English Masters Projects/Theses

Call # Author Title Year Notes
J54/30/ 5407 Allan, Corrie Tracking and ISAT Scores 2009 project
J54/70/ 1652 Andrews-Stone, Maggie Graduate Examination: Jane Austin's "Northanger Abbey" : Creative Writing Portfolio 1991 exam and writing portfolio
J54/70/ 5316 Armbruster, Justin The Proposition: A Ture Story Based on a Complete Lie 2008 project
J54/70/ 5271 Armstrong, Alice Falling in Love with Life: A Memoir 2008 thesis
J54/70/ 1639 Arroyo, Rane Seamus Heaney's "Station Island": Invocations of the Past as Vicarious Images of the Present 1990 thesis
J54/70/ 4032 Barnes, LuAnn Iron Filings on a White Page : Sokoloff and Dilibertos Hadley Richardson Hemingway 2001 project
J54/70/ 909 Barton, Joe Ann Catherine Barkley: Real Hero of a Farewell to Arms 1987 thesis
J54/70/ 5678 Basiewicz, Lori A. Once Upon a Time and Beyond: The Use of Fairy Tales as Foundation Texts in Modern Novels 2013 thesis
J54/70/ 2639 Bawden, Kathleen Brogan Dangerous ENS 1996 thesis
J54/70/ 2007 Becker, Dagmar Stock Examination of Durrenmatt's Grotesque in Romulus the Great 1993 thesis
J54/70/ 4880 Beckman-Myers, Edward The Totally Gnarly Adventures of the Galactically Bitchin' Comet Sweat!: The Age of Anarchy 2005 project
J54/70/ 5085 Beran, Melissa Sheri Reynolds: Spiritual Feminist for the Twenty-First Century 2007 thesis
J54/70/ 2088 Bialeschki, Marcy Study of Purpose Concerning the Last Three Cantos of Dante's Purgatory; and Exam on Jane Austen's Emma 1993 closure paper and exam
J54/70/ 4677 Bluhm, Joshua Dickens, Twain, and the Ordeals of Moral Identity 2004 thesis
J54/70/ 2581 Boles, Linda B. Walt Whitman and Thomas Wolfe: Bards of the American Epic 1996 thesis
J54/70/ 2568 Brosnahan, Patrick Women as a Free Agent as Well as Man: A Study of the Proto-Feminism of Daniel Defoe in Moll Flanders and Roxanna 1996 thesis
J54/70/ 3932 Buecker, Nancy Virginia Challenges Vita 2001 thesis
J54/70/ 835 Bugg, Sondra Dante's Virgil 1987 project
J54/70/ 2076 Burkholer, Kathy Wynn Comparative Study of the Agrarian Myth in Selected Novels of Willa Cather and Ellen Glasgow 1993 thesis
J54/70/ 5657 Burns, Margaret "It seems I am asking and you are answering" Responsible Conversation and Audience Empowerment in the Ekphrastic Poetry of Margaret Atwood 2013 thesis
J54/70/ 2753 Burtle-McCredie, P.J. Mixing it Up: Miscegenation in William Faulkner's "Light in August" and "Absalom!" 1996 project
J54/70/ 3226 Bye, Mary Ann Neither "Half-Doll" nor "Half-Angels": A Feminist Analysis of the Strengths and Weakness in the Characterization of Five Hardy Heroines 1998 thesis
J54/70/ 3999 Cameron, Christy Who's Watching the Kids 2001 novel
J54/70/ 4681 Candela, Shawn Powers' Goldburg Variations as Allusory Self-Help Book 2004 thesis
J54/70/ 5295 Carrier, Joseph Andrew To See Again: Re-creation through Re-vision in the Writings of William Wordsworth and Henry David Thoreau 2008 project
J54/70/ 5283 Carson, Adrian L. Cold 2008 thesis
J54/70/ 4042 Cass, Barbara Right Tools for the Job: Cash Bundrens Tool Box in Faulkners As I Lay Dying 2001 project
J54/70/ 5580 Cate, Melissa A Void of Consciousness: Bergosian Concepts of Time and Memory in Willa Cather's "The Professor's House" and "My Antonia" And William Maxwell's "So Long, See You Tomorrow" 2011 thesis
J54/70/ 2410 Cessna, Patricia A. Scarlet Letter and Le Pere Goriot: Reflections of the Fall 1995 project
J54/70/ 5584 Chabak, Shelly River Lillies 2011 project
J54/70/ 5534 Chalmers, Rachel M. "My Word or Thine": Allegory and Rhetoric in the Works of Nietzsche and Lewis 2010 thesis
