Environmental Studies Masters Projects/Theses

Call # Author Title Year Notes
J54/70/ 3479 Adden, Dave Bodies of Water 1999 project
J54/35/ 411 Alawiye, Shamsi What is Bicultural Education and Why We Need it Now 1983 thesis
J54/35/ 3853 Albers, Natalie Recycling Education Unit 2000 thesis
J54/35/ 3105 Ameday, Lawrence Development of Environmentally Oriented Software to Enhance the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency's Presence on the Agency Intranet and World Wide Web 1997 thesis
J54/35/ 113 Aper, Jeffrey Paul Prairie Farmer and Agriculture in Illinois, 1840-90: Technology and Changing Perceptions of the Land 1981 thesis
J54/35/ 4297 Arfsten, Dyanne Temporal and Spatial Patterns in Community Structure of Temporary Pond Crustaceans 2002 project
J54/35/ 5047 Attarwala, Muffadal Indoor Air Pollution Risk Factors in Schools 2007 thesis
J54/35/ 5708 Ayorinde, Omonike Mangroves and the Media: The effects of petroleum production on Mangroves in the Niger River Delta and its coverage in the news 2014 project
J54/35/ 2984 Bales, Jay Dean Illinois Revolving Loan Fund Program (RLF) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) 1998 project
J54/35/ 3959 Barry, Jennifer Study of the Successes and Failures of International Environmental Cooperation in Transborder Parks 2001 thesis
J54/35/ 2983 Baver, Brian P. Is Risk Based Corrective Action Cost Effective for Lust Sites 1998 project
J54/35/ 1732 Beal, Deborah History of the Homes in Forsyth, 1856-1945 1991 project
J54/35/ 3453 Berrini, Peter Evaluation of the Methods used for Estimating and Measuring the Amounts of Sediment Yield to Reservoirs in Small Agricultural Watersheds" 1999 project
J54/35/ 2739 Blanford, Frederick J. Potential Exposure to Volatile Organic Compounds in Tap Water Due to Showering 1996 project
J54/35/ 2912 Blim, Heidi E. Analysis of the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency's Ability to Obtain and Use section 114 Information Request Authority Under the Clean Air Act 1997 project
J54/35/ 1700 Bodamer, Michelle A. Comparative Analysis of Individual Home Aerobic Wastewater Treatment Systems 1991 thesis
J54/35/ 5460 Boehm, Melissa Reducing Pharmaceuticals in Drinking Water: The Need for Proactive Solutions 2010 project
J54/35/ 5384 Bolar, Amy Renee (Petro) Lung Cancer and Radon in Illinois 2009 thesis
J54/35/ 492 Bolser, Stephen F. View of Central Illinois and the Sangamon River Valley: a Study of Place and Purpose, Perceptions and Interpretations 1985 thesis
J54/35/ 410 Bomke, Dennis Analysis of the Westward Growth of Springfield, Illinois: 1950-1978 1981 thesis
J54/35/ 2576 Bore, Stephan Role of Land Use Controls for Environmental Preservation: A Comparison of Two Central Illinois Counties 1996 thesis
J54/35/ 4444 Bostwick, Andrea J. Analysis of the Marketing Tools of State Small Business Program Developed in Response to the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990… 2003 project
J54/35/ 2289 Boyle, John F. Evaluation of Urban Spatial Theory [on] Land Use Policy for the Location of Retail Centers in the Peoria Metropolitan Region 1994 thesis
J54/35/ 882 Bricker, Michael R. Suggested Guidelines for Designing and Edible Wild Foods Exhibit 1987 report
J54/35/ 4510 Britton, Mark Ambient Temperature Coordination in Retail Stores: An Energy Study 2003 project
J54/35/ 2755 Brown, Dori Who's Breaking the Laws of Nature 1996 project
J54/35/ 2329 Brown, Hermon Coal: Resource for the Future 1994 project
J54/35/ 2061 Brunetti, Anthony J. Assessing the Nitrate Leaching and Economic Analysis Package for its Ability to Predict Potential Nitrate-Nitrogen Leaching as Compared to Actual Drainage Tile Effluent Measurements 1993 thesis
J54/35/ 5636 Bruse, Jennifer E. A Study of Risk Communication Practices in Fish Consumption Advisories 2012 thesis
