Child, Family, and Community Services Masters Projects/Theses

This program is now the Child and Family Studies concentration in Human Services.

Call # Author Title Year Notes
J54/10/ 2111 Adkins, Christie Perceived Impact of Parental Divorce on Identity and Relationship Formation in Young Adults 1993 report
J54/10/ 2043 Ambrose, Tom Guidelines for the Development of a Mediation Service in Macoupin County 1993 report
J54/10/ 1490 Apple, Julie A. Improving Grants Management at the Illinois Department of Public Health 1990 project
J54/10/ 1727 Baird, Patty S. African Connection 1991 report
J54/10/ 209 Bartels, Karla Look At Marital Satisfaction of Supportive Staff in a Governmental Agency 1980 thesis
J54/10/ 2313 Bayless, Joyce Adapting Speech/Language Therapy Programs to Children Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Fetal Alcohol Effects, and Drug Effects 1994 report
J54/10/ 974 Bennett, Gina Abused Handicapped Child 1988 report
J54/10/ 3500 Berardi, Stefanie L. Lee Analysis of Currently Available Academic Opportunities and Recommendations for the Expansion of the Masters of Arts in Human Services Program to Include a Specialty Area in Developmental Disabilities 1999 project
J54/10/ 2779 Berry, Cheryl Marine Folks Manual to Transition Families Through the Organ Donation Process: Emphasis on the Kidney 1996 project
J54/10/ 2693 Berry, Robert Edward Study of Future Care Needs in a Model Group Residential Setting for Foster Children 1996 project
J54/10/ 648 Beverly, Debra J. Exploring Issues in the Adoption of Black Children 1985 report
J54/10/ 1195 Beyers, Rebecca H. Hospital Based Respiratory Home Care Services: A Model Program 1989 report
J54/10/ 4151 Bitner, Christopher E. Emergency Readiness Response Plan for Two Junior High Schools in a Small Central Illinois Community 2001 project
J54/10/ 3776 Blackwell, Lelah Keys to Success: Life Skills for Youth in Group Home Care 2000 project
J54/10/ 3612 Blossom, Brian Mentoring Adults with Developmental Disabilities 2000 project
J54/10/ 4204 Boner, Sherolyn Asthma in our Society: Impact of Environmentally Related Factors on Children 2002 project
J54/10/ 900 Borgerson, Jane A. Women Management and the Development of Work Orientation : Two Competing Hypotheses 1987 thesis
J54/10/ 3825 Brewers, Joyce M. Coping with Macular Degeneration: A Workshop for Individuals and their Families in Central Illinois 2000 project
J54/10/ 4127 Brown, Kimmarie A. Understanding Children's Behavior in the Classroom: Are Teachers Prepared? 2001 project
J54/10/ 3498 Brownlow, Sue Study of Burnout Among Child Protective Employees in Illinois 1999 project
J54/10/ 2015 Burress, Curtis D. Closed Head Injuries: A Model Treatment Program 1993 project
J54/10/ 3772 Campbell, Carla M. Cognitive Model Teaching Juvenile Delinquents Prosocial Responses in the Community 2000 project
J54/10/ 846 Campbell, Loretta Family Adjustment of a Sibling Group in Adoption 1987 project
J54/10/ 1411 Carter, Bruce Staff Development Plan for the Outpatient Department- Jacksonville Area Council on Addictions 1989 project
J54/10/ 674 Chaudhary, Rambha Early Childhood Education: A Comparative Case Study of Three Early Childhood Education Programs 1986 thesis
J54/10/ 3824 Christofilakos, Catherine Evaluation of the Child Life Program at St. John's Hospital 2000 project
J54/10/ 17 Cook, Tom Community Organizing in Davenport, Iowa 1982 report
J54/10/ 3610 Cooley, Nancy Tracking Former Welfare Recipients in Logan County 2000 project