J54/70/ 859 Chapin, Marjorie Examination on Zola's Germinal 1987 thesis
J54/5/ 4630 Chapman, Carol Rock Pools: Natural Microcosms in Which Metacommunity Dynamics Can Be Studied in a Complex Landscape 2004 project
J54/70/ 3996 Chavours, Stacey Joy "Put your Trust in no Man":The Fictional Treatment of the Patriarchal Displacement of Women in Tess of the D`Urbervilles,The County Girls Trilogy, Their Eyes Were Watching God and To the Lighthouse 2001 thesis
J54/70/ 5703 Chen, Lilly The Emergence of the Chinese American New Woman in the Works of Sui Sin Far 2014 thesis
J54/70/ 5656 Chenoweth, Kristen The Elevator that Replaced the Glass Slipper: Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as a Cinderalla Tale for the Industrialized World 2013 thesis
J54/70/ 5616 Collins, Sarah L. The Face of Disability: Humanizing Effects of the Autographics on the Physically and Mentally Impaired 2012 thesis
J54/70/ 1185 Cook, Barbara Graduate Examination: O'Neill's "Desire Under the Elms" 1989 exam
J54/70/ 4244 Cormier, Joan E. Metaphysical Mindset in the Poetry of Emily Dickinson 2002 thesis
J54/70/ 3704 Costa, Sandra Sheri S. Tepper: Ecofeminist 2000 thesis
J54/70/ 4670 Dalpoas, Brenna Masculinity Through the Eyes of Hemingway, Cheever, and Maxwell 2004 thesis
J54/70/ 4374 Dalpoas, Dakin To Cover Her Eyes 2003 project
J54/70/ 3447 Danziger, Jennifer Closure Requirements Involving Examination over The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter 1999 project
J54/70/ 4140 Davis, Samuel Filmic Poetry: A Way Film Can Form the Re-emergence of Poetry as an Influence 2001 thesis
J54/70/ 4421 Deen, Sarah Through Billy Pilgrim's Eyes: Sight and Illusion in Slaughterhouse Five 2003 thesis
J54/70/ 1566 Deverman, Ron Letters from Illinois (Poems) 1990 project
J54/70/ 4925 Doetsch, Joshua Alan Souls Unsure 2006 project
J54/70/ 1045 Dunn, Monica E. Father Figures in Great Expectations 1988 thesis
J54/70/ 5539 Ebersohl, Stephanie Marie Holy Women, Secular Ecstasies: Sex and the Sacred in Dante's Divina Commedia 2011 thesis
J54/70/ 5148 Elliott, Tiffany-Anne M. "To tell the truth, true and not true": Deconstructing Philosophies of Truth in Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida 2007 thesis
J54/70/ 2719 Emmons, Marlene Some Came Running: A Reappraisal of James Jones's Misjudged Masterpiece 1996 thesis
J54/70/ 4709 Everhart, Donna Make Whole 2004 project
J54/70/ 5595 Fayard, Nathan The Heroism of Faith: Examining the Role of Tennyson's Arthur 2011 thesis
J54/70/ 2951 Felix, Myrna Rae Armies of the Night: Fanning Its Fields 1997 thesis
J54/70/ 4918 Felton, Ronald J. <EXERCISESinPRODUCTION> 2006 project
J54/70/ 3651 Finnell-Guidwen, Michael Narration and Exposition in Fiction and Film: A Study in Novel Adaptation 2000 thesis
J54/70/ 2865 Florenza, Samuel Thomas Jr. Molly Bloom and the Comedic Vision: A Critical Study of Molly Bloom as Comedic Picara in James Joyce's Ulysses 1997 thesis
J54/70/ 4280 Foertsch-McKinney, Maureen Tenuous Bond: Short Stories by Maureen Foertsch McKinney 2002 project
J54/70/ 4822 Fowler, Rebekah M. Aestheticism in "The House of Mirth" 2005 thesis
J54/70/ 5004 Franklin, Sarah E. Gothic Literature Before and After the Civil War: Psychological Influences and Social Messages 2006 thesis
J54/70/ 2851 Furry, William. Yoknapatawpha TV: The Television Adaptations of William Faulkner's Short Fiction 1997 thesis
J54/70/ 5444 Gammon, Michael Abraham Desire, Death & Criminal Art: A Study of Alienation 2010 thesis