J54/35/ 2120 Bunnell, John Closing the Loop [:] Scrap Tire Markets in Illinois 1993 project
J54/35/ 5637 Burke, Kathleen Potential Water-Quality Impacts Along the Little Kickapoo Creek, McLean County, Illinois 2012 thesis
J54/35/ 2730 Burkhart, Darwin Review of the Alternative Fuels: A Resource Guide for Fleet Managers 1996 project
J54/35/ 2738 Carlson, MaryJean Study of Rocks to Soil to Plants: A Teaching Guide for the Primary Grades on the Environmental Awareness of the Earth 1996 project
J54/35/ 71 Carstens, Laura Evaluation of Low Income Energy and Weatherization Assistance Programs In Illinois 1982 thesis
J54/35/ 5293 Castagna, Laura Creating a Win-Win Solution: Amendments to the Model Ordinance Regulating the Siting of Wind Energy Conversion Systems in Illinois 2008 thesis
J54/35/ 1398 Cavanaugh-Grant, Deborah A. Study of Illinois Farmers' Attitudes and Current Farming Practices 1989 thesis
J54/35/ 5513 Chamberlain, James R. Community Zoning Laws: Impacts on the Use of Residential-Scale Small Wind Power in Northwest Ohio 2010 project
J54/35/ 3136 Chapman, Stephen R. Educational Plan for Teaching Environmental Studies to Children 1998 thesis
J54/35/ 2121 Chipman, Leslie Taking Control of Pesticide Use in and Around Your Home: Development of a Home Pesticide Pamphlet 1993 project
J54/35/ 3815 Coady, Jennifer M. Study of Pollinating Characteristics of White False Indigo (Baptisia leucantha Torr. & Gray) 2000 thesis
J54/5/ 5200 Cochran, Matt Habitat Association for Bighead and Silver Carp in Three Long Term Resource Monitoring Program (LTRMP) Sampling Locations within the Upper Mississippi River Basin 2007 thesis
J54/35/ 2754 Coil, Erin Difficulties of Resolving Environmental Toxic Tort Cases on the Basis of Epidemiological Evidence: A Case of Donaldson vs. CIPS 1996 project
J54/35/ 5011 Colburn, Mona L Vertebrate Remains from Four Localities at Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky 2007 thesis
J54/35/ 2714 Corlas, Maureen Effects of Polychlorinated Biphenyls on the Reproduction of Nesting Bald Eagle Pairs at Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge 1996 project
J54/35/ 4027 Correa, Janel Watershed Park: Wetlands and Wildlife Station 2001 project
J54/35/ 34 Craven, Gloria Public Participation in the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency: Its Evolution and Possible Future 1982 thesis
J54/35/ 4020 Croteau, Robert J. Integration of Photovoltaic Power Production Into City Water & Light Powers Electrical Generation Capacity: A Feasibility Study 2001 project
J54/35/ 3983 Cruse, Roger Evaluation of Pentachlorophenol as a Wood Pole Preservative 2001 project
J54/35/ 3905 Dabner, Cindy M. Cross Comparison of Two Environmental Justice Case Studies: Keysville, Georgia; Winona, Texas 2001 project
J54/35/ 4755 Danenhauer, Mark Determining an Optimal Degree of Local Involvement in the Management of a National Park 2005 project
J54/35/ 4029 Davis, Kathleen M. Room to Room - A Household Guide to Recycling and Reuse for Springfield Residents 2001 project
J54/35/ 1483 Davis, Stephen Class IV and V Injection Well Inventory 1990 project
J54/35/ 2861 Davis, Tiffanie Pollution Prevention Training Manual 1997 project
J54/35/ 751 Decker, Duane Comparison of Existing Options for Enhancing Springfield, Illinois Water Supply 1986 thesis
J54/35/ 5399 DeHart, Susan D. Partners of US EPA Climate Leaders: An Event Study on Stock Performance 2009 thesis
J54/35/ 2461 Delaney, Amy Study of Emission Reduction Strategies for Mobile Sources 1995 thesis
J54/35/ 2790 Desart, Marci Conyers Middle School Outdoor Classroom 1996 project
J54/35/ 3218 DeYong, Maura E. Public Health Assessment and Risk Assessment for MORECO, Inc. Site Springfield Illinois 1998 report
J54/35/ 2067 Dinkel, Mary E. Clean Air Act Amendment: A Strategy Developed for Material Sciences Corporation 1993 project
