Computer Science Masters Projects/Theses

Call # Author Title Year Notes
J54/22/ 3789 Ahmed, Nadeem System and Method for Integrating Voice and Data in Radio Frequency (RF) for Broadcast Applications 2000 project
J54/22/ 4578 Akhtar, Mahmood Online Banking Application 2004 project
J54/22/ 4385 Akula, Shilpa Webstatistics: A Personalized Website Tracking Tool 2003 project
J54/22/ 4941 Alija, Phaniendhra Phone Card Services 2006 project
J54/22/ 4357 Almy, John Windows 2000 Domain Server: System Development and Administration 2002 project
J54/22/ 2141 Al-Rayes, Walid Implementing Simplex Method on Parallel Algorithms Using Distributed Computer System 1993 project
J54/22/ 4946 Anada, Raja K. A Comparison of Weblogic and Jboss J2EE Application Servers 2006 project
J54/22/ 4826 Angara, Swathi V. University Online Bookstore 2005 project
J54/22/ 5007 Annu, Vinitha UIS Course Information Web Service with Mobile Device Support 2006 project
J54/22/ 4922 Arshanapalli, Hemanth bSecure: Applications Security Model 2006 project
J54/22/ 4176 Avula, Pavan K. Distributed File Service 2001 project
J54/22/ 5185 Aziz, Imran Developing an Accessible Training Calendar Web Application 2007 project
J54/22/ 5075 Baddireddi, Murty Intranet Mailing System 2007 project
J54/22/ 3622 Bai, Yunwen Vision Screening Data Collection Program Based on a Three-tier Client/Server Program 2000 project
J54/22/ 4697 Bandaru, Mahesh A Report Generating Tool for GI Doctors 2004 project
J54/22/ 3365 Bedathur, Srikanth B. Emergency Dispatch Management System for Illinois Emergency Management Agency 1999 project/thesis
J54/22/ 3602 Bell, Glen T. Learning About Linked lists: Design and Evaluation of a Teaching Tool 1999 project
J54/22/ 4417 Bell, Richard M. Use of Personal Digital Assistant And Personal Area Network as Platform for Collaborative Entity Relationship Diagramming Tool 2003 project
J54/22/ 4524 Bertagnolli, Lee Software Installation For An Internet Service Provider 2003 project
J54/22/ 4903 Bhamidipati, Rekha Health Club Maintenance System 2006 project
J54/22/ 4912 Bheemu, Sreekantha R. A Case Study of Web-based Information Systems Development Using Open Source Tools 2006 project
J54/22/ 4776 Bhemalked, Srinivas R. Online Course Schedule for UIS Community 2005 project
J54/22/ 5227 Bhogireddy, Aparna Financial Plan and Personal Lines: Data Warehouse for The Hartford Financials 2008 project
J54/22/ 5190 Black, Jeffrey L. 802.11 Wireless Adapter Driver Vulnerability Using The Linux/Unix Lorcon Library 2007 project
J54/22/ 5051 Bojanapally, Raghuveer R. User Account Provisioning Using Sun Identity Manager 2007 project
J54/22/ 4935 Bolar, Ryan A Warehouse Information System for the Illinois Department of Human Services Inventory 2006 project
J54/22/ 5158 Bommireddy, Amit Date Wharehouse and a Reporting Solution for a Retail Store 2007 project
J54/22/ 3615 Brahmamdam, Adilakshmi Biology Students Assessment System for Biology Department 2000 project
J54/22/ 3014 Brahmamdam, Kirshna Mohan Permit Tracking System for Illinois Waste Management Facilities 1998 project
J54/22/ 4096 Broccardo, Carl R. Efficiency of Message Passing on Distributed Systems: A Comparison of Two Parallel Methods: Sockets vs. P4 2001 project
J54/22/ 5161 Bruce, Josh It's a Small World After All 2007 project
J54/22/ 4205 Buettner, Carol Effectiveness of Software White Box Testing in the Development of a Basic Math Facts Drill Program Written in Java 2002 project
J54/22/ 5037 Byrraju, Vamsi Campus Location System 2007 project
J54/22/ 4133 Carvalho, Arnaldo Redesign of a Medical Records Database Using Microsoft Access 2000 2001 project (missing 10/27/05)
J54/22/ 3931 Caughey, Lucinda M. Relational Database Design and Implementation Using Microsoft Access 97 2001 project
