Educational Leadership Masters Projects/Theses

Formerly Educational Administration

Call # Author Program Title Year Notes
J54/30/ 3359 Adreon, Scott O. Educational Administration Finding Solutions to a Failed School Bond Referendum 1999 capstone seminar paper
J54/30/ 1197 Agbu, Rita Ifeyinwa Educational Administration Instructional Leadership Role of the High School Principal: Its Part in Improving the Level of Students' Performance in the United States 1989 report
J54/30/ 2679 Akers-Williamson, Gwendolyn Educational Administration Are Substance Exposed Children Suffering the Consequences of their Parents in America's Classrooms 1996 project
J54/30/ 2725 Alberts, Judith Educational Administration Peer Tutoring of 8th Graders Demonstrating Effectiveness on 4th Grade Students in Math 1996 project
J54/30/ 5407 Allan, Corrie Educational Leadership Tracking and ISAT Scores 2009 project
J54/30/ 1704 Allen, Lawrence R. Educational Administration Evaluation of Illinois Community College Business Centers 1991 project
J54/30/ 4656 Allgeier, Patrick Educational Leadership What factors influence high school senior athletes to attend Millikin University? 2004 project
J54/30/ 5265 Alred, Amanda Educational Leadership Do K-8 Educators in Jacksonville School District 117 Believe the Implementation of an RtI Model Will Increase Student Learning, Improve the Alignment of Curriculum to State Standards, and Decrease Special Educational Referrals? 2008 project
J54/30/ 5632 Alvarado, Brandi Educational Leadership Effectiveness of Generation Health at the Elementary Level 2012 project
J54/30/ 3698 Ameday, Margaret Educational Administration Student's Perceptions of the Effects of Aggression Replacement Training Skills 2000 project
J54/30/ 4974 Ames, Sally Educational Leadership Experienced Mentors' and Mentees' Perceptions of Teacher Mentoring 2006 project
J54/30/ 2267 Anderson, Jean R. Educational Administration Feasibility and Desirability of the Consolidation of Lincoln Community High School District # 144 and its Feeder Districts: A Needs Assessment 1994 case study
J54/30/ 5377 Aper, Ashley Educational Leadership Does Repeated Whole-class Practice on Sight Word Recognition Improve Fifth Grade Students' Sight Word and Reading Fluency? 2009 project
J54/30/ 5305 Armbrust, Victoria Educational Leadership Teachers' Perceptions of the Educational Impact of NCLB and AYP in District #126 2008 project
J54/30/ 5631 Armitage, Micole Educational Leadership Parents' and Teachers' Perceptions of Communicating Online 2012 project
J54/30/ 2423 Artus, Diane Educational Administration Proposal to the Jacksonville School District #177 School Board to Allow a Choir to be Used as a Motivator for At-Risk Students 1995 thesis
J54/30/ 3738 Ashbaugh, Brent Educational Administration Cooperative Learning and Low Level Math Achievement 2000 paper
J54/30/ 4596 Ashley, Nancy Educational Leadership Increasing Homework Completion by LEAP Academy Students 2004 project
J54/30/ 4978 Auble, Jeremiah K. Educational Leadership A Case Study of Parent and Teacher Usage of Edline, a School-to-Home Communication Tool 2006 project
J54/30/ 3412 Aubry, Katherine S. Educational Administration Teachers' Attitudes toward the Inclusion of Deaf/Hard of Hearing High School Students in Language Arts Courses in Illinois 1999 report
J54/30/ 591 Backs, Barbara H. Educational Administration Three Original Case Studies, Closing Exercise 1985 thesis
J54/30/ 2296 Bagby, Robert B. Educational Administration Young Children at Play 1994 report
J54/30/ 4459 Baker, Nancy Carole Lehner Educational Leadership Prairie State Achievement Exam and Student Grades: A Comparative Study in a Small High School 2003 project
J54/30/ 4745 Bandy, Brian Educational Leadership Parents' Perception of Random Drug Testing 2005 project
J54/30/ 3910 Bandy, Diana L. Educational Leadership Study of the Effectiveness of 1999-2000 Learning Team at Rochester Community Unit School District 3A 2001 project
J54/30/ 1769 Bandy, Tim N. Educational Administration School Security Plan District # 186 1991 project
J54/30/ 3842 Bardwell, Bob Educational Leadership Teachers' and Parents' Perceptions of Job-Sharing 2000 report
J54/30/ 3683 Barlow, Gary Duane Educational Administration School Safety: A Proactive Approach 2000 project
J54/30/ 5352 Barnes, Brian W. Educational Leadership The Effectiveness of BIST in Decreasing the Amount of Missed Classroom Instruction and Teacher Stress at Grant Middle School 2009 project
J54/30/ 5393 Barnes, Gregory L. Educational Leadership An Examination of the Factors that led Students to Drop Out of School: A Study of Students Enrolled at the Adult Education Center in Decatur, Illinois 2009 project
J54/30/ 1641 Baron, Cynthia M. Educational Administration Cross-Age Tutoring 1991 case study
J54/30/ 5206 Barrett, John M. Educational Leadership Cross-Curricular Vocabulary Instruction Utilizing Brain Based Treatment 2007 project
J54/30/ 993 Barth, Myra Eisen Educational Administration Weighted Grading: Good or Bad? 1988 report
J54/30/ 4614 Barton, Patrice Educational Leadership Perceptions of the Role of School Nurse 2004 project
J54/30/ 5354 Baskett, Lori L. Educational Leadership Implementation of a Reading Extended Response Intervention at Riverton Middle School 2009 project
J54/30/ 3336 Basler, Jane E. Educational Administration Students Preferences for Delivery System of Special Education Services at Secondary Level 1999 report
J54/30/ 3109 Bates, Mary A. Educational Administration Illinois Community Based Education Incentive: Strategic Management Plan Case Study of Chicago School Reform 1998 thesis
J54/30/ 5665 Baumberger, Jonathan Educational Leadership Teacher Induction Programs: Aiding School Districts in the Development and Retention of Introductory Teachers 2013 project
J54/30/ 1813 Baugher, Cindy J. Educational Administration Examination of the Pressures Placed on Educators to Lower Their Academic Standards 1992 project
J54/30/ 2680 Beard, Joyce L. Educational Administration What Employers in Food Service are Looking for in Entry-level Employees 1996 project
J54/30/ 3477 Beard, Sylvia L. Educational Administration Why Elementary School Teachers are Hesitant to Implement Multicultural Education 1999 report
J54/30/ 2011 Beauchamp, Phil Educational Administration Ability Grouping of the Gifted: A Historical Review 1993 project
J54/30/ 2357 Becker, Alicia E. Educational Administration What is Expected from Elementary Guidance Program 1994 case study
J54/30/ 4808 Becker, Christopher Educational Leadership Project Teams, Shared Leadership, and Decision Making 2005 project
J54/30/ 4299 Beddingfield, Sandy Educational Leadership First Year Teachers' Perceptions of Pre-service Training Concerning Special Education 2002 project
J54/30/ 5667 Bell, Adam Educational Leadership Technological Learning in a Language Arts Classroom: Defining and Understanding How Students Use Google Chromebooks 2013 project
J54/30/ 4393 Benanti, Nathaniel M. Educational Leadership Correlation Between Teaching Experience and Discipline Referrals 2003 project
J54/30/ 4663 Benner, Kathleen A. Educational Leadership Perceptions of Universal Design for Learning and Differential Instruction Among Staff at Bloomington Junior High School 2004 project
J54/30/ 5221 Benner, Sarah Educational Leadership Impact of Laptops on Reading Achievement 2007 project
J54/30/ 4201 Bennett, Debbie Educational Leadership Perceptions of Learning Disabled Students, Teachers and Parents on Academic Performance and Social Interaction in Inclusion Classes 2002 project
J54/30/ 1113 Best, Maureen A. Educational Administration Better Evaluations Through Formative Supervision 1989 report
J54/30/ 3363 Beube, Sharon Educational Administration Teachers' Insights into What they Need to Better Incorporate Technology into the Classroom 1999 capstone seminar paper
J54/30/ 5372 Binney, Jennie Educational Leadership Parental Involvement and Middle School Achievement 2009 project
J54/30/ 5563 Bishoff, Anne Educational Leadership The Perceived Effects of Consolidation in Two Rural Communities 2011 project
J54/30/ 3739 Blair, Jay C. Educational Administration Impact of Science Curriculum in Relationship to Achievement Tests 2000 report
J54/30/ 4982 Blakeman, Todd Educational Leadership What are retained students' views toward retention? 2006 project
J54/30/ 5356 Blakey, Molly Educational Leadership The Frequency, Location and Type of PBIS Incentivies Awarded in a Pilot PBIS Classroom 2009 project