J54/35/ 1964 Dozier, Ivan N. Royal Lakes Resource Plan 1992 project
J54/35/ 2976 Dunn, Margaret In the Moon of the Yellow Leaves: An Environmental Education Website Project 1997 project
J54/35/ 2792 Eck, Joseph Ground Source Heat Pumps [:] Market Potential in Central Illinois 1996 project
J54/35/ 5476 Edwards, Alicia Jean Environmental Attitudes, Behavior, and Knowledge of Springfield High School Students 2010 thesis
J54/35/ 361 Eisenhart, Robert Tracking of Hazardous Substance Spills in the Illinois River 1984 thesis
J54/35/ 541 Eisenhart, Robert W. Tracking of Hazardous Substance Spills in the Illinois River 1984 thesis
J54/35/ 1325 Esper, Linda Solid Waste Policies and Alternatives in Illinois 1989 thesis
J54/35/ 3263 Ettinger, Sara Katherine Springfield Guide to Environmental Art 1998 project
J54/35/ 4683 Falco, Charlene Control of Woody Plant Invasion and Restoration Efforts at an Illinois Hill Prairie 2004 project
J54/35/ 2758 Ferguson, Joseph Quantitative Analysis of Lake Springfield Watershed Farmers' Environmental Perceptions 1996 project
J54/35/ 4583 Fishburn, Jennifer Environmentally Friendly Gardening Home Study Course 2004 project
J54/35/ 2733 Fontenelle, Samantha P. Micro Carbon Utilization as an Indicator of Water Quality and Lake Classification 1996 project
J54/35/ 5298 Forrest, Jessica Development and Implementation of a Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) Monitoring Program 2008 thesis
J54/35/ 2982 Franscavitch, Joanna Development of a Recycling Program for a Small Illinois Community College: Kaskaskia College 1998 project
J54/35/ 5621 Fretueg, Gregory R. Latrine Site Selection and Diet Composition of River Otters (Lontra canadensis) in a Restored Illinois Floodplain 2012 thesis w/ 1 CD
J54/35/ 2756 Frohne. Theodora M. Stylisma Pickerignii: Germination Study With an Outline for Preservation and Translocation 1996 project
J54/35/ 2710 Fruhling, William A. Impact of Environmental Regulation on Urban Form: A Survey of Downstate Illinois, and Case Study of Peoria, Illinois 1996 thesis
J54/35/ 2537 Frye, Ann Singing Woods: Will Development of Contiguous Property Adversely Affect the Animals that Live There? 1995 project
J54/35/ 2282 Fuller, Carol Waste Generation and Waste Composition Studies and Analysis of Survey of Attitudes toward Waste Reduction and Recycling 1994 project
J54/35/ 5126 Fulton, Sara Factors Influencing a City's Decision to Ban Leaf Burning 2007 thesis
J54/35/ 752 Gambach, Ellen J. Feasibility Study for the Development of Adams Wildlife Sanctuary 1986 report
J54/35/ 2251 Gelfius Funk, Linda National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants Asbestos Inspections Manual 1994 project
J54/35/ 1875 Gerdes, Mark Natural Wastewater Purification and Wise Resource Use: Land Treatment and Reclamation and Reuse 1992 project
J54/35/ 725 Gillespie, David A. Resource Manager's Guide for the Use of Prescribed Burning in Illinois 1985 thesis
J54/35/ 4169 Godar, Dennis "ManPlan 10" Users' Manual and Livestock Waste Management Guide 2002 project
J54/35/ 2637 Grebner, David Guide to Peoria Wilds Natural Area 1996 project
J54/35/ 521 Greenlee, Tom W. Unicorns' Last Dance 1985 thesis
J54/35/ 2726 Guldstein, Eric Superinsulated Passive Solar Homes 1996 project
J54/35/ 2977 Hagston, Bart W. Planning Guide for Residential Recycling Programs in Illinois 1997 project
J54/35/ 3031 Haile, Able A. Ultraviolet Radiation Systems for Disaffection of Municipal Wastewater Effluent 1998 project
J54/35/ 798 Hamer, Steve Educational Plan for Farmers: A Cost Effective Comparison of Conservation Tillage in Place of Structural Practices for Erosion Control 1987 thesis
J54/35/ 5385 Hammer, Anne Springfield Mass Transit District: A Ridership Survey of the Night Service Pilot Program 2009 thesis
