Communication Masters Projects/Theses

Call # Author Title Year Notes
J54/15/ 1779 Abel, J. Anthony Content Analysis of Prime-Time Television News Coverage of the 1988 Hinsdale Telephone Central Office Fire 1991 project
J54/15/ 4497 Adelhardt, Norhayati Hasnan International Student Handbook for St. Louis Community College at Meramec 2003 project
J54/15/ 950 Al-Salem, Mohammed Study of Time on Intercultural Communication and its Effect on Business Between Saudi Arabia and the United States 1989 report
J54/15/ 5491 Anderson, James K. Laughter is Critical: An Analysis of the Sociopolitical Satire on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report Using the Propaganda Model as a Guide 2010 thesis
J54/15/ 4103 Andrews, Robert T. Technology in Education 2001 project; CD only
J54/15/ 3678 Ansari, Aisha Air Rendezvous; Operations Manual 2000 project
J54/15/ 4992 Antonacci, Jennifer How to Effectively Communicate with the Media 2006 project
J54/15/ 5080 Arjmand, Rochelle The Changing Face of Media: Exploring Media Conglomeration in the Broadcast Industry Regarding News Coverage and the Apparent Diminishment of Foreign News 2007 thesis
J54/15/ 815 Arnold, Daniel Prairie Stars: A Coach and a Team of Destiny 1987 project
J54/15/ 4914 Artis, Lori Understanding Student Perceptions of Lewis and Clark Community College 2006 project
J54/15/ 2436 Auby, E.R. Eclipsing Illinois 1995 thesis
J54/15/ 524 Aune, R. Kelly Cognitive Dissonance as Dissipated Structure 1984 thesis
J54/15/ 4542 Austen, Lezli Gaining a Perspective on Television, Movies, Magazines, and the Internet: A Five-Week Course to Help Senior High Youth Critically Analyze Messages From Mass Media 2004 project
J54/15/ 5559 Bach, Gary The CHIMERA Project: Campus Technology Inventory Module - Interactive 2011 project w/ 2 CDs
J54/15/ 369 Bartison, Barbara Problem Solving Exercise 1984 report
J54/15/ 1146 Beasley, Beth INGOT -- An Advertising Campaign 1989 project
J54/15/ 1119 Beaumont, Mary M. Creative Communication for Persons with Disabilities: Accessible Communication 1989 report
J54/15/ 5170 Beck, Summer Bernstein and Education: An Application of Jow Understanding Sociolinguistic Codes Can Impact Learning 2007 thesis
J54/15/ 5164 Bender, Carla Parenting from Two Homes: How to Communicate Constructively for the Sake of the Children 2007 project
J54/15/ 1213 Berg, Howard G. Illinois Earthquake Awareness Week: A Public Awareness Campaign for the Illinois Emergency Services and Disaster Agency 1989 report
J54/15/ 3203 Birk, Margaret G. Hyperfiction: Fiction in the Age of the Computer 1998 thesis
J54/15/ 1474 Bishop, Debra M. Media U: What is the Message? 1990 project
J54/15/ 1754 Black, Don E. Resources a Quality Illinois Newspaper Uses to Determine the Number of Its News Editorial Personnel 1991 thesis
J54/15/ 1561 Black, Tom C. Creapy Hollows: A Screenplay 1990 project
J54/15/ 1591 Blaski, Kathleen Ann Television News in the Classroom: A Critique of Channel One 1990 report
J54/15/ 4581 Blythe, Yo-San The Efflorescence of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, CD-Rom 2004 project
J54/15/ 1203 Boston, Linda Murphy Huff and Puff: The Children's Asthma Program 1989 project
J54/15/ 5272 Bowlby, Nicholas D. Improving Technology for "Digital Natives" at Virden High School: A Public Relations Campaign to Promote Educational Technology in the Classroom 2008 project
J54/15/ 3354 Boyd, Vincent S. Apologetic Discourse as Crisis Management: A Case Study of the Archer Daniels Midland Public Relations Crisis 1998 case study
J54/15/ 1678 Bradford, Sarah E. Judicial Discipline: States who [sic] Appoint Judges vs. State who Elect Judges 1991 thesis
J54/15/ 1431 Brothers, Deborah Dickey Chapelle: Defining Her Own Adventure 1989 project
J54/15/ 3350 Brown, Amber Skye Augmentation of Bernstein's Theory by the Addition of Nicholson's Concept of Relational Meaning 1999 thesis
