Population 1996 project
J54/55/ 3768 Mcavoy, Kevin Identifying Client Satisfaction Results for an Employee Assistance Program 2000 project
J54/55/ 3133 McClaughlin, Sherri Natural Helpers: A Comparative Study on the Ability to Identify Referrals Between Trained Natural Helpers, Students Who Were not Trained, and a Jury of Experts 1997 thesis
J54/55/ 2150 McDaniel, Charlotte Study of the Concerns and Responsibilities of Caregivers in the Workplace 1993 project
J54/55/ 1821 McDermott, Sandra Claire Handbook on Burnout for Counseling Professionals 1992 project
J54/55/ 3908 McGee, Deborah L. Peer Mentoring Training Manual 2001 project
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