J54/35/ 5402 Hanson, Steven Eric Implementing Environmentally Preferred Purchasing in a Regional Library System 2009 project
J54/35/ 1349 Hardwick, Amy S. Women's Role in Illinois Agriculture: A Conference Held at Sangamon State University 1989 project
J54/35/ 5461 Harris, Melissa A. A Comparison of NPDES Stormwater Permit Policies for the Construction and Development Point-source Category and their Sociological Influences in the Southeastern United States 2010 thesis
J54/35/ 2478 Heavisides, Tom Organization of Illinois' Economic Development and Environmental Projection Reports 1995 project
J54/35/ 4007 Hempen, Renee L. Administrative Plan for the Implementation of Ecosystem Management on State-Owned Lands in Illinois 2001 project
J54/35/ 2908 Henrie, Nyla Design, Process, Problems & Possibilities Recycling Plan for Orchard Park Apartments 1997 project
J54/35/ 3897 Hensley, Joshua D. Development of a Decision Support System to Aid Scheduling Decisions at Marseilles Training Area, Illinois 2001 project
J54/35/ 3726 Hertko, Mark Protecting Human Health and the Environment: Descriptive Brief of the States Sites Project 2000 project
J54/35/ 5624 Hicks, Scott W. Analyzing Social Vulnerability in Sangamon County, Illinois using Geographic Information Sysems 2012 project
J54/35/ 2715 Hinrichs, Jennifer Judd Living Classroom[:] An Educator's Guide to Developing an Outdoor Classroom: Prairie and Organic Vegetable Garden's 1996 project
J54/35/ 2935 Holland, Therese A. Comparison of Processes Regulating Zooplankton Assemblages in New Freshwater Pools 1997 project
J54/35/ 2427 Hosteler, Heather Sangamon State University: The Development of a Chemical Hygiene Plan 1995 project
J54/35/ 5033 Howland, William A. Brownfield Voluntary Cleanup Programs: Are Risk-Based Programs Encouraging Success in Redevelopment? 2007 thesis
J54/35/ 1725 Hubbartt, Pat Hands-on Sciences [:] A Step towards Solving Environmental Problems 1991 project
J54/35/ 4355 Hummel, Adelaide P. ISO 14001 EMS Implementation in the United States of America 2003 thesis
J54/35/ 4331 Inoue, Ryo Siting New Solid Waste Landfills in Illinois: an Examination of Factors Affecting the Local Siting Decision 2002 thesis
J54/35/ 867 Jaafar, Noraini Analysis of Water Quality Problems and Water Quality Management in Malaysia and Recommendations Toward a Resolution of Their Problems 1987 thesis
J54/35/ 2246 Joh, Seunghun Political and Economic Rationales for Resource Transfers to Delimit Stratospheric Ozone Depletion 1994 thesis
J54/35/ 1427 Johnson, Clifton Waste Incineration and Energy Recovery in the United States 1990 report
J54/35/ 4503 Johnson, Jennifer An Analysis of Environmental Asthma Triggers on a Cohort of Asthmatics (ages 7-11) in Decatur, Illinois 2003 project
J54/35/ 4427 Jones, Jason Daniel A Wetland Enhancement Plan for the Ten Mile Grove Area in Ford County, Illinois 2003 project
J54/35/ 356 Jordan, Sue Zann Perspectives on Flood Plain Management and its Resultant Effect on the Peoria Area 1983 thesis
J54/35/ 5192 Jurak, Matthew Piasa Awakes: A Children's Book about the Illinois River of the Past, Present, and Future 2007 project
J54/35/ 1999 Kaiser, Karl E. Outlook on Environmental Education in Illinois Schools 1992 project
J54/35/ 2582 Kanallakan, Lisa Illinois Residential Radon Reactions: Mitigation Levels and Health Risk Concern 1996 project
J54/35/ 409 Kennedy, Lawrence E. Jr. Sangamon County Land Use Study: North-Central Section 1982 thesis
J54/35/ 2616 Kennedy, Sandra Environmental Science K-6 Curriculum Report 1996 project
J54/35/ 1895 Ketcham, James B. Used Tire Program 1992 project
J54/35/ 47 Keys, David Lee Environmental Policy in Illinois: A Quality Analysis 1979 thesis
J54/35/ 806 Killam, Lenore Description of Worker and Community Right-To-Know Laws 1987 thesis