J54/15/ 3331 Brown, Julie D. Production of City Water Light & Power's Fiscal Year 1996 Annual Report 1999 report
J54/15/ 2333 Brown, Lorraine Image of Women: Women's Portrayals in Television Commercials 1994 thesis
J54/15/ 3414 Burch, Michelle Essentially Speaking: A Quick Reference to Creating & Delivering a Great Speech 1999 project
J54/15/ 2010 Burpee, William B. Competing Daily Newspaper 1992 thesis
J54/15/ 4873 Buzick, R. Diane (Clark) How Does a Stepfamily Become "Family"? 2005 project
J54/15/ 3652 Cairns Thieret, Nicole Sue Public Awareness Campaign: "Educate Yourself" Understanding Alcohol and Its Effects 2000 project
J54/15/ 4795 Cannon, Rikeesha Civil Religion or Public Theology? A Content Analysis of the Religious Communication of George W. Bush 2005 thesis
J54/15/ 3335 Carlson, Karen V. Scarlett O'Hara and the Future of Women's History 1999 thesis
J54/15/ 4884 Carter, Kenneth A. Jr. An Examination of Communication Apprehension (CA) and the Communibiological Theory 2005 thesis
J54/15/ 3017 Casis, Cassandra Jean Constructivism, Dogmatism, and Perceptions of Affirmative Action 1998 thesis
J54/15/ 32 Chang, Carl W. People-Machine Integration: An Analysis of a Critical Process of Communication 1977 thesis
J54/15/ 1497 Christensen. Lila G. Volunteer Centers: Community Organizing in Rural Communities 1990 project
J54/15/ 4110 Clevenger, Brain Curriculum Guide for Two Enrichment Workshops Targeting First-year College Students 2001 project
J54/15/ 1815 Cobb, Lynn A. Role Changes as a Result of Widowhood 1992 thesis
J54/15/ 2332 Conway, Steve Primary Influence Upon the Gallup Poll Ratings of President Reagan's Job Performance 1994 thesis
J54/15/ 5363 Coplea, Wynne America's Waste Problems and Recycling Solutions: An Environmental Communication Workshop for Youth Leaders 2009 project
J54/15/ 2864 Crowe, Robin Persuasive Audio/Visual Presentation Designed Using the Postulates of The Elaboration Likelihood Model of Persuasion 1997 project
J54/15/ 2922 Diefenbach, Nancy Wright Springfield Muni Opera: The Strength of Internal Communication Practices 1997 thesis
J54/15/ 2824 Dobbyn, Helen D. Artscape 1997 project w/videotape
J54/15/ 4406 Drury, William Shawn Television Office/Access 4: A Vital Resource for the Communities of Springfield and Rochester - Promotional Video 2003 project with VHS tape
J54/15/ 3822 Duff, Shannon L. Ritual Communication is Necessary for Effective Presentations 2000 thesis
J54/15/ 2921 Dugger, Nina R. Words As Visual Images 1997 project
J54/15/ 5062 Durham, Shaunda S. Creating Communication Networks and Shaping Identities: An African American Women's Magazine Prospectus 2007 project
J54/15/ 1677 Du-Won Lee Discussion of the Zero Sign in Semiotics 1991 thesis
J54/15/ 3677 Eack, Cynthia Evaluating the Potential Benefits and Shortcomings of Using Technology in the Classroom 2000 project
J54/15/ 5066 Eggers, Carol J. Communication for Disaster Response Volunteers: A Workshop 2007 project, includes CD
J54/15/ 4381 Egizi, Andy Electronic Orientation for Entering Liberal Studies Online Students 2003 project
J54/15/ 235 Fantham, Anthony Development of Direct Broadcast Satellites in the United States 1984 thesis
J54/15/ 1003 Festing, Marna K. Broadcast Programming Analysis of "Cagney and Lacey" 1988 thesis
J54/15/ 5065 Feuring, Jeffery Intersections in Mass Communication: broadcast journalism, advertising and PR 2007 project
J54/15/ 1365 Filter, Mike Analysis of Final Project: A Social Studies Newsletter 1989 report
J54/15/ 5336 Frederick, Jeri Feelings, Thoughts and Fears 2009 project with CD
J54/15/ 2868 Fredriksen, Mary Kate Communication Studies in Graphic Design Education 1997 project
J54/15/ 756 Freij, Mary M. History and Development of the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation 1986 report
