Gerontology Masters Projects/Theses

Gerontology is now a concentration in Human Services.

Call # Author Title Year Notes
J54/40/ 75 Babitzke, Theresa Patient Education in Diabetic Foot Care 1983 thesis
J54/40/ 819 Baker, Linda R. Issues Surrounding Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Among the Elderly 1987 thesis
J54/40/ 1845 Barbee, Brenda Caruthers Design and Operation of a Model Retirement Community 1992 project
J54/40/ 494 Becker, Marion Characteristics of Mentally Ill Elderly in Nursing Homes in Illinois 1985 thesis
J54/40/ 203 Bollitto, Fran Springfield Restaurant Discount Directory for Senior Citizens 1984 report
J54/40/ 26 Borlee, Sister Valeria Re-motivation and its Effects on Interpersonal Relations 1980 thesis
J54/40/ 2355 Bruninga, Sandra K. Retail Employees and Older Customers: A Training Program 1994 project
J54/40/ 30 Buckley, Frances Kathryn Nursing Homes and Citizen Advocacy 1980 thesis
J54/40/ 847 Carmody, Lucy G. Attitudes of Nursing Instructors Toward Elderly People 1987 project
J54/40/ 74 Carroll, Mary Involvement of Older Rural Women in the Ownership of Farmland and Farm Management Activities in Livingston County, IL 1983 thesis
J54/40/ 1698 Chamberlain, Jackie N. Educational Program for Home Environment Safety Hazards for Caretakers of Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorder 1991 project
J54/40/ 2233 Clements, Rhonda S. Researching Relationships Between Elder Abuse Agencies and State's Attorney's Offices: A Pilot Project 1994 thesis
J54/40/ 2937 Clump, Dee W. Physical Fitness for Retired Volunteers: A Pilot Program 1997 project
J54/40/ 868 Coe, Judith Measurement of Life Satisfaction of Women Experiencing Symptoms of Menopause 1987 report
J54/40/ 124 Coonrod, Curtis C. Sensitizing the Nurse-Patient Relationship in a Long Term Care Facility 1983 thesis
J54/40/ 934 Croteau, Catherine M. Information and Referral in the Aging Network: An Overview 1988 report
J54/40/ 27 Daly, Susan Prevalence of Depression in Older Adults Dwelling in Hi-Rise Apartments 1985 thesis
J54/40/ 2514 Ebert, Andra Volunteer Service Credit Union 1995 project
J54/40/ 37 Emery, Virgie Bullard Reality Orientation: Literary Review and Critique 1980 report
J54/40/ 2096 Faloon, Kathleen Matthews Effects of Aging on Gap Detection 1993 project
J54/40/ 3319 Fear, Ruby M. Limited Guardianship: Is This Option Utilized in Macon County, Illinois? 1998 report
J54/40/ 809 Ferguson, Gloria Developing a Hospice in a Rural Setting 1987 report
J54/40/ 357 Feurer, Judith A. Aging Awareness: Death and Dying, A Model Program 1984 project
J54/40/ 19 Fisher, Carla E. Widow-to-Widow Groups: Response to the Problems of Widowhood 1982 thesis
J54/40/ 2235 Freeburg, Mary Carole Illinois R.E.A.D.S.: The Effect of an Intergenerational Program on Older Volunteers 1994 project
J54/40/ 15 Gerdes, Carolyn A. Aging Vision Changes and Hospital Environment 1981 thesis
J54/40/ 2262 Giordano, Leigh Study of Utilization of Health Services of Medicine Patients in Arizona 1994 project
J54/40/ 40 Gleason, Eleanor Effects of Ageism on Older Women Entering or Re-entering the Labor Force 1981 thesis
J54/40/ 1631 Gogek, Betty Examination of Themes in Contemporary Business Literature: Perceptions About Older Worker's and Perspectives on the Age Discrimination in Employment 1991 thesis
J54/40/ 201 Goulding, Siv Telephone Friends 1984 report
J54/40/ 1358 Gozdecki, Linda Webb Educational Information for Professionals and Paraprofessionals as Potential Reporters in Suspected Cases of Elder Abuse and Neglect 1989 project
J54/40/ 1475 Hale, Janet E. Effective Management of Older Adults as Volunteers 1990 project
J54/40/ 2859 Herbord, Tara A. Pet Therapy: An Investigation of the Effect of the Presence of a Dog During reminiscence Groups in a Nursing Home 1997 thesis
J54/40/ 202 Illsley, Patricia Susan Elder Abuse 1984 thesis
J54/40/ 1182 Jenkins, Morris Comparison of Knowledge and Awareness of Available Social-Support Services for Black Elderly and White Elderly People - A Pilot Study 1989 report
J54/40/ 3113 Johnson, Kathryn A. Perceptions of Ministries with Older Adults: A Survey of East Central Illinois Area Religious Congregations 1998 thesis
J54/40/ 2212 Juric, Delilah J. Guided Autobiography of the Older Adult 1994 thesis
J54/40/ 2241 Kadakia, Elaine Development of a Video on Hearing Loss: "Practical Care for Hearing Aids" 1994 thesis
J54/40/ 3244 Kloess, Dana Service Providers and Adult Day Care: A Needs Assessment 1998 thesis
J54/40/ 3775 Korem, Karen Effects of Aviary Use On Loneliness in Long Term Care Residents 2000 thesis
J54/40/ 1194 Kosiba, Cosette Prevalence of Gerontological Nursing Principles in Hospital Orientation Programs in Illinois 1989 report
J54/40/ 4111 Kufdakis-Meyer, Catherine Practitioner's Manual for Facilitating Bereavement Support Groups of Widowed Older Persons 2001 project
J54/40/ 677 Lamantia, Diane Shirley Hickman Catheter Videotape 1986 project