J54/22/ 4119 Chaffee, James Interactive Tutorial On Boolean Operators and Selection Statements in the C++ Programming Language 2001 project
J54/22/ 4853 Challa, Vijaya R. Grant Tracking System 2005 project
J54/22/ 3219 Chang, Kuen-Yih Implementation of the Entity-Relationship Data Model for Relational Integrity 1998 project
J54/22/ 3601 Chen, Edward SEURL: A Dynamic search Engine of URL Source Code 1999 project
J54/22/ 4130 Chen, Steven Design and Deployment of Microsoft Exchange 2000 Message System 2001 project
J54/22/ 4751 Chen, Warner (Wei-Hung) Final Report for a Business Application for Hotel Management 2004 project
J54/22/ 3207 Chen, Zhijiong Debugging Tool for a Merge/Purge System 1998 project/thesis
J54/22/ 4414 Cheng, Joy Online Tool for Patient Service and Management for Dental Medicine Clinic: Three-tier Web Solution Using ASP.NET and SQL Server Desktop Edition 2000 2003 project
J54/22/ 3166 Cheng, Li Using JAVA and JDBC to Develop Web-Based Applications with Interactive Data Access Capability 1998 project/thesis
J54/22/ 5130 Chintala, Veplava Reddy Cost Effective and Time Efficient Web Application Architecture: Model View Controller (MVC) 2007 project
J54/22/ 5048 Chintalpuri, Vaishnavi A Comparative Study of Data Classification Using Support Vector Machines in Oracle Data Mining 2007 project
J54/22/ 4875 Clark, Robert K. III Meeting Scheduler using Mobile Agents 2005 project
J54/22/ 3968 Cody, Erica Application of Dynamic Analysis in the Conversion of Legacy Cobol Systems 2001 project
J54/22/ 2930 Craske, David J. GRIP (Graduate Interactive Planner) 1997 project
J54/22/ 3661 Decker, Brian Distributed Parallel Transaction Architecture 2000 project
J54/22/ 3306 Dehner, Jamie Online Oversize/Overweight Truck Permitting System for the Illinois Department of Transportation 1999 project/thesis
J54/22/ 4687 Deng, Zhimin James Using J2EE to Implement a Course Enrollment System 2004 project
J54/22/ 3197 Denhart, Joan A. Can Pre-Hire Information Predict Long Term Retention of Agents in the Insurance Industry?: A Statistical Analysis 1998 project
J54/22/ 3627 Devabhaktuni, Mamata Report on the Project Reliability Validation Plotter (RVP) 2000 project
J54/22/ 4906 Dunkak, Mark S. Design and Implementation of the University of Illinois at Springfield, Office of Career Services Career X~Plorer Database System 2006 project
J54/22/ 4049 Edulakanti, Saveen Intranet E-mail System 2001 project
J54/22/ 3401 Edwards, Wendy Comparison of Technologies for Web-Based Medical Education 1999 project/thesis
J54/22/ 3786 Ellanki, Praveen Reddy On Line Freedom of Information Act (OLFOIA) for the Division of Legal Counsel Of the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency 2000 project
J54/22/ 5072 Ethridge, Jeremy M. Windows-Based Relational Database for the Teacher Education Program 2007 project
J54/22/ 3471 Feng, Tiebin NetTool: A Tool Set for Network Class 1999 project
J54/22/ 3282 Feng, Xuehui Development of a Chinese Chess Server for Internet Users 1998 project/thesis
J54/22/ 4710 Gaddam, Sridhar Time and Attendance Tracking System 2004 project
J54/22/ 5166 Gadi, Ravindra Intranet Technical Service Request Application 2007 project
J54/22/ 4769 Gaikaiwari, Amol J. A Web-Based Corporate Directory Application Using LDAP (V3) (RFC 2251) 2005 project
J54/22/ 5039 Gangula, Vamshi Krishna Software Development Tracking Tool 2007 project
J54/22/ 5074 Gatla, Sandeep Activity Control System: A Prototype of Project Management and Tracking Tool 2007 project
J54/22/ 5049 Gawalapally, Sathya Application Monitoring and Control Tool 2007 project
J54/22/ 4316 Gehlbach, Stephen Access Control Lists In a Local Area Network 2002 project
J54/22/ 3459 Gilbert, Louis Greg Client/Server to Provide an Object Oriented User Interface with the Novell Netware Directory Services 1999 project