J54/15/ 4308 Freitag, Joan Are you Listening? A Listening Skills Training Curriculum 2002 project
J54/15/ 4166 Fritcher, Stephanie CQA/IPHCA Intranet 2002 project
J54/15/ 2499 Galloway, Alicia Engineering for Change: CMT 50 Years of Service 1995 project
J54/15/ 905 Garner, Tracy Shaping the Law: A Look at the Legislative Process 1987 report
J54/15/ 2866 Garretson, Rebecca Efficiency of E-mail as a Communications Medium in a Multi-Site Corporate Environment 1997 thesis
J54/15/ 2362 Gerber, Susan Paralanguage and Public Speaking 1994 project
J54/15/ 2686 Ghesquiere, Leah Central Illinois Teachers' Exchange 1996 project
J54/15/ 1174 Glass, Miki Sangamon County Juvenile Probation and Court Services Department Volunteers Guide 1989 project
J54/15/ 1323 Goby, Deborah Lynn Semiotic Aspects of Advertising Techniques in Cereal Box Illustrations 1989 thesis
J54/15/ 3734 Goewey, Ellen Illinois Legislative Staff Intern Program Video 2000 project; includes VHS videocassette
J54/15/ 1824 Graves, Shaun Leslie Bates Davis Neighborhood House: Building a Brighter Future 1992 project
J54/15/ 1392 Green, Joyce R. Illinois Correctional Industries Annual Report 1989 report
J54/15/ 3674 Greene, Cynthia Critical Analysis of Film Producer/Director John Hughes 2000 thesis
J54/15/ 4013 Greene, Naomi Velazquez Beyond Translation: An Intercultural Sensitivity Training Program 2001 project
J54/15/ 2735 Grimes, James J. Correlation of Productivity for Army National Guard Public Affairs Detachments 1996 thesis
J54/15/ 1829 Grubbs, Jim Digitally Coded Aural Communication 1992 thesis
J54/15/ 1071 Gunter, Tom Catalog and Serigraphs for Illinois Correctional Industries 1988 project
J54/15/ 5318 Gurski, Kelsea M. Central Illinois High School Journalism Handbook 2008 project
J54/15/ 532 Guy, Theresa A. Cameras in the Courtroom 1985 report
J54/15/ 1680 Hack, Carole Study and Redesign of the Illinois Advance, Periodical Publication of the Illinois School for the Deaf 1991 project
J54/15/ 2446 Haffer, Trudy L. Community Perceptions of Students Needs Survey Analysis Paper 1995 project
J54/15/ 596 Halford, Lucinda Taylor Relationship Between Sex-Role, Self-Assessment, and Communication: Problems of Women in Management 1985 report
J54/15/ 3840 Halloway, Veronica E. An Interactive Web Site for Illinois Women in Government 2000 project; includes CD-ROM.
J54/15/ 5521 Harmon, Nathan S. Thinking Globally, Acting Locally: An E-Magazine 2010 project
J54/15/ 3701 Harris, Angela L. Fire Safety Awareness & Education: A Media & Budgeting Resource Guide for the Fire Service 2000 thesis
J54/15/ 5349 Hays, Sarah Elizabeth We Can Do It: A Workshop on Self Advocacy 2009 project
J54/15/ 4549 Heinemann, Daria A Research Study to Establish a Need for Diversity in Environmental Education Using the Approach of Grounded Theory 2004 thesis
J54/15/ 2547 Helding, Sharon Lynn Building the Hispanic Universe: Bridging the Gap of Spanish-language Television News and Information 1995 project
J54/15/ 4340 Heller, Julie Process Paper and Video of Life of Dr. Samuel Billison 2002 project
J54/15/ 4405 Hennemann, Raegan L. Getting to Know Illinois' Site Remediation Program: An Interactive CD-ROM 2003 project
J54/15/ 908 Hester, Forrest G. Communication in the Context of the "Timed Organization" 1987 report
J54/15/ 2924 Hoffman, Beth A. Relationship of Gender and Self-Esteem to Communication Apprehension Among Students Enrolled in Beginning Speech Classes at a Community College 1997 thesis
J54/15/ 2230 Hood, Rebecca Comparisons Between Psychological Types and Conflict-Handling Behaviors 1994 thesis
J54/15/ 4529 Hope, David Website for Catholic Diocese of Springfield in Illinois 2004 project
J54/15/ 2998 Hopper, J. Mitch Interactive Multi-Media CD-ROM and Internet Web-Site Project 1998 project
