Economics Masters Projects/Theses

This masters program was eliminated.

Call # Author Title Year Notes
J54/25/ 2106 Abdalbagi, Mahdi Elsadig Marx's Theory of Competition [:] A Case Study of Foreign Oil Companies Operating in the Middle East 1993 thesis
J54/25/ 23 Akhimie, Felix Deji Impact of Oil on Nigeria's Economic Development 1978 thesis
J54/25/ 2227 Akhtar, Arif Sohail Kaldorian Model for Revitalizing Productivity in the United States of America 1994 thesis
J54/25/ 3961 Alarian, Rola M.Elaharairi Child Labor in the Third World 2001 thesis
J54/25/ 1572 Aldubaikhi, Ibrahim Ali Monetarist Theory of Inflation: Statistical Investigations 1990 report
J54/25/ 2322 Al-Hasni, Hilal Hamed Asymmetric Effects of Monetary Policy in the United States 1994 thesis
J54/25/ 1761 Al-Hemaidy, Abdullah M. Fundamental Elements of Islamic Economics 1991 thesis
J54/25/ 852 Arbogast, Lynn J. Conglomerate Mergers: An Empirical Study 1987 project
J54/25/ 3212 Assanee, Dararat Model the Determinates of Foreign Direct Investment in Thailand 1998 thesis
J54/25/ 3480 Atisook, Vinit Study of Factors Affecting Rice Exports of Thailand: With Special Emphasis on Major Export Markets 1999 thesis
J54/25/ 3920 Bevill, Scottie D. Plans Sponsor's Use of a Directed Trading Program 2001 thesis
J54/25/ 3936 Bishoff, Steven Econometric Model of Student Enrollment at the University of Illinois at Springfield, 1986-2000 2001 thesis
J54/25/ 790 Brody, Jeff Illinois as a Site for Economic Activity: An Analysis of the State's Strengths 1987 thesis
J54/25/ 654 Bruce, Shirley Analysis of the Structural Development of the American Automobile Industry 1986 thesis
J54/25/ 655 Carr, Andrew Tyrone Analysis of Sectional Productivity Slowdown For the U.S. and Illinois 1985 thesis
J54/25/ 2348 Carter, Spencer World Motor Vehicle Industry: a Structural Analysis 1994 thesis
J54/25/ 2218 Chow, Kai Wah Monetary Approach to Exchange Rate Determination: A Malaysian Experience 1994 thesis
J54/25/ 11 Collins, Mary Study of the Potential Effectiveness of Lifeline Utility Rates 1982 thesis
J54/25/ 4100 Crossen, Robert A. Local Government Investment Pools - A Model for Policy Decision Making 2001 thesis
J54/25/ 1059 Cwik, Thomas C. Private Property-Contract Model of the Modern Corporation 1988 thesis
J54/25/ 4084 Daley, Leighanne J. Globalization of the Motor Vehicle Industry 2001 thesis
J54/25/ 2562 Davis, James C. Risk-taking in Portfolio Choices at US Commercial Banks: Implication for the Federal Deposit Insurance System 1995 thesis
J54/25/ 2702 Elliott, Sherman Environmental Externalities in the Electric Utility Industry 1996 thesis
J54/25/ 2822 Escatllar, Ana M. Hayekian Model of the Telecommunications Act of 1996: Free Market Competition versus Regulated Competition 1996 thesis
J54/25/ 1546 Fayez, Rihan Mubarek Absorptive Capacity of the United Arab Emirates 1990 report
J54/25/ 713 Fields, Deborah L. Industrial Demand for Electricity and Industrial Structural Change 1986 thesis
J54/25/ 3989 Hartwig, Pamela Mandatory Social Security Coverage of State and Local Employees 2001 thesis
J54/25/ 44 Iyare, Sunday O. Analysis of the Philosophical Foundations and Development of the Analysis Theory of Economic Process 1977 thesis
J54/25/ 2176 Johnson, William Re-Examination of the Federal Debt 1993 thesis
J54/25/ 1353 Kim, Seung Bae Linkage Between Energy Consumption Per Capita and Physical Quality of Life Index 1989 project