J54/22/ 4872 Gill, Ramnik Design and Implementation of Student Enterprise Information System 2005 project
J54/22/ 3461 Gilmore, Chante Computer M.D. Data Tracking for Society for Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine 1999 project/thesis
J54/22/ 5115 Gottipati, Sirisha IntraCom: Intranet Communication System 2007 project
J54/22/ 3478 Gudapati, Jansi Interface to an Engine Control System Using Java Com API 2.0 1999 project
J54/22/ 4786 Gudiwada, Vasantha .NET Web Registration Application 2005 project
J54/22/ 4854 Gujjarlapudi, Rajan B. Web Portal: Online Job Search Engine 2005 project
J54/22/ 4185 Gummadala, Ramakrishna Open APIs for Online Banking Application Using EJB 2002 project
J54/22/ 4855 Gummadi, Surendranath Issue Tracker System 2005 project
J54/22/ 5018 Gundrathi, Gautham Goud Design and Development of the Online Shopping Portal: Cyber-Mart 2007 project
J54/22/ 4120 Guo, Rongping Online Bookstore - An E-commerce Solution in ASP and SQL Server 2001 project
J54/22/ 3505 Guo, Zhengdong Windows Based Fixed Assets System for Illinois Correctional Industries 1999 project
J54/22/ 5087 Hackney, Aaron Teaching TCP/IP: A Supplemental Resource 2007 project
J54/22/ 4862 Haq, Omair ul Emission Tracker: Designing a Sound Database for IEPA 2005 project
J54/22/ 4859 Harms, Carrie CSPID: Crime Scene Photograph Information Database 2005 project
J54/22/ 5005 Harsha, Vijayalakshmi Gateway to Philosophy Website 2006 project
J54/22/ 5008 Hasanuddin, Salman Continuous Integration: Automating the Build, Deploy, and Test Processes for Software Development in a Distributed Environment 2006 project
J54/22/ 3856 Hoffman, William J. Integrated Information Systems Plan For The Illinois General Assembly 2001 project
J54/22/ 4392 Holtgrefe, Eric Pair Programming and Web Based Metrics 2003 project
J54/22/ 4666 Hong, Wonhee Design and Development of An Online Survey Application [:] Investigating Web-based Database Applications 2004 project
J54/22/ 2928 Hsu, Yi-Yuan Search for an Optimal Internet Server 1997 project/thesis
J54/22/ 3933 Hsu, Yuan-Cheng Web Application with SQL Server 7.0 in ASP 2001 project
J54/22/ 4384 Hu, Min Building An XML Web Service for Database Manipulations 2003 project
J54/22/ 3403 Huang, Jing Client-Server Based Investment System 1999 project/thesis
J54/22/ 4499 Huang, Ying The Debt Collection Board Database Application 2003 project
J54/22/ 3265 Jacob, Biju Sam Design, Installation, and Maintenance of an Internet Service Provider Site 1998 project/thesis
J54/22/ 5073 Jampana, Lakshmi K. Digital Library for Conservation 2000 2007 project
J54/22/ 5234 Jewett, Samuel Ethics and Earning an Online Degree 2008 project
J54/22/ 4671 John, Arul Sreekanth Personalized Information System 2004 project
J54/22/ 4752 Kanjerla, Chakravarthy A Musical Web Portal Using Active Server Pages 2005 project
J54/22/ 4736 Kennedy, James Development of a Web-Based Check Book Reconciliation Application 2004 project
J54/58 5054 Kennedy, Matthew A Web-based Application Used to Track and Maintain Training 2007 project
J54/22/ 2988 Khan, Qaisar Study and Implementation Plan of Year 2000 Conversion for the Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities 1997 project/thesis
J54/22/ 4486 Khanna, Nitesh Web Based Employment Application and an accompanying Back Office Applicant Tracking solution using Domino Designer 2003 project
J54/22/ 3358 Kneedler, Carol A. Intranet-Based Workflow for System Change Requests 1999 project
J54/22/ 4673 Komanecky, Matthew L. Avery Brundage Scholarship Web Application: A Web-based Electronic Document Management System using ASP.NET, VB.NET, and ADO.NET 2004 project
J54/22/ 4785 Kona, Srinaga Sudha A Simple Web Content Management System for Educational Technology 2005 project