J54/15/ 1894 Houk-Olmsted, Theresa L. Feasibility Study and New Publication Plan for the Numerical Control Society/ Association for Integrated Manufacturing Technology 1992 project
J54/15/ 4553 Howard, Angie Under Fire - A Communication Analysis for the Illinois Association of Fire Protection Districts 2004 project
J54/15/ 717 Howe, Sally M. Television Viewing and Fifth Graders 1986 thesis
J54/15/ 2053 Ingmire, Jann Study of Role Theory and Public Information Officers [:] Is There a Role for PIO's 1993 thesis
J54/15/ 3117 Jamison, Kathy Petitte Civic-Minded Journalism: Focusing on the "Open-Line," An Anonymous Caller Comment Line of a Small Midwestern Daily 1998 thesis
J54/15/ 2980 Johnson, Lorena Stuart Murder Case: A Metaphor for American Racism 1998 thesis
J54/15/ 586 Johnson, Marcia Aggressive Advertising 1985 report
J54/15/ 1134 Jones, Edward C. Access for the Media to Military Operations: Balancing the Public's Right to Know with our Military Security 1988 report
J54/15/ 1954 Jordan, Suzanne Writing Apprehension Assessment Model: an Education Guide to Understanding, Identifying, and Treating Writing Apprehension 1992 project
J54/15/ 5129 Kaesebier, Therese What Can I Do to Help? Parent/School Communication and Involvement 2007 project
J54/15/ 3851 Kanallakan, Jamie J. Illinois Environmental Protection Agency Interactive Guide: A Multimedia CD ROM 2000 thesis; includes CD-ROM.
J54/15/ 886 Kane, Geroge Reflections and Recollections on Redoing Illusions and Delusions 1987 report
J54/15/ 5270 Kazintseva, Karina Scrutinizing the Process of Second Language Acquisition Through a Lens of the Cultural Capital Theory 2008 thesis
J54/15/ 2923 Keen, Kevin L. Community Policing in the Springfield Police Department: Its Mission to Improve Communication and RelationsÂ…. 1997 thesis
J54/15/ 2899 Kegley, Deb Your Cardiac Catheterization: A Video Project 1997 project w/videotape
J54/15/ 3737 Keim, Patricia Web Site Design for the Festival of Lights in East Peoria, Illinois 2000 project; includes CD-ROM
J54/15/ 5285 Kerns, Elizabeth D. Fiala Crisis Communication Plan Template and Process Paper for the Chamber of Commerce Industry: How to Communicate Effectively with your Community, Media, and other Stakeholders in a Time of Crisis 2008 project
J54/15/ 5383 Kerns, Kelsi, Megan Does Honnah Montana Realy do Homework? A Content Analysis on the Portrayal of School in the Popular Disney Channel Series 2009 thesis
J54/15/ 864 Khan, Sherin R. Cultural Context of Asian Regional Skill Development Programme Newsletter 1987 report
J54/15/ 3675 Khaund, Munindra Multimedia Technologies: Achieving Pedagogical Goals by Creating New Learning Environments 2000 project
J54/15/ 3318 Kienzler, Mary Dorothea Lange, Margaret Bourke-White, and Documentary Photography 1998 thesis
J54/15/ 4915 Kincaid, Carrie A. Making Connections to Poverty: A Workshop for Non-tenured Teachers 2006 project
J54/15/ 2397 Klainsek, Karen L. Portrayal of Women on Prime-Time Network Television: How Close to Reality? 1995 thesis
J54/15/ 3656 Klemaier, Carl Hermeneutics as Communication 2000 thesis
J54/15/ 812 Klutnick, K. Suzanne Distance and Duration of Shot as Indicators of Music Video Protagonist 1987 report
J54/15/ 2526 Kohnle, Sarah Bunce Role of Newspapers in the Westward Migration of America 1995 thesis
J54/15/ 1368 Kpatakpa, Karl K. Newspaper Coverage of Stories as Functions of Population and Proximity of News Origin 1989 report
J54/15/ 5660 Kroft, Monica L. I Can't Complain: Exploring Returning Young Adults' Communications with Parents About Privacy 2013 thesis
J54/15/ 4480 Kruse, Kyla The Relationship Between Conflict Resolution Style and Language Code Orientation 2003 thesis
J54/15/ 1454 Lacey, Martha L. Perspectives on the Image of Nursing in the Press, and Thoughts on Improving that Image 1990 project