J54/70/ 4801 Garner, Clifford An Interpretive Translation of Cantos One Through Five of Dante's INFERNO, With Extensive Notes and Commentary 2005 thesis
J54/70/ 2242 Gay Seyer Woolsey, Michael Graduate Creative Portfolio: The Lamb (A Novel) and Cynthia, or the Fine Art of Destruction (A Novel in Progress) 1994 portfolio
J54/70/ 1932 Gehrig, David Satan in Rushdie and Menippean Satire 1992 thesis
J54/70/ 4296 Gilmore, Mary Catherine Recreating the Monster: The Lost Letters of Mrs. Saville 2002 creative writing portfolio
J54/70/ 4245 Goodwin, Jacqueline Macbeth's Tormented Lady 2002 thesis
J54/70/ 1165 Graves, Nancy K. Creative Writing Portfolio: Dreams (Novel) 1989 project
J54/70/ 4520 Green, Ashley Franz Kafka's Life Struggle, As Written 2004 thesis
J54/70/ 1523 Haffer, Richard G. Creative Writing Portfolio: Two Essays and a Novel, Piper's Up Your Alley 1990 portfolio
J54/70/ 3719 Hagan, Beth Molly's Mystique (Molly Bloom from James Joyce's Ulysses) 2000 extended essay
J54/70/ 4441 Hager, Nicole Clumsy Tools of Stone: Language, Exile and Vladimir Nabokov's American Narrator 2003 project
J54/70/ 4717 Hale-Delph, Kimberly B. Discovering Orlando: A Study of Virginia Woolf's Orlando, Biography, Gender Essentialism, Gender Identity, and Gender Roles 2004 thesis
J54/70/ 4304 Hall, Betsy Lin Fox "Resistance is the Secret of Joy!": Female Suffering and the Irrepressible Spirit in Alice Walker's The Third life of Grange Copeland, The Color Purple, and Possessing the Secret of Joy 2002 thesis
J54/70/ 5296 Harmon, Meghan Lynn And to her Astonishment, There was no Blood: Comprehending the (Fictional) Suicides of Quentin Compson and Milkman Dead 2008 thesis
J54/70/ 4727 Harter, Marsha Kay The Dysfunctional Family in the Characters of Joyce Carol Oates 2004 thesis
J54/70/ 2158 Hatcher, Harris H. Creative Writing Portfolio 1993 writing portfolio
J54/70/ 1056 Heagy, Marica Opera and Oratory: Two Formative Influences on Walt Whitman's Poetry 1989 thesis
J54/70/ 3407 Heaton, Carmen R. Caroline Compton's Role in Caddy's and Miss Quintin's Ruin 1999 project
J54/70/ 1831 Hoover, Harvey R. William James's Influence of Four of Robert Frost's Poems; and Final Exam on Robertson Davies' Novel " What's Bred in the bone" 1992 paper and exam
J54/70/ 4249 Hurelbrink, Eric Stories of Stonington 2002 thesis
J54/70/ 2902 Hurley, Patrick Erasing the Boundaries Between Theory and Practice: Sufism, Situationism, The Temporary Autonomous Zone, and the Early Novels of Tom Robbins 1997 thesis
J54/70/ 1326 Hurst, Margie God's Law or Man's Law: Issue or Moral Choice in Julius Caesar 1989 thesis
J54/70/ 4052 Jackson, Brian Critical Analysis of Impressionist and Cubist Techniques in Ford Madox Ford's The Good Soldier 2001 thesis
J54/70/ 5341 Janke, Michael Unfortunate Successes: Ramifications of Production Models when Applied to Child-rearing in the Fiction of Shelley, Dickens, and Dahl 2009 thesis
J54/70/ 2264 Johnson, Ida Wright Street: A Collection of Poetry and Short Stories 1994 creative writing portfolio
J54/70/ 869 Jordan, Karen Ironic Humor and Tragic Counterpoint in For Whom The Bell Tolls 1987 thesis
J54/70/ 5522 Keller, Heather E. Grotesques, Twisted Apples, and Others: Discovering Queer Identities Amid Industrialization in Anderson's Early Works 2010 thesis
J54/70/ 2696 Kelly, Lisa M.A. Exam over Madox Ford's The Good Soldier 1996 exam
J54/70/ 2697 Kelly, Lisa Rediscovering the Past: Elaine Risley's Postmodern Quest in Margret Atwood's Cat's Eye 1996 project
J54/70/ 2189 Kensil, Janet K. Balancing Hell and Purgatory 1994 project