J54/10/ 3777 Cooper, Joan K. Mentors, Empowerment, and Resources for Change in Young Families M.E.R.C.Y. Communities Transitional Housing in the Springfield Community 2000 project
J54/10/ 1706 Corrigan-St.Jern, Mary Themes in Domestic Violence: A Videotape Presentation 1991 report
J54/10/ 1671 Crandall, Susan Medical and Legal Advocacy for Rape Victims [:] Establishing a Model Satellite Program 1991 project
J54/10/ 360 Crawford, Daren Problem Solving Project: A Management Design for the Monitoring of Contractual Services 1983 thesis
J54/10/ 3373 Currey, Stacey IAODAPCA Certification for the University of Illinois at Springfield 1999 group project
J54/10/ 4108 Davis, Alicia;Schmidt,Klifton Model Prevention Program To Reduce Teen Pregnancy and Drug/Alcohol Abuse in a Rural County 2001 project
J54/10/ 2652 Davis, Linda Development of a Family Center: A Model 1996 project
J54/10/ 754 DeJaynes, Stephen L. Juvenile Justice System and the Applicability of Family Systems Theory 1987 thesis
J54/10/ 639 Denney, Leslie Examination of Intervention Services to Status Offenders in Central Illinois 1985 report
J54/10/ 3778 Donovan, Karen Social Services Management: A Training Program for Not-for-Profit Agencies 2000 project
J54/10/ 2069 Douglas, Bonnie Homeless Children in the Schools: A Videotape for Educators 1993 project
J54/10/ 4266 Douglas, Louis Treating Clients with Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Substance Abuse Disorders: A Training Workshop for Staff 2002 project
J54/10/ 1378 Drake, Bethanie Survey of Springfield Prenatal and Postpartum Parenting Resources 1987 report
J54/10/ 1773 Duvall, Kathleen D. Grief Support: A Training Workshop for Lay People 1991 project
J54/10/ 2752 Eades, Sandy Effects of Living With or Being in a Relationship With a Compulsive Gambler 1996 project
J54/10/ 3765 Eddinger, April R. Examination of the Influence of Parental Roles and Peer Selection on Alcohol Use by High School Seniors in Winchester, Illinois 2000 project
J54/10/ 2751 Edgar, Carrie Parents of Children with Disabilities: A Design for a Support Group 1996 project
J54/10/ 4125 Edmund, Debi Woman Abuse, Substance Abuse: Breaking Free A Teaching Kit for Substance Abusing Women Who Are Survivors of Abuse 2001 project
J54/10/ 1479 Forbes, David L. Caseworker Intervention by the Use of Strategic Therapy Techniques: A Pilot Project 1990 project
J54/10/ 2829 Forney, Mary Jane Development of an African American Family Service Agency 1997 report
J54/10/ 1512 Friedman, Betsy Pope Implementing a Child Advocacy Center: The Sangamon County Model 1990 project
J54/10/ 4290 Ganz, Shelly Treating Sexually Abused Women Inmates: A Manual for Groups 2002 project
J54/10/ 3408 Gardner, Roxanne Kindergarten Education Program for Parents of Children Eligible for Kindergarten 1999 project
J54/10/ 38 Gehlhausen, Carita I.C. Study of Various Factors that may Influence the Acceptance of a Family Policy 1981 thesis
J54/10/ 2284 Germann, Barbara Hearing Screening in Preschoolers: Evaluating those Children Who Are Difficult to Test 1994 project
J54/10/ 4263 Given, Lori Intervention Strategies for Residential Treatment Facility Staff who Work with Clients with Disruptive Behavior Disorders: A Staff Development Manual 2002 project
J54/10/ 3372 Goatley, Keir Lon Study of the Development of Personality Characteristics of Male Adult Sexual Perpetrators 1999 report
J54/10/ 3127 Godkin, R.L. Case Study 1977 report
J54/10/ 413 Goudy, Tracy Unfinished Business 1984 report