J54/15/ 3343 Ladage, Cindy Publishers' Criteria for Book-length Fiction Manuscript Consideration 1999 report
J54/15/ 4692 Lam, Esther Healthcare Literacy for Non-English Speaking Pregnant Chinese Women 2004 project
J54/15/ 4585 Leepper, Cynthia The Illinois Statehouse: A Virtual Visit 2004 project
J54/15/ 5405 Lewis, Stacie Records of the Visual Communication of Material Culture of Central Illinois 2009 project
J54/15/ 3353 Little, Angela D. Elementary School Students' Perceptions and Preferences about their Teachers' Nonverbal Immediacy 1999 thesis
J54/15/ 4874 Longen, Sandra M. Growing Up Female: Family, Peers, and the Media; Gender Communication through Self-Esteem and Self-Efficacy 2005 project
J54/15/ 665 Luciano, Juan Planning of a Public Relations Campaign for the DES Program 1981 report
J54/15/ 684 Lunik, Lori A. I-Search 1986 thesis
J54/15/ 3647 Luttrell, Mary Sexual Harassment: A Curriculum Guide for High School Students 2000 project
J54/15/ 2270 Luttrell, Tracey A. Financial Advertising Campaign for the Mature Market 1994 project
J54/15/ 757 Maisenbacher, Vivion Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, Women Business Enterprise Contractor's Manual 1987 report
J54/15/ 3456 Marlow, Steve Road to Michael McClure 1999 project w/CDs
J54/15/ 2474 Martin, Toni C. Experiment in International Living 1995 project
J54/15/ 429 Mason, Judy Business Communication Seminar 1985 thesis
J54/15/ 3676 McCurdy, Sharon Filtering in Libraries-A Study of the Impediments to Free Speech 2000 thesis
J54/15/ 1856 McDowall, Ed Appeal to Values: President Bush's Dependence on Myth as a Means of Justifying Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm 1992 project
J54/15/ 1107 McGorray, Betty A. Persuasion Tactics of the Scientific Creationist Movement in the United States 1988 report
J54/15/ 3118 McGrath, Darcy Added Dimension of Film Aesthetics to Narrative: The Western Genre of Director John Ford and the Classical Hollywood Style of Filmmaking 1998 thesis
J54/15/ 771 McIlvoy, Nancy Drew Analysis of the Public Relations Needs and Practices of Illinois State Board of Education's Comprehensive Training Session 1987 report
J54/15/ 3497 McNeill, Timothy M. Grass-Roots Lobbying for Chiropractors: A Beginner's Guide 1999 project
J54/15/ 2903 Mealiff, Scott K. Crossing Boundaries 1997 project
J54/15/ 5473 Meister, Sam Lone Riders, Lonely Saviors: A Critical Approach to Defining the Antihero in Postwar American Cinema 2010 thesis
J54/15/ 2850 Melnik, Sally Expressing the Concept "Couple" Through the Photographic Image: An Exhibit and a Paper 1997 project
J54/15/ 762 Merris, Robert College Admissions Videotape ( A Rationale ) 1987 thesis
J54/15/ 5346 Michael, Jessica Macon County Probation and Court Services: Orientation and Training Guide 2009 project
J54/15/ 5645 Miller, Jared A Study in Customer Service for Aquatic Standards and Practices 2013 project w/1 CD
J54/15/ 3998 Miller, Jerry R. Senior Health Insurance Program(SHIP) 1-800 Operators Manual 2001 project
J54/15/ 3965 Miller, Lydia F. Rhetorical Sensitivity Scale as an Indicator of Veterinary Medical Communication Competence 2001 thesis
J54/15/ 2920 Miller, Tera American Diabetes Association, Missouri Affiliate Inc. Public Relations Tool Kit 1997 project
J54/15/ 2272 Miller, Tim; Bob Sablotny Battle of Parker's Crossroads 1993 project
J54/15/ 4764 Minch, Stephen 490th Bombardment Group Association Website 2005 project
J54/15/ 3718 Mollett, Karen R Sharing the Legacy of Scholarship in the History of American Women 2000 project
J54/50/ 5503 Montgomery, Michelle Registration Methods and Grant Writing: Mount Pulaski Township Historical Society and Museum 2010 project
J54/15/ 2811 Moore, Fred L. Universal Access to Personal Information Services: What is their Place in Political-Economic Media 1997 thesis
J54/15/ 1814 Morris, Tom HyperCard: Improving Education With New Communication Technologies 1992 project