J54/70/ 5426 Kershaw,Adam J. A Simple, Twisted Fate 2010 project
J54/70/ 1874 Kibler, Karen Barriers in Robert Frost's Poems; and: Graduate Exam 1992 exam and extended paper
J54/70/ 1980 Kincaid, James K. William Cullen Bryant, Thomas Cole, and the American Landscape 1993 thesis
J54/70/ 2641 Kirkpatrick, Marianne Patricca Generic Tradition in Wuthering Heights: Interpretive Analysis of Gothic Romanticism, Victorian Realism, and Modernism 1996 thesis
J54/70/ 5114 Koehler, Donna The Porch Swing 2007 project
J54/70/ 4704 Laatsch, Stacey Jo Interstate 2004 project
J54/70/ 2881 Ladendorf, Jean Playful Frost: His Wit and Comic Vision 1997 paper
J54/70/ 2801 Lakin, Amy Charlotte Bronte and the Consolations of Fiction: A Biographical Reading of Jane Eyre 1997 project
J54/70/ 1087 Lau, Barbara D. Collection of Creative Prose and Poetry 1988 project
J54/70/ 4541 Logan, David Bring the Weather With You 2004 thesis
J54/70/ 5034 Long, Denise Howard The Breadwinner in Post-World War II American Literature: Constructing Masculinity at Midcentury 2006 thesis
J54/70/ 3283 Looby, Kyle Governing and the Governed: Jane Eyre, Villett, Agnes Grey, Shirley, and the Psychopathology of the Governess Novel 1998 thesis
J54/70/ 1214 Low, Julie Ann Illinois Child 1989 project
J54/70/ 5547 Luchtefeld, Katie Correspondences: A Play in Three Acts 2011 project (creative/artistic product)
J54/70/ 4336 Lynn, Jeffrey Modern Postfacto: A Discussion of Chapter Division and Notes 2002 thesis
J54/70/ 3495 Mahr, Melinda Faulkner's Evolving Yoknapatawpha: The Women of Light in August and Intruder in the Dust as Representative of Sociopolitical Change in America 1999 thesis
J54/70/ 3705 Martin, Maureen Mainstaying: The Use of Literature to Help Children Deal with the Stigma of Special Education 2000 thesis
J54/70/ 5269 Martin, Rebecca Hamlet and Macbeth: Complements All Around 2008 thesis
J54/70/ 5428 Mayer, Shawna Sitting Up with the Dying 2010 project
J54/70/ 5122 McConomy, Neal Teacher Influence on Critical Composition Classrooms 2007 thesis
J54/70/ 2692 McElroy, Linda M.A. Exam Over Ford Madox Ford's The Good Soldier 1996 Exam
J54/70/ 4558 McKinney, Anne M. The Regeneration of the Arthurian Legend Through Fan Fiction: A Critical-Creative Project 2004 project
J54/70/ 2906 McKinney, Nancy Life in Prairie Land: Eliza Farnham's Transcendentalist Text 1997 thesis
J54/70/ 1548 McLaughlin, Mary Costumes and Masks in Orlando: A Reflection of Time, Class, Disguise, and Fantasy 1990 thesis
J54/70/ 2631 McParland, Damon J. Galtee Mountain Boy (Novel) 1996 novel
J54/70/ 4172 Miller, Martha Dispatch to Death: A Mystery 2002 thesis
J54/70/ 2107 Miller, Pam Tolstoy, A View of History 1993 extended paper
J54/70/ 1571 Mittelstaedt, Mark A. Jason Compson, Vatch, and Abner Snopes: The Evil that Men Do in Faulkner's Fiction 1990 thesis
J54/70/ 2913 Montgomery, Michelle Lynn Writer as Sage: Jean-Jacques Roussaeu, Henry David Thoreau, and "the Arts of Life and Happiness": A Reading of Emile and Waldon as Wisdom Literature 1997 thesis
J54/70/ 3135 Moore, Gigi Race and Identity: Redefining the Standards of Beauty in Wallace Thurman's The Blacker The Berry, Gwendolyn Brooks' Maud Martha, and Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye 1998 thesis
J54/70/ 5386 Morrison, Ryan Interdisiplinary Writing: Theory to Practice in an Emerging Epistemology 2009 thesis
J54/70/ 760 Mosley, Cathy Creative Writing Portfolio 1987 thesis
J54/70/ 4312 Muschal, Kristine Critical Analysis of the Influence of the Classical Greek Prometheus Myth and Shakespeare's Macbeth on H.G. Wells's The Time Machine 2002 thesis