J54/35/ 5250 Kimmel, Megan Communicating the Health Risk of Radon: A Physican's Guide 2008 project
J54/35/ 119 Kindel, Jon s. Preliminary Site Plan for a Coal-Fired Power Station 1983 thesis
J54/35/ 3348 Knorr, Bill Using Digital Technology to Gather and to Present Recycling Information 1999 project
J54/35/ 1997 Koerner, Kent D. Effect of the Photosynthetic Rate of Axenic Cultures of Chlamydomas Reinhardtii 1992 project
J54/35/ 4442 Kroes, Shaun An Assessment on Springfield's Recycle Program: Who' recycling, who isn't and why? 2003 project
J54/35/ 1075 Kurrasch, Evan Shawnee National Forest Plan Appeal #1871 1988 report
J54/35/ 1347 La Barge, Matthew J. Effectiveness of the Federal Bicycle Program 1989 project
J54/35/ 1389 Lang, Francis S. Survey of Suburban Pesticide Use in Springfield, Illinois 1989 report
J54/35/ 3346 LaRosa, Michael J. Environmental Protection and Information Technology: A Strategy for a State Environmental Program 1999 project
J54/35/ 2527 Leciejewski, Mary Ellen Common Ground: Women Religious Healing the Earth 1995 project
J54/35/ 3917 Leischner, Julia Industrial Solid Waste Management by Composting at Excel Corporation 2001 project
J54/35/ 5490 Leopold, Vera Feasibility Study for a Small-Scale Wetland Restoration at Jubilee Farm in Central Illinois 2010 project
J54/35/ 2797 Liebman, Linda Water Supply Certification Program Enhancement 1996 project
J54/35/ 4332 Lively, Troy J. Calibration and Validation of AnnAGNPS 2001 for Atrazine loss in a Subwatershed of the Lake Springfield Watershed 2002 project
J54/35/ 1713 Lockhaiser, Mary Francis Survey of Perchloroethylene Use and Worker Safety in the Dry Cleaning Industry in Springfield, Illinois 1991 thesis
J54/35/ 4678 Ludewig, Patricia A. Environmental Cost Accounting Applied to Fabricated Processes 2004 project
J54/35/ 3727 Lueking, Joel F. Detroit Island Site Conservation Plan 2000 project
J54/35/ 4254 Lukowski, Ginger Analysis of Regulatory Integration of Pollution Prevention in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Michigan 2002 project
J54/35/ 5638 MacLaughlin, Mary Scientists and Tourists in Antartica: Is Their Presence Detrimental to Peguin Colonies? 2012 thesis
J54/35/ 3928 Madigan, Amy L. Redesign of the Greenways & Trials Section Web Site Through the IDNR Division of Planning 2001 project
J54/35/ 2321 Mankin, Peggy E. Phase 1 Environmental Database 1994 project
J54/35/ 5592 Marcum, Matthew R. Environmental Effectiveness of Eco-labeling Programs in the Interior Paint Industry 2011 thesis
J54/35/ 2471 Marlin, Yvonne Effects of an Increased Hydrogen-Ion Concentrating on the Germination of Selected Prairie Forbs 1995 thesis
J54/35/ 4402 Martz, Theresa Prevalence of Listeria Monocytogenes in Ice Cream and Cheese Products in Illinois 2003 project
J54/35/ 2867 Matthews, Susan C. Applications in Environmental Chemistry 1997 project
J54/35/ 4313 Maxwell, Janine Continuous Emission and Opacity Monitoring Training Guide 2002 project
J54/35/ 5612 McDermott, Stephanie Perceptions of Some Economic Impacts of the Grand Illinois Trail on Rockford, IL 2012 project
J54/35/ 5251 McDonald, Kris I. Program Evaluation of the Eco-U Summer Nature Camp; Touch of Nature Enveironmental Center, Makanda, IL 2008 thesis
J54/35/ 3370 McGinnis, Mara Illinois EPA RCRA Public Involvement Manual 1999 project
J54/35/ 817 McGrath, Scott Post Reclamation Land Use Planning for Abandoned Coal Mine Sites 1987 report
J54/35/ 5597 Mentzer, Natalie A Management Plan for the Reconstructed Prairie at the University of Illinois at Springfield 2011 project
J54/35/ 385 Meyerdierks, Judith A. Oliver H. Kelley Farm and Interpretive Center, Elk River, Minnesota: Guide Handbook 1982 paper and magazine article
J54/35/ 2649 Miller, Marc A. Environmental communication in the Media: Illinois Earth Environmental Concept Television Show 1996 project