J54/15/ 4554 Morrison, Betty J. The Negative Effects of Television on Academic Achievement and Lifestyles 2004 project
J54/15/ 2972 Murphy, Karleen Process Paper: Statewide Videoconference Directory Master's Project 1997 project
J54/15/ 1710 Murphy, Michael ISDN: "A Hyperdocument" 1991 project
J54/15/ 1067 Murray, Ellen M. Elderhostel Course Titles: Influence of Writing Styles of Expectations 1988 report
J54/15/ 5213 Nandi, Jayanta Building the Chevy 350: An Instruction Video 2007 project with CD
J54/15/ 1801 Nash, Heather Community Relations Strategies for the Permitting and Odor Enforcement of Landscape Waste Compost Facilities in Illinois 1992 project
J54/15/ 3018 Nelson, John R. Professional Pilot Careers 1998 project; includes ZIP disk
J54/15/ 5187 Nelson, Terri E. Springfield Area Arts Council Public Relations Project 2007 project with CD
J54/15/ 54 Newbanks, James A. New Services of the Handicapped via FM Broadcasting SCA 1982 thesis
J54/15/ 5198 Nimarom, Ann Behind the Scenes at the Illinois State Museum: A Video Documentary 2007 project
J54/15/ 5492 Nisbet, Kristin Does Watching Television Characters Build Character? Young Women's Parasocial Interaction with Television Characters and Possible Effects on Gender Identity and Interpersonal Relationships 2010 thesis
J54/15/ 3030 Oakley, Quintella Images of African-American Women in Print Ads in Ebony 1974 and 1994: A Content Analysis 1998 thesis
J54/15/ 2451 Oakley,Shirley Do You Hear What I Hear? Rethinking Assumptions in Speech Criticism 1995 thesis
J54/15/ 5067 Oexeman, Brad KitKit and Tommy: Talking Flora and the Scourge of Modernity 2007 project, includes CD
J54/15/ 770 Orji, Bright Ndubuisi Contemporary Public Relations Practice Within the Nigerian Government 1987 thesis
J54/15/ 1585 O'Shea, Jill A. Wit and Wisdom of the Illinois General Assembly: A Study of the Use of Humor as a Tool for Managing Conflict 1990 thesis
J54/15/ 2892 Pamenter, Kendra Dana-Thomas House Website 1997 project
J54/15/ 4675 Parsons-Heather, Timothy Ecumenical Communication, American Social Diversity and Modern Metaphysical Discourse 2004 thesis
J54/15/ 354 Pauly, Therese Graham Significant Artifact of Relocating Families: A Semiotic Study 1982 thesis
J54/15/ 1575 Peecher, Clarence E. Communication Audit of the Illinois State Police District Twenty, Pittsfield, Illinois 1990 report
J54/15/ 3465 Pierce, Rona L. Access Conflict Between the Media and the Military: Vietnam to Bosnia 1999 thesis
J54/15/ 5117 Pitchford, Don Creating an Instructional Photography Video Series 2007 project, includes CD
J54/15/ 2606 Pollard, Mary Ann Trademark Perception and Favorable Response as a Support for Trademark Transformation 1996 thesis
J54/15/ 4551 Prater, Chuck Workshop for the Recruitment and Retention of African American Undergraduate Students (AAUS) at the University of Illinois at Springfield (UIS) 2004 project
J54/15/ 3213 Puangngern, Somjad Introducing Alternative Methods of Distribution for the Illinois Learning Standards 1998 project
J54/15/ 824 Reed, Linda K. Black Female Communicators: The Messengers and their Message 1987 project
J54/15/ 1676 Richards, Jean Biography of a Journalist: Robert P. Howard 1991 thesis
J54/15/ 4916 Riker, Laura Organizing a Fundraising Event: A Handbook for Non-Profit Organizations 2006 project
J54/15/ 355 Rion, Hugh Daniel Written Support for the Creative Thesis in Audio Communications 1984 thesis
J54/15/ 3725 Robinson, Delores Ruth Relationship of Communication and Learning Styles of Teachers and Students to Student's Perceived Satisfaction with a Class 2000 thesis
J54/15/ 4028 Roese, Deborah L. Cherchez L'Homme: Thelma and Louise and Women's Friendship as Resistance to Patriarchy 2002 thesis
J54/15/ 3938 Rogers , Ke`an Multimedia CD-ROM for an International Relations Course 2001 project