J54/70/ 3736 Myers, Laurie "A Painted, not a Burning, Fire": Mansfield Park, The Death of the Heart and the Rhetoric of Authenticity 2000 extended essay
J54/70/ 5332 Nicholson, Adam McHenry ANJA: A Decedent's Tale Exhuming the Buried Narrative in Art Speigelman's "Maus" 2009 thesis
J54/70/ 1938 O'Halloran, John My Mutiny Against Darkness (Poetry Portfolio) 1992 project
J54/70/ 2261 Ostrowski, Marilyn Extended Paper on James Joyce's Dubliners 1994 extended paper
J54/70/ 5086 Overcash, Nicole Surviving the Holocaust Generations Later: Postmodern Techniques in Everything is Illuminated 2007 thesis
J54/70/ 827 Pahde, Lori Neldon Holding Caulfield Away from Young Readers: Is Censorship Necessary? 1987 project
J54/70/ 1322 Peck, Cheryl D. Framing of Isabel Archer: Portraiture as a Significant Theme in the Portrait of a Lady 1988 thesis
J54/70/ 4490 Pennell, Penny The Other Locals 2003 thesis
J54/70/ 5427 Perino, Julie The Forgotten History of the Einstein Academy 2010 project
J54/70/ 2688 Pfile, Angela E. Sermonic Effect of "Cleanness"; Narration as Interpretation 1996 thesis
J54/70/ 1375 Randle, Greg James Jones's First Romance: An Examination of "They Shall Inherit the Laughter" 1989 thesis
J54/70/ 2501 Redding, Sam Balzac, Dickens, and Bureaucracy; and: Exam on Tennyson's "In Memorium A.H.H. 1995 thesis
J54/70/ 4335 Reeves, Ryan Alive in Sight Only for a Second: Spricer's Imaginary Elegies and a Textbook of Poetry 2002 thesis
J54/70/ 4544 Reiners, Angela The Poetry of Freedom: Percy Bysshe Shelley's Political Thought From Queen Mab to the Triumph of Life 2004 thesis
J54/70/ 3992 Retzer, Susan Through the Valley: Stories of Loss and Renewal 2001 thesis
J54/70/ 4091 Retzer-Ward, Wanda C. Final Examinations: A Study of Nearing Death Awareness in Literature 2001 thesis
J54/70/ 2625 Rhoads, Linda Maid or Writer: The Rhetoric of Conformity and Rebellion in Miss Lulu Bett 1996 project
J54/70/ 2838 Richardson, M.L. It's Enough to Wake the Dead: Factual and Fictional Literary Biographers 1997 thesis
J54/70/ 5581 Roberts, Ryan M. Pseudonym as Character: The Development of Julian Barnes' Multiple Aliases 2011 thesis
J54/70/ 4849 Robinson, Delores Ruth Maternal Abandonment and Indian Identity in the Novels of Louise Erdrich 2005 thesis
J54/70/ 5084 Roman, Nicholas Literary Manga Exploding Stereotypes: Postmodern Narrative Art in FLCL 2007 thesis
J54/70/ 4799 Rude, John F. Nothing Worse Than War: The Education of Frederic Henry 2005 thesis
J54/70/ 5458 Ruebling, Kris Rings (novel) 2010 thesis
J54/70/ 3977 Runyon, Kristin A.H. Bel Kaufman's Up the Down Staircase as Epistolary Case Study 2001 thesis
J54/70/ 4031 Rush, Michele Emily Bronte and William Blake : Dual Visions 2001 project
J54/70/ 3976 Salm, Vonnie Hemingway's Terms of Commitment: The Man Behind The Spanish Earth and The Artist Behind For Whom the Bell Tolls 2001 refined paper
J54/70/ 4672 Schenk, Deanna L. Reflections on the Dysfunctional Family in Mary Shelley's Life and Frankenstein 2004 thesis
J54/70/ 2401 Scobell, Beverly Jay Gatsby: Eliot's Phlebas the Phoenician 1995 project
J54/70/ 4334 Scott, Erin Lynn Crowned in Blood: A Critical Analysis of Vampire Imagery in Shakespeare's History Plays 2002 thesis
J54/70/ 856 Shao, Jin-Di Black Abyss-- The Sexual Relationship Between Joe Christmas and Joanna Burden 1987 thesis
J54/70/ 1640 Sheldon, Glenn Revolution: The Significance of "The Fifth Season" in the Poems of Thomas McGrath 1990 thesis