J54/25/ 3210 Knoedler, Janet War on Poverty and the Conservative Counter-Revolution 1986 thesis
J54/25/ 340 Knoepfle, J.M. Third World Borrowing and the International Monetary Fund 1984 thesis
J54/25/ 48 Kuanfung, Juan Carlos Study of the Springfield Mortgage Revenue Bond Program, 1979 1979 thesis
J54/25/ 4088 Larison, Gaye H. Examination of the Application of Efficiency and Accountability Measures in a Public Sector Environment 2001 thesis
J54/25/ 3797 Longstreth, Ellen Econometric Analysis of the Relationship Between Property Crime Rates and Labor Market Variables 2000 thesis
J54/25/ 490 Lonski, Patrick Economic Impact of Illinois Correctional Industries on the State of Illinois, Fiscal Year of 1982 1984 thesis
J54/25/ 3929 Loveless, Lance Lincoln History of the Lottery in Illinois: Its Effects, and Options for Reform 2001 thesis
J54/25/ 1636 Lyons, Damon Economic Impact of Farmland Values in Illinois Public Schools 1990 thesis
J54/25/ 970 Mahler, Timothy M. United States Steel Industry 1988 report
J54/25/ 52 Menard, Rene E. Role of Utilities in the American Economy 1978 thesis
J54/25/ 4083 Myart, Charles Study of Six Sigma: Assessing Its Impact on the General Electric Company 2001 thesis
J54/25/ 1137 Ng, Chi-Man William Economic Analysis of the Crisis in the United States Steel Industry 1989 thesis
J54/25/ 1 Peralta, Alejandro Housing and Care Industries in Sangamon County 1983 thesis
J54/25/ 3628 Phipps, Patrick L. Joint Ventures in the Global Motor Vehicle Industry, An Industrial Organization Economics Approach 2000 thesis
J54/25/ 2337 Regan, Thomas Michael Aging and Savings in the U.S. : A Study of Changing Demographics and its Effect on Savings Behavior 1994 thesis
J54/25/ 4126 Ridder, Joseph Tax Increment Financing in Sangamon County 2001 thesis
J54/25/ 2729 Rotramel, Chris Demand for Riverboat Gambling in Illinois 1996 thesis
J54/25/ 8 Shaharudin, Shahariah Analysis of the Factors that Affect the Growth of Savings Deposits of the Post Office Savings Bank/National Savings Bank of Malaysia 1983 report
J54/25/ 228 Shodipo, Tunde Role of Marketing Boards in the Economic Development of Nigeria 1984 thesis
J54/25/ 3837 Sidem, Bernard J. Alternative Ways to Improve Measuring Real Property Assessment Uniformity 2000 thesis
J54/25/ 3472 Sistrunk, Jahannah Relationship Between the U.S. Economy and Imprisonment 1999 project
J54/25/ 359 Smith, Charles William Did Monetary Factors Cause The Great Depression? 1984 thesis
J54/25/ 4089 Stambaugh, Joseph NIRU and Monetary Policy 2001 thesis
J54/25/ 1726 Su Hua Yu Borrower's Choice for Alternative Mortgage Financing Instruments 1991 thesis
J54/25/ 3930 Trinh, Dai T. Did US Assistance to South Vietnam Bring Economic Development? 2001 thesis
J54/25/ 229 Ukaogo, Hudson Onyenaturuchi Analysis of Food Supply Problem in Nigeria 1970-1981 1984 thesis
J54/25/ 2456 Uzun, Hakan Impact of Exchange Rate Volatility of Turkey's Exports 1980-1994 1995 thesis
J54/25/ 3665 Varju, Laszlo Remedy for Major League Baseball's Failing Economics 2000 thesis
J54/25/ 3211 Woulard-Oliver, Angela Universal Service in a Competitive Market for Rural and High Cost Areas 1998 thesis
J54/25/ 3919 Zachary , Amy Total Economic Effect of Removing the Air Force Base at Rantoul, Illinois 2001 thesis
J54/25/ 1457 Zhao, Jing Y. Monetary Policy and Inflation in China 1990 project