J54/15/ 767 Ross, Scott Effects of Electronic News Gathering on Illinois Television News Organizations 1987 thesis
J54/15/ 5071 Ross, Travis Lynn Habitat for Humanity-Sangamon County: Home Center Marketing Handbook 2007 project
J54/15/ 3402 Ruff, Tammie Communication Styles in the Workforce 1999 thesis
J54/15/ 3646 Rugg, Kerri R. MADD Mothers Against Drunk Driving 2000 project
J54/15/ 4867 Salim, Farah Prematurity: The Silent Crisis - Education and Awareness Through the Stork Seminar and Baby Bundle Folder 2005 project
J54/15/ 4716 San Luis, Theresa COM-municator 2004 project
J54/15/ 2439 Sanders, David Study of the Mythology Supporting the Compulsion to Confess Crimes 1995 thesis
J54/15/ 3155 Schisler, Lori Jean Elderly Perception of Crime and the Role of the Local Media 1998 thesis
J54/15/ 999 Schmidt, Jane E. Character Traits and Directional Techniques In Alan Rudoph's "Relationship Films" 1988 thesis
J54/15/ 5560 Schulte, Carol She's Dying but She's Not Dead Yet: End-of-Life Discourse Between Mothers and Daughters 2011 thesis
J54/15/ 4220 Schwab, Jonathan We Are Not Leading: The Development of Local Music 2002 project
J54/15/ 3234 Schwarz, Debora R. Do Newspapers Print Effective Public Relations Photographs? 1998 thesis
J54/15/ 3139 Scott, Lucinda A. Using Reciprocal Interactionist Communication Theory as a Basis to Develop a Ninth Grade Curriculum Plan for Springfield High School's Hospitality and Tourism Academy 1998 thesis
J54/15/ 4770 Sergent, Lisa When a Crisis Strikes: A Crisis Communication Workbook for Christian Churches and Organizations 2005 project
J54/15/ 5523 Shepard, Ginger L. Communication Techniques in the Online Classroom 2010 project
J54/15/ 2240 Sherer, Beverly Rymer Returning to "Marceline" American Myth Made Tangible at Walt Disney World 1994 thesis
J54/15/ 4019 Sheroes, Wenda Workshop Design to Initiate and Nurture Church Drama Teams 1996 project
J54/15/ 2734 Shiffmann, Merle E. Curriculum Guide to Teach Women in the Media to Middle-School Students 1996 project
J54/15/ 3631 Shures, Shawn Craig Graduate Business Etiquette Handbook 2000 project
J54/15/ 3823 Sims, Lisa J. Relationship between Socioeconomic Class and Certain Aspects of Governmental Communication 2000 thesis
J54/15/ 4766 Six, Reginald A Novice Director's Production of William Gibson's The Miracle Worker-Presented at New Berlin High School 2005 project
J54/15/ 2441 Slottag, Ruth A. Illinois Student Assistance Commission Crisis Communication Plan 1995 project
J54/15/ 2533 Slottag,Ernie Public relations Campaign to Introduce the Heartland Network to The People of the City of Springfield 1995 project
J54/15/ 5060 Smith, Courtney L. An Ethical Guideline for Student Photography 2007 project
J54/15/ 1057 Smrcina, Karen Teaching: A Feminized Profession 1988 report
J54/15/ 207 Snow, Mary Twin Language 1982 thesis
J54/15/ 3384 Southard, Patricia Effectiveness of Corporate and Consumer Targeted Communication Executed Through Promotional Activity Channels 1999 project
J54/15/ 3975 Sowers, Thomas L. Worship Café: The Video 2001 project; includes VHS videocassette
J54/15/ 2307 Spivey, Rachel C. Critical Content Analysis of Five Advertisements for the Benetton Spring/Summer 1991 Outdoor Advertising Campaign 1994 thesis
J54/15/ 4956 Stanley, Heather A Critical Analysis of Director/Screenwriter Jean-Pierre Jeunet 2006 thesis
J54/15/ 3731 Starks-Lawrence, Katherine I. Strategic Marketing and Promotion Plan for a Statewide Professional Continuing Education Program Sponsored by the American Lung Association of Illinois 2000 project
J54/15/ 4327 Stevens, Rori National Versus Local Papers' Editorial Approaches in Discussing Potential Causes and Solutions in the Columbine High School Shooting 2002 thesis
J54/15/ 4550 Stewart, Jason M. Communication Program Graduate Student Handbook 2004 project