J54/40/ 4251 Lazell, John Reminiscence: New Adventures in Old Addresses 2002 project
J54/40/ 1399 Leach, Deborah Preretirement Planning Program: Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation 1989 report
J54/40/ 4269 Lugo, Joseph Development of a Marketing Strategic Plan for the Family Caregiver Program in Illinois 2002 project
J54/40/ 2198 Luzi, Peter J. Life Review and Reminiscence: A Problem Solving Exercise 1994 problem solving exercise
J54/40/ 51 Lynch, Mary Jo Family Crisis of Nursing Home Placements 1978 thesis
J54/40/ 2193 Mathews, Edna F. Developing a Full-Fledged Volunteer Program for Midtown Nursing Home 1994 project
J54/40/ 3855 McCann-Stone, Nancy A. Neuropsychological Differences Between Older Catholic Nuns and Older Women in the General Population on a Comprehensive Cognitive Battery for Dementia 2001 thesis
J54/40/ 3506 McGill, James To Hear or Not to Hear 1999 problem solving exercise
J54/40/ 4284 Meeder, Joan Pet Partner's Program in Decatur, Illinois 2002 project
J54/40/ 72 Micek, Sister Mary Dorothea Increasing the Opportunities for Physical Activity in the Institutionalized Aged 1983 thesis
J54/40/ 2759 Miller, Joan E. Age and Intensive Care Use: A Descriptive Study 1996 project
J54/40/ 2654 Nelson, Nancy Older Drivers: The Graying of our Highways--The Challenge of our Communities 1996 project
J54/40/ 2301 Nielsen, Tonia R. Identifying Hazardous Areas in the Homes of the Elderly 1994 project
J54/40/ 2109 Owen, Kim Analysis of Proposals to Change the U.S. Health Care System 1993 thesis
J54/40/ 2668 Pilapil, Deborah Recruitment of Nursing Facility Volunteers Through Public Service Announcement Videos 1996 project
J54/40/ 1621 Pool, Sylvia Measuring the Nurses' Attitudes Toward Caring for the Elderly Nursing Home Patient 1991 project
J54/40/ 525 Reunions, Charole A. Women's Retirement 1985 thesis
J54/40/ 2020 Reynolds, Charlotte L. Applying the Principles of Strategic Planning in a Multipurpose Senior Center 1993 project
J54/40/ 3305 Robertson, Ann Neuropsychology of Depression versus Dementia 1998 thesis
J54/40/ 1471 Rose, Karen Anne Assessment of In-Home Respite Care Needs 1990 project
J54/40/ 2993 Sawyer, L'Don Reasserting Problems Faced by Older Women: Constructing an Illinois Department on Aging Project 1998 project
J54/40/ 3114 Seppelt, Pamela A. Opinions of Chiropractic Among Today's Adults 1998 thesis
J54/40/ 2185 Severson, Barbara Use of Physical Restraining Devices in Nursing Homes: Myths and Realities 1993 project
J54/40/ 4121 Sheppard, Lisa A. Care of Dying Residents in Illinois Nursing Homes: A Survey of Administrators' Policies and Procedures 2001 thesis
J54/40/ 1167 Shue, Charlene Wiest Caring for Patients with Dementia 1989 report
J54/40/ 697 Singer, Rita D. Health and Aging: An Introductory High School Curriculum 1986 thesis
J54/40/ 2338 Sister Mary Code Lynn Defining Your Luster Personal Growth Profile 1994 project
J54/40/ 62 Sorrells, Linda Gerontology Education: Development of an Appropriate Model for a Midwestern University 1980 thesis
J54/40/ 1928 Talbert, Cassandra V. Permanent Nurse Aide Assignment 1992 thesis
J54/40/ 1777 Taylor, Diane Women Over 40 in College: Did This Generation of Students "Postpone" Their Education 1992 thesis
J54/40/ 1582 Taylor, Marianna Effect of Therapeutic Activities on the Wandering Behavior of the Cognitively Impaired Elderly 1990 thesis
J54/40/ 1659 Triplett, Nancy Study of the Case Managers of the Illinois Community Care Program 1991 project
J54/40/ 1406 Van Leer, Kathleen Needs Assessment for Adult Day Care Services by the Rural Sangamon County Elderly: A Survey Conducted for St. John Adult Day Care Program 1989 report
J54/40/ 4286 Wagner, Constance Demonstration of the Impact of the Data Collection/Analysis Format on Evaluation, Continuation, and Expansion of the Madison County Senior Services Outreach Program 2002 project
J54/40/ 4285 Walker, Kathy Senior Enrichment Program in Montgomery County 2002 project
J54/40/ 1568 Warnick, Jim Maximum Healthspan: Mind/Body Approach to Extreme Longevity: A Mid-Life Guide 1990 report
J54/40/ 1707 Wasson, Constance S. Coming Together [:] Intergenerational Activity Using a Bi-Folkal Kit 1991 project
J54/40/ 3767 Weitzel, Tina L. Intervention to Reduce the Incidence of Falls and Falls with Injury in an Acute Care Hospital Setting 2000 thesis
J54/40/ 3148 Wesley, Linda Renee Social Alienation: Elderly Tenants Living Within an Intergenerational Public Housing High Rise 1998 thesis
J54/40/ 4365 West, Ruth A. Referral Efficiency, Coordination, and Availability of Service at Senior Services of Central Illinois 2002 project
J54/40/ 2760 Williams, Daniel Workers, Elder Caregivers, and the Sandwich Generation: Dimensions of Unmet Needs, Stress, and Work Disruptions in a Small Midwestern City 1996 thesis
J54/40/ 18 Winkler, Sister Arlene O.S.F. Elderly: Study of Loneliness and Spiritual Well-Being 1981 report