J54/35/ 2303 Montero, Emilio Rene Operations Manual for the SSU Recycling Program 1994 project
J54/35/ 2426 Monteyne, Mark A. Comprehensive Study of the Village of Chatham, Illinois' Solid Waste Management Program 1995 thesis
J54/35/ 3724 Moomey, Michael C. Ritual Use of Mercury in Hispanic Communities Exposure Study Design Strategy Chicago, Illinois 2000 thesis
J54/35/ 821 Morris, Jo Ann Historical Landscape of Livingston County 1987 report
J54/35/ 3794 Muise, Bradley A. Analysis of Carbon Monoxide Exposure in an Underground Parking Garage 2000 thesis
J54/35/ 3345 Mutidjo, Esti D. Solar-Driven Desalination in Jamaica 1999 report
J54/35/ 5252 Myers, Vanessa A. Metals Remediation Evaulation Tool 2008 project
J54/35/ 3379 Mysz, Amy Critical Ecosystems of Indiana and Ohio 1999 project
J54/35/ 3979 Nakamura, Yayoi Study of Environmental Accounting as a Tool for Supporting Environmental Activities 2001 thesis
J54/35/ 2495 Nelson, H. Reed Preparing a Waste Minimization Plan for Lincoln Land Community College 1994 project
J54/35/ 3419 Nelson, Linda R. Renewable Energy and the Re-regulation of the Utility Industry 1999 thesis
J54/35/ 1881 Newton, Gale Validation and Comparison of Two Physiologically-Based Pharmokinetic Models for Oral Intake of Methyene Chloride in Rats 1992 project
J54/35/ 2068 Nickey-Tebrugge, Michelle D. Private Water Well Sampling Handbook 1993 project
J54/35/ 3215 Nix, Marsha Hostetter Life History Comparisons of Temporary Pond Daphnia obtusa Given Low-Quality Food 1998 thesis
J54/35/ 1852 Northrop, Christine M. Sense of Illinois 1992 project
J54/35/ 3321 Nutt, Anastacia J. Primer on Emissions Trading: An Economic and Regulatory Perspective 1998 thesis
J54/35/ 2847 O'chieng, Edward Transportation Generated Air Pollution in Africa 1997 thesis
J54/35/ 3349 O'Leary, Emily E. Premise and User Guide for the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency Electronic Database of Air Enforcement Cases 1999 project
J54/35/ 557 Origliosso, Deborah K. Curriculum in the Environmental Physical Sciences for the Intermediate Grade Level 1985 thesis
J54/35/ 2757 Ostrem, Stanley L Market-Based Alternatives for Achieving Clean Air: Public Interest in Car-Scrappage Programs 1996 project
J54/35/ 4501 Paine, Jeffrey R. Modeling The NIMBY Phenomenon: Why "Not In My Backyard?" 2003 thesis
J54/35/ 780 Palmer, Kent Radon Measurement Methods of Potential Interest to the Radiochemistry Laboratory of the Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety 1987 report
J54/35/ 4256 Patterson, Allison Sample Collector's Handbook for the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency 2002 thesis
J54/35/ 3780 Paulus, Layla Prairies of Illinois: A Guide for Teachers of Illinois 2000 project
J54/35/ 3754 Pawski, Kristi Analysis of Responses to the United States Environmental Protection Agency's "Interim Guidance for Investigating Title VI Administrative Complaints Challenging Permits" 2000 thesis
J54/35/ 2380 Pedrucci, Marc Hiking Trail Guide 1995 project
J54/35/ 531 Petzing, Charles E. Controlling Urban Sprawl to Preserve Farmland 1985 report
J54/35/ 3817 Phan, Dee Water Quality Manual 2000 project
J54/35/ 4028 Pierce, Sarah Survey of the Soil and Water Conservation Districts Data Collection Methods 2001 project
J54/35/ 4882 Powell, Darlene An Evaluation of Short -and Long-Term Radon Levels in Central Illinois Homes 2005 thesis
J54/35/ 2448 Powell, Rebecca Ann Metamora and Worth Townships' Land Evaluation and Site Assessment (LESA) 1995 project
J54/35/ 1927 Prichard, Mark Science Curriculum Incorporating Binary Consciousness 1992 project
J54/35/ 2087 Pye, Miriam E. Introduction to Demand-Side Management: The Business of Energy Conservation for Electric Utilities 1993 project