J54/15/ 5058 Stott, Peter American Media and Society 2007 project
J54/15/ 3241 Strano, Margaret E. Ethics in Public Relations 1998 thesis
J54/15/ 4494 Stuper, Marty Springfield Pubs and Clubs Web Site 2003 project
J54/15/ 4498 Susko, Michael Rhythm and Resistance: A Study of Hans Richter's Vormittagsspuk: Negation, Modernity, and Avant-garde Cinema during the Weimar Republic 2003 thesis
J54/15/ 747 Swartz, Brenda Christmas at Clayville with Mike Anderson 1986 report
J54/15/ 3937 Szwajkowski, Nicole How the Violence Agenda in the Chicago Media Relates to National Violence 2001 thesis
J54/15/ 4559 Takahashi, Mariko Media Agenda: Setting and its Influence on Audience's Perception of Public Policy 2004 thesis
J54/15/ 966 Tallent, Kathryn E. Musical Christmas Card From Central Baptist Church 1988 project
J54/15/ 5382 Tamborini, Chad Coming Soon to a Theater Near You: How Movie Trailers Reflect and Communicate Societal Issues 2009 thesis
J54/15/ 4382 Tenbusch, Stacey One Life, Many Changes: A Documentary 2003 project
J54/15/ 4168 Theobald, Julia Multimedia Workshop on Media Literacy for Parents and Teachers 2001 project
J54/15/ 3844 Thomas, Chiyana Marie Interactive Multimedia Control Tactics Training Module 2000 project; includes CD-ROM.
J54/15/ 3242 Thomas, Quencie Taste of Unity (project with video) 1998 project
J54/15/ 5163 Thompson, Annie Breaking Through Stereotypes: Improving and Enhancing Communication with People who have Disabilities 2007 project
J54/15/ 2314 Treadwell, Kenneth W. Master's Thesis Project? The Star Trek Probe/ HyperCard: Interactive Multimedia 1994 project
J54/15/ 3245 Trimble, Carrie Suzanne Portrayal of Women in Cosmopolitan Advertisements for Female Contraceptives 1998 thesis
J54/15/ 3250 Uram, Stephen F. Using the Internet as a Political Campaign Tool 1998 project
J54/15/ 4077 Van Aken, Kristen Illinois Environmental Protection Agency: Three Decades of Progress, Illinois Environmental Protection Agency Welcome Video 2001 closure project with VHS tape
J54/15/ 4531 Vehovic, Nan The Cultural Influences on the Body Image of Adolescent Girls 2004 project
J54/15/ 1787 Waite-Trago, Lisa Effective Communication Between an Institution of Higher Education and its Distanced Off-Campus Students 1991 thesis
J54/15/ 5287 Walch, Alexis L. Preferences For Computer-Mediated Communication: Why, When and How It Affects the Individual 2008 thesis
J54/15/ 2028 Wallace, Gretchen Contributing Factors in the Use of an Athlete in Advertisements 1993 thesis
J54/15/ 2981 Walters, Kacie June Eliciting Participation in the Midst of Distrust: How Video Can Build a Positive Relationship Between Government and Business 1998 project; includes 13:40 min videocassette
J54/15/ 5064 Walz, Ashley L. Keys to Romance: The Stigmatization of Online Dating 2007 project
J54/15/ 4720 Watt, Danette M. Bernstein's Theory of Codes and George W. Bush: An Analysis of Six Rhetorical Events 2004 thesis
J54/15/ 5475 Webb, Jackie The Use of Media Kits in Nonprofit Organizations to Increase Public Awareness and Donations from Private, Public, and Corporate Entities 2010 project, additional material in oversize
J54/15/ 705 Wendling, Paula Jean Keepers of the Zoo 1986 report
J54/15/ 4401 Wheeler, Stacey Girl Scouts Get Creative Workshop 2003 project
J54/15/ 5557 White, Clifford C. Dismembering Cinema: Defining the Torture Porn Subgenre 2011 thesis
J54/15/ 5544 Wilburn, Jeremy Forty Days of Stories: A New Media, Sensory and Experiential Project 2011 project
J54/15/ 5186 Wilson, Tina Marie Back to the Basics: A Practical Training Program for Teaching Assistants and Tutors of Writing in the Center for Teaching and Learning 2007 project
J54/15/ 183 Wilson, William H. Classical Recording Microphone Application 1984 project
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