J54/10/ 3007 Gremer, Lori Community Based Tutoring Program: Development and Implementation 1998 project
J54/10/ 3134 Grimsley, Arlee Mason County Breast Cancer Resource Booklet 1998 thesis
J54/10/ 2918 Hardiman, Stacee L. Referral Program Designed for Pregnant and Parenting Teens in Illinois 1997 project
J54/10/ 3317 Harms, Carol Re-Examination of the Family First Program in 18 Illinois Counties 1999 project
J54/10/ 3131 Harris, Bobbi Implementation and Impact of Group Mentoring for 7-10 Year Old Underprivileged Children in Pike County, Illinois 1998 thesis
J54/10/ 4267 Harvey, Rachelle R. Identifying Client Characteristics and MMPI-A Scores for Adolescents in Residential Substance Abuse Treatment 2002 project
J54/10/ 3252 Hassett, Scott A. Examination of Lobbying Regulations and Restrictions for Nonprofit Organizations in the State of Illinois 1998 project
J54/10/ 3132 Heckman, Jeff Juvenile Sex Offender Aftercare Program 1998 thesis
J54/10/ 3426 Heiserman, Janet Skills for Parents of Children with Behavior Problems: A Parent Training Curriculum 1999 project
J54/10/ 2699 Herrick, Kathleen A. Exploring the Relationship Between DCFS and AFSCME 1996 project
J54/10/ 2317 Hetzel, Paula Reducing Lockouts: Improving Interventions with Lockout Youth and their Families 1994 report
J54/10/ 1747 Heylinger, Carean Guide to the Causes of and Treatment for Early Childhood Depression 1991 project
J54/10/ 4264 Hogg, Terry L. Assessing the Barriers to Service for Same-Sex Domestic Violence Survivors in Central Illinois 2002 project
J54/10/ 4283 Johnson, Andrea Analysis of Creative Visual Arts Programs for Persons with Disabilities and Recommendations for the Westlake Center in Springfield, Illinois 2002 project
J54/10/ 2916 Jones, Donna Irene Challenged Families' Center: a Psychoeducational Program for Families with Members with Disabilities: A Para-Church Organization 1997 project
J54/10/ 1690 Justison, Helen E. Working with the AIDS Patient: A Common Sense Problem 1991 project
J54/10/ 885 Kanwischer, Ronald W. Diagnosis and Treatment Planning for the Adolescent Substance Abuser 1987 report
J54/10/ 2917 Kelly, Christina J. Reminiscing, Oral Histories and Life Satisfaction 1997 project
J54/10/ 3216 Kennedy, Ramona L. Running Head: A Group Counseling Program for Preschool Children in Families Effected by Alcoholism in Sangamon County 1998 report
J54/10/ 3268 Kirkpatrick, Ruth Review of Youth Discharged From the Department of Children and Family Services Who Completed the Preparation for Adult Living Program: A Case Study 1998 case study
J54/10/ 2896 Kleinlen, Anne Marie Success in the 21st Century: A Nonprofit Challenge or Opportunity? 1997 project
J54/10/ 1695 Knepler, Bitsy Young Widowed Mutual Support Group 1991 project
J54/10/ 959 Koblesky, Gnitive Teenage Pregnancy and Teenage Contraceptive Use: A Review of Selected Cognitive and Psychosocial Determinants 1988 report
J54/10/ 3626 Krusz, Mary How Adult Sexual Abuse Survivors Experience the Caring Relationship with Human Service Providers 2000 project
J54/10/ 1840 Kuro, Cindy Gang Prevention/ Intervention Curriculum to Reduce Adolescent Gang Involvement 1992 project
J54/10/ 4123 Lael, Tarra Examination of the Knowledge Base of Teachers Regarding the Effects of Domestic Violence on Children 2001 project
J54/10/ 3002 Laird, Cassandra Systematic Manual of Psychosocial Rehabilitation for Rural Mental Health Agencies 1998 project
J54/10/ 3766 Lancaster, Martica Evaluating a Mentorship Program of Mentors, Mentees and Teachers: A Pilot Project 2000 project