J54/22/ 4523 Korvuri, Shyam Web Application for the Division of Water Pollution Control at Illinois Environmental Protection Agency 2004 project
J54/22/ 4685 Kovur, Sudhir ITRACKS (Phase-I) Illinois Project Tracking System [:] Federal Highway Administration (Illinois Division) 2004 project
J54/22/ 4771 Krovvidy, Chakravarthy Housing Lease Web Application 2005 project
J54/22/ 4754 Krovvidy, Ravikanth Workflow Automation on the Web 2005 project
J54/22/ 3371 Lancaster, Michael J. Distributed Ray Tracing Using JAVA 1999 project/thesis
J54/22/ 4477 Lee, Jonathon D. Managing an Enterprise-Wide Information Technology Deployment 2003 project
J54/22/ 4860 Leischner, William Mark Internet based Newborn Screening for State of Illinois 2005 project
J54/22/ 4131 Li, Connie AMS Database System 2001 project
J54/22/ 4907 Li, Min Development of Soybean Bioinformatical Database System 2005 project
J54/22/ 3352 Lin, Chingshu B+/- Tree Visualization Tool 1999 project/thesis
J54/22/ 5171 Linker, Sheldon A Knowledge Base and Question Answering System Based on Loglan and English 2007 thesis
J54/22/ 4354 Linkey, Michael Network Analysis 2002 project
J54/22/ 3467 Little, Melissa A. GPSI Upgrade from Dbase to Access 1999 project
J54/22/ 3399 Liu, Shan Development of Demonstration Software for Network Communications and Concurrent Programming in Java 1999 project/thesis
J54/22/ 4774 Liu, Xiaoyan SQL Statement Animation System 2005 project
J54/22/ 4757 Llosa, Tulio A Secure, Scalable and Reliable Open Source Enterprise Email Server Solution 2004 project
J54/22/ 4676 Lovik, Mark A. uiSim [:] Computer Architecture Simulator 2004 project
J54/22/ 4682 Madhukar, Poornima Query Management Tool 2004 project
J54/22/ 4909 Mahankali, Promad Kumar A Report Generating Tool for Gastroenterologists 2006 project
J54/22/ 4533 Makkapati, Sumesh P2P Message and Document Sharing Application 2004 project
J54/22/ 3717 Makwana, Bhamini Online Quiz System 2000 project
J54/22/ 4821 Mallam, Deepak G. MS Access/Visual Basic Application: Video Rental Store Management 2005 project
J54/22/ 5016 Mallepeddi, Swathi A Medical Services Application 2007 project
J54/22/ 4383 Manakote, Pranend Online Admissions and GA/GPSI Applications 2003 project
J54/22/ 5076 Manda, Praveena Interoperability and Sharing Complex Data Types in Cross Platform Web Services Environment 2007 project
J54/22/ 5116 Manker, Julie Are Illinois High School Students Adequately Prepared to use Computer Applications for Communication? 2007 project
J54/22/ 4438 Marsaglia, Frank How Does the Environment Affect the Signal of a Wireless Network 2003 project
J54/22/ 4794 Marshall, Mary K. Three Computer Based-Activities for Teaching and Learning Elementary Statistics 2005 project
J54/22/ 4114 Mehrotra, Gaurav Data Warehouse for the Application Software Department Of the Central Management Services 2001 project
J54/22/ 5035 Mehrotra, Vaibhav Building an adaptable web application Front End 2006 project
J54/22/ 5225 Mellachervu, Kalyani Examination Virtual Proctor 2008 project
J54/22/ 4777 Michaels, Dustin Developing Standards Compliant Web Applications Using the Net 2005 project
J54/22/ 5036 Milbauer, Nina M. Retention of Females in Information Technology 2006 project
J54/22/ 4452 Mirian, Masoud Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information System (SACWIS) 2003 project
J54/22/ 4921 Molabanti, Bhanusree Enterprise Credit Card Collections Reporting and Redesign Data Warehouse System for Capital One 2006 project
J54/22/ 4734 Moore, Robert Developing a Programming Language Curriculum 2004 project
J54/22/ 5055 Morris, Wade L. A Database Framework Approach to Application Development for Client-Side Applications 2007 project
J54/22/ 4767 Mudireddy, Srinivasa WinbwFind, A Tool to Measure the Bandwidth of Asymmetric Links on Internet 2005 project