J54/70/ 5091 Sheley, Pam Riding Shotgun 2007 thesis
J54/70/ 2554 Shepard, James Treatment of Isolation and Alienation in the Works of Stoker (Dracula), King (Salem's Lot), Matheson (I am Legend), and Rice (Interview With a Vampire). 1995 thesis
J54/70/ 1188 Shepherd, Bonnie Master's Examination: Zora Hurston's "Their Eyes Were Watching God" 1989 exam
J54/70/ 1200 Shepherd, Bonnie Creative Writing Portfolio 1989 project
J54/70/ 4487 Shipman, Michael Wrigleyville 2003 thesis
J54/70/ 5368 Shoulders, B. Townsend Sexual Angst at Elsinore: Reading Hamlet in Light of "The Second Sex" 2009 thesis
J54/70/ 4798 Skube, Maureen Literature and Film: Illuminating Adaptation Study 2005 thesis
J54/70/ 4426 Smith, Liesl G. Reaching Student Writers in the 21st Century: Changing Times Require Changing Measures 2003 project
J54/70/ 4380 Stalets, Deeanna Writing and Gender: A Study of Masculinity and Femininity in Writing Styles 2003 thesis
J54/70/ 4404 Steiren, George E. Humans and Other Species 1992 thesis
J54/70/ 1859 Stieren, George E. Idealism in Cervantes, Voltaire, and Goethe 1992 extended paper
J54/70/ 5827 Talken, Matthew Building True Immersion: How Skyrim Creates a Reality for Players 2015 thesis
J54/70/ 5335 Tepen, Erin Beyond the Masquerade: The Hysteric Discourse Structure in Wharton's "The House of Mirth" and "The Age of Innocence" 2009 thesis
J54/70/ 1515 Terhark, Cleta James and the Governess in the Turn of the Screw as Examples of Repression 1990 project
J54/70/ 2723 Tirpak, Michael C. Writing Portfolio 1991 portfolio
J54/70/ 3475 Traylor, Roger Thesis, The Cantos 2002 thesis (missing)
J54/70/ 4375 Traylor, Roger "I shall have to learn a little greek to keep up with this but so will, drratt you." [English translation of #72-73 of Ezra Pound's The Cantos] 2002 thesis
J54/70/ 5452 Tremain, Kevin M. The Story You Haven't Heard 2010 project
J54/70/ 4537 Tweedy, Joanna Beth Roamin' Catholics 2004 thesis
J54/70/ 2950 Vieira, Gay Bronte Sisters and the Visual Arts 1997 thesis
J54/70/ 2029 Waddell, Malinda Role of Structure and Style in David Lean's "Great Expectations" 1993 closure paper
J54/70/ 1366 Wagner, Judson C. Striving After Wind (Novel for Creative Writing Portfolio) 1989 project
J54/70/ 1514 Wands, Sandranne Graduate Examination: Jane Austin's Northanger Abbey; Joyce's War on War (about Finnegan's Wake) 1989 exam
J54/70/ 1892 Wang, Xinqui Some Frost Fables: The Poet as a Teacher 1992 thesis
J54/70/ 3322 Warren, Amy L. Woolf's Duchess of Newcastle: "A Room of One's Own" Revisited 1998 thesis
J54/70/ 3852 Warren, Rosalie E. Dickens and Androgyny 1999 thesis
J54/70/ 1565 Weinrich, Melinda God, Heaven, and Faith in Dickinson's Poetry; And Exam on Nathaniel West's Miss Lonelyhearts 1990 thesis/exam
J54/70/ 3462 Weisser, Mikel Stupid Grad Packet 1999 project
J54/70/ 3810 Weldy, Lance Ephemeral Days 2000 project
J54/70/ 4508 Whalen, Angela L. She's No Heroine: Finding the Female Hero in Sir Walter Scott, Stephen King, and Diana Gabaldon 2003 thesis
J54/70/ 4420 Wheeler, Clifford Notions of Postmodern Mystery in Eco's "The Name of the Rose" 2003 thesis
J54/70/ 1184 Whitman, Vince Graduate Examination: Pope's "The Rape of the Lock" 1989 exam
J54/70/ 4780 Whittenberg, Rhonda Under the Iron Mountains 2005 project
J54/70/ 1030 Yanow, Sherry Planet of the Apes: A Metamorphosis from Fiction to Film 1988 thesis
J54/70/ 854 Young, Cynthia Compilation of Creative Fiction and Non-Fiction Works 1987 project
J54/70/ 652 Zhou, Qin Bi-Dialectal Background and Second Language Acquisition at the Phonological Level 1985 thesis