J54/35/ 3903 Raebig, Bob, Jr. UIS Prairie Restoration Biodiversity Project 2000 2001 project
J54/35/ 4190 Ranck, Vanessa Investigation of the Environmental Effects of Fluorspar Mining Operations in Rosiclare, Illinois 2002 thesis
J54/35/ 1181 Reichenbach, Kristina Illinois Greenways: Opportunities and Opposition 1989 report
J54/35/ 1623 Ristau, Scott C. Evaluation of Illinois' Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control Program 1990 thesis
J54/35/ 5090 Roccaforte, Amanda Evaluating Watershed Stewardship by Lake Springfield Residents 2007 thesis
J54/35/ 4932 Rodgers, John Evaluating Accuracy of Radon Risk Distribution in Illinois - Updating the Status Report 2006 thesis
J54/35/ 3375 Roman, Kim M. Pamphlet on Septic Systems and Their Impacts on Wetland Environments 1999 project
J54/35/ 2494 Rompot, Laura Solid Waste Processing Facilities in Illinois 1995 project
J54/35/ 4345 Rousey, Michelle R. Chemical Reference Guide: Synthetic Organic Contaminants, Including Pesticides and Herbicide, in Drinking Water 2002 project
J54/35/ 2493 Rozdilsky, Jack L. Flood-related Relocation, Sustainable Redevelopment, and Alternative Energy: Planning Recommendation for the Use of Wind Energy in Valmeyer, IL 1995 thesis
J54/35/ 3230 Rust, Paul Wesley Soil Erosion in My Backyard 1998 thesis
J54/35/ 2821 Ryan, Nicole Examination of the Use of Organically Grown Cotton in the Apparel Industry 1997 thesis
J54/35/ 4358 Ryan-Schneider, Susan GIS-Based Wildlife-Habitat Model for Predicting Illinois Chorus Frog (Pseudacris streckeri illinoensis) Occurrence at Multiple Scales 2002 thesis
J54/35/ 4181 Safran, James M. Jr. Cause and Effect Comparison Study of the Settlement Pattern along the Middle Section of the Illinois River Floodplain Between the Vicinities of Havana, Illinois and the Mouth of the Sangamon River 2002 thesis
J54/35/ 210 Sander, Susan M. Natural History of Washington Island 1984 thesis
J54/35/ 803 Sanders, Leddi Analysis of Old Order Amish Agricultural Practices in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania 1987 thesis
J54/35/ 3713 Sato, Minako Sustainable Forest Management 2000 thesis
J54/35/ 5447 Sauer, Elizabeth P. Evaluation of the Structure and Function of Watershed Partnerships in Illinois 2010 thesis
J54/35/ 3417 Schaefer, Laura Children's Outdoor Sensory Exploration Activities 1999 project
J54/35/ 3417 Schaefer, Laura Illinois Ecoscaping 1999 project
J54/35/ 2718 Schmidt, Ellen Population Dynamics of Rhopalocera of Isolated Restored Prairie Patches 1996 thesis
J54/35/ 3165 Schoen, Jodi Constructed Wetlands in Illinois used to Improve Water Quality 1998 report
J54/35/ 2638 Schoering, Susan Developing a Proposal for a Citizen Stream Monitory Program Sponsored by Susan Schroering 1996 project
J54/35/ 3308 Schultz, Julie Elizabeth Living in the Lake Taylorville Watershed [:] Environmental Education Program 1998 project
J54/35/ 3121 Seaton, Daborah Environmental Education Curriculum 1995 thesis
J54/35/ 4782 Siddall, Darien Gregory Development of a Policy for a Land-Use Plan for the Southern Portion of the Chicago Region 2005 project
J54/35/ 805 Sinnott, Carol L. Systems Approach for Pesticide Monitoring Network in Illinois 1987 thesis
J54/35/ 2700 Skufa, Jennifer Nature of Clayville: A Trail on the Prairie 1996 project
J54/35/ 5288 Stafford, Melissa Determing the Viability of Landfill-Gas-to-Energy at the Regional Level of the State of Illinois 2008 thesis
J54/35/ 2360 Stambaugh, Joseph J. Non-coal Site Inventory for the Illinois Abandoned Mined Lands Reclamation on Council Non-Coal Program 1994 project
J54/35/ 2907 Stevens, Joan Environmental Shopping 1997 project
J54/35/ 417 Stowell, Thomas Residential Natural Gas Demand-Reducing Technologies 1982 thesis
J54/35/ 2716 Tatman. Linda Botanical Guide for Lincoln Memorial Garden 1996 project