J54/22/ 4579 Mudunuri, Subramanya V. Designing Airline Travel Agency Application Using Java Protocol 2004 project
J54/22/ 4868 Mustafa, Dina A. Requirement Analysis: From a Business Requirement to a Delivered Application 2005 project
J54/22/ 4858 Nagi, Shashanka Middleware Technologies in Web Applications 2005 project
J54/22/ 4513 Nagireddy, Venkateshwar Implementation of Simple Network Management Protocol (RFC 1157) 2003 project
J54/22/ 4823 Nallu, Vijaypal Foreign Carrier Analytics 2005 project
J54/22/ 5017 Nandikonda, Sumankumar Design and Implementation of Cryptographic Auction 2007 project
J54/22/ 4532 Nie, Xiaojie Dynamic Web Application/Database Manipulation for Cyber Cross Information 2004 project
J54/22/ 4955 Nuzhat, Saira Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program Application for the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency 2006 project
J54/22/ 4086 Ohler, Sandra A. Evaluating Online Computer Science Classes 2001 project
J54/22/ 4177 Oksararattananont, Apichart Online Auction 2001 project
J54/22/ 5167 Ommen, Jon R. Using Dissimilarity Functions to Mine Outliers in Meterological Data 2007 project
J54/22/ 4999 Paladugu, Sravan Driving Other OFFICE Applications from MS-Access 2006 project
J54/22/ 4865 Pala-Hanumantha, Vijay K. Online Recommender System 2005 project
J54/22/ 4665 Parekh, Tushar Online Greeting Cards 2004 project
J54/22/ 5077 Parikh, Vishal D. RSS - Really Simple Syndication 2007 project
J54/22/ 3470 Parker, Micheal Client-Server Application for Maintaining Chain of Evidence 1999 project
J54/22/ 4737 Pasam, Hema Reddy Implementation of Web Designing for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences & Health Services 2005 project
J54/22/ 4691 Patel, Jay Intrusion Response System using SOAP::Lite 2004 project
J54/22/ 3990 Peddu, Lenin Babu Interface to an Electronic - Mail System Using Java 6.0 2001 project
J54/22/ 4768 Peshave, Monica How Search Engines Work: and a Web Crawler Application 2005 project
J54/22/ 4876 Pingeli, Krishna K. Reverse Engineering Process for Oracle 9i Mortgage Database (REDEMO01) 2005 project
J54/22/ 4538 Ponnada, Prasanna K. A Simplified System to Monitor and Display the Status of a Computational Grid 2004 project
J54/22/ 5038 Prasad, Pradeep Narayana Implementing a Poker Games using the Ada Rendezvous Mechanism 2007 project
J54/22/ 4948 Purandare, Siddharth AVIST: Atomic Visualization and Interactive Simulation Toolkit 2006 project
J54/22/ 4115 Putta, Arun K. Online UNIX Tutorial 2001 project
J54/22/ 5229 Rajkumar, Chanda Configuration Management System 2008 project
J54/22/ 5315 Rangaswamy, Poornima Course Monitoring System 2008 project
J54/22/ 4206 Ransdell, Elise Usability Evaluation Using Heuristic Methods 2002 project
J54/22/ 3367 Raokhande, Sonali S. Tuple Relational Calculus Interface for Relational Databases 1999 project/thesis
J54/22/ 4889 Rector, Donald Understanding the Technical Aspects of Digital Information Recovery 2006 project
J54/22/ 4624 Reddy, Harsha Vardhana Design and Development of Personal Program Planner Portal 2004 project
J54/22/ 4481 Roh, Yoonho Network Design and Security Implementation to the Lan of a Hypothetical School District 2003 project
J54/22/ 4328 Rompot, Kurt Evaluation of Peer-to-Peer Database Replication Technology as Implemented by IBM and Oracle 2002 project
J54/22/ 4113 Ross, David L. Creation, Testing, Norming, and Implementation of a Faculty Evaluation Instrument 2001 project
J54/22/ 5228 Sablotny, Alanna Daughters of the Civil War: Implementation of Website Designed to Education Users about Women in the Civil War 2008 project
J54/22/ 4171 Sahilesh, Aneeta Database Management System For Office of Minority Student Affairs At University of Illinois at Springfield 2002 project