J54/10/ 3770 Land, Roderic R. African-centered Program to Promote Positive Racial Identity in African-Americans 2000 thesis
J54/10/ 3779 Leuelling, Kathy Policy Analysis: Direct Care Wages in Community Residential Programs For Adults with Developmental Disabilities 2000 project
J54/10/ 4258 Linscott, Steven Management and Treatment of Children with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder A Workshop of Parents, Teachers, and Therapists 2002 project
J54/10/ 871 Lippa, Liz Organizing Support Groups for Parents of Emotionally Disturbed Children 1987 report
J54/10/ 2593 Long, Patricia A. Relative Foster Care Placement in the United States with Emphasis on Policy in the State of Illinois 1996 project
J54/10/ 4265 Longanecker, Scott Assessing Family Dynamics Using Bowen and the Genogram: A Workshop Manual for Foster Care Managers 2002 project
J54/10/ 2915 Lott, Debra Child Welfare Agency Model for Religious Organizations in the State of Illinois 1997 project
J54/10/ 2858 Lowder, Janice Development of an Early Parental Training Program 1997 report
J54/10/ 4289 Lucas, Michael Development of a One Stop Internet Site to Provide Community Support Resources for Consumers Transitioning From a State Mental Health Center to Community Living 2002 project
J54/10/ 1780 Malone, Jeanne Training Workshop on Cults and Satanism 1991 project
J54/10/ 1161 Marriott-Dirksen, Julie Analysis of Disruptions and Dissolutions in Older-Child Adoptions: the Child's Perception 1989 report
J54/10/ 3373 Marshall, Lance IAODAPCA Certification for the University of Illinois at Springfield 1999 group project
J54/10/ 1653 Mason, Anita F. Problem of Teen Suicide 1991 project
J54/10/ 2813 Mayer, Timothy Comparative Study of Services Available to the Homeless in two Midsize Cities in Central Illinois 1997 project
J54/10/ 1708 McCluskie, Kelly Grandparents Rights: Initial Experience with the 1989 Illinois Legislation 1991 report
J54/10/ 509 McCullough, Thomas C. Training Program for Emotionally Disturbed Children 1985 thesis
J54/10/ 2584 McGlauchlen, Mary Experiencing the Effects of Developmental disabilities Policy Change: Five Case Studies. 1996 project
J54/10/ 1791 McGlothlin, Lisa Integrating Special Needs Children into Preschool/Daycare Program: Guidelines for Parents and Teachers 1991 case study
J54/10/ 185 Mehta, Manjula Conflicts in Child Raising Issues Among Asian Indian Parents of the Springfield Area 1983 thesis
J54/10/ 1691 Miller, Kristina L. Burnout Among Childcare Workers 1990 project
J54/10/ 3458 Mitchell, Donna Educational Enrichment and Support for Low-Income African-American Children: A Neighborhood-Based Program 1999 project
J54/10/ 4270 Mooney, Christina Measuring Dedication: To understand why childcare providers stay in their jobs 2002 project
J54/10/ 1740 Moredock, Karen A. Dropout Prevention Programs in Illinois 1991 report
J54/10/ 2748 Morrison, Linda Youth Transitions Incorporated: A Prevention and Treatment Resource Center for Youth and their Families in Small Towns and Rural Communities 1996 project
J54/10/ 2139 Morrow, Sue Frazier Guided Autobiography and the Search for Personal Meaning and Spirituality in Later Life 1993 project
J54/10/ 2882 Moss-Lister, Lisa Linking Families to Family Support Services: A Project in Hillsboro, Illinois 1997 project
J54/10/ 2749 Mowery, Susan Elizabeth Body Image and Eating Disorders: A Model Education/Prevention Program 1996 project
J54/10/ 838 Mulberry, Betty Jo Problem Behavior: A Guide for Parents 1987 project
J54/10/ 2571 Nachenberg, Sandra Treating Sexually Abused Pre-Adolescent Boys in a Group: A Model Program 1996 project
J54/10/ 3451 Nelson, Susan Hotline Manual: An Improved Procedural Manual for the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline 1999 project
J54/10/ 2750 Newbanks-Dombroski, Cathleen Illinois Outplaced Children: Demographic and Clinical Profiles of DCFS Children in Out-of-State Residential Placements 1996 project
J54/10/ 1660 Nicholsen, Elizabeth A. Increasing Community Awareness of Abuse, Neglect, and Exploration of the Elderly 1991 project
J54/10/ 4250 Nicole, Rexlyn M. Program Implementation Challenges: A Case Study of the Displaced Worker Program 2002 project
J54/10/ 3784 O'Connell-Kumar, Carolyn Teaching Caregivers of Alzheimer's Patients: A Model Program 2000 project
J54/10/ 3251 O'Marah, Matthew B. Permanency Options for Children Orphaned by the AIDS Epidemic 1998 project
J54/10/ 4271 O'Rorke, Dawn Reducing Risk of Child Abuse and Neglect in Jefferson County, Kentucky: A Resource and Referral Guide for Child Protective Services 2002 project
J54/10/ 2529 Otwell, Becky Aud Mental Health Project and Grant Proposal for the Alliance for the Mentally Ill of Illinois 1995 project
J54/10/ 1022 Park, Susan M. Dialectics of Independent Versus Agency Infant Adoption 1988 report
J54/10/ 3771 Petefish, Carolyn K. Analysis of Response to the Basis A Personality Inventory on Adult Probation Clients in a Rural Central Illinois County 2000 project
J54/10/ 1144 Pope, Patricia A. Integrating Family Therapy and Hypnotic Techniques 1989 report
J54/10/ 3392 Priepot, Lynn Nurturing Program in Rural Counties: A Pilot Study 1999 project
J54/10/ 2919 Pritts, David R. Mandated Reporter Training: A Workshop for Reporters of Child Abuse and Neglect 1997 project
J54/10/ 14 Purcell, Kevin R. Crisis Interviewing: Training of Illinois Probation Officers 1982 thesis
J54/10/ 3123 Reichmann, Heidi Developing an Alcohol Education/Prevention Program 1983 project
J54/10/ 2335 Reid-Kienzler Rise and Fall of Transition Classes in Springfield Schools, District 186 1994 project
J54/10/ 2263 Rice, Beverly Substance Abuse Treatment and Low-income Females 1994 thesis
J54/10/ 1632 Robinson Smiley, Susan Ann Informational Support Group for Women Experiencing Infertility Problems 1991 project
J54/10/ 3769 Rocco, Josephine E. Curriculum for Pre-Adolescent Children who have been Adopted 2000 project
J54/10/ 2888 Ryan, Laura An Examination of How to Effectively Engage Families and Schools in Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment 1997 project
J54/10/ 3009 Ryan, Nancy J. Model for Involving Family Guardians in Quality of Care Issues of a Residential Agency Serving Individuals with Developmental Disabilities 1998 project
J54/10/ 4268 Ryan, Thomas J. Illinois Mental Health Parity Act: Insurance Agents Perspective 2002 project
J54/10/ 1760 Scott, Christine M. Evaluation of an Adolescent Drug Prevention Program 1991 project
J54/10/ 4294 Scott-Dewar, Jennifer Vicarious Traumatization: An Examination of Vicarious Traumatization Found in Employed Domestic Violence Court Advocates and Caseworkers of Illinois 2002 project
J54/10/ 4098 Scurlock, Michael C. My Brother's Keeper: A Program to Provide Intervention and Prevention Services to At-Risk African-American Males 2001 project
J54/10/ 4291 Shannon, Patricia Mental Health Priorities: A Needs Assessment for a Faith Based Agency A Research Study to Develop a Typology of Women Who Use the "Options Counseling" Services at a Religious Social Service Agency in Central Illinois 2002 project
J54/10/ 4293 Simpson, Donna Treatment Choices for Persons with Dementias of the Alzheimer Type (DAT) 2002 project
J54/10/ 1204 Sinclair, Sue Worley Model Acquaintance Rape Workshop for Teenagers 1989 project
J54/10/ 2271 Singh Pulsen, Shrutti Marriage and Family Therapy for the Interracial Couple: Issues, Techniques, and Guidelines 1994 project
J54/10/ 2834 Skinner, Denise Adolescents With Borderline Personality Disorder: Assessment and Treatment Guidelines for Therapists 1997 project
J54/10/ 1508 Stanton, Jan Community's Role in the Detection and Prevention of Ritual Abuse and Satanic Cult Involvement 1990 project
J54/10/ 1683 Steele Bolin, Barbara Parent Education from a Family Perspective 1991 project
J54/10/ 4117 Stevens, Anne Elementary School Teachers' Perception of Foster Children in the Classroom 2001 project
J54/10/ 1944 Stiles-Krohe, Juli Ann Development of an Educational/Support Group for Substance Abusers 1992 project
J54/10/ 1795 Swaar, Kathy From Genealogy to Genogram: The Use of Genealogical Information in the Formulation and Interpretation of Genograms 1991 project
J54/10/ 894 Thornton, Sharon Marie Children of Divorce: A Workshop for Elementary School Teachers 1987 report
J54/10/ 2911 Tomlin, Laura Attitudes of Counselors Who Treat Gay and Lesbian Clients: the Impact of Social Prejudices and Cultural Mores on Quality Care 1997 project
J54/10/ 765 Tomlinson-Dechert, Lori Effects of Chemical Dependency on Normal Adolescent Psycholsocial Development 1987 report
J54/10/ 1663 Torregrosa, Lizette Mexican Migrant Farmworkers and Pesticides 1991 project
J54/10/ 2564 Tsai, Ye-Chin Children of Divorce: A School-based Intervention Program Design for Elementary School-aged Children in Taiwan 1995 project
J54/10/ 2039 Valek, Paul J. Freedom to Choose: Toward a National Personal Assistance Program 1993 report
J54/10/ 1655 Vandeveer, Vicki Wilderness Treatment Programs for Youth With Addictive or Behavioral Disorders 1991 project
J54/10/ 2370 Veon, Ken Comprehensive Criteria Based Chemical Dependency Treatment: A Model Program 1994 project
J54/10/ 831 Wargo, Deborah Evaluation of Make Today Count: A Cancer Self-Help Group 1987 project
J54/10/ 4287 Warren, Mildred A. Mother-Daughter, Separation-Individuation, Self-Esteem and Sexual Experiences 2002 project
J54/10/ 587 Wendler, Doug Illinois: Is There An Appeal for Foster Parent Associations 1985 report
J54/10/ 3373 Westmoreland, Jerry IAODAPCA Certification for the University of Illinois at Springfield 1999 group project
J54/10/ 4292 Whiteside, Nishawni Service Learning: Integrating Community Service and Education in Urban High Schools in the State of Texas Houston Independent School District 2002 project
J54/10/ 2003 Wilcockson, Janey M. Low Self-Esteem: Multifaceted Treatment Model 1993 project
J54/10/ 1379 Willard, Dinah S. Abuse and Neglect in the Elderly 1984 report
J54/10/ 649 Willard, Joanne M. Educator's Role in the Detection and Prevention of Child Sexual Assault 1985 report
J54/10/ 3008 Wilson, Kimberly Jean Survey of Corporal Punishment, Attitudes and Practices in the Macon County Schools and the Development of a Quick Reference Checklist 1998 project
J54/10/ 1507 Winterfield, Sharmen Relevance of Behavioral Science in Jury Selection 1990 project
J54/10/ 4259 Young, Ellen K. Sister to Sister Design for a Teen Parent Ministry 2002 project
J54/10/ 1169 Zimmerman, Mary Sue Johnson Careers in Human Services: Experiences of SSU Graduates 1989 report