J54/35/ 3104 Taylor, Ryan W. Understanding Illinois's Wetlands 1998 thesis
J54/35/ 2509 Townsend, Theresa D. Near West Restoration and Preservation Society (nwraps) 1995 Neighborhood Revitalization 1995 project
J54/35/ 4371 Trainor, Deborah A. Analysis of Industries' Emissions Reduction Strategies 2003 thesis
J54/35/ 4309 Trester, Karla Illinois Amphibians Interactive CD-ROM Project 2002 project
J54/35/ 796 Trimble, Davon M. Garbage Guide: From Waste to Resource 1987 thesis
J54/35/ 2731 Tuttle, Tomey E. Legislative Amendment to the Illinois Environmental Protection Act for the Use of Supplementary Fuels 1996 project
J54/35/ 2560 Ulm, Michael Canoeist's Natural History Guide to the Sangamon River From Riverton to Riverside Park 1995 project
J54/35/ 1473 Urbine, Gregory Scott Animal Rights and Zoological Gardens: Issues and Perspectives with an Exhibit Proposal 1990 project
J54/35/ 3347 VanBebber, Neil Lake Springfield Water Intake risk Assessment 1999 report
J54/35/ 3418 Vaughn, Daniel Leon Comparative Analysis of Septic Tank and Composting Toilet Techniques: Science and Technology versus Social Bias 1999 thesis
J54/35/ 416 Vogt, Linda Natural Gas Rates: Boiling Into a Political Issue 1984 thesis
J54/35/ 2480 Vosberg, Mark Wetland Dependent Multi-species Recovery: A Biogeographic Approach to the Identification of Critical Wetlands in the Cache River Corridor 1995 project
J54/35/ 2300 Wacaser, Lyle W. Forest Stewardship Management Plan for the Sangamon State University Arboretum 1994 project
J54/35/ 1199 Wagner, Douglas P. Environmental Regulation in Illinois: Problems and Opportunities for Analysis 1989 report
J54/35/ 1808 Wagoner Kristjamson, Margaret Conservation Education in Illinois [:] A Source Book for Educators 1992 project
J54/35/ 2297 Walle, Marjorie Ann Development of a Guidance Document on Financial Surety 1994 project
J54/35/ 2863 Wasko, Trevor Assessment of Pollution Prevention Progress in Illinois Using the Toxic Release Inventory Data Elements 1997 project
J54/35/ 5617 Wei, Hung-Lung An Environmental Justice Analysis: Examining the Disadvantaged Population Distributions near the Superfund Site, Toxic Release Inventory Sites, and Major Air Pollutant Facilities in Cook County, IL 2012 project
J54/35/ 5276 Weisner, Sarah Characteristics of Successful Illinois Municipal Brownfield Redevelopment 2008 thesis
J54/35/ 2607 Whitworth, Craig Effect of Cadmium on Auditory Function: A Chronic Animal Study 1996 thesis
J54/35/ 2612 Williams, Launa Sherene Evaluation of the United States Voluntary Action Level for Indoor Radon 1996 project
J54/35/ 2396 Williams, Sandra Stewardship of the Webster School Nature Site: A Curriculum Guide 1993 thesis
J54/35/ 4339 Willman, Gerald Actual Versus Perceived Human Health Risks from Two Sources of Air Pollution in Decatur, Illinois 2002 project
J54/35/ 324 Wood, Virginia Sangamon River Valley: A Sense of Place 1984 thesis
J54/35/ 890 Woodruff, Thomas Safety in the Chemistry Laboratory 1983 thesis
J54/35 408 Wu, Chiu-Tao Comparison of Two New Towns: Lin-Kou and Park Forest South 1983 thesis
J54/35/ 5652 Young, Christopher Response of the Franklin's Ground Squirrel to Recreational Trail Development in Springfield, Illinois 2013 thesis
J54/35/ 5089 Young, Rebecca M. Environmental Education in Illinois Elementary Schools 2007 thesis
J54/35/ 2579 Zaborac, Bart Phase I Environmental Site Assessment of a Two-Block Region South of The Lincoln Home Area 1996 project
J54/35/ 2580 Zagoren, Andrew Nutrient and Heavy Metal Uptake of Lemna Minor Communities 1996 thesis
J54/35/ 1878 Zien, Christopher A. Health Assessment of MDM Fertilizer, Inc. Site Located in Sharpburg, Illinois 1992 project
J54/35/ 2136 Zyznieuski, Walter Citizen's Involvement in Change: A Case History on the Termination of the Owen Marsh Elementary School Incinerator 1993 project