J54/22/ 4817 Saleemi, Umar Enterprise Sales and Inventory Management System 2005 project
J54/22/ 4674 Salvador, Rogelio Computer Servers Management Information System 2004 project
J54/22/ 3342 Santa Ana, Ramon David Conversion of a Two-Tier Computer System into a Distributed System Using JAVA Remote Method Invocation (RMI) 1999 project/thesis
J54/22/ 4047 Santschi, Paul Integration of CADD, Project Accounting and Progress Schedule Data on a Highway Construction Project 2001 project
J54/22/ 5223 Sarangapurkar, Smitha Flexible Application Using Spring MVC Architecture 2008 project
J54/22/ 2929 Schmoll, R. Jay Tutoorial--An Interactive Object-Oriented Tutorial 1997 project
J54/22/ 4093 Schriber, Bonnie Black-Box Testing Strategy: Using Equivalence-Class Partitioning of Input Data 2001 project
J54/22/ 4913 Sidener, Thomas W. Development and Evaluation of Shared Database Variables in a Heterogeneous Distributed Environment 2006 project
J54/22/ 3457 Simonson, Kevin Analysis and Implementation of a New Faculty/Course Evaluation Application 1999 project/thesis
J54/22/ 4372 Sink, Karlin Networking Over Multiple Operating Systems 2003 project
J54/22/ 3795 Smith, Tracy L. Designing a Local Area Network 2000 project
J54/22/ 3294 Song, Jinshan jlwSQL: Lightweight Relational Database Management System in JAVA 1998 project/thesis
J54/22/ 5013 Srirangapatna, Preethi Ashoka Imputation of Missing Values in Incomplete Datasets Using Garden hd Clustering 2007 project
J54/22/ 4346 Stefanovski, Aleksandar Multi Autonomous Robot Exploration System (M.A.R.E.S.) 2002 project
J54/22/ 3351 Su Hao-Jan Merging Data from Varied Databases for the Division of Legal Counsel of the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency 1999 project/thesis
J54/22/ 3366 Sun Xiangling Homework Submission System in JAVA 1999 project/thesis
J54/22/ 4428 Sun, Xichun A Two-Tier Client/Server Database System for FSCA (Fashion-Style-Comfort-Affordable) Manufactory Corporation 2003 project
J54/22/ 4606 Sundaravej, Thanaporn An Ecosystems Project Granting System for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources 2004 project
J54/22/ 5042 Tabag, Muzaffer OSCAR: A Centralized Database Information System for Manufacturing, Accounting, and Production 2007 project
J54/22/ 4619 Tadakamalla, Aravind Online Classified and Bidding Application 2004 project
J54/22/ 4790 Tadakamalla, Ashok DWPC Inspection Tracking System 2005 project
J54/22/ 3606 Tan, Chilung Implementing Secured Socket Level Data Communication between a Client and Server Using the Language Java 1999 project
J54/22/ 5043 Tanguturi, Radhika Formate Rebate Conversion and Summary Utility Using Visual Basic .NET 2007 project
J54/22/ 4315 Taylor, Jean M. BGP Border Gateway Protocol 2002 project
J54/22/ 4010 Thakur, Sandeep OLTS: On-Line Tracking System for a Print Shop Using J2EE 2001 project
J54/22/ 5194 Thanneeru, Mahesh Kumar 3-Tier Mailing System 2007 project
J54/22/ 4112 Thayer, Doug Empirical Comparison of Programming Languages Using Multiple Existing Versions of the Unix Utilities 2001 project
J54/22/ 5147 Thomas, Brian J. A More Useful Faculty Evaluation System for UIS Faculty 2007 project
J54/22/ 5112 Thomas, Jeff Pediatric Genetics Database 2007 project
J54/22/ 5273 Thumma, Stephen K. Net Neutrality: An Introduction and Analysis 2008 project
J54/22/ 3163 Tian, Lichi SAVIT: A Search Algorithm Visual Tool 1998 project/thesis
J54/22/ 5157 Tolety, Sailaja Insurance Management System: A Case Study of Three-Tier Vs MVC Architecture 2007 project
J54/22/ 4325 Too, Hooi Aik Designing and Implementing an Online Job Search Software System 2002 project
J54/22/ 4432 Tsai, Shu-Mei Online Bread Store System 2003 project
J54/22/ 4804 Tummala, Sirisha "A CRM Application" (Using ASP.NET and SQL) 2005 project
