Biology Masters Projects/Theses

Call # Author Title Year Notes
J54/5/ 5619 Briddell, Benjamin J. Carbon and Nitrogen Storage in Natural Illinois Wetlands: Comparing Marshes and Sedge Meadows 2012 thesis
J54/5/ 5487 Bolleddu, Grace T.N. Antimicrobial Activity of Spice and Herb Extracts Against Vibrio harveyi and Vibrio alginolyticus 2010 thesis
J54/5/ 5401 Borrowman, Megan Effects of Flood Pulsing on Four Wetland Plant Species: A Comparison of Native and Nonnative Responses 2009 thesis
J54/5/ 5825 Buss, Clayton D. Storage of Soil Organic Carbon and Total Nitrogen in Restored Wetlands and Croplands of Illinois: A Chronosequence Approach 2014 thesis
J54/5/ 4630 Chapman, Carol Rock Pools: Natural Microcosms in Which Metacommunity Dynamics Can Be Studied in a Complex Landscape 2004 project
J54/5/ 5567 Clarke, Jennifer S. Nutrient Movement in the Mainstream and Backwaters of the LaGrange Reach of the Illinois River 2011 project w/ 1 CD
J54/5/ 5200 Cochran, Matt Habitat Association for Bighead and Silver Carp in Three Long Term Resource Monitoring Program (LTRMP) Sampling Locations within the Upper Mississippi River Basin 2007 thesis
J54/5/ 4629 Cook, Mandy Chemotaxis of Bacterial Species to Phosphate and Ammonium 2004 project
J54/5/ 3227 Copley, Catherine Cadmium and Lead Screening of a Former Zinc Smelting Community 1998 thesis
J54/5/ 5103 Cosenza, Nicole M. A Comparative Study of Trichome Diversity in Various Mexican Oak (Quercus) Species 2007 thesis
J54/5/ 4415 Cunningham, Daniel Joseph E. PCR-based Approach to Cloning a pabAB Homologue from the Corynecin-Producing Corynebacterium hydrocarboclastum ATCC 15592 2003 thesis
J54/5/ 1863 Davis, Diane R. Pilot Project to Measure the Effects of Xenobiotics on FC Receptor-Mediated Phagocytosis by Human Monocyte-Macrophages 1991


J54/5/ 5647 Diffenderfer, Morgan Enhancing Recruitment of Agastache foeniculum, Liatris aspera and Tradescantia bracteata in Emiquon's Tallgrass Prairie Restorations 2013 thesis
J54/5/ 4626 DiMezzo, Tracy Uptake Analysis of Fluorescently-Labeled Hydrophobic Organic Phosphate Substrates by Aquatic Hydrophobic Bacteria 2004 project
J54/5/ 2119 Dobihal, Kirk Edward Root Growth and Iron Content in Root Material of Lactuca Floridana Brown at pH4.0 and 5.0 in Complete Nutrient Media 1993 project
J54/5/ 4326 Errandi, Jody L. Validating the Criteria Established by the FBI to Integrate Sample Data From US Laboratories into the National Mitochondrial DNA Database 2002 thesis
J54/5/ 1902 Farrar, David E. Acute Toxic Effects of Atrazine Upon a Commonly Occurring Gastropod, Helisoma Trivolvis 1989 thesis
J54/5/ 4178 Farrell, Michael E. Genetic Analysis of Chitin Synthase Gene chsC From Aspergillus nidulans 2002 thesis
J54/5/ 5441 Gangadaran, Gopi Expression and Function of TRPV1 and TRPV3 Channels in the Hippocampus 2010 thesis
J54/5/ 4575 Gehringer, Linda Laboratory Experiments in Microbial Ecology 2004 project
J54/5/ 5633 George, Angela Overexpression of Ngn1, Mash1, and Ptf1a Upregulates Brn3a Expression and Potentially Specifies the Fate of ION Neurons 2012 thesis
J54/5/ 4628 Goode, Timothy Bacteria of the Illinois River Floodplain: A Study of Number and Function 2004 project
J54/5/ 1545 Graham, Marilyn K. Change in pH and Temperature Before, During, and After Receptivity and Across the Estrous cycle in the Golden Hamster 1990 project
J54/5/ 1355 Greene, Karen S. Prospective Study of Slime-Producing Coagulase-Negative Staphylococci 1988 project
J54/5/ 5663 Grider, Nathan T. Growth, Condition, and Diet of Alligator Gar (tractosteus Spatula) Released in Merwin Preserve 2013 thesis
J54/5/ 4062 Grueter, Brad A. Effects of 17-B Estradiol on Drosophila Melanogaster Reproduction 2001 thesis
J54/5/ 4101 Grueter, Chad Effects of Administration of 17 B-Estradiol or 20-Hydoxyecdysone on Reproduction in Drosophila melanogaster 2001 thesis
J54/5/ 1356 Hackett, Jr. Charles J. Effects of Mercuric Chloride on the Respiration Rate of Enchytraceus 1989 project
J54/5/ 1955 Hagele, Robert Investigation of Biomanipulation as Rehabilitation Technique at Lake Petersburg, Illinois 1992 thesis
J54/5/ 4479 Hamed, Hatem F. Pilot Survey Study: Case Studies as an Effective Tool for Continuing Education 2003 project
J54/5/ 4087 Hendricks, Kirk Inhibitory Effects of the Seed Coat Pericarp on Germination of Lactuca floridana 2001 thesis
J54/5/ 5489 Holland, Patrick J. Development of an In-vitro Based Electroporation Assay to Modify Gene Expression Levels in the Embryonic Hindbrain 2010 thesis
J54/5/ 2118 Jones, Kitty Lea Evaluation of Multispecies Microbial Community Dynamics 1993 project
J54/5/ 5644 Kellerhals, Doyn Marie Bacterial Community Change on Decomposing Silver Maple (Acer saccharinum) Leaves from Four Illinois River Floodplain Habitats 2013 thesis
J54/5/ 4373 Kiehl, Kathryn B. Indicating Amphibian Habitat Quality using Macroinvertebrates, Amphibians, and Physical Chemical Variables 2002 thesis
J54/5/ 1864 Koerner, Kent D. Comparison of Reproductive Parameters in Four Coat Color Strains of Mesocricetus Auratus 1991 project
J54/5/ 496 Koester, Alan Richard Pharmacological Purification of Bone Marrow Using a combination of CIS-Diamminedichloroplatinum 1985 thesis
J54/5/ 1867 Kuper, Kevin G. Use of cDNA Probe and SITU Hybridization in Determination of Prolactin mRNA in Human Late Secretory Phase 1991 thesis
J54/05/ 4248 Kwon, Chulan Approaches to Cloning the argC gene from Streptomyces Venezuelae 2002 thesis
J54/5/ 2817 Lausen, Harald Maple, A New Coat Color Mutant of Mesocricetus auratus 1996 project
J54/5/ 3228 Leonhard, Juanita B. Effects of Alachlor (LASSO) on the Mortality, Growth, and Reproduction of the Ramshorn Snail, Helisoma Trivolvis (Basommatophora: Planorbidae) 1998 thesis
J54/5/ 4063 Liesen, Denise E.B. Signaling Requirements for CD4 T Lymphocytes 2001 thesis
J54/5/ 5488 Mann, Trenae L. An Analysis of Genetic Variation at Five Microsatellite Loci in Nautilid Populations from Vanuatu, Noumea, Passe de Yate, and Ndrova Island 2010 thesis
J54/5/ 4323 Marlow, Scott Bats Roosting under Illinois Bridges: the temperature-occupancy relationship and population dynamics of an Eptesicus fuscus colony 2002 thesis
J54/5/ 1117 Matthews, Susan S. Historical Treatment of the Illinois Hazardous Waste Task Force, 1983-84 1988 thesis
J54/5/ 1382 Mayer, Joanne L. Development of an Analytical Procedure for the Determination of Ethylene Thiouria 1989 thesis
J54/5/ 5713 McCann, Kenneth G. La Salle Electrical Utilities Company Polychlorinated Bephenyl (PCB) Pilot Study 1994 project
J54/5/ 4107 McCauley, Lisa A. Using GIS to Determine Depressional Wetland Loss in Champaign County, IL 2001 thesis
J54/5/ 1963 Mecozzi, Laura Induction of Anterior Chamber Associated Immune Deviation in the Lewis Rat: The B Cell Response 1991 project
J54/5/ 1202 Monshizadegan, Hossain Cardiac Myosin Atpase Activity of Exercised Syrian Hamsters 1989 thesis
J54/5/ 1648 Mouser, R. Lynn Effect of pH on the Germination and Preliminary Growth of Selected Illinois Wildflowers 1990 thesis
J54/5/ 3846 Munkacsi, Andrew Preliminary Survey of the Endomycorrhizal Flora of Two Threatened Illinois Orchids, Spiranthes magnicamporum, and Spiranthes ovalis 2000 thesis
J54/5/ 1383 Neathammer, John H. Qualitative Examination of the Relationship Between Agar Purity and the Ability of Agar to Support the Growth of an Unknown Oligrotroph 1989 thesis
J54/5/ 5299 Negro, Jaclyn Michelle Review of Secondary Production Concepts and Benthic Macroinvertebrate Production Estimates from Two Illinois River, IL Wetlands 2008 thesis
J54/5/ 4210 Nelson, James O. Inventory of Butterflies and Plants at Five Prairie Restoration Sites and Metapopulation Analysis of Phyciodes Tharos (Drury) 2002 thesis
J54/5/ 5613 Oyler, Kelli L. Effects of Ethanol on the Formation of the Precerebellar System 2012 thesis
J54/5/ 2290 Peters, Carolyn Vaginal Bacterial Counts and pH Levels at the Time of Mating are Correlated with Litter Size and Offspring Sex Ratio in the Golden Hamster 1993 project
J54/5/ 5429 Pitchford, Dana S. A Review and Study of Microsatellite Alterations at the 13 Core STR Loci in DNA Samples, Analyzed by the Protocols Set Forth by the Forensic Science Community, Collected from Oral Swabs from Long Term Smokers 2010 thesis
J54/5/ 2524 Polarine, James N. Jr. Determining of the Embryonic Potential of Glycine Max Cultivars Using Varying Growth Regulators and varying Nitrogen Concentrations 1995 thesis
J54/5/ 5468 Popovich, Sarah Carbon and Nitrogen Storage in Two Restored Wetlands of Different Ages 2010 thesis
J54/5/ 2291 Potter, Dianne Bioaugmentation vs. Biostimulation on a Bench-Scale Level With Gasoline 1994 thesis
J54/5/ 5404 Randle, Michelle Ranaye Microbial Ecology of Two Floodplain Lakes 2009 thesis
J54/5/ 4213 Range, Lance L. Long-Term Trend Analysis of Fish Contaminants Among Inland Lakes of Illinois 2002 project
J54/5/ 3861 Reavis, Kerry Michelle Complementary DNA Array, RT-PCR, and Northern Blot Analyses of Heat Shock Gene Expression in Human Coronary Artery Endothelial Cells 2000 thesis
J54/5/ 5430 Reinke, Randi L. Assessment of Cryopreservation Techniques and Cryoprotective Agents for Preservation of a Microbial Sediment Assemblage Utilizing Catalyzed Reporter Deposition Fluorescence in Situ Hybridization (CARD-FISH) 2010 thesis
J54/5/ 4085 Rheeden, Richard Van Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization (FISH) Search for Microdeletion of Human Chromosome 8p with Possible Correlations to Congenital Heart Disease 2000 thesis
J54/5/ 3752 Riech, Angela Kay Investigation of DNA Mutations in Multigenerational Families at 13 Short Tandem Repeat (STR) Loci 2000 thesis
J54/5/ 5715 Rogers, Lauren Canis Lupus in the United States: Biology, Ecology, Recovery, and Management 2014 report
J54/5/ 5199 Rossetto, Michael The Effectiveness of Cryogenic Practices to Preserve a Sediment Bacterial Assemblage from Central Park, NY 2007 thesis with CD
J54/5/ 12 Roth, Diana L. Role of Microtubles in Hydra Budding 1982 thesis
J54/5/ 4279 Schacht, Carol Kleinwachter Extended-Spectrum Beta-Lactamases in Gram-Negative Bacteria 2002 thesis
J54/5/ 98 Shahkolahi, Akbar M. Distribution of Microtubles in Epitheliomuscular Cells of Hydra by Indirect Immunofluorescene Microscopy 1983 thesis
J54/5/ 1865 Siefken, David R. Comparison of the Distribution and Manganese in the Rhizome of Typha latifolia Growing in Mine Runoff and a Control Site 1991 project
J54/5/ 1384 Small, Sharon F. Microbial Desulfurization of Illinois Coal Employing Naturally Occurring Ecosystems 1988 thesis
J54/5/ 4552 Snyder, Darlene Nootens Assessing the Validity of Newly Proposed Scientific and Mathematical Theories as They Relate to the Evolution/Creation Controversy in Public Education 2004 project
J54/5/ 5677 Spurgeon, John R. Pairie Plant Ethnobotany: Assays for Bioactivity 2013 thesis
J54/5/ 5676 Staley, Emily Tallgrass Prairie at the Emiquon Preserve: Plant Diversity Changes and Small Mammal Habitat 2013 thesis
J54/5/ 4104 Starks, Sarah Elizabeth In Vitro Antimicrobial Activity of Designed Antimicrobial Peptides (DAP's) Against Gram-Negative and Gram-Positive Bacteria 2001 thesis
J54/5/ 1346 Stinnett, Amy E. Biodegradable Action of an Unknown Soil Microbe on Kerosene 1989 project
J54/5/ 4295 Stokes, Carol Application of Green Fluorescent Protein in Introductory Biology Laboratories 2002 project
J54/5/ 2323 Stoner, Damon Effects of Streptozocin-Induced Diabetes on the Sex Ratio and Growth of offspring of Golden Hamsters (Mesocricetus auratus) 1994 project
J54/5/ 1388 Stryker, Mary Characterization of an Antifungal-Producing Stretomycete Found as a Laboratory Contaminant 1988 thesis
J54/5/ 5614 Sunkepalli, Vineela Identification of Inflammatory mediators with Lymphangiogenic Potential 2012 thesis
J54/5/ 5504 Swords, Lizbeth Inheritance Pattern and Characterization of a New Mutant Coat Color from In-House Stock of the Syrian Hamster 2010 project
J54/5/ 4046 Szabo M., David Development of an HPLC Method for the Determination of Salicylic Acid from Salix SPP. 2001 thesis
J54/5/ 4879 Tanton, Russell An Estimator of Nutrient Mitigation in Small-Scale Restored Wetlands 2005 project
J54/5/ 2170 Taylor, Brad Pilot Scale Cattail Wetland Constructed to Treat Simulated Acid Mine Drainage 1993 project
J54/5/ 5714 Thuong Le Malathion Suppresses Cholinsterase Activity and Behaviour in Helisoma trivolvis 1996 thesis
J54/5/ 1506 Tingley, Francis D. Evidence for Clonidine Presynaptically Modulating Amino Acid Release in the Rostral Ventrolateral Medulla's Role in Hypertension 1990 project
J54/5/ 2 Travis, Mark Allen Comparison of the Response of the Inferior Colliclulus Neurons in Genetically Epilepsy Prone and Normal Sprague-Dawley Rats 1983 thesis
J54/5/ 5622 Troxell-Thomas, Christy Assessing Initial Floristic Integrity of Burned and Unburned Tallgrass Prairie Restorations at the Emiquon Preserve, Illinois 2012 thesis
J54/5/ 1647 Twum, Maxwell E. Bacteriophage Growth on Photoplasts of Micrococci 1990 thesis
J54/5/ 5712 Underwood, Marilyn O. Wind, Rain, and Waterfowl Feces at Passive Dispersal Vectors of Zooplankton 1996 project
J54/5/ 4078 Walia, Gaurav Effect of Free Oxygen Radicals on Inducing Hatching in Daphnia obtusa Ephippia 2001 thesis
J54/5/ 1620 Williams, Sherri L. Effects of Material Food Restriction and the Time of Mating on Genodial Hormone Levels, Vaginal pH, Temperature, and Off Spring Sex Ration In the Golden Hamster 1990 thesis
J54/5/ 4139 Wolf, Amy Jo Temporary Pond Ecosystems: Pattern Analysis of the Organisms Present at the Bluff Springs Sand Ponds in Relation to Environmental Variables 2001 thesis
J54/5/ 5623 Worrell, Lesdlie T.C. Fate Mapping of the Inferior Olivary Nucleus Utilizing Dual Gene Recombinases 2012 thesis
J54/5/ 495 Wright, Nancy E. Partial Ureteral Replacement with Vas Deferens in the Rabbit 1984 thesis
J54/5/ 2247 Yockey, Jeff A. Spatial and Temporal Variation of Macroinvertebrate Communities in Two Central Illinois Streams 1996 project
J54/5/ 5711 Zhu, Xio-Dong A Study of Second Generation Cholinesterase Inhibitor: Effect of (L)-Huperzine-A on the Levels of Rat Cortical Acetylcholine and Biogenic Amines 1995 thesis
J54/5/ 1649 Zimmerman, Richard J. Comparative Study to Determine the Endpoint of Antimicrobial Minimum Inhibitory Concentration 1991 thesis