Community Arts Management Masters Projects/Theses

This masters program was eliminated.

Call # Author Title Year Notes
J54/20/ 2927 Allen, Ann Case Study: The Impact of Boys and Girls Clubs for Youth at Risk 1997 project
J54/20/ 2325 Almand, Nancy Pieces of the Whole: Creating A Community-Centered Museum 1994 project
J54/20/ 603 Baez, Griselle Arts Criticism Research Project 1984 report
J54/20/ 3393 Barnett, Carrie L. Music Education and the Parent: Strategies for Increasing Parental Involvement in the Late Elementary Grades Based on the Illinois Learning Standards 1998 project
J54/20/ 550 Bartholomew, Donne Resource Guide for Community Arts Development 1979 report
J54/20/ 2860 Beck, Debra S. Audience Development in Chicago Museums 1997 project
J54/20/ 2636 Bicknell, Melinda J. Youth Performing Arts 1996 project
J54/20/ 589 Bovee, Renee How to Build the Ideal Volunteer Organization: A Handbook 1985 report
J54/20/ 2578 Bradham, Sharon Capital Campaign: Evaluating the Climate for Success 1996 project
J54/20/ 1466 Briggs, Cheryl Handbook for the Non-professional Presenter: A Guide to the St. Louis Area 1990 project
J54/20/ 4056 Calmese, Norman Cartoon Factory: Promoting Creativity in Children 2001 project
J54/20/ 4055 Cameron, Teresa Medicine and the Arts: A Symbiotic Relationship? 2001 project
J54/20/ 600 Carson, Carol A. Fieldwork Experience Documentation 1985 report
J54/20/ 546 Carter, Julie D. Acadian Arts Council 1983 project
J54/20/ 3911 Cates, Deanna Students Creating Opera to Reinforce Education (SCORE!): A Case Study of an Arts-based Education Program Produced by Multiple Partnerships 2001 thesis
J54/20/ 3940 Caveny, Sean A. Development of the Performing Arts in Rural Illinois 2001 project
J54/20/ 2350 Chaing, Shao-Hua Collection Acquisition Policies of Art Museums: Case Study and Critical Issues 1995 project
J54/20/ 2845 Chang, Yuan-shuen (Anderson) Volunteer Motivations in Five Art Museums 1997 thesis
J54/20/ 2367 Chen, Joseph Major Transition in the Performing Arts: The Case of Taiwan, Republic of China 1994 project
J54/20/ 2177 Cherryholmes, Dianna J. Nature, the Environment, Ecology and Art, the Art of Recycling 1993 project
J54/20/ 466 Cheung, Ruby Narrative Summary Linking Work Responsibilities and Other Learning Resources to Learning Objectives 1985 report
J54/20/ 3398 Chongvatana, Sunit Comparative Study of University Art Museums and Galleries Exhibition Policies and Guidelines 1999 thesis
J54/20/ 543 Daovich, Ann Fine Arts Fund 1982 report
J54/20/ 3898 Davenport, Lou Ann Guthrie Development of a Handbook for Artist Residencies in the Schools Titled: Artist Residencies in the Schools: A Handbook for Artists as Teachers 2001 project
J54/20/ 1193 Davis, R. Eric Public Art Springfield: A Report on Establishing a Public Art Program in the City of Springfield, Illinois 1988 report
J54/20/ 4060 Difuccia, Michael A. Recording Your Music: Self-Production, A Viable Alternative- A Beginner's Guide to a Songwriter's Options in the Music Industry 2001 project
J54/20/ 3943 Donovan, Michael Training Nonprofits for Successful Fundraising Events 2001 project
J54/20/ 840 Edwards, Cynthia S. Project Narrative: Resources Resulting from the K-6 Comprehensive Arts Grant FY 1986 1987 project
J54/20/ 3944 Edwards, Debi D. Artist Live/Work Spaces and Urban Revitalization: A Study for Downtown Springfield ,Illinois 2001 project
J54/20/ 1082 Ellerman, Deorah L. Implications of Incorporating Professional Staff into Previously All Volunteer Arts Organizations 1988 report
J54/20/ 3907 Farnsworth, Mary Cray Feasibility Study to Assess the Need for a Literary Center in Springfield, Illinois 2001 project
J54/20/ 3699 Fleck, Tracy M. Local Arts and the New Politics of Local Public Funding for the Arts: Case Study of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Arts & Science Council's Strategic Alliances & Collective Political Power 2000 project
J54/20/ 2277 Gallas, Jennifer L. Dynamics of Radio Music Programming 1994 project
J54/20/ 1021 Genskow, Karen Equitable Granting Processes in Illinois Arts Councils 1988 report
J54/20/ 4080 Gin, Lori Gebhardt University of Illinois at Springfield Visual Arts Gallery Business Plan 2001 project
J54/20/ 2746 Goldfarb, Carol H. Demand and Supply in Education in Arts Administration 1996 project
J54/20/ 4996 Gonzalez, Jacquelyne The Role of Arts in a Cultural Tourism Plan 2001 thesis
J54/20/ 2747 Gould, Deanne Arts Education: A Look at History and Springfield 1996 project
J54/20/ 3958 Gwaltney, Jamie R. Study and Revision of Sangamon Auditorium's Volunteer Usher Training Program and Materials 2001 project
J54/20/ 2799 Halpin, Amy Illinois State Museum Native North American Pottery Collection: The Collections, Management, Research, Publication, and Exhibition of a Southwestern Pueblo Pottery Collection 1997 project
J54/20/ 3987 Hassig, John Michael Strategic Planning for Small Theatre Companies: A Best Practices Recommendation 2001 project
J54/20/ 554 Hatcher, Bernie Local Artist-In-Residence Program 1984 report
J54/20/ 2310 Hatfield, Weston Arts in Rural Illinois 1994 project
J54/20/ 2577 Hein, Mari L. Complying with the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act. A Study of American Museums and Indian Tribes 1996 project
J54/20/ 551 Hill, Walter Lee Renwick Gallery 1984 report
J54/20/ 3024 Hinners, Jennifer Lynn Children's Interactive Galleries 1998 project
J54/20/ 1062 Horn, Dennis Arts in Schools Basic Education Planning Project [ In Kentucky Public Schools ] 1988 report
J54/20/ 945 Hufford, D. Scott Field Experiences: Narrative Essays 1988 project
J54/20/ 3266 Huitt, Sue Ann Art Quilt and Art Museum Exhibits 1998 project
J54/20/ 4995 Hunt, Elizabth T. Innovative Funding Strategies for Multidisciplinary Art Centers 2000 thesis
J54/20/ 3671 Hwang, Seong Un Promoting Cultural Tourism in Korea: A Policy Recommendation 2000 project
J54/20/ 3830 Jennings, Sarah Dunham Recommendations for a Graduate Level Course Curriculum in Nonprofit Fundraising 2000 project
J54/20/ 3935 Jordan-Bauman, Heather Edwards Place House Museum: An Interpretive Recommendation 2001 project
J54/20/ 555 Jorgensen, Sally Star Artists in the Schools 1984 report
J54/20/ 3942 Juarez, Daisy Langston Museum Collections Online :Developing Online Art Exhibits ,Featuring the Illinois State Museum Exhibit "A Cut and Stitch Above :Quilts by Bertha Stenge 2001 project
J54/20/ 2926 Kaye, Melinda Pitt Motivating and Rewarding Board members of Nonprofit Organizations 1997 project
J54/20/ 1843 Kong, Tai Kwok Computer Hardware and Software: A Guide for Arts Organization 1992 project
J54/20/ 2791 Kuei, Aven Review of Modern Industrial Museums in America 1996 project
J54/20/ 3915 Larson, Beth Anne Around the World Wide Web in 120 Days: A Step-by-Step Kit for Establishing on Online Presence for Your Performing Arts Organization 2001 project
J54/20/ 4079 Marinko, Linda Administration of Literary Organizations: A Best Practices Guide for Grass Roots Application 2001 project
J54/20/ 1569 Marsh, Lane E. John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Rehearsal Room Scheduling Project 1990 project
J54/20/ 3019 Martinez Barringer, Daniel A. Arts Incubator Programs: Analysis and Comparison to Small Business Incubator Models 1998 project
J54/20/ 4994 Maslov, Jessica Corporate Funding of the Non-Profit Arts Sector in America: Examples of Corporate Sponsorship for a Symphony Orchestra 1999 thesis
J54/20/ 2220 Matthews, Megan Backstage at an Auditorium: An Interactive Tour 1994 project
J54/20/ 841 Maupin, Lynn Public Art (Final Project) 1987 project
J54/20/ 1369 McAdam, Susan Pohlemus 1988-89 Nebraska Arts Council Conference: Fundamentals 1989 project
J54/20/ 3443 McKenney, Grace E. Lisa Illinois Garden Guide and Other Nature Sites 1999 project
J54/20/ 549 Mitchell, Linda R. World Theatre Festival 1982 report
J54/20/ 1180 Mitchell, Linda R. Spectacle, Inc.: A Field Experience 1989 report
J54/20/ 3828 Morse, Michelle L. Annual Reports for Nonprofit Arts Organizations 2000 project
J54/20/ 553 Nathan, Jacqueline S. Ars Towne Center for the Fine Arts 1984 report
J54/20/ 3939 Nix, Kathryn R. Developing a Non-Profit Organization's Guide to Create the St.Louis Double Reed Society 2001 project
J54/20/ 3957 Panagiotidis, Dimitrios G. Illinois Arts Council Web Site Project: Research on Users Preferences with Recommendations for Site Improvement 2001 project
J54/20/ 2708 Pearce, Craig Plan for the Training and Development of the Front of House Staff at the North Carolina Blumenthal Performing Arts Center 1996 project
J54/20/ 2925 Pensoneau-Feurer, Judith Restoration of Historic Woodmere Court: A Fire Ravaged Landmark 1997 project
J54/20/ 2492 Perler, Joel B. Metro Theatre Company 1996 Marketing Plan 1995 thesis
J54/20/ 2810 Peters, Sara Art, Advertising, and MTV 1997 project
J54/20/ 3020 Pheiffer, Jennifer Designing a Volunteer Program at Court Theatre 1998 project
J54/20/ 544 Pitkin, Doree N. Gallery Procedural Manual 1980 project
J54/20/ 3670 Robinson, Shannon Postmodernism and the Community Arts: A Conceptual Comparison 2000 thesis
J54/20/ 1850 Rogers, Pamela Assessing State Funding for Arts Education 1992 thesis
J54/20/ 2127 Ruptash, Deserrie Artists' Lives Exploring the Uniqueness of Being an Artist in Springfield. 1993 thesis
J54/20/ 552 Schmidt, Steven J. Handbooks for Community Arts Management 1981 project
J54/20/ 424 Schwartz, Myra E. Annotated Bibliography on Art in Public Places 1984 report
J54/20/ 1205 Simpson, Christopher Presenters Role in Arts Education 1989 report
J54/20/ 4004 Skinner, Paula Developing Diverse Audiences for Museums 2001 project
J54/20/ 545 Slack, Juliet Anne Affiliate Artists Inc. 1982 project
J54/20/ 1796 Smith, Lois V. Evaluation in a Museum Setting 1991 project
J54/20/ 1833 Smith, Susan D. Technical Assistance Manual for Arts Administrators 1992 project
J54/20/ 3022 Solliday-Lavigne Sally Sue Odyssey Theatre: September 1991 to March 1994, A Time of Transition 1998 project
J54/20/ 4061 Stewart, Julie J. Getting From the Plan to the Building, Implementation of a Cultural Facility Plan to Convert a Movie Theater into a Performing Arts Center 2001 project
J54/20/ 802 Stober, Barbara Peoria Area Arts and Sciences Council: Field Experience 1987 project
J54/20/ 814 Stober, Barbara Opera Administration: Report for Peoria Civic Opera 1987 report
J54/20/ 3934 Sutliff, Catherine Developing a Cultural Plan for Bloomington/Normal, Illinois 2001 project
J54/20/ 842 Taylor, Terri Lynn History of the Nonprofit Organization in America 1987 project
J54/20/ 547 Tessin, Jan C. Interlochen Center for the Arts 1984 report
J54/20/ 2328 Thompson, Leslie Government and Community 1994 thesis
J54/20/ 548 Tigerman, Thomas H. Western Illinois Opera House Project 1980 report
J54/20/ 4057 Tutt, Jill E. Dance in the Illinois Public High School Physical Education Curriculum: A Case Study of Danville High School 2001 project
J54/20/ 2717 Waltner, Heidi Working Collaborations: An Exploration into Effective Partnerships 1996 project
J54/20/ 643 Weiner, Melissa Field Experience I, II - 1984, 1985: City Day School of Springfield 1985 report
J54/20/ 1170 Wessling, Teresa Economic Impact and the Arts 1989 report
J54/20/ 857 White, Ellanor Peiser Psychohistory Review Procedures Manual 1987 project
J54/20/ 2849 Whitlock, Michele Lynn Educational Outreach 1997 project
J54/20/ 3267 Willard, Yumi Sato Organizational Culture of Museums: A Case Study of Competing Values within a State Museum Organization 1998 thesis
J54/20/ 642 Withers, Allen B. Field Experience Narrative 1985 report
J54/20/ 3748 Yi, Jouyeon Developing an Effective Festival Volunteer Program: A Case Study of the Puppet Festival Chunchon Volunteer Program 2000 thesis
J54/20/ 1172 Zimmer, Jim L. Artist, the Book and the Child 1989 report
J54/20/ 3246 Zook, Nancy Artists Residencies In Rural Schools 1998 project