J54/22/ 2027 Ul Hasan, Shabih Study of Graph Algorithms Using Parallel Processing in OCCAM Language 1993 project
J54/22/ 3309 Ulker, Can Intranet Application Case Study: Implementation in a Small Business 1999 project/thesis
J54/22/ 3967 Valentine, Mark C.A.R.E.T : Computer Aided Reverse Engineering Tool 2001 project
J54/22/ 4883 Valsan, Shaleel Rubric Development System 2005 project
J54/22/ 4824 Vasudha,Sunitha Workstation Enhancement Request Tracking and Processing Tool 2005 project
J54/22/ 5154 Vazrala, Swapna Workforce Management System 2007 project
J54/22/ 4045 Veduruvada, Narendra Web Based Resume System for Applied Study Term Students 2001 project
J54/22/ 4871 Veerabhadraiah, Arundeep WebServices in EAI 2005 project
J54/22/ 4775 Vemuganti, Aravind Web Based Portfolio Processing System for Credit for prior Learning Program 2005 project
J54/22/ 5162 Vengala, Rajendra P. Consignment Management and Tracking System 2007 project
J54/22/ 5056 Venigalla, Veeraseshamamba Web Usability Study of University of Illinois at Springfield's Web Pages 2007 project
J54/22/ 5312 Vennam, Swathi Object Relational Mapping Framework-Hibernate 2008 project
J54/22/ 4803 Vinaykumar, Cataram Mobile Banking 2005 project
J54/22/ 4861 Virvani, Tapan Middleware Service 2005 project
J54/22/ 5165 Voruganti, Mallikarjuna Rao Enterprise Subscription Management Through Web Services 2007 project
J54/22/ 4756 Vudumula, Sreekanth Media Management System 2005 project
J54/22/ 4129 Vuyyuru, Subakalyan Accident Management System using Delphi 3.0 2001 project
J54/22/ 4888 Wakhloo, Nishtha An Auction Website 2006 project
J54/22/ 3013 Waller, Mary Jo Comparison of Two Incremental Merge/Purge Strategies 1998 project/thesis
J54/22/ 4170 Wang, Hui Proposal for a Secure and Reliable Web-Based Chat Room in On-Line Conference System of Biocore 2002 project
J54/22/ 2985 Wang, Hui An Interactive Application to Record Employee Work Hours 1998 project/thesis
J54/22/ 4191 Wang, Yan Student Registration System A Client Server Program in Java 2002 project
J54/22/ 3854 Wang, Yi New Soybean Germplasm Management System 2000 project
J54/22/ 4848 Wanichwatphibun, Akarapol Wireless LAN Security (IEEE 802.11a/b/g) 2004 project
J54/22/ 3966 West, Roger L. SimpleOOD: A Simplified Case Tool For Object-Oriented Analysis And Design 2001 project
J54/22/ 4580 Wombles, Jeramy C. The Examination and Setup of a Software Testing Environment 2004 project
J54/22/ 4856 Wongnopparatlert, Sompn Quality Assurance and Data Analysis Intelligence System 2005 project
J54/22/ 4249 Xu, Steven Shujun Windows Based Generic Application for Database Manipulation 2002 project
J54/22/ 3619 Xue, Qingnian Implementation of On-Line Shopping Cart Application 2000 project
J54/22/ 4911 Yalamanchali, Sree Roopa Design and Implementation of SSL Messenger 2006 project
J54/22/ 3700 Yan, Xin Video Store Manager- A Window Based Application in VB6.0 and Access97 2000 project
J54/22/ 4132 Yan, Zhengchao Data Replication for Occasionally Connected Device 2001 project
J54/22/ 4904 Yarlagadda, Jayaprakash Patient Accounting Software 2006 project
J54/22/ 3206 Ye, Li Relational-Algebra Query Processing Front-End (RAFE) 1998 project/thesis
J54/22/ 4625 Ye, Zhuang A Customized Information Search Engine with Dynamic Web Page Application Integrated with Access Database 2004 project
J54/22/ 4333 Yerroju, Shasidhar Task Scheduler 2002 project
J54/22/ 3378 Yuan, Chaoding CRES: A Course Registration Expert System for Computer Science Department 1999 project/thesis
J54/22/ 5237 Zepp, Kevin R. Using Freely Available Open Source Software with Common Off-the-Shelf Hardware to Create Automated Backups 2008 project
J54/22/ 3630 Zhang, Hui Windows Based University Bookstore Database 2000 project
J54/22/ 4376 Zhu, Liugen ASP Solution to A Web-based Online Calendar 2003 project