J54/30/ 2030 Blickhan, Jane A. Educational Administration Establishment of a Guidebook on the Development and Use of Performance-Based Assessment for Administrators and Elementary Classroom Teachers 1993 case study
J54/30/ 5135 Bodewes, Dana L. Educational Leadership Teacher Practices Regarding Family Involvement in the Fourth and Fifth Grade 2007 project
J54/30/ 5408 Bohm, Lindsay A. Educational Leadership Ability Grouping and Work Ethic: An Associational Study of Sixth-Grade Students 2009 project
J54/30/ 4564 Bolton, Kara C. Educational Leadership An Analysis of Regular Education and Special Education Content and Teaching through Curriculum Mapping 2004 project
J54/30/ 2836 Bolton, Mark A. Educational Administration Reading Recovery's Impact on Reading Achievement in the Peoria Public Schools, 1992-1995 1997 report
J54/30/ 4993 Bommarito, Debra Educational Leadership Is There a Correlation Between Student Discipline Problems and the Day of the Week and Month of the Year 2006 thesis
J54/30/ 5106 Borah, Jill L. Educational Leadership A Comparison of the Effects of Changing from a Traditional Schedule to a Modified Block Schedule 2007 project
J54/30/ 4807 Borgman, Rachel Educational Leadership Types of Services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students in the Mainstreamed Environment: A Survey of Supervisors of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing 2005 project
J54/30/ 2878 Borgsmiller, Therese Educational Administration Enhancing the Educational Administration Program through Technology at the University of Illinois at Springfield 1997 report
J54/30/ 4688 Borrowman, Cynthis A. Educational Leadership Does School Size Between the Rural Schools and Medium-Sized Schools have an Affect on the Quality of Education? 2004 project
J54/30/ 5139 Bosworth, Lisa M. Educational Leadership Assessing College Readiness: A Case Study of Student Aspirations and Preparation 2007 project
J54/30/ 2589 Bottom, Susan Tillman A. Educational Administration Effects of Team Teaching on Reducing Violence t Franklin Middle School 1996 project
J54/30/ 2103 Bowden, Sue Educational Administration Faculty Handbook for Our Savior's Lutheran School 1993 project
J54/30/ 3476 Bowen, Kari Educational Administration What Do Students Perceive As Influences for their Fight Free Behavior? 1999 project
J54/30/ 5723 Bowlby, David Dean Educational Leadership Community College Instructors' Beliefs about Pedagogy and Technology as Related to Actual Technology Integration 2014 project
J54/30/ 4832 Bowman, Kevin E. Educational Leadership The Perceived Effectiveness of School Referendum Techniques by Community Members 2005 project
J54/30/ 4646 Bradham, Erin E. Educational Administration The Value of Communication Between Parents and Teachers: Developing a Process to Systemize Communication 2004 project
J54/30/ 2299 Brady, Marlene K. Educational Administration Development of Performance-based Assessments for an Outcome-based Curriculum 1994 report
J54/30/ 1064 Brady, Robert E. Educational Administration Comparative Analysis of the Responses of the Menard County High Schools to Selected Educational Mandates of 1985 1988 report
J54/30/ 4610 Breden, Cory W. Educational Leadership The Relationship Between Absences, 8th Grade Math ISAT Scores and 8th Grade Math Scores 2004 project
J54/30/ 3202 Breese, Stephen B. Educational Administration Computers in the Classroom: Tools or Toys 1998 report
J54/30/ 2532 Brennelson, Bob Educational Administration Designing a Physical Education Curriculum for Lanphier High School 1995 report
J54/30/ 4897 Bretz, Elizabeth Educational Leadership The Effect of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports on Riverton Middle School Eighth Grade Students: A Longitudinal Study 2005 project
J54/30/ 2991 Brewer, David J. Educational Administration Racial and Gender Bias in the Assigning of Discipline Referrals 1998 report
J54/30/ 4569 Bridgman, Sabrina A. Educational Leadership Improving Reading Scores of Second Grade Students at Gregory Elementary 2004 project
J54/30/ 5724 Brinkmeyer, Danyel Educational Leadership Students' Oral Reading Fleuncy and Response to Intervention 2014 project
J54/30/ 5515 Broderick, Nada Educational Leadership A Content Analysis for Evidence of Student Engagement in Lesson Planning 2010 project
J54/30/ 4815 Brooks, Brian E. Educational Leadership Coaches' and Sponsors' Perceptions of the Effects of the Year-Round Calendar on Extracurricular Activities at Riverton High School 2005 project
J54/30/ 5499 Brooks, Carol M. Educational Leadership Technical Skill Attainment for Illinois Area Career Centers 2010 project
J54/30/ 5264 Brooks, Luke Educational Leadership Effects of Athletic Participation on Academic Preformance 2008 project
J54/30/ 1112 Brosmith, Sue Educational Administration My Child is Deaf: What Now? 1989 report
J54/30/ 5205 Brown, Brenda B. Educational Leadership Post-Secondary Outcomes of Students with Disabilities 2007 project
J54/30/ 5484 Brown, Michael A. Educational Leadership The Effects of a School Wide Discipline Program on Student Behavior and Performance 2010 project
J54/30/ 4000 Brue, Dan Educational Leadership Perceptions of Consolidation Among Key Stakeholders of Virginia School District 2001 project
J54/30/ 4319 Bruley, Brandi Educational Leadership Teachers' Perceptions of Team Teaching at the Fourth Grad Level 2002 project
J54/30/ 4199 Brummell, Sue Educational Leadership Can Parents From All Educational Backgrounds Have a Positive Effect On Their Child's Achievement Through Homework and Communication? 2002 project
J54/30/ 5746 Bruning, Katie Educational Leadership Implementing a PBIS Model into the School Day and its Effect on Student Behavior and Achievement 2014 project
J54/30/ 4261 Bruno, H. David II Educational Administration Educators' Perceptions of the Benefits of an Agricultural Education Program 2002 project
J54/30/ 2518 Buchanan, Marilyn J. Educational Administration Teacher's Opinions on Teaching Behavior Skills in the Diocese of Springfield Elementary Schools 1995 report
J54/30/ 1099 Buckner, Joan Katherine Educational Administration Reading Aloud: Improving the Attitude of Young Readers 1988 report
J54/30/ 4597 Bunjan, Alice C. Educational Leadership Effects of a Technology Use Improvement Project for High School Seniors Participating in a College Readiness Program 2004 project
J54/30/ 5095 Burk, Brady V. Educational Leadership Do 4th and 5th Grade Fitness Levels Correlate with Household Income Status 2007 project
J54/30/ 5575 Burnett, Cara J. Educational Leadership How Time Spent Reading Relates to Reading Achievement 2011 project
J54/30/ 2470 Burras, Christine D. Educational Administration Gift, Growing intellectually Fit Together 1995 project
J54/30/ 5308 Cain, Patrick Educational Leadership Effectiveness of Advisory Period at Auburn High School 2008 project
J54/30/ 5481 Calderon, Neil Educational Leadership Profiles of School Board Election Voters in Urban Central Illinois 2010 project
J54/30/ 2476 Calvert, Ann Educational Administration Reducing the Number of Inappropriate Parochial School Special Education Testing Referrals for Case Study Evaluations 1995 project
J54/30/ 5025 Camacho, Dawn Educational Leadership An Analysis of Standardized Tests and Academic History at Glenwood High School 2006 project
J54/30/ 4899 Cameron, Cliff Educational Leadership A Case Study of Pleasant Plains Teachers' Perceptions Regarding the Year Round School Calendar 2005 project
J54/30/ 4301 Camille, Vincent L. Educational Leadership Teachers' End of First Year Implementation Sentiments Towards Year Round Education in the Riverton School District 2002 project
J54/30/ 1917 Camp, Karen Educational Administration Inservice Plan for Regional Conference Planners 1992 case study
J54/30/ 3273 Campbell, Charles C. Educational Administration Case Study of the Defunct 1994 Springfield District 186 School District Diversity Plan 1998 project
J54/30/ 1792 Campbell, Thomas J. Educational Administration Study of the Master Schedule Needs of Taylorville High School 1991 case study
J54/30/ 2092 Canny, Dennis Educational Administration Case Study of the 5+5 Early Retirement Incentive and its Effect on the Litchfield Community Unit School District # 12 1993 project
J54/30/ 4651 Capps, Gail A. Educational Leadership The Effects of the Regular Education Initiative Program at Lanphier High School 2004 project
J54/30/ 1538 Carlon, Lawrence W. Educational Administration Ashland-Chandlerville Community Unit School District #262, Junior-Senior Faculty Handbook 1990 project
J54/30/ 5204 Carney, Rita Educational Leadership Use of Student Response Systems in the Classroom 2007 project
J54/30/ 2080 Carr, Valerie G. Educational Administration Prevention/ Intervention of Gang Involvement for at Risk Students 1992 thesis
J54/30/ 4472 Carruthers, L. Jane Educational Leadership Standards Based Art Education In The Educator's Mind 2003 project
J54/30/ 2197 Carter, Faith C. Educational Administration Administrator's Guide to School Improvement Through Staff Development 1994 case study
J54/30/ 5700 Carter, Jennifer Educational Leadership How Summer School Affects Reading Imrpovement 2014 project
J54/30/ 5144 Caton, Brian T. Educational Leadership Structure of the Ninth Grade House at Lanphier High School 2007 project
J54/30/ 2557 Caton, George Educational Administration Examination of Music Teacher Evaluation 1995 project
J54/30/ 2883 Cecil, Rebecca A. Educational Administration Effectiveness of the Reading Recovery Program on the Reading Achievement for Students in Lincoln Elementary District #27 1997 report
J54/30/ 1912 Chard, Jane F. Educational Administration Middle School Advisory Staff Development 1992 case study
J54/30/ 4640 Cheatham, Amanda Lyn Educational Administration Teachers' Views and Recommendations on the 'Success for All' Reading Program 2004 project
J54/30/ 2910 Christell, Patricia A. Educational Administration Time Management: Teacher Team Efficiency in Curriculum Development 1997 report
J54/30/ 2012 Chriswell, Linda Educational Administration Effects of Peer Support Groups on Students Participating in the Sangamon County Training and Education of Adult Learners 1993 project
J54/30/ 5725 Chukwudebe, Victor Educational Leadership What Factors Contribute to the success of Charter Schools? A Pilot Study 2014 project
J54/30/ 5211 Clanton, Keppen N. Educational Leadership Parent Involvement and High School Achievement 2007 project
J54/30/ 5263 Clark, Gale R. Educational Leadership The Effects of School Size on Secondary School Student Achievement in Central Illinois 2008 project
J54/30/ 3275 Cline, Steven R. Educational Administration Study of Mathematics Scores in Seventh & Eighth Grade Classrooms Using Manipulatives Versus Textbook only Classrooms 1998 project
J54/30/ 1789 Clinton, Reg Educational Administration Case Study in Space Needs for Special Education Services at Triopia 1991 case study
J54/30/ 1736 Clodfelter, Mark Educational Administration Revision of Extracurricular Activities at the Illinois School for the Deaf: A Case Study 1991 case study
J54/30/ 4598 Coddington, Nicholas E. Educational Leadership Elementary School Librarian: Educator or Information Resource Specialist? 2004 project
J54/30/ 5323 Codron, Christine R. Educational Leadership What is the Effect of Children's Literature on the Mathematics Attitudes and Learning of Students? 2009 project
J54/30/ 4968 Colgren, Chris Educational Leadership The Effect of Implementing Reading Strategies in the Content Areas on Student Achievement 2006 project
J54/30/ 4395 Colwell, Renee A. Educational Leadership Relationship Between Teachers' Job Satisfaction and Their Perceptions of Five Dimensions That Cause Teacher Burnout 2003 project
J54/30/ 4397 Colyott, James A. Educational Leadership Students' Perceptions of the Four Different Areas of the D.A.R.E. Program: Drug Facts, Resisting Peer Pressure, Relationship With Police, and Making Decisions 2003 project
J54/30/ 5698 Compardo, Matthew Trevor Educational Leadership Teachers' Perceptions of the Common Core State Standards 2014 project
J54/30/ 5001 Condon, Amy Educational Leadership Teacher Mentors' Perceptions of the Types and Impact of Teacher Mentor/Induction Programs in Sangamon County, High School, SASED Districts 2006 project
J54/30/ 5096 Conklin, Brian Educational Leadership Teacher Perceptions of the School Improvement Process in Small Rural Illinois School Districts 2007 project
J54/30/ 3364 Connoley, John K. Educational Administration Study on Methods to Improve Presidential Fitness Scores of Grant Middle School Students 1999 capstone seminar paper
J54/30/ 3811 Cook, Heather K. Educational Leadership How do teachers perceive students identified as learning disabled, students identified as gifted, and students between these levels working together within the same classrooms? 2000 project
J54/30/ 5664 Coonrod, Gina R. Educational Leadership Adaptations for the K-5 Music Teacher for Special Learners during Music Class 2013 project
J54/30/ 5208 Corder, Sara K. Educational Leadership Character Education and Student Behavior 2007 project
J54/30/ 5300 Courier, Jason Educational Leadership Correlation of Extracurricular Activities to Student Achievement and Attendance 2008 project
J54/30/ 2995 Cozzolino, James J. Educational Administration Plan to Increase Attendance Among Tenth Grade Students at Lanphier High School 1998 report
J54/30/ 4599 Crane, Mark A. Educational Leadership Raising Problem Solving Scores in Math 2004 project
J54/30/ 4984 Craven, Pollee A. Educational Leadership The Retired Pikeland Educator: Reflections on a Life of Service 2006 project
J54/30/ 5717 Crossland, Josh Educational Leadership Achievement Level and Pressure to Commit Academic Dishonesty 2014 project
J54/30/ 4617 Crouse, Dave Educational Leadership Goals and Benefits for New Central Mentoring Program 2004 project
J54/30/ 3154 Crowe, Debra Educational Administration Effects of 8-Block Scheduling on Student Performance at Tri-City Middle School and High School 1998 thesis
J54/30/ 1097 Crum, A. Kerry Educational Administration Successful Teaching Techniques with Basic Track Students 1988 report
J54/30/ 3812 Crum, Kimberly Educational Leadership Teachers' and Staff Members' Perceptions of the Fight Free Program 2000 project
J54/30/ 4655 Cummins, Kara Educational Leadership Kindergarten through Third Grade Retention and Special Education Identification Rates 2004 project
J54/30/ 5409 Curry, Jason P. Educational Leadership The Correlation Between the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test and Future Academic Success 2009 project
J54/30/ 4463 Curtis, Leslie Educational Leadership Parents' Perceptions of Mathematics 2003 project
J54/30/ 1554 Dahman, Cheryl Educational Administration Sangamon State University Career Services/Placement Guide 1990 project
J54/30/ 3793 Daigre, Cynthia Educational Administration To What Degree is Multicultural Education Occurring in Residential Schools for the Deaf? 2000 project
J54/30/ 4461 Daly, Larry Educational Leadership The Perception of Alternative Schools Through the Eyes of the Student 2003 project
J54/30/ 1918 Daniel, Wendy Educational Administration Early Intervention for Hearing Impaired Children 1992 project
J54/30/ 4898 Daniels, Sherry L. Educational Leadership Narrowing the Achievement Gap by Increasing Reading Motivation and Fluency 2005 project
J54/30/ 4814 Dargert, William Educational Leadership The Case Study of Riverton High School Athletes' Attitudes Regarding the Year-round School Calendar 2005 project
J54/30/ 5267 Darr, Mark Educational Leadership Athletic Participation and Academic Success at Havana High School 2008 project
J54/30/ 4396 Daugherty, Phyllis L. Educational Leadership Why Sexual Harassment Goes Unreported in Public Schools 2003 project
J54/30/ 2164 Daughtery, Linda Educational Administration School-Business Partnerships: A Master's Project 1993 project
J54/30/ 5107 Davis, Brenda C. Educational Leadership Effects of Using aclinical Supervision Model for the Purpose of Formative Teacher Evaluation 2007 project
J54/30/ 4699 Davis, Kathy A. Educational Leadership The Early Start Program: Its Impact on the Achievement Levels in Reading of Economically Disadvantaged Kindergarten Students 2004 project
J54/30/ 4811 Davis, Tod O. Educational Leadership Teacher Recommendations for Springfield High School's in-School Suspension Program 2005 project
J54/30/ 5630 Dean, Adam Educational Leadership Reaching Out: Does School Success in At-Risk High School Students Improve Following Systematic Attempts at Teacher to Parent/Guardian Contact? 2012 project
J54/30/ 5726 Dees, Courtney L. Educational Leadership Analysis of Skills of Recent Kindergarten Students at One Elementary School 2014 project
J54/30/ 4593 DeMarco, Lisa L. Educational Leadership The Effectiveness of Correctional Education on Recidivism: A Meta-Analysis 2004 project
J54/30/ 3146 Dennewitz, Laura Educational Administration Use of Environmental Noise Filtering Headphone with a Sensory Sensitive Autistic Child 1998 report
J54/30/ 5493 Dennis, Tamika Educational Leadership Faculty Perceptions of Leadership Characteristics in an Alternative Education Setting 2010 project
J54/30/ 2839 DeSchepper, Douglas, J. Educational Administration Attitudes and Opinions About Block Eight Scheduling at New Berlin High School 1997 report
J54/30/ 1807 Desollar, Pam Educational Administration Business and Public Education Partnerships 1992 case study
J54/30/ 4302 Devlin, Dan Educational Leadership Reasons for Enrollment and Non-Enrollment in Physical Education by Secondary Students at Springfield High School 2002 project
J54/30/ 4600 Dickhut, Karen S. Educational Leadership The Need for Increased Volunteerism at Liberty CUSD #2, Adams County, Illinois 2004 project
J54/30/ 3688 Dillard, Jill K. Educational Leadership Similarities of Districts Experiencing a Downward Trend in Math Scores on Standardized Tests 2000 report
J54/30/ 994 Dimon, Kay A. Educational Administration Helping the One-Parent Child Become Socially Well Adjusted 1988 report
J54/30/ 5375 Dion, Joseph D. Educational Leadership Random Drug Testing at Athens High School 2009 project
J54/30/ 4990 Dodson, Christine Educational Leadership Troubled Female Youth in High School, Alternative School and Correctional Facilities: Perceptions and Recommendations from Program Facilitators 2006 thesis
J54/30/ 3744 Doerr, Scott E. Educational Administration Teaching in Block Schedules 2000 project
J54/30/ 4618 Donnan, Carrie Jo Educational Leadership Teacher Evaluation Study A-C Central Community Unit School District # 262 2004 project
J54/30/ 4033 Dorgan, Cinda A. Educational Leadership Graduates Perception of How Well the State Standards for Administrators are Addressed in the Educational Leadership Program at the University of Illinois at Springfield 2001 project
J54/30/ 2936 Dorr, Gary Educational Administration Effects of a Regular Education Initiative Program (REI) on the Academic Performance of the Students Involved 1997 report
J54/30/ 4035 Douglas, Maureen Educational Leadership Professional Development and Job Satisfaction : A Comprehensive Study 2001 project
J54/30/ 4274 Downs, John Educational Leadership Teachers' Perceptions of Character Education in a Multi-Age Setting 2002 project
J54/30/ 4565 Doyle, Lisa D. Educational Leadership Increasing Homework Completion Among Students at Virginia Junior High 2004 project
J54/30/ 3016 Doyle, Margery S. Educational Administration Effects of Rewarding Children 1998 report
J54/30/ 4649 Drake, Queen E. Educational Leadership Parents' Perception of the 21st Century Community Learning Center at Wanless School 2004 project
J54/30/ 4195 Drew, Patrick T. Educational Leadership Perceived Impact of Block Scheduling on Student Attendance 2002 project
J54/30/ 4601 Droll, Carolyn Educational Leadership Identifying Strategies for Promoting Mathematics Expression Among English Language Learners 2004 project
J54/30/ 4515 Dudley, Mark A. Educational Leadership Students' Perceptions of the Effect of Interscholastic Sports on Academic Performance, Social Development/Social Status and Self-Esteem 2003 project
J54/30/ 5727 Duewer, John R. Educational Leadership Chronic Truancy: Illinois School Administrators' Insights on Truancy Policies 2014 project
J54/30/ 5682 Dugan, Heather Educational Leadership Teachers Use of Critical Thinking and Hands-On Learning in Secondary Education 2013 project
J54/30/ 5745 Durbin, Jennifer Educational Leadership Will Self-monitoring Student Progress Help Improve Homework Completion Rate? 2014 project
J54/30/ 4273 Dvorak, Laurie Educational Leadership Effect of Driver Education on Adolescent Students' Self-Reported Risky Behavior 2002 project
J54/30/ 5562 Eason, Lamar Educational Leadership Does the Length of a Traditional Class Period vs. Extended Class Period Affect Middle School Students' Frequency and/or Severity of Behavior Infractions? 2011 project
J54/30/ 4641 Eberle, Lan Educational Administration The Effect of Athletic Participation on Academic Achievement, Attendance, and Discipline at PORTA Junior High School 2004 project
J54/30/ 4320 Eckhouse, Gina Educational Leadership Regular Educator and the IEP: A Working Relationship? 2002 project
J54/30/ 5207 Edwards, Gina Educational Leadership Co-teaching of Special Education Students in an Inclusive Classroom 2007 project
J54/30/ 2249 Eifert, Robert E. Educational Administration Administrative Analysis of Educational Testing Procedures to Predict GED Success Rates Within Illinois Correctional Programs 1994 project
J54/30/ 5136 Eisenhauer, Steven E. Educational Leadership How Does Teaching Using a Constructivist Approach Affect Teaching and Learning? 2007 project
J54/30/ 5410 Ellis, Juletta Educational Leadership No Child Left Behind: Perceived Effects on Professional Development and Teaching Methods 2009 project
J54/30/ 5480 English, Don Educational Leadership Increasing Student Knowledge About Their Individual Education Program 2010 project
J54/30/ 2346 Ervin, Ronald, L. Educational Administration Attitudes and Perception of High School Teachers in the First Year of Eight Block Scheduling System 1995 case study
J54/30/ 5133 Essex, Nathan Educational Leadership How School Districts Use Standardized Test Results to Influence Curriculum, Class Placement and Career Opportunities 2007 project
J54/30/ 3746 Evans, Timothy Paul Educational Administration Extracurricular Activities-Student Grade Point Averages: A Correlation Study of a Small Illinois School 2000 report
J54/30/ 4517 Evers, Andrea Educational Leadership The Relationship Between the Identification Process of Special Education Students and Graduation from High School 2003 project
J54/30/ 4602 Eyler, Judith Educational Leadership Teacher Tools for School Consolidation: Resources for Teachers to Ease the Transition Involved With School Consolidation 2004 project
J54/30/ 5683 Fancher, Kyra B. Educational Leadership The Relationship between Middle School Students' Attendance, Academic Success, Socioeconomic Status and Gender 2013 project
J54/30/ 4471 Fatheree, Keith Educational Leadership Use of Educational Technology at Girard Community Unit School District #3 2003 project
J54/30/ 4739 Favre, Adam D. Educational Leadership The Effects of Guided Reading on Student Reading Achievements 2004 project
J54/30/ 4668 Fehrholz, Shannon C. Educational Leadership Effectiveness of a High School After School Program for Suspended and Truant Students 2004 project
J54/30/ 2460 Fenton, Josephine A. Educational Administration Evaluating an Alternative Method of Communicating Between the Special Education Resource Teacher and Regular Educators 1995 thesis
J54/30/ 5744 Fesser, Lindsey Educational Administration Effectiveness of Reading Interventions for Fifth Grade Students 2014 project
J54/30/ 1098 Fetter, John A. Educational Administration Effective Strategies for Educating At-Risk Middle School Students 1988 report
J54/30/ 1589 Fetter, Kathleen M. Educational Administration Assertive Discipline 1990 report
J54/30/ 5743 Fink, Victor Educational Administration Creating a Mandatory Study Hall for Football Athletes and the Impact on Individual Academic Performance and Team Grade Point Average 2014 project
J54/30/ 3271 Finley, Rebecca C. Educational Administration Do School Based Computer Workshops for Older Adults Encourage Sense of Connection with the School District? 1998 project
J54/30/ 5098 Finley-Weller, Anne Educational Leadership Springfield Southeast High School's Final Exam Exemption Attendance Policy and Student Attendance 2007 project
J54/30/ 2827 Fitzgerald, Cynthia M. Educational Administration Reducing Student Tardiness 1997 report
J54/30/ 2032 Fitzgerald, Judith A. Educational Administration Computerized Scheduling in Rural High Schools 1993 case study
J54/30/ 3277 Fitzpatrick, James A. Educational Administration Effects of Practicing Rhythmic Patterns upon Music Sight Reading Skills of Middle School Instrumental Music Students 1998 project
J54/30/ 4689 Flesch, Janet Educational Leadership The Effect of Service Models on Reading Progress of Students with Learning Disabilities 2004 project
J54/30/ 2091 Fliege, Timothy P. Educational Administration School Uniform: An Effective Means for School Improvement 1993 project
J54/30/ 3383 Floyd, Julie Educational Administration Integrating Technology in the Elementary Classroom 1999 report
J54/30/ 4989 Ford, Daniel E. Educational Leadership Critical Thinking and the Fine Arts 2006 thesis
J54/30/ 3122 Ford, Lillian L. Educational Administration Designing and Implementing an Innovative Minority Educational Symposium Experience for Black History Month 1983 project
J54/30/ 2556 Ford, Stephan Educational Administration Home Schooling: An Educational Alternative 1995 project
J54/30/ 5216 Fouts, Susan Educational Leadership What are the Advantages of a Collaboration between Community Childcare Centers and District Preschools 2007 project
J54/30/ 1096 Fowler, Gale Educational Administration Stress Management Teaching Coping Skills to Children 1988 report
J54/30/ 4901 Fraas, Matthew Educational Leadership The Relationship Between Teacher Gender and Student Behavior 2005 project
J54/30/ 4833 Fraase, Kelly L. Educational Leadership The Impact Professional Development has on Teacher Instruction at Riverton School District C.U.S.D. #14 2005 project
J54/30/ 5400 Fraase, Timothy J. Educational Leadership Does Additional Math Instruction Using the Response to Intervention Elements of Screening, Implementing, Monitoring, and Adjusting 2009 project
J54/30/ 4469 Franklin, Arwah Educational Leadership Beliefs and Perceptions of Individuals on the Role of their Cultural History to their Success 2003 project
J54/30/ 1149 Frankowiak, Shirley Educational Administration Toxic Art Supplies: An Informational Guide for Elementary School Implementation 1989 project
J54/30/ 4740 Freeman, Jeanne Educational Leadership Inclusion: Views on Mainstreaming the Child with Mental Retardation in the Regular Classroom 2004 project
J54/30/ 3475 Freitag, Lynda M. Educational Administration Motivating Young Deaf Readers 1999 project
J54/30/ 2250 Frow Churchill, Helen Educational Administration American Students- At Risk and Dropping Out 1994 project
J54/30/ 2596 Fry, Melissa A. Educational Administration Are Learning Disabled Students Acquiring Needed Study Skills in Inclusive Settings 1996 project
J54/30/ 3410 Fuhr, Lezlie L. Educational Administration Career Portfolios: What Do Employers Think? 1999 report
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J54/30/ 5628 Hedges, Lori Educational Leadership Will Literacy Skills Improve When a School Uses the RTI Model in Conjunction with Focused Instructional Processes? 2014 project
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J54/30/ 5256 Huose, Elizabeth A. Educational Leadership The Effects of Scoring Rubrics on Writing Performance and Self-Efficacy Beliefs 2008 project
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J54/30/ 5097 Hyde, John M. Educational Leadership The Effects of Exercise and Nutrition on Academic Performance 2007 project
J54/30/ 4970 Hyde, Rhonda Educational Leadership Stakeholders' Perception of the Current Alternate Education Room at Lincoln Community High School 2006 project
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J54/30/ 5571 Isringhausen, Timothy Educational Leadership The Correlation of Rtl Reading Scores with Student Attendance and Gender 2011 project
J54/30/ 4789 Ivy, Evelyn Educational Leadership The Effect of Structured Technology Activities on Six-to Eight Year Olds in After School Programs 2005 thesis
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J54/30/ 5391 Jefferson, Donna M. Educational Leadership Mentors' Perceptions and Recommendations of a Mentoring Program 2009 project
J54/30/ 5730 Johnson, Adam Educational Leadership The Value of Technology: Teachers' Perceptions of 1:1 Computing 2014 project
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J54/30/ 5568 Jordan, Terrence Educational Leadership Does DIBELS, a Test of Fluency, Correlate with End-of-Year ISAT Test Scores, Which Assess Comprehension? 2011 project
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J54/30/ 4418 Kellner, George Educational Leadership In The Perception of Agriculture Education Instructors, How are State Learning Standards Affecting Agriculture Education? 2003 project
J54/30/ 3912 Kelly, Michael J Educational Administration Perceived Impact of Block Scheduling on the Academic Success of College Bound Students 2001 project
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J54/30/ 3616 Kilver, Carol Educational Administration School Boards and School Improvement Is There a Connection? 2000 project
J54/30/ 4895 Kimball, Traci A. Educational Leadership The Correlation between the Orleans-Hanna Prognosis Test and Student Achievement in Algebra I 2005 project
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J54/30/ 5718 Kincaid, Stephanie Educational Leadership Implementation of a Freshman Academy: Did it increase student success? 2014 project
J54/30/ 4812 Kitzmiller, Dorothy A. Educational Leadership Do Role Playing Devices Change Teen Attitudes Towards Early Teen Pregnancy? 2005 project
J54/30/ 5412 Kleinertz, Larresa Educational Leadership Patterns of Attendance in the 21st Century Community Learning Center Program 2009 project
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J54/30/ 5719 Knox, Ryan Educational Leadership Motivational Themes of Male and Female Student-Athletes at One High School 2014 project
J54/30/ 4659 Kocis, Janet Educational Leadership Effects of Writing as a School-Wide Focus 2004 project
J54/30/ 5024 Koerwitz, Christopher Educational Leadership Regular Education teacher's knowledge and understanding of the accommodations set in the Individual Education Programs of their Special Education Students in a Central Illinois district 2006 project
J54/30/ 4643 Koger, Jeff Educational Administration Teachers' Perceptions about Tenure 2004 project
J54/30/ 5696 Koger, Matthew Educational Leadership Student Perceptions of Athletics and its Effects on School Success and Post-Secondary Plans 2014 project
J54/30/ 1148 Koltun, Sally Educational Administration Four Major Components of Time Management for School Administrators 1989 project
J54/30/ 5436 Kratochvil, Tim Educational Leadership What Is The Association Between High School Extra Curricular Activities and Student Achievement? 2010 project
J54/30/ 3685 Krizan, John C. Educational Administration Effects of Participation in Extracurricular Recreational Activities on College Retention 2000 project
J54/30/ 4615 Kubatzke, Kim M. Educational Leadership Perceptions of Illinois Teachers on the Proposed Illinois middle-School License 2004 project
J54/30/ 5477 Kuhlmann, Joe Educational Leadership How Sleep Relates to Academic Performance 2010 project
J54/30/ 4211 Kulavic, Melinda Educational Leadership Teacher Recommendations for a Mentoring Program 2002 project
J54/30/ 4967 Kunz, Aaron Educational Leadership High School Math Teachers' Perceptions of Teaching within the Block Eight Schedule 2006 project
J54/30/ 5478 Kyes, Brad Educational Leadership Athletic Participation and Academic Performance at Springfield High School 2010 project
J54/30/ 5501 Kyes, Jessieca L. Educational Leadership Teachers' Ratings on Proficiency, Use, and Student Use in Various Technologies 2010 project
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J54/30/ 5355 Ladage, Emma Educational Leadership What Model of Response to Intervention is Sociologically Perceived Most Effective Providing Cotinuous Improvement for Learning for High Schools within the SASED Districts? 2009 project
J54/30/ 2932 Laird, Scott M. Educational Administration Identifying Behavior Problems, Causes of Behavior Problems, and Ways to Reduce Behavior Problems in Southwestern School District 1997 report
J54/30/ 2308 Lamkey, Bill Educational Administration Improving the Junior High Transitional Process and Maintaining Student Motivation Through Incentive Programs 1994 project
J54/30/ 3270 Lamkey, Fred Educational Administration Block Eight Scheduling 1998 project
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J54/30/ 4813 Langheim, Chad Educational Leadership The Effect of Block Scheduling on Student Test Scores 2005 project
J54/30/ 5627 Larson, Jeremy Educational Leadership Teacher Collaboration in Rural School Districts through Online Social Networking 2012 project
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J54/30/ 4973 Lee, Andrea Educational Leadership Looping and the Effect on Academic Achievement in Upper Elementary Schools 2006 project
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J54/30/ 4398 Lehman, Rachel Educational Leadership Relationship Between Athletic Participation and Student Academic Achievement, Discipline and Attendance 2003 project
J54/30/ 4741 Leifheit, Renee Educational Leadership A Study of Themes Found in Reading Recovery Through Examination of Teacher Records and Student Artifacts 2004 project
J54/30/ 4840 Leming, Margaret M. Educational Leadership How Do Teachers Perceive Grouping Students by Academic Ability for Math and Reading in Grades Three Through Five? 2005 project
J54/30/ 4609 LeSeure, Pamela Educational Leadership How do teachers the functional analysis in developing intervention strategies? 2004 project
J54/30/ 3722 Lindsey, Janis Educational Administration Effects of the Accelerated Reader Program on Student's Motivation to Read at Williamsville Schools 2000 report
J54/30/ 4748 Link, Carol A. Educational Leadership The Property Tax Extension Limitation Law, the Senior Citizen Assessment Freeze Homestead Exemption Act, and their Combined Affect on Property Taxes 2004 project
J54/30/ 4690 Link, Carol M. Educational Leadership How Do Early Childhood Special Education Children Use Technology 2004 project
J54/30/ 4466 Lipke, Kevin D. Educational Leadership The Impact and Perception of the Fight Free Schools Program at Two Elementary Schools 2003 project
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J54/30/ 5254 Llewellyn, Aaron M. Educational Leadership The Impact of an Online Data Management System on Alternative School Students' Success 2008 project
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J54/30/ 4658 London, Timothy D. Educational Leadership Saipan International School: A Case Study/ Survey on the Distribution of Leadership and Power 2004 project
J54/30/ 5232 Long, Rhonda Educational Leadership Implementation of School Uniforms: Impact on Achievement and Behavior 2008 project
J54/30/ 5518 Lopian, Jerry L. Educational Leadership Student Discipline and Student Success Factors 2010 project
J54/30/ 5500 Lorton, Patricia Educational Leadership The Effectiveness of an Intervention with Win WorkKeys on the Improvement of Reading Comprehension Scores 2010 project
J54/30/ 4971 Love, Alan D. Educational Leadership What is the Relationship Between ISAT/PSAE Scores, the Percentage of Low Income Students, and Per Pupil Spending in School Districts? 2006 project
J54/30/ 5218 Loveless, Lori Educational Leadership Accelerated Reader: The Relationship Between Children's Reading Comprehension and Grade Level, Gender, Selection of Books, and Points in Primary School 2007 project
J54/30/ 3325 Lowder, Robin L. Educational Administration Teaching in the Wild West: The Need for a School-Wide Discipline Plan 1999 report
J54/30/ 5496 Lund, Daniel S. Educational Leadership Teachers' Perception of the Impact of a Danielson Based Evaluation Tool on Their Work as Teachers 2010 project
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J54/30/ 2517 Lyons, Barbara Educational Administration To What Extent is the Computation of the Iowa Test of Basic Skills a Reliable Component Of General Math Achievement? 1995 report
J54/30/ 4662 MacArthur, Dara Educational Leadership An Experimental Investigation into the Effects of Explicit Instruction of the Alphabetic Principle and Phonetic Awareness on Emergent Writing 2004 project
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J54/30/ 5413 Mann, Sharon E. Educational Leadership Teachers' Perceptions of High-Poverty, High-Performing Schools 2009 project
J54/30/ 4979 March, Phil Educational Leadership Teachers' Perceptions of PBIS and its Implementation in their Building 2006 project
J54/30/ 4647 Marchioro, Tami E. Educational Leadership Prekindergarten Experiences and Later Literacy Achievement 2004 project
J54/30/ 5371 Marfell, Jeannie M. Educational Leadership Research Based Reading Fluency Interventions: Will they have an Effect on High School Special Education Students? 2009 project
J54/30/ 3679 Markey, Donald Educational Administration Tutoring Program Study 2000 project
J54/30/ 5255 Markezich, Karrie L. Educational Leadership Parental Involvement in Fifth Grade: Is There a Relationship Between Parental Involvement and Fifth Grade Students' Reading Achievement 2008 project
J54/30/ 5414 Marques, Melinda S. Educational Leadership What is the Effect of a Word Processing Program on the Writing Abilities of Students? 2009 project
J54/30/ 2035 Marshall, Patricia A. Educational Administration Process of Designing and Implementing a District-Wide Support Group for Parents of Special Education Students 1993 case study
J54/30/ 4467 Marshall, Sheila D. Educational Leadership Improving Reading Achievement 2003 project
J54/30/ 3145 Martin, Angie Educational Administration Written Exam Scores in Physical Education: A Correlation Study 1998 report
J54/30/ 5373 Martin, Colleen Educational Leadership A Survey of Bullying Characteristics in a Central Illinois Middle School 2009 project
J54/30/ 3337 Martin, Sean D. Educational Administration Analysis of Student Interest in Extracurricular Activities in the Maroa-Forsyth School District 1999 report
J54/30/ 3508 Maruska, Stacey L. Educational Administration Ensuring the Staff of Mt. Pulaski Community Unit District #23, Effective, Applicable and Beneficial Teacher Inservice 1999 project
J54/30/ 4260 Massey, Kathleen R. Educational Administration Which Special Education Students are Dropping Out? 2002 report
J54/30/ 4701 Massey, Rhonda Educational Leadership Special Education Teachers' Perceptions of Mentoring Programs 2004 project
J54/30/ 5253 Masten, Jana Educational Leadership Types of Art Assessment Tools for Kindergarden Through Fourth Grade 2008 project
J54/30/ 3395 Mata-Woodruff, Carolina Educational Administration Attitudes and Beliefs of Hispanic Parents Regarding Educational Services for Their Children 1999 report
J54/30/ 3395 Mata-Woodruff, Carolina Educational Administration Attitudes and Beliefs of Hispanic Parents Regarding Educational Services for Their Children 1999 report
J54/30/ 5731 Mayer, Jonna Educational Leadership Is Participation in an At-Home Reading Program Associated with Reading Success? 2014 project
J54/30/ 3689 McCarty, Kathleen A. Educational Leadership Study to Determine the Status of Internet Acceptable Use Policies In Twenty School Districts in West Central Illinois 2000 project
J54/30/ 4702 McGiles, Michael Educational Leadership Glenwood High School Students' Perceptions of Standardized Testing 2004 project
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J54/30/ 2695 McLaughlin, Gina M. Educational Administration Increasing Student Attendance by Increased Parental Contact and Student Accountability 1996 report
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J54/30/ 4654 McLaughlin, Kathleen M. Educational Leadership Teachers' Perceptions of the Best Teaching Methods to use with Students who have Attention Deficit Disorder 2004 project
J54/30/ 4851 McMahan, Rich Educational Leadership Perceptions of Fitness Physical Education 2005 project
J54/30/ 4037 McNear, Terri Educational Leadership Traits Related to Teachers Views Towards Inclusion 2001 project
J54/30/ 3143 McRoberts, Gayle A. Educational Administration Parent-Teacher Conferences and Student Achievement 1998 thesis
J54/30/ 4217 McVey, Larry E. Educational Leadership Does a Year-Round Educational Calendar Influence Teacher Motivation and Burnout 2002 project
J54/30/ 5094 Meadows, Colleen Educational Leadership The Understanding and Application of Scientifically Based Research in Area Schools 2007 project
J54/30/ 4400 Meadows, Robert Educational Leadership Characteristics of Effective Professional Development: Rural Teachers' Perceptions 2003 project
J54/30/ 1904 Medley, Charles E. Educational Administration Improving Performance of At-Risk Students by Increased Parental Contact for Fifth and Sixth Grade Center [:] A Pilot Program 1992 project
J54/30/ 5260 Megginson, Jessica A. Educational Leadership Teachers' Preceptions of the Effectiveness of the Student Assistance Program in Auburn Community Unit School District #10 2008 project
J54/30/ 4661 Megginson, Sarah Educational Leadership Does a Relationship Exist Between Extracurricular Participation that Requires Eligibility Status and Attendance Rates, Discipline Referrals, and Dropout Rates for Rochester School Students? 2004 project
J54/30/ 1321 Meinders, Judith M. Educational Administration Fundraising: Implications for Elementary Schools 1989 report
J54/30/ 5258 Meiners, Suzanne Educational Leadership Tools for Teaching Professional Development 2008 project
J54/30/ 4839 Meneghetti, Angelina Educational Leadership The Effects of Math Enrichment on Math Scores at Grant Middle School 2005 project
J54/30/ 3617 Merkle, Dione Lee Educational Administration How "I" Statements Relate to the Number of In-House Suspensions at Springfield Southeast High School 2000 project
J54/30/ 1717 Meservey, Melvin L. Educational Administration Selection of an Area Vocational Center for Williamsville School District 1991 case study
J54/30/ 4902 Meyer, Christy L. Educational Leadership The IOWA Test and the Accelerated Reading Program: Is There a Trend and What Does it Mean? 2005 project
J54/30/ 1210 Meyers, William Educational Administration Homework Policy for Kincaid High School 1989 report
J54/30/ 5395 Mikus, Liz Educational Leadership Visual Schedules Used for Students with Autism: What is the Effect on Student Behavior 2009 project
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J54/30/ 4696 Reimnitz, Gretchen Educational Leadership Identifying the Compliance and Current Status of District 504 Plans 2004 project
J54/30/ 4657 Reliford, Frank Educational Leadership High Tracked Students and Their Parents' Perceptions of High Tracked Classes at Lincoln Jr. High 2004 project
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J54/30/ 4525 Richardson, Melissa Educational Leadership The Relationship Between the Use of Total Physical Response in the Foreign Language Classroom and Students' Satisfaction, Retention, and Learning 2004 project
J54/30/ 4595 Riddle, Scott D. Educational Leadership The Relationship between teaching experience and an effective principal: A qualitative study of three award winning principals 2004 project
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J54/30/ 3361 Ruwe, Kristina M. Educational Administration Correlational Study of Self-Concept and Homework Completion 1999 capstone seminar paper
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J54/30/ 4612 Saunders, Susan E. Educational Leadership Implementation and perceptions of instruction in extended length classes in middle school 2004 project
J54/30/ 5527 Saxton, Erin Educational Leadership Effects of Positive Reinforcement on Discipline in a High School Setting 2010 project
J54/30/ 5134 Saylor, Sean Educational Leadership Student Preceptions of the Fitness Physical Educational Program at Jacksonville High School 2007 project
J54/30/ 4419 Scaman, Shelly Educational Leadership 8 Block Schedule as Perceived by Special Education Students 2003 project
J54/30/ 4611 Schafer, Stacy Educational Leadership Parents' Perspective of the Three Elements Included in the Computer Generated Student Report Card at PORTA School 2004 project
J54/30/ 4563 Scheffler, Brad Educational Leadership Comparison of Prairie State Achievement Examination scores of multi-sport athletes, one-sport athletes, and non-participants 2004 project
J54/30/ 4460 Schell, Kenneth Educational Leadership The Relationship Between Retention and High School Dropout Rate 2003 project
J54/30/ 4465 Schell, Mary Educational Leadership Parents' Perception of the Parental Involvement Program in the Pre-Kindergarten At Risk Program 2003 project
J54/30/ 3380 Schertz, Donna Educational Administration Mediation as an Alternative to Due Process in the Resolution of Parent-School Special Education Disputes: An Overview in Illinois 1999 report
J54/30/ 5566 Schildman, Rolf Educational Leadership Life Experiences of At-Risk Youth After Leaving the Regional Safe School Program 2011 project
J54/30/ 5733 Schmidt, Candace Educational Leadership Teachers' Perceptions of the Influence of a Positive Behavior Support Program on Teacher Job Satisfaction 2014 project
J54/30/ 4809 Schrock, Tina Educational Leadership The Relationship Between Math Tracking and Academic Achievement in Middle School 2005 project
J54/30/ 4568 Schroeder, Michael F. Educational Leadership Education About and Discouragement of Adolescent Tobacco Use 2004 project
J54/30/ 3464 Schumaker, Harold Educational Administration Student Satisfaction with the Eight Block Schedule and Eight Block's Success at Preparing Students for High School 1999 project
J54/30/ 3396 Schurman, Cecelia J. Educational Administration Teachers' Perception of the Value of the Teacher Advisory Period 1999 project
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J54/30/ 4834 Scott, Erin M. Educational Leadership Teacher's Perceptions of Classroom Discipline at Springfield High School 2005 project
J54/30/ 5324 Scranton, Nicole B. Educational Leadership Accelerated Math: Helping or Hindering Math Achievement 2009 project
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J54/30/ 5093 Seiler, Jeff Educational Leadership Does Block Scheduling Allow High School Science Teachers to Effectively Teach Science? 2007 project
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J54/30/ 991 Shelton, Sue E. Educational Administration Guidelines for Awards of Credit for Prior Learning Based Upon Portfolio Assessment at John Wood Community College 1988 report
J54/30/ 4648 Shoufler, Clay Educational Leadership The Reasons Teachers Quit Coaching and the Coaching Shortage in Schools 2004 project
J54/30/ 4642 Shoufler, Jaclynn Educational Administration Parents' and Teachers' Perceptions of Communicating Online 2004 project
J54/30/ 4001 Simmons, James D. Educational Leadership Comparison of In-Competition Season Vs Out-of-Competition Season Grade Point Averages of Male And Female Athletes at Casa Grande Junior High 2001 project
J54/30/ 2204 Simonson, Curt Educational Administration Integrating the First Year Teacher 1994 case study
J54/30/ 2516 Sims, Barbara Educational Administration Identification of Hearing Loss in Illinois 1995 project
J54/30/ 5435 Sitko, Brittany A. Educational Leadership Trends in Discipline Referrals since the Implementation of School-wide Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (SWPBIS) 2010 project
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J54/30/ 4457 Smothers, Deanna Educational Leadership Student's Perceptions of the Impact of Study Club on Their Self-Esteem, Grades, and Homework Completion 2003 project
J54/30/ 5564 Snyder, Stephanie Lyn Beard Educational Leadership The Effects of a High Intensity Reading Program for Junior High and High School Students. 2011 project
J54/30/ 5519 Sorrells, Tom Educational Leadership How Do Principals of Rural High Schools Spend Their Time in the Areas of Leadership, Management, and Supervision 2010 project
J54/30/ 4639 Splain, Kristin Educational Administration The Correlation Between Reading Attitudes, Reading Comprehension, and the Amount of Time Students Spend Reading at Home 2004 project
J54/30/ 1114 Spradling, Mike Educational Administration Developing School Pride in the Elementary School 1988 report
J54/30/ 5028 Springman, Jamie Educational Leadership Factors Influencing Band Recruitment and Retention in Small, Rural School Districts 2006 project
J54/30/ 4638 Sronce, Gavin N. Educational Administration Does the Level of Per Pupil Spending Matter to School Success? A Small School Study and Survey of Superintendents' Perceptions 2004 project
J54/30/ 4156 Stahlschmidt, Annette C. Educational Leadership Teachers' Reports of their Formal Training on Inclusion 2001 project
J54/30/ 4155 Stapleton, Karen L. Educational Leadership Students' Perceptions of the Value of After School Programs 2001 project
J54/30/ 5672 Steelman, Mary Educational Leadership Professional Views on the Use and Effectiveness of Visual Supports with Autistic and Developmentally Delayed Students 2013 project
J54/30/ 5131 Steiner, Stacey A. Educational Leadership High School Advisories 2007 project
J54/30/ 4048 Steinsick, Carol Educational Leadership Accommodations Made on Classroom Assessments and External Assessments for Students with Individual Educational Plans 2001 project
J54/30/ 5101 Stemler, Jessica Educational Leadership The Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports Program at Southeast High School 2007 project
J54/30/ 5143 Stephens, Jeff Educational Leadership Student's Perception of Self and Peer Assessment in Comparison to Teacher-led Assessment 2007 project
J54/30/ 1633 Stephenson, Laurie A. Educational Administration Master's Project [Induction Program for Beginning Teachers] 1990 case study
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J54/30/ 5026 Stiltz, Heather J. Educational Leadership Special Education Teacher Mentoring 2006 project
J54/30/ 4203 Stombaugh, Matt Educational Leadership Comparison of Paper-and-Pencil Tests and Computerized Online Tests 2002 project
J54/30/ 5027 Strawn, Mark Educational Leadership An Analysis of Current Behavior Trends of Students in a Central Illinois Middle School Eighth Grade 2006 project
J54/30/ 5100 Streeb, Rachel Educational Leadership The Effectiveness of Co-Teaching in Inclusions Classrooms at Springfield Southeast High School as Measured by Academic Success and Teacher Perceptions 2007 project
J54/30/ 4746 Stremlau, Andrew J. Educational Leadership School Resource Officers' Perceptions of their Goals and Roles in the School System 2004 project
J54/30/ 5257 Stritzel, Andrew J Educational Leadership Hillsboro High School's Early Dismissal Program: A Study of the Trends EDIP Had On Semester Class Failures and Graduation Rate 2008 project
J54/30/ 4985 Strong, Angie Educational Leadership Increasing Parental Involvement with the Use of a Parent Program 2006 project
J54/30/ 1737 Struna, Michael Educational Administration Effects of a Weighted Grade System at Mt. Pulaski High School 1991 project
J54/30/ 5734 Stubblefield, Brandy R. Educational Leadership Tenth Grade Math Support Used for Response to Intervention 2014 project
J54/30/ 4317 Studer, Catherine Educational Leadership Teachers' Perceptions of Change Toward the Middle School Model 2002 project
J54/30/ 2729 Stultz, Shelia Educational Administration Does Problem Based Learning Improve Academic Achievement and Attitude Gain 1996 project
J54/30/ 5574 Sturgeon, Caroline Educational Leadership The Effects of Choice on Student Learning and Student Interest 2011 project
J54/30/ 5482 Sullenger, Amy M. Educational Leadership Single Sex Classes and Seventh Grade Female Students' Attitudes Towards Math 2010 project
J54/30/ 4275 Sullivan, Aimee K. Educational Leadership Perceptions of Their Child's Self-Determination Abilities: Comparing Responses of Parents Who Have Children With and Without Disabilities 2002 project
J54/30 5357 Sullivan, Julie Educational Leadership Teachers' Perceptions of Truance at Garrison School 2009 project
J54/30/ 3741 Sullivan, Tim Educational Administration Perceived Training Needs of Paraprofessionals in Schuyler Units District #1 2000 project
J54/30/ 3107 Sun, Suli Educational Administration How Does Experiential Learning Help UIS Students Be Successful in Their Future Career? 1988 thesis
J54/30/ 3280 Sunderlin, Karen M. Educational Administration Characteristics of Effective Teacher Teams 1998 thesis
J54/30/ 5029 Sutter, Del S. Educational Leadership What are the Effects of School Uniforms on Discipline Problems, Academic Achievement, and Attendance at Lincoln Middle School? 2006 project
J54/30/ 2985 Swanson, Carolyn Educational Administration Relationship of CAT Scores to Foreign Language Grades 1998 report
J54/30/ 2682 Swanson, Connie K. Educational Administration Mentoring and Supportive Relationships Among Experienced and Beginning Teachers 1996 report
J54/30/ 1429 Tarvin, Stephen D. Educational Administration JPTA/Vocational Education Cooperation: Implications for Improvement 1989 report
J54/30/ 3711 Taylor, Michael J. Educational Administration Social Promotion and Retention in the Public Schools: Is There a Common Element as to Criteria and Student Remedial Assistance Based on the 1998 Illinois State Amendment? 2000 report
J54/30/ 3144 Taylor, Michelle L. Educational Administration Special Education Due Process Hearings in Illinois: An Overview 1998 report
J54/30/ 2659 Taylor, Ollie Inez Educational Administration Creating a Truancy Intervention Program 1996 project
J54/30/ 2841 Taylor, Randall G. Educational Administration Study of Community Knowledge and Opinions Regarding the Futures Unlimited Alternative School in Macon and Piatt Counties 1997 report
J54/30/ 5220 Taylor, Steven Educational Leadership African-American Males' Perceptions about Pursuing Teaching as a Career 2007 project
J54/30/ 5417 Tennant, Mary Educational Leadership Does Infusing literacy Skills Practice Into a Music Program Improve First Graders' Reading Skills? 2009 project
J54/30/ 2050 Thomas, Linda Educational Administration Tracking [:] A Case Study Project 1993 case study
J54/30/ 4464 Thompson, Brett A. Educational Leadership Information Technology Courses in Northern Illinois High Schools 2003 project
J54/30/ 5739 Thompson, Erica Educational Leadership Implementation of the "Sophmore Tardy Intervention Policy" and its Impact on Reducation in Sophmore Class Tardies at Springfield High School 2014 project
J54/30/ 5342 Thompson, Jeff Educational Leadership School-Wide Discipline Plans and Their Relationship to Student Discipline 2009 project
J54/30/ 2104 Tibbs, Tonya Educational Administration Case Study [Team Teaching at New Holland-Middletown Elementary] 1993 case study
J54/30/ 5142 Tiburzi, Dennis Educational Leadership Increasing Compulsory School Attendance Age and its Effects on Graduation Rates, Truancy Rates, Discipline and Curriculum 2007 project
J54/30/ 4197 Tieman, Joseph Educational Leadership Student Perspectives: Causes of School Violence and Effective Preventive Measures 2002 project
J54/30/ 5526 Timerman, Dawn M. Educational Leadership The Effect of Self-Monitoring on Student Behavior and Achievement for Students with IEPs. 2010 project
J54/30/ 1439 Timmons, Bill Educational Administration Alternative Schedules to Excess Study Halls 1990 report
J54/30/ 5376 Toland, James Educational Leadership Study of the Impact of the PBIS Behavior System on Out of School Suspensions at Riverton High School 2009 project
J54/30/ 5222 Towbridge, Brian James Educational Leadership The GEAR UP Program at Lanphier High School 2008 project
J54/30/ 5626 Trigg, Cody A. Educational Leadership Teachers' Awareness of School Crisis Plans 2012 project
J54/30/ 2727 Troike, Sharon M. Educational Administration Components Included in Elementary Behavior Disordered Classroom 1996 report
J54/30/ 5343 Trout, Melody Educational Leadership The Relationship Between Remedial Intersession Attendance and Student Achievement 2009 project
J54/30/ 4202 Tucker, Gary Educational Leadership Effects of Alternative Education Programs on External Suspensions 2002 project
J54/30/ 4081 Turner, Marsha G. Educational Leadership Characteristics of Effective Instructional Leadership: Teachers' Perceptions 2001 project
J54/30/ 2884 Tusek, Linda J. Educational Administration Investigation of Teacher Preparation in Conjunction with Inclusion 1997 report
J54/30/ 4761 Tusek, Ryan Educational Leadership The Impact of Class Size on Academic Performance at the Third Grade Level 2005 project
J54/30/ 2986 Uphoff, Chad B. Educational Administration Curricular Changes to Accommodate Technology at Niantic-Harristown Jr./Sr. High School 1998 report
J54/30/ 5721 Van Aken, Ryan Educational Leadership PBIS Effectiveness with Office Discipline Referrals 2014 project
J54/30/ 4562 Van Bebber, Breck Educational Leadership Student vs. Teacher Perceptions of Violence in a High School 2004 project
J54/30/ 4023 Van Der Slik, Julie Educational Leadership Relationship Between Virtual Dissection and Students Attitudes and Achievements in Animal Anatomy 2001 project
J54/30/ 5099 Van Hise, Karen Educational Leadership Improving Consistency in School Grading Practices Among 7th & 8th Grade Teachers: Considering the Potential Bias and Motivations 2007 project
J54/30/ 2444 Vander Leest, Krista A. Educational Administration Study of Inservice Training Transfer at Franklin Middle School 1995 thesis
J54/30/ 2188 Vanderkloot, Carol Educational Administration Master's Case Studies: Untracking and the High Ability Student 1993 case study
J54/30/ 5576 Vaughn, Matthew Educational Leadership Parent Use of Online Access to Students' Grades and Socio-Economic Status 2011 project
J54/30/ 2741 Vespa, Debbie Educational Administration How Do the Spending Patterns Differ Between a "Rich" and a "Poor" School District When Each District Has Similar Community Demographics 1996 report
J54/30/ 3448 Vogt, Karen L. Educational Administration Administrators' Perceptions of Site-based Management 1999 project
J54/30/ 4485 Vogt, Mary Educational Leadership Effects of Looping on Attendance Rates and Discipline Referrals in Middle School 2003 project
J54/30/ 4318 Voisin, Carrie Educational Leadership Parents' Perceptions: The Importance of Components of Two After-School Programs 2002 project
J54/30/ 4470 Vollintine, Carol L. Educational Leadership Teacher's Perception of Working Relationships with Paraprofessionals 2003 project
J54/30/ 2742 Vondebur, M. Colleen Educational Administration Effect on Behavior of a Non-Uniform Day in a Parochial School 1996 project
J54/30/ 5673 Vortman, Dennis Educational Leadership Intrinsic, Extrinsic Motivation and Student Performance 2013 project
J54/30/ 3449 Vose, Jeffery S. Educational Administration Key Educators' View and Recommendations on the New Academic Requirements for High School Extracurricular Activities 1999 project
J54/30/ 2826 Wagahoff, Rick Educational Administration Comparison of Athletes' Grades In-Season Vs. Out-of-